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Best 10 Patio Cleaners

As Of June 2022

Has the cold and wet season left nothing but an ugly trace of moss, algae, lichens and the rundown look in your once beautiful patio? Before the garden party season starts, you need to give your patio a fresh look. So, what you need is the best patio cleaner for you! If you don’t know which one to pick, we can help!
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1 Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner on white background

Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner

4.8 /5

Best overall

  • Biodegradable & non-acidic cleaner for safe playing by pets & kids
  • Active ingredients; just spray & walk away
  • Multipurpose outdoor cleaner for all surfaces with algae & green mould
  • Long-lasting cleaning solution with no shelf life limitation
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2 Ultima-Plus XP Cleaner on white background

Ultima-Plus XP Cleaner

4.7 /5

Ideal for large surfaces

  • Great results; prevents regrowth for at least 6-months
  • Super concentration mould & algae killer for patios & decking
  • Large capacity to cover hard surfaces up to 200 square metres
  • Safe for the environment as it has no acids, caustics & is biodegradable
3 Pro-Kleen Ready to Use Cleaner on white background

Pro-Kleen Ready to Use Cleaner

4.6 /5

Most budget-friendly option

  • Non-acidic & bleach-free cleaning fluid for indoors & outdoor cleaning
  • No hassle diluting, just spray it directly from the bottle
  • The biodegradable formula will not harm your soil
  • Buy it now, use it later as it has no shelf-life & will last you months
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4 Wet & Forget Patio Cleaner on white background

Wet & Forget Patio Cleaner

4.5 /5

Top choice for algae remover

  • Versatile mould lichen & algae remover
  • High capacity; makes up to 30 litres of cleaning solution for larger areas
  • Active ingredients to ensure nothing contaminates the surface prematurely
  • Acts on its own; requires no scrubbing or rinsing
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5 Spear & Jackson Spray on white background

Spear & Jackson Spray

4.5 /5

Ideal for preventing regrowth

  • Fast working cleaner with visible results in days
  • Works on several surfaces even driveways, sheds, windows & decking
  • Strong patio cleaning fluid to keep away new growth for months
  • Reliable cleaner to get rid of lichen, green mould & algae
6 Jeyes Fluid Outdoor Cleaner on white background

Jeyes Fluid Outdoor Cleaner

4.5 /5

Top choice for multi-purpose

  • Disinfectant cleaner for killing germs from your surfaces
  • Remove grease, grime & even unblock your drainages
  • Can clean your pets kennel, stables, hutches, lofts & coops
  • Biocides safe for cleaning your flower pots, greenhouses & garden tools
7 JCB Heavy Duty Patio Cleaner on white background

JCB Heavy Duty Patio Cleaner

4.5 /5

Top choice for fast-acting

  • Quick visible results in just 20 minutes
  • Multifunctional for outdoor hard surfaces like patios, paving slabs, tarmac & stone paving
  • Removes moulds, algae & stains from any surface
  • A tough cleaner; will stop the growth of unwanted organisms
8 Jeyes 4-in-1 Patio & Decking Power on white background

Jeyes 4-in-1 Patio & Decking Power

4.5 /5

Best for ease of use

  • No rising or scrubbing, just dilute, spray & leave it to dry
  • Concentrated patio cleaner for excellent results on several surfaces
  • Removes mould, algae, dirt, mildew & stubborn stains
  • Quick-acting ingredients with results on 24 hours to 3 days
9 Patio Magic Concentrate Patio Cleaner on white background

Patio Magic Concentrate Patio Cleaner

4.5 /5

Top choice for hard surfaces

  • Concentrated formula for all your hard outdoor surfaces
  • No dealing with scrubbers or pressure waters after applying the cleaner
  • Pets & kids can play freely once it dries as it’s biodegradable & safe
  • Kills algae & green moulds in just 2 to 4 days
10 Smartseal Patio Clean Xtreme on white background

