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Best 10 Pepper Mills

As Of July 2022

Are you tired of using bland pepper? Are you looking to boost the taste of your meals with fresh spices? Look no further! Pepper mills are here to save you from flavourless powdered pepper and the labour of using a pestle and mortar to grind your peppercorns. Plus, you can use it for other spices, too! Interested to learn more?
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1 Rayuda Salt And Pepper Mill Set on white background

Rayuda Salt And Pepper Mill Set

4.8 /5

Best Pepper Mills Overall

  • Two high-quality glass mills for your salt and pepper
  • Replace grinders easily with the 2 added ceramic grinders
  • Remove lodged spices effortlessly using the included brush
  • Get your preferred spice fineness by adjusting the coarseness setting
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2 Cole & Mason Pepper Mill on white background

Cole & Mason Pepper Mill

4.7 /5

Top Wood Pepper Mill Pick

  • Durable & unbreakable natural wood material with little maintenance
  • No dealing with corrosion thanks to the ceramic grinding core
  • Unscrew or rotate top cover to open or adjust the coarser grind
  • Sturdy & long-lasting aluminium shaft to grind any spice
3 Nurch Salt And Pepper Mills Grinder on white background

Nurch Salt And Pepper Mills Grinder

4.6 /5

Best Dual Spice Grinder

  • Save kitchen space & grinding hassle by storing 2 spices in one bottle
  • Never run out of spices by tracking usage with the transparent design
  • Pour spices on the correct end with the markings on each end
  • Adjustable grind for setting desired coarseness
4 MaxMiuly Grinder Salt And Pepper Grinder Set on white background

MaxMiuly Grinder Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

4.5 /5

Ideal For Manual Pepper Mills

  • No worrying about tampered flavours with the ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Two-piece set of grinders to use for your paper & other spices
  • Know when it’s time to refill the mill from the clear glass
  • Fast & simple disassembly for painless refills & cleaning
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5 Koyuhan 2-in-1 Salt And Pepper Shakers on white background

Koyuhan 2-in-1 Salt And Pepper Shakers

4.5 /5

Top for Versatility

  • Keep your spices super fresh with the stainless steel lid
  • Enjoy consistent grinds throughout with the ceramic core
  • Adjust the coarse grind to suit your fineness levels
  • Large capacity grinder to fit two types of spices at once
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6 Le Creuset Classic Pepper Mill Grinder on white background

Le Creuset Classic Pepper Mill Grinder

4.5 /5

Best For Guarantee

  • Lightweight & ergonomic design for fuss-free cleaning & refills
  • Set your dining apart with the esthetic chip-resistant plastic & embossment
  • Maintain it effortlessly with the included care booklet
  • Enjoy long & worry-free service with a 10-year guarantee
Warranty Safety Ribbon
7 Oliver's Kitchen Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set on white background

Oliver's Kitchen Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set

4.5 /5

Ideal For Large Capacity

  • Let your wrist rest with the electronic button operation
  • Grind black peppercorns to perfection with the adjustable coarse
  • Mess-free grinding for less cleaning thanks to the closing lids
  • Light up your working place when grinding with the automatic LED
8 Haden Perth Electronic Seasoning Mills on white background

Haden Perth Electronic Seasoning Mills

4.5 /5

Best For Ease of Operation

  • Adjust ceramic grind size for coarse or fine grind that meets your needs
  • Smooth & sweat-free one-hand operation with just the push of a button
  • Illuminate your working space for the perfect sprinkle
  • Two sleek grinders for your peppercorn & coarse salt
Ideal Gift Ribbon
9 Flafster Kitchen Salt and Pepper Grinders on white background

Flafster Kitchen Salt and Pepper Grinders

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Electric Pepper Mills

  • Organise your spice grinders on the included steel stand
  • No over seasoning food with the inbuilt light at the bottom of the mill
  • Install batteries easily on the separate battery compartment
  • Gift it out to a loved one as it comes with an elegant gift box
10 Global Golden Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set on white background

Global Golden Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set

4.5 /5

Most Aesthetic Choice

  • See where your spices land with the auto-LED light
  • No dealing with intrusive insects thanks to the tight bottom cap
  • Enjoy a long & worry-free usage backed by a year of warranty
  • Spruce up your dining table look with the black colour & unique design

Savour Your Food’s Flavours With The Best Pepper Mills

Are you looking to get the best out of your pepper? The top kitchen tools, amongst kitchen scales and chopping boards, to invest in are pepper mills. Every pro chef will tell you that pepper freshly ground provides the best flavours. And the best way to grind it painlessly is with a grinder, whether it is manual or uses AA batteries.  

Add it to your cookware collection and you can finally say goodbye to the tasteless powdered spices. You can grind more than just pepper! Think of the coarse sea salt sitting in your storage cabinet. Or other spices you would like to use, like cumin and oregano. 

Because choosing the best option from the vast selection of pepper mills requires a little more insight into what matters, our buying guide is here to fill all the gaps. From the price ranges to expect as you shop to the grinder working mechanisms and types of pepper mills.

