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Best 10 Pedestal Fans

As Of July 2022

Do you want to fight the warm season & stay cool without breaking the bank? Just imagine how hot it gets during the day. Or how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep when the temperatures are raging hot? With the best pedestal fans, you can enjoy a cool breeze at a close range any time you want! Learn all you need to know below!
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1 Oypla Electrical Pedestal Cooling Fan on white background

Oypla Electrical Fan

4.8 /5

Best pedestal fan overall

  • No need for a power source nearby thanks to its long cable
  • Choose your cooling level from the three-speed settings
  • Cover wide areas by adjusting the fan’s height & oscillating feature
  • Energy-efficient for long hours of usage without harming the planet
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2 Schallen Floor Standing Fan on white background

Schallen Floor Standing Fan

4.7 /5

Top choice for energy saving

  • Sleep like a baby with this quiet fan on all night
  • Great oscillating fan for large rooms with tilting fan head
  • Assemble in no time & carry around without trouble
  • Blends well into any modern space with its black finishing
3 Generic Oscillating Air Cooling Fan on white background

Generic Oscillating Air Cooling Fan

4.6 /5

Value for Money Purchase

  • Straightforward operation by its control buttons
  • Strong & sturdy base for placing it safely on various surfaces
  • Peace of mind use as it’s durable & comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Assemble within minutes & enjoy the cool breeze
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4 Sohler Black Stand Fan on white background

Sohler Black Stand Fan

4.5 /5

Top choice for remote control

  • Cools down the whole room thanks to its large design
  • No need to get up, just control the by its remote
  • Oscillate the adjustable head around the room so everyone can enjoy the breeze
  • Choose your air circulation lever from the 3-speed settings
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
5 Belaco Free Stand Fan on white background

Belaco Free Stand Fan

4.5 /5

Ideal for lightweight

  • Fan head tilts up and down to give you direct & indirect air flow
  • Safe to use with children around thanks to its clip for the wire mesh grill
  • Fan every corner with the 85-degree oscillation, left & right
  • High portability as it weighs only 2.6kgs
6 Ansio White Pedestal Fan on white background

Ansio White Fan

4.5 /5

Top choice for warranty

  • Versatile with 3 adaptable heights to use it even as a desk fan
  • Preset the hour timer for scheduling shut-off & on time
  • Choose your preferred speed by its 8 speed settings
  • Long-lasting plastic material that comes with a 2-year warranty
7 Ansio Black Pedestal Fan on white background

Ansio Black Fan

4.5 /5

Top choice for delayed timer

  • Set air cooling time to fit your schedule with the 12-hour timer setting
  • High cooling power thanks to its 5 blades
  • Operate it from the comfort of your seat with the remote
  • Circulates air widely thanks to the vertical tilting head & oscillating design
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8 EcoAir Zephyr 16” Fan on white background

EcoAir Zephyr 16” Fan

4.5 /5

Ideal choice for speed & mode settings

  • Versatile & modern fan with 35 speed settings
  • Energy saving fan for long usage & low power bills
  • Enjoy the coolness with the normal, intelligent, nature & sleep modes
  • Simply operate by the buttons or the touchpad with LED display
9 Oypla Electrical Cooling Fans x2 on white background

Oypla Electrical Cooling Fans x2

4.5 /5

Top choice for set of 2

  • Perfect choice for an office as it comes as a set of 2
  • No need for an outlet nearby thanks to its long 1.8m cable
  • Direct fan’s air flow to optimal direction with the oscillating feature
  • Excellent control over covered area thanks to its adjustable head
10 Beldray Premium Pedestal Fan on white background

Beldray Premium Fan

4.5 /5

Top Pick for oscillation

  • Cools down the entire room with its 360-degree oscillation
  • Super simple in use with remote control for changing settings from afar
  • High velocity & better air distribution with its 5 robust blades
  • Spruce up your decor with its premium & unique design

The Top Pedestal Fan For Cool Days & Nights In The Summer

These magic working pedestal fans are the best thing to happen for hot summer days and nights. You don’t have to pay high bills for AC and waste so much energy when the temperatures are so high. This fan brings the cool breeze right where you are in an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way.

Choosing the ideal fan might pose a challenge when you don’t know what to look for. For example, how many blades do you need in a fan? What about the pace settings, operating modes, durability of the fan, and energy efficiency? Or how can you tell the difference between a pedestal and a floor fan to ensure you do not buy the wrong device?

Too many questions!

