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Best 10 Parasol Covers

As Of July 2022

Are you looking to extend the life of your garden parasol? Is your parasol finally giving in to sunlight, air, water, and dust? The best protective parasol covers offer protection against dust, UV light, snow, and mould build up. Plus, you do not have to carry your parasol indoors every time the weather doesn't agree. Interested?
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1 Okpow Parasol Cover protecting parasol from snow

Okpow Parasol Cover

4.8 /5

Best Overall Parasol Cover

  • All year protection of parasol with the waterproof and anti-UV fabric
  • Lock it securely and prevent wind from blowing it away
  • Enjoy extended usage with the heavy-duty 600d Oxford fabric
  • Carry and store it safely with the included bag
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2 Gemitto Cantilever Umbrella Cover protecting parasol from rain

Gemitto Cantilever Umbrella Cover

4.7 /5

Top Cantilever Umbrella Cover

  • No need for a ladder to install cover thanks to the added telescopic rod
  • Open cover painlessly with the high-quality rust-proof zip
  • Made to last you for long with little maintenance by breathable 420d Oxford fabric
  • Protect parasol from fading with UV-resistant coating
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3 Dokon Parasol Cover covering parasol on a patio

Dokon Parasol Cover

4.6 /5

Ideal For Ease of Installation

  • Keep it outdoors no matter the weather as it's waterproof & windproof
  • No chance of it fading over the years with the UV-resistant material
  • Improve the air circulation in the umbrella with its air vents at the top
  • Put it on effortlessly with the handy zipper system
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4 Gemitto Protective Cover in the garden protecting outdoor parasol

Gemitto Protective Cover

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Snug Fitting

  • Protect parasol from wind by tightening cover with the velcro strip
  • Durable waterproof zip protects the cover from water
  • No worrying about fading thanks to the high-quality PVC coating shielding it from UV rays
  • Simple cover fitting with the long 1m telescopic pole
5 Okpow Cantilever Parasol Cover protecting outdoor parasol in the patio

Okpow Cantilever Parasol Cover

4.5 /5

Best Large Parasol Cover

  • Heavy-duty 600d Oxford fabric to withstand rips and tears
  • Durable in the rainy season due to the water-resistant material
  • Snug & secure fitting using the drawstring rope
  • Keep it safely when not in use with the added storage bag
6 Estefanlo Cantilever Umbrella Cover by the ocean protecting parasol from sun

Estefanlo Cantilever Umbrella Cover

4.5 /5

Best Mid-Range Cover

  • Never lose sleep over water damage with the snow and waterproof feature
  • Use the storage pouch to store and transport the cover
  • Simple cleaning; just hose it down & leave it to dry in the sun
  • Breathable fabric protects it & the parasol from cracking
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7 Ratel Patio Umbrella Cover protecting parasol from UV light in the garden

Ratel Patio Umbrella Cover

4.5 /5

Ideal For Durability

  • No wind blowing issues with the adjustable rope for tight-fitting
  • Double-stitched bound edges keep cover from tearing
  • PU coating to protect cover & parasol from elements
  • Weatherproofed heavy-duty Oxford 420D polyester material to use all year round
8 UOUNE Cantilever Parasol Protective Cover by the pool protecting parasol from sun

UOUNE Cantilever Parasol Protective Cover

4.5 /5

Best For Ease of Cleaning

  • Keep it from blowing with the wind by locking cord at the parasol base
  • Wipe with a wet cloth, machine wash, or hose it down when cleaning
  • Close & open up cover effortlessly with the sturdy zip
  • Carry cover everywhere hassle-free with the simple carry bag
9 Patio Plus Patio Umbrella Cover on white background

Patio Plus Patio Umbrella Cover

4.5 /5

Most Affordable Choice

  • Oxford fabric waterproof & snowproof design for using cover in winter
  • Anti-UV coating provides cover & parasol with sunshade
  • No dealing with cracks & tears thanks to the double stitches on the edges
  • Lock it securely from the wind with the cord blockers
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10 POAO Garden Umbrella Cover on white background

POAO Garden Umbrella Cover

4.5 /5

Ideal For Medium-Size Parasols

  • Stays in shape throughout the years courtesy of the weatherproofing
  • Customize fitting for a snuggly fit with the drawstring closure
  • Enjoy long crack-free service with the overlapping stitches
  • Sweat-free cleaning; wipe it down with a damp cloth

Protect Your Outdoor Parasol With The Best Parasol Covers

Are you looking for the best garden furniture covers? Do you want to save all your garden patio umbrellas and cantilever parasols from weather elements and dust mites? We can all agree that outdoor furniture, like your garden sofa, is not easy to maintain, and it can be a bit costly. And while we have parasols to provide us and our garden furniture with sunshade, they can never last long without proper care and maintenance. 