Smartseal Patio Clean Xtreme

4.5 /5

Top pick for moss killer

  • Multi-use for your paving slabs, natural stone & block paving
  • Easy to use; doesn’t require pressure washing or rinsing
  • Powerful active ingredients; removes black mould, liches, moss, algae, dirt & tough stones
  • Big quantity that will cover about 80 m²

Give Your Patio a Facelift With The Best Patio Cleaners

The warm weather is here, and you definitely do not want to spend your time on your patio wondering what happened to its initial radiant colour. All you can see now is a collection of moss, algae, stains and a hint of despair on your poor patio slabsBut it is not as bad as it sounds. It is nothing more than what a regular patio cleaner can’t handle. The problem arises where you have to choose the best from the vast collection of patio cleaning products. There are plenty of types for comparison. Between that and knowing what features to look for of any kind is a tad overwhelming for most people. 

What are the best ingredients? Do you have to reapply for the cleaner every month, or cannot it hold longer? Should it be eco-friendly or biodegradable? Our buying guide paints a clear picture of all this and others to ensure you get the best patio cleaning detergents. Clean your patio, invest in some amazing garden sofa sets, sunloungers and swing chairs and get ready for hosting fabulous parties this summer! For barbecue noons, a gazebo is also necessary for hosting legendary garden barbecues! So, let's get this patio ready! Keep reading to find out more about this amazing products!

What is a Patio Cleaner?

A patio cleaner is a cleaning detergent explicitly made to clean patios. The wet season is not usually an excellent season for your beautiful deck. It makes the patio susceptible to organisms like algae, mould, lichens or even moss. As much as there are other ways to get rid of these, a patio cleaner is possibly the only one that is a little bit more gentle on your expensive patio. Plus, it acts fast and requires little work from you, as you would with other methods

Why do you need a Patio Cleaner?

We are always in the habit of grabbing pressure water whenever we need to clean the outdoors. But in the case of patios, pressure washers are more damaging than they are helpful. The force from the pressure washing will blast away all that dirt, but it will compromise your slabs. It can lead to cracks, pitting, marks, degrading and even damage the joints connecting each slab. It might not happen real fast, but if you have your pressure water at very high pressure, you might soon find yourself having to replace the slabs. 

That’s where a patio cleaner comes in. It is more gentle on the slabs, and you will get the same results. Besides, with some types of patio cleaners, the job is effortless. Once you apply the cleaner, there is nothing else needed on your part. Save them in the storage box and use them whenever you need them, as most don't have an expiration date! 

What to look for when buying a Patio Cleaner

There are a few features that you should look at in terms of buying the best patio cleaners. We made a list to help you decide quick and easy, which one is the best for you.

1. Durability 

Luckily, most available options offer long-lasting results, some lasting up to 12 months after application. Of course, the longer the cleaner lasts, the less time and energy you have to waste reapplying the cleaner three or four months down the line. Some cleaner types will also ‘reactivate’ automatically during the rainy season, and that’s a huge plus. You do not have to reapply the cleaner, but you can be assured the cleaner will do the work when the rain threatens to bring back the algae.

2. The Type of Patio Cleaner 

Patio cleaners range from concentrated fungicides to disinfectants, surface cleaners, and those you need to use with a pressure washer. Some of these types will require dilution, but some can be applied straight from the bottle. A few types might require rinsing the surface after a while, but you do not need pressure washers for that. A watering can or bottle spray will do the job. When buying, go through the manual or instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure it is something you can keep up with. 

3. The Patio Surface & Dirt 

Your patio’s surface will also play a significant role here. For instance, if you have paving or decking with natural materials, like limestone and sandstone, have specialised cleaners. These are prone to blackspots, a lichen that is quite difficult to remove and will require a cleaner made specifically for that. Apart from the type of surface your patio has, you might also have to consider the kind of dirt on your patio. Are you dealing with a case of grime or overgrown moss or algae? Like the previous example of black spots, each of these might require a particular patio cleaner for a perfect cleaning, like an algae remover for algae only. 

