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Best 10 Parasol Lights

As Of July 2022

Do you want to spend your warm evenings under your garden parasol? Maybe cuddle up with the current bestseller or a warm cup of tea chasing sunsets? Parasol lights provide all the light you need to stay a little longer outdoors when the sun is no longer shining. You can even host dinners and playdates past dusk! Get the very best ones below!
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1 Poocci Cordless String Lights on garden parasol with remote control on white background

Poocci Cordless String Lights

4.8 /5

Best Patio Umbrella Light Overall

  • Set mood for any scene with the different brightness & lighting modes
  • Don’t get off your chair to turn it on as it has a remote controller
  • Use lights in the rainy season, thanks to the waterproofing design
  • Cut the strip on any location for perfect fitting in your parasol
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2 Honwell LED Umbrella Lights on garden parasol

Honwell LED Umbrella Lights

4.7 /5

Top Choice For Cantilever Parasol

  • Sit back and choose your preferred setting with the remote control
  • Set the mood for different occasions from the 16 LED lights
  • Easy to install with adjustable clamp for perfect fitting
  • Multi-purpose for using on camping tents & other outdoor spaces
3 Txian Umbrella LED Lights on garden parasol's pole

Txian Umbrella LED Lights

4.6 /5

Ideal for Disc Lights

  • Enjoy family dinners under the parasol with the super bright LEDs
  • Hang or carry light to use anywhere with the two hook design
  • No dealing with increased power bills as lights use AA batteries
  • Durable silver-coated shelling for worry-free usage
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4 Gaoni Patio Umbrella Light with remote control on garden parasol

Gaoni Patio Umbrella Light

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Battery Operated

  • Energy-saving as you can set the timer for shut off when not in use
  • Save your favourite lighting mode with the memory function
  • Dimmable lights to meet every occasions brightness needs for chilling to partying
  • Never run out of power; power via USB or AAA batteries
5 Cciland Patio Umbrella Lights on garden parasol

Cciland Patio Umbrella Lights

4.5 /5

Best For String Lights

  • All year use with solar power & AA battery for sunny & cloudy days
  • Save energy with the auto on/of function at dawn & dusk
  • Use lights in any outdoor area all year with the IP67 waterproofing
  • Enjoy a calm & relaxing evening with the warm white light
6 Linkax Wireless Patio Umbrella Lights on white background

Linkax Wireless Patio Umbrella Lights

4.5 /5

Ideal For Charging Options

  • Charge the lights effortlessly via a USB charger or AA batteries
  • Keep track of the battery levels with the power indicator
  • Want high or low brightness? Adjust levels to suit any needs
  • Quick & simple installation with no tools. Just clamp it on the pole
7 Ecowho LED Patio Umbrella Lights on white background

Ecowho LED Patio Umbrella Lights

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Durability

  • No need to keep setting lighting mode with memory function
  • Set working time & save power with the timer
  • Don’t get up! Change the LED lighting modes via the remote control
  • Read, work, eat or relax with your preferred brightness setting
8 Sunwey Umbrella Pole Light on white background

Sunwey Umbrella Pole Light

4.5 /5

Ideal For High Brightness

  • Charge quickly via power bank, laptop, notebook, or adapter
  • Set for evening lighting with the fast-charging battery
  • The top choice to use them for BBQs, camping & other outdoor activities
  • No need for a professional to install with the clamping disc style
9 Khelse Umbrella Pole Light on white background

Khelse Umbrella Pole Light

4.5 /5

Most Budget-Friendly Option

  • Bring your lights along with the lightweight & hanging hook design
  • Use the lights when camping with the freestanding build
  • Fit on most parasol poles with the self-adjusting clamping style
  • Enjoy long usage with the LED lights lasting up to 50,000 hours
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10 Lverse LED Umbrella Light on white background

Lverse LED Umbrella Light

4.5 /5

Ideal For Ease Of Use

  • Use as emergency lights when camping with the hanging hooks
  • Create the atmosphere you want with its 3 brightness modes
  • Painless charging with USB or use AA batteries when on the move
  • Seamless operation & mounting via one switch & flexible clamp

Best Lights For Parasols To Keep Your Outdoor Party Going In The Evening!

Are you looking forward to using your cantilever parasol for more than just sun protection? You no longer have to get indoors when it is dark. Mount it on its base and stay outside longer! If you are looking for the best lights for your parasol, look no further! The best patio umbrella lights are esthetic and pretty practical in lighting under your parasol.  

Luckily, there are numerous options, whether you are after solar-powered or battery-powered options. Perhaps you need a versatile option that goes beyond your parasol lighting. We are here to help you choose the best, and most importantly, know how to go about it! 

What Are Parasol Lights?

If you are always leaving your parasol open when the dark starts to set because the lights in your patio or garden walls are not enough, you could use a set of lights for your parasol. These are lights explicitly made for parasols

Depending on the style, you can hang them all around the ribs of the parasol or on the shaft. Either way, you will be lighting the area beneath the parasol, allowing you to stay out a little bit longer

Why Do You Need Lights For Your Parasol?