But we are here to help you find out what to look for, so the choice won’t be so daunting. And this way, you will be bringing home a device that could make all the difference between your long sleepless nights and hot summer mornings. Use our buying guide, and you are one step closer to getting a pedestal model.

Without further ado, let's get you the top pedestal fans!

What is a Pedestal Fan?

They are appliances that circulate air around a particular area and are powered by electricity. They provide cool circulation of air in your home or office by simply plugging it in a socket, without the need for air conditioners. You can keep it close to you or move it around to any room you want. Basically, they are electric fans and are super lightweight and portable. If you add energy-efficient and money-saving in the mix, you get the perfect mate for the hot season.

Why do you need this Fan?

For starters, this fan is a portable air circulator that you can move around your home or office. Unlike the fixed ACs that serve only one room, with these, all you have to do is find a power outlet, even at the balcony, and you can enjoy its cool breeze.

Also, most fans offer several speed levels, making it quite easy for you to regulate the speed at which the air circulates. This comes in handy when you are outdoors and probably need more cool air than you require when indoors.

Remember how damp space gets after a paint job or items like mats and carpets do not dry well? Or you burnt something in the kitchen and the whole place smells like smoke? You can use this fan as an air purifier on such occasions and guide the smoke or smell in a certain direction.

Most importantly, they are way more affordable than air conditioners and eco-friendly!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Product

Pay attention to the following feature, and we know you’ll make the best decision for your space! Here is our list to guide you towards the top fan.

1. Portability

The main reason to invest in a pedestal model is so you can bring it with you anywhere in any area of your home and enjoy a cool breeze. All you have to do is unplug the device from the power outlet and move it to a different location whenever needed.

Since most of these fans are lightweight, it is best to keep in mind the weight of the fan you are interested in. Because any member of the family might want to move it, and a heavy fan might be a bit cumbersome to move by any young or older adults in your home.

2. Speed Modes

It is best to invest in a fan that offers various modes or speeds, allowing you to adjust the temperatures in any room to suit your needs. Some will have two speeds, low and high, while some have a third pace-setting for medium flow.

As for the modes, go for a fan with several modes if you want to set the flow to suit different environmental needs. For example, a sleep timer or mode will reduce the flow speed as the night progresses and shuts off automatically later in the night. Plus, keep in mind that the faster a fan goes, the more noise it might make, so all these settings offer you wider flexibility.

3. Size

The size of the fan pretty much plays a role in how much area it can cover. Larger models will definitely cover vast areas, making them ideal for large rooms like the living room. But if you are looking for a pedestal for a smaller area in your home, maybe the office or bedroom, you can go for a smaller model that doesn't make your space crowded.

4. Noise Level

While we are all yearning for that breeze on a hot summer afternoon or evening, no one wants to enjoy that breeze in a noisy area, thanks to the one device that should be making the environment more relaxing and bearable.

Manufacturers list the level of noise in decibels (dB), with a high dB being quite loud. Alternatively, you can test the fan if you are buying it from a physical shop and see whether the noise is too high for you. While at it, ensure you test the noise levels at different speeds because higher fan speeds, like the turbo speed, might have higher noise levels than when operating at a low speed.

5. Control

Does the fan use a manual or remote control? Most old models will have a manual control system, so that you have to change the speeds from the fan itself. On the other hand, fans with remote control allow you to operate the fan from a distance without getting up from your seat.

6. Oscillation & Adjustable Height

It is also referred to as the swing feature, and it is one of the most important features in a standing fan if you want to maximize its usefulness. With this feature, the fan will be swinging back and forth, allowing for even distribution of the room's ventilation.

The advantage of this feature is that if you have more people in the room, everyone will get a taste of the cool breeze from wherever they are. And, you do not have to keep moving the fan for this. An adaptable height is also important because you can change the fan's height depending on its use.

7. Blades

If you have small children, a bladeless fan could be the best choice. These do not trap a lot of dust and are also easy to clean. If you aim for fans with blades, make sure they are durable and long-lasting. They will trap more dust and need a little maintenance, though. Make sure to keep it clean and well-maintained to avoid any malfunctions.

8. Design

The style and design of the fan can help accentuate your home’s decor and give it a retro look and feel. That means considering the material, the finishing and other unique features that set it apart. You can pick a state-of-the-art piece for your home to level up your over aesthetics and style.

9. Timer Function

Who likes to get up in the middle of the night to shut off the fan? We bet no one does! With a timer, you can set the time you want your fan to switch off, like in two hours or eight hours. This way, you can save on electricity if you do not want the fan to run the whole night.

Pedestal vs Tower Fans: Which is better?

The difference between these two narrows down to two things; the kind of airflow you are after and where you will be using the fan.