4. Time for Results 

Not every patio cleaner will have instant results, but some try and give you results in a short period. Others take hours to act, but the result will still be good. Others might take a couple of days before you see results. We recommend giving the cleaner some few hours to act and achieve perfection. Pay attention to the instructions on the bottle you buy and make sure to follow them to achieve the best results. 

5. Size of the Surface 

How large the patio is and the amount of dirt you need to clean matters. Cleaners with high concentration might not be ideal for large areas or patios with large quantities of dirt. When you dilute it, the effect is lowered. Check out the manufacturer’s instructions to see whether the container will be enough for your patio. Some are better for smaller areas whereas if your patio is huge, you might need more than just one bottle. 

6. Abrasive Ingredients

Some cleaners have abrasive ingredients. These can be rough on some patio surfaces and even bleach the area you are cleaning. If your patio has smooth and delicate surfaces, like wood, avoid highly concentrated cleaners. It can harm your beautiful patio, so pay extra attention to ingredients before purchasing one. 

Patio Cleaner VS Pressure Washer

Remember the days when you had to invest in a pressure washer to wash away your cleaning detergent? The good news is that you no longer need to. Not unless the type of patio cleaner you are settling for requires oneThere are many types of patio cleaners nowadays that require little to no effort on your side. Just apply it on the necessary spot, sit back and watch the cleaner do what it is supposed to do. Once the patio cleaner is done doing its work, you can just run a regular cleaning brush or broom, and you are good to go. 

Despite that, you can still use a pressure washer even if the cleaner does all the heavy lifting for you. In instances where you have been pretty negligent of your patio, and a single run of the patio cleaner is not cutting it, you can repeat the process with the clear and wash it away with the pressure washers. Other people decide to use one if they are worried about their pets or kids getting in contact with the cleaner. 

So, the decision comes down to your preferences and how much you want to protect your patio's slabs

What’s the Difference: Biodegradable VS Eco-friendly

Patio cleaners, like any other cleaning detergent, are mostly made with a concoction of strong ingredients. Some of these are not kind to Mother Nature. As such, manufacturers are making patio cleaners and labelling them as either eco-friendly, biodegradable, or both. One can get confused about these terms, but the short answer is that they are not the same. Biodegradable means the ingredients will decompose on their own without any help from you. The ground will absorb these ingredients, and they will not harm the soilOn the other hand, eco-friendly means the product is kinder to the environment, meaning it will not pollute the water, earth or air. Some biodegradable items are not that kind to aquatic life and might be harmful to live plants. 

How much should you spend on a Patio Cleaner?

While there a whole selection of patio cleaners to choose from, the prices are primarily at par. It all depends on the quantity you are buying, if it is concentrated or ready to use, and its capabilities.

  • Affordable

Affordable models, even those that come in large quantities of 5-litre bottles, can cost as low as £13. With a budget of at least £13 to £30, you will undoubtedly get a patio cleaner that does more than just sprucing up your patio. Most are also ready to use. All you have to do is pour it into a garden sprayer or a pump sprayer, and you good to go. Most of these also double as block paving, decking, fencing, paving slabs or driveway cleaners. They can also remove all sorts of organisms, from moss to algae, lichens and stubborn stains. 

  • High-End

Like affordable models, high-end cleaners clean multiple surfaces. The only difference is that most of these are concentrated and will require diluting. Still, some will cost you a little over £30, anything between this and £50. A few brands cost over £50, but this will mostly be for larger quantities, over 5 litres. 


There is no need to panic about the state of your patio. Yes, we understand it pains you to look at it with all the grime and grease. But with one of the best patio cleaners, you can get it back to its original look just like when you first installed it. When buying a patio cleaner, ensure you know what kind of dirt, stain or organisms you want to get rid of and how large your patio is. With such information, you will have an easier time choosing the best patio cleaner for your home. 

Transform your patio in no time and with very little effort now. Get ready for the summer season and enjoy your updated garden like never before! Check out the 10 best products on this list, and we believe that you'll find the right one for you! Do you want to update your garden even more? Get a hammock for relaxing noons and a patio heater for those chilly nights and you are good to go! You deserve to be a happy garden party host this season!

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