That's why you need a protective cover and a base to keep your parasol safe when not in use. Unfortunately, the numerous covers in the market basically look the same. But they are pretty different, especially when you look deeper into their features, from the sizes to the material and weatherproofing features. 

Are you interested in learning more? Our guide provides you with all the necessary information, from the top considerations to have in mind to top picks of protective covers.

Why Do You Need a Parasol Cover?

A parasol sounds just about enough to protect you when using your outdoor furniture. So, is its protective cover really necessary? We say yes, and here’s why:

  • Prolong Your Parasols Life 

Don't forget that your parasol is exposed to various elements, from water and air to mould accumulation. All these reduce the parasol's life, and a cover allows you to protect it when not in use.

  • Keep The Parasol Looking Pristine

A good-looking outdoor garden or yard is as beautiful as what's on it, including the furniture and your precious parasol. With a cover, you can shield the cover from dust and UV light and keep it looking as pristine as ever. 

What to look for when buying a Parasol Cover

Are you ready to prolong the life of your parasol with a reliable cover? We have a list of the most important issues to take into consideration to ensure you get the best garden parasol cover for your household:

1. Type of Material

While most covers are made from polyester fabric, the Oxford type is the most high-quality fabric to get. But, what differs between one Oxford fabric and the other is the number of deniers, usually depicted in D after a particular number. The higher the deniers, the thicker, stronger, and more durable the cover. 

While considering the material type, pay attention to other features that enhance its fabric—things like weatherproofing, which protect it from elements like air, water, and UV light. 

Still, on the material, look at the stitching. You will want to get one with double stitches on the seams. It ensures the longevity of the cover as it ensures it keeps its shape over time.  

2. Cover Size

While many covers come in a universal size, allowing you to use square or round parasols, you certainly do not want to buy one that ends up being too small or too large. Therefore, ensure you pay close attention to the manufacturer's recommended parasol size for perfect compatibility. 

3. Ease of Installation 

Installing a parasol cover can be pretty challenging, especially if you have a large outdoor umbrella. A ladder will come in handy, but it is also a safety hazard. Some covers come with a telescopic handle that makes it easier for you to lift the cover without the need for a ladder or any other item to enhance your height. 

4. Ease of Maintenance & Storage 

A clean cover is a great statement in your garden, so you need one that's easy to clean. A tough material gives you room to clean heavy-handedly, like using a hose, without worrying about wear and tear. On storage, some covers will come with storage bags. These are the best because you do not have to invest in a separate storage bag. The bag also comes in handy when you have to transport the parasol cover.  

5. Windproof Feature  

This is a rarely thought out feature, but it is among the essential elements to consider. A great parasol cover will leave little no space between the cover and the parasol. The goal is to reduce the amount of wind penetrating the interior of the parasol. 

That said, look for a cover with a zipper running along all the sides of the cover. A tether at the base of the cover is also crucial in windproofing. It helps in attaching the cover securely to the parasol. There are two main tether designs, rip tape or a drawstring, and the best choice is more of a personal preference. 

What size parasol cover should you purchase?

The best cover size to purchase for your parasol is one that fits it perfectly or is slightly larger without leaving a lot of room for wind to get in between the spaces and blow the parasol away. 

Wondering how to measure your parasol size so you can get the correct cover size? It is pretty simple; just close your parasol and measure its diameter and length using a tape measure. For the diameter, you need to measure the side part of the parasol, which is usually towards the head. 

How much should you spend on a cover for your parasol?

Protective covers for parasols are pretty affordable compared to the initial investment you have to replace the parasol or the outdoor furniture. You can get a reliable and affordable model from as low as £10. But if you are willing to go higher on the price scale, you can get one with a budget of £30.

Regardless of how further on the price point you are willing to go, pay closer attention to the benefits you get from the cover. Some affordable models are just as effective as those on the high-end price point, with the difference being the brand name. 


As you shop around for protective covers for your hammocks, gazebos, outdoor loungers, and rotary washing lines, ensure you include one for your parasols before you checkout. Leaving your parasol outdoors when not in use might not seem like a sound idea. But with a protective cover, you can save your back from constant mobility when you are worried the weather might take a turn for the worst. It will shield the parasol from dust, air, water, snow, UV light, and even wind! Use our guide to stay updated on the essentials of buying the best parasol cover. Our top picks section offers you the best of options. Ready to protect your outdoor parasols

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