  • Pedestal

Pedestal models are usually placed on a stand with an adaptable height, allowing you to lengthen or shorten the fan’s height as you wish. Due to this, they are ideal when you want the fan to direct the air above the ground, like above your furniture and other such areas. For example, you can place it somewhere where the air hits your face directly or facing the ceiling for an indirect flow when sleeping or sitting on the couch.

They are more powerful than tower models, making them the best portable fans for larger rooms. They also offer you more control over the direction of the flow since most pedestal models have an adaptable height, head, and oscillating feature.

Unfortunately, pedestal models are not that easy to clean as tower ones. You have to open up the fans head to remove the blades for proper cleaning. Plus, you cannot count on a pedestal model to improve the air quality as they lack ionizers.

  • Tower

On the other hand, a tower fan or a column fan also releases air from a heightened position at a reasonable rate. The only difference is that these have an additional rectangular air outlet at the bottom, mostly sitting on the floor.

This is the best choice if you need to distribute fresh air in a smaller room or have the cold air in close proximity. Their shape and design, tall and slender, allows you to place them on any corner without taking up much space. A pedestal model with an ionizer can help in alleviating the quality of the air, which can come in handy if you suffer from allergies like dust. They are easy to clean, all you need is to wipe or brush down the grill. You can also use an air compressor to blow out the dust and other debris.

On the flip side, you do not have much control over the direction of the air. Yes, a tower model will have a swinging function but that’s just about it. You can not adjust its height or point it upwards or downwards for indirect air flow. The only thing you can do is move it to your preferred position to get the airflow you want.

What should you choose; a 3 Blades or 5 Blades Fan?

The blades in a fan cut the air around it, leading to the circulation of cool air. Generally, the more blades a fan has, the better it is. In that case, a 5 blade pedestal fan is much better at circulating a cool breeze than a 3 blade one. While this is true, the design of the blades also plays a significant role. A 3 blades fan with better design and pitching than a 5 blade, will provide better air circulation.

When considering the number of blades, remember to check the design and see which one offers better circulation, regardless of the number of blades.

How much does it cost you to use a pedestal fan?

The initial purchase of a pedestal model might not be your only issue. You are probably concerned about how high your power bill will shoot upwards once you start enjoying the coolness of your fan. While there is no specific figure that applies to every individual, you can easily calculate an estimate of running the fan.

The average estimated cost of running a fan for 12 hours ranges from £5.00 to £14.00. This is based on the assumption that a household uses a fan with a wattage of 25 to 75. The assumed cost is £0.004/hour and £0.012/hour on the lower and higher price points simultaneously. The costs will depend on a few factors, your energy company, the fan's wattage, and how long you will have the fan running at any particular moment. For instance, let's consider the below assumptions:

  • Fan wattage - 55W. Divide this by 1000 to get the kilowatt, that's 0.055
  • No. of hours the fan is in use - 8 hours per day.
  • Multiply the kilowatts by the hours of use to get how much kilowattage you use every day (8*0.055 = 0.44)
  • Costs of 1 kW (your electricity bill will have this cost) - 1kW/£14.00
  • Then, multiply results from step 3 with the cost of 1KW, in this case, £14.00 (0.44*£8.00 = £6.16

A cost of £6.16 for a cool breeze in this hot weather doesn't sound like a hard bargain, right?

How much should you spend on a fan?

These fans are pretty affordable, so you do not have to invest a significant amount of money in owning one. With as little as £18.00, you can get a basic pedestal model with different pace settings and a powerful DC motor to circulate air in most rooms.

High-end models and brands are a little bit more expensive. You will need to invest about £100.00 or more to get one. Pricier as these might be, they offer more settings, like several pace settings, more modes, remote control or even digital controls, and more stylish designs.

Whatever decision you make, it is best to consider why you need a pedestal fan in the first place. Is it for your home or office use? Are the many pace settings benefits you, or are you comfortable with few pace settings? Once you have the answers to these, you can easily decide how much you need to spend on one.


Choosing a pedestal fan is an investment we all have to make at one point in life. When it is hot, it gets harder to work during the day or enjoy a good night of sleep. But you do not have to suffer through the heat anymore. With our buying guide and a list of the top fans, you can enjoy cooler air flows without having to invest in a vast and expensive AC system or cordless portable air conditioners. Ensure that you consider factors like the fan speeds, adaptable heights, swinging, timer function and the control system.

We are positive that you’ll make the best decision. Get ready for those hot summer days and nights with the top pedestal fans in the market! Get yours today!

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