Even if you have other outdoor wall lights or garden solar lights, lights for outdoor umbrellas could come in handy for several reasons, including:

  • Illuminating Your Garden Parasol 

Well, you do not have to stay under your parasol during the day only. There is a reason why you spent all that money and energy landscaping your garden and making it outstanding. Now that you already have a parasol, add some lights up there, and you can spend the better part of warmer evenings bonding with your loved ones under the outdoor umbrella lights!

  • Spruce Up Your Gardens Aesthetics 

There is always something about the warm light spread across the garden furniture, courtesy of garden umbrella lights. With some lights, it could look like your parasol has its own stars. This, coupled with the spread of the light across the whole area, will undoubtedly add a layer of aesthetics to your garden at night. 

  • Cue In The Romance 

Looking for outdoor romantic dinners? You do not have to book an expensive restaurant for that! Not when you have a garden parasol with the best lighting. With the adjustable lights, you can always choose a colour temperature that reflects the mood of the evening. Most importantly, you can always adjust the brightness to suit any occasion.

  • Make Your Outdoor Space Safer 

Do your children love playing in the garden at night? Or your pets are perhaps getting injured when they wander in the night? A set of lights will help brighten the area, making it safer for them to play in the evening. 

What To Look For When Buying Lights For Your Parasol?

These come in all types, and knowing what to watch out for will help you choose the best option for your garden parasol. Here's what you need to know:

1. Type of Lighting 

There are 2 main types of lights to choose from. String or strand lights, like the name suggests, are designed like strings that attach to the veins of the parasol. So, depending on how many strings you get or the number of ribs in your garden parasol, you could have a strand of lights on every vein of the umbrella. String lights are perfect for the ambience or accenting your garden in the evenings. 

But, if you are hoping to stay outdoors longer to read a book by the garden or host a few dinners, disc lights are the best options. These provide more centralised lighting to a specific area. Disc lights look like a hockey puck. To mount on the parasol, mainly on the shaft, you pull it apart and latch it on the central pole of the garden parasol

2. Brightness Levels

Whether you are after the ambience of the lights or need something brighter for other purposes, the level of brightness is something you cannot ignore. With most lights using LED technology, it is good to know that lumens are not the only feature affecting the level of brightness. The number of LEDs in the light also comes into play, where lights with more LEDs are brighter. 

Basic light models will have at least 24 to 28 LEDs, and you can use these to accent space. But, if you want to read in the dusk, ensure you go for lights with more LEDs. 

Still, on brightness, some lights will have different levels of brightness. These are best for all occasions since you can constantly adjust the level of brightness to suit any particular needs. 

3. Power Source 

There are 4 main sources of power, solar, battery, electric plugs and recharging batteries. If you live where sunny days are abundant the better part of the year, solar-powered lights could be great for you. These recharge their batteries when there is solar light and convert that light to the LED bulbs. The battery capacity will determine how long the lights can run, with some lights going for more than 10 hours. The best thing about these is that they save your power bill from additional outdoor lighting costs. 

Battery operated lights mostly use regular AA batteries, which are pretty common, and you can get a replacement pair easily. The cost is lower, initially. But if you use your parasol often, you are better off with other options. Unfortunately, they are not the best option for the eco user, either. For such a scenario, the best option is with rechargeable batteries or electric plugs. 

Rechargeable battery models will mostly have an inbuilt battery, and you can recharge via a USB cable or a plug. They are more environmentally friendly and cheaper than regular AA batteries. If your garden has a power source, then consider getting electric plug lights. With These, you can be assured of constant lighting without dealing with any batteries running low. 

4. Durability 

Regardless of how durable the lights seem, pay close attention to features that enhance usability outdoors for an extended period. Things like waterproofing or weatherproofing, which shelter the lights from elements like water, moisture, dust and snow, give you better usability. With such, you do not have to pack your garden parasol whenever the weather is not on your side.

How Do You Set Up Lights For Your Parasol?

Setting up lights on the parasol is not a challenging task. If you are a DIYer, you will have an easier time with the installation. However, you can always get a helping hand if you feel the task is too much for your hands only. 

If you set up string lights, detach the umbrella from the pole and lean it on the side while it's open. Then, start attaching the string lights on the parasol ribs and tighten them with the provided clips or ties so the lights don't look loose. 

Disc lights are the easiest to install. Just clamp the disc on the pole, with most of these types attaching to any pole size. Plus, most options, including those on our list, are flexible enough for a snuggly fitting on any pole size.

What Colour Should You Choose For Parasol Lights?

This is more of personal preference and why you need the lights in the first place. If you are after esthetics and ambience, warm colour tones of yellow, red or orange will be excellent. These will also help you create a more relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, tones of cool white will be great if you need a brighter space to even catch up on some work. 


Gather your loved ones & pick up your favourite drink! Grab your latest read and stay out late under your parasol with the best lights for parasols lighting your way! Regardless of what the occasion is, you can choose the best colour temperature to match every mood. 

With our buying guide, you are a step closer to getting what your space needs. Use it to know what to watch out for to ensure that you pick the best! Found yours?

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