What is a Pepper Mill?

Whole peppercorns require a little extra grinding for that finer grind you need to cook with. This is where a pepper mill comes in. They are grinding containers you use for crushing peppercorns. With most models, you fill the container with corns of pepper, close and twist the knob to grind the spices. Yes, you can use a mortar, but pepper mills are less strenuous and allow you to fine-tune the fineness of the spice to your liking. 

Why do you need a Pepper Mill?

For many who prefer any convenience in the kitchen, having to grab grounded spices rather than spending a minute more grinding pepper sounds like the best way to go about your meals. But, here’s why you need to invest in a grinder:

  • Enjoy Flavourful Food

Fresh spices, including pepper, provide a tangy taste than the powdery supermarket counterparts. Once the pepper has been ground and packed, they lose much of its flavour. You do not have to deal with bland spiced foods when using fresh pepper. 

  • Save Money 

While the powdery pepper is cheaper than the peppercorns, you end up spending more money on it in the long run. Remember that the fresh pepper is spicier, meaning you will use less of it to get the desired level of flavour than you would with the powdery option. As you chase that flavour with the powder pepper, you will be running out of pepper sooner than you expect and make more purchases.  

What to look for when buying a Pepper Mill

With the many pepper grinder choices, choosing the best one can be a tad bit overwhelming. So here's what you need to pay close attention to:

1. Material 

The most common mill materials are wood, metal, acrylic and plastic. Wood is pretty durable, especially if you are a clumsy cook. Or you have young ones and are worried they might drop the mill. But it is hard to clean. 

Another durable option is the metallic mills made from aluminium, copper, steel and other metals. These will also enhance your kitchen aesthetics, but they are heavier and prone to rust if not well cared for. 

Plastic is cheaper than metal and wooden mills and very much simpler to maintain. Nevertheless, they are brittle and might crack over time. Also, the plastic options come in various colours, and some manufacturers incorporate steel in the design for a sleek look. 

2. Grinding Mechanism 

This comes in four material types, stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic and acrylic. The latter is less inferior and far less durable than the previous types. It should be your last resort if you are working on a budget and don’t mind replacing the mill a few months down the line. It also lacks consistency. The former types will deliver consistent results, but ceramic tends to be more delicate than steel. 

3. Electric vs Manual

A manual mill might have a knob or a crack, while with electric or battery-powered models, you just have to push the start button, and it grinds the pepper for you. For those with hand issues or who don't want to struggle with the repetitive grinding motion, an electric mill would be a great choice. Although some electric versions have different grind settings, you might still be compromising on consistency. 

4. Adjustable Coarseness

A mill worth its salt allows you to adjust the grind's coarseness. With this, you can always choose how fine you want the pepper to meet different meal requirements

5. Capacity 

It all depends on how busy your kitchen is. Are you a home cook with a small to medium-sized household, or are you cooking in bulk regularly? Naturally, the more you cook, the larger the capacity you need. But, if yours is a small home run kitchen for regular home meals, a small or medium-sized mill is perfect. It ensures your whole peppercorns won't sit in the mill longer than they should and be victims of oxidation. 

6. Ease of Refilling 

Mills with a large opening make it easy for you to refill peppercorns without making a mess. The narrower the opening, the harder and longer it will take to refill. 

Apart from the size of the opening, look at the refilling mechanism and see which one works better for you. Some mills have a chute that you pop open on the side and refill without removing the mill's head. Others have a screw-off design where you have to remove its head completely for the refill. There are also mills you have to turn upside down because the grinding mechanism is at the top and the refilling feature is at the bottom. 

Why is freshly ground pepper better than pre-ground pepper?

Pre-ground pepper is pretty convenient, but in paying for this, you are sacrificing the quality. Once ground, the oxidation process begins, ultimately affecting the potency of the spice. You usually have no idea how far along the oxidation process the pre-ground pepper you are picking is. The longer it has been packaged, the weaker its potency. And, the less potent the pepper is, the more you need to use

That's why grinding your fresh batch of pepper whenever you need it is a culinary trick every spice aficionado knows. And you do not have to break a sweat with pestle and mortar, thanks to the widely available pepper grinders. With pepper freshly ground, you can finally stop using stale spices and save some money while at it. 

How much should you spend on a Pepper Mill?

Pepper mills are very affordable, ranging from affordable models of just £9 to £50 for the expensive ones. Regardless of the low price point, some of these models will have an extra accessory, like a cleaning brush. Others come as a set of two grinders

The pricier models are mostly from renowned brands and could still be manual grinders with the same features as affordable models. The design could also set them apart, with the more expensive models having a more aesthetic look. As you consider the best budget point, think of features that models on either side of the scale provide.


Grab your apron and get a fresh batch of whole peppercorns! It is time to unlock your culinary skills with the best pepper mills. Every meal is an opportunity to use fresh spices. Grind them to your preferred perfection by changing the coarseness of the grind in all our hand-picked options. Plus, with our buying guide, you will know what exactly to watch out for!  Ready to level up your cooking?

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