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Best 10 Parasol Bases

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a sturdy and reliable solution that will ensure your garden umbrella doesn’t topple over? Do you want to keep your garden furniture intact when there is a gust of wind? Then, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality garden parasol base. The best bases are versatile to attach any beach umbrella or upright & cantilever parasol. Want to find out more?
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1 Kingfisher Parasol Base on concrete garden tiles

Kingfisher Base

4.8 /5

Best Parasol Base Overall

  • No chance of your umbrella falling as it has a tightening knob for a snug fit on all sizes
  • Keep it for years thanks to its robust stone resin material
  • Enjoy alfresco dining with no stress due to its 15kg base weight
  • Assemble in just a few minutes by following the straightforward instruction manual
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2 Kingfisher Cast Iron Effect Parasol Base on pebbles

Kingfisher Cast Iron Effect Base

4.7 /5

Ideal Lightweight Choice

  • Lift it on your own to move it around as it only weighs 9kg
  • Add an elegant touch to your outdoor space with its rose pattern
  • Use it with different umbrellas as it can hold parasols up to 5.5cm in diameters
  • Leave it outdoors rain or shine thanks to its durable bronze iron construction
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3 KEPLIN Cast Iron Parasol Base on concrete

KEPLIN Cast Iron Base

4.6 /5

Ideal for Small Umbrellas

  • Combine style and practicality with its beautiful floral engraving
  • Eliminate the need for sandbags and other fillable items to hold down your umbrella as it’s sturdy on its own
  • Anchor other objects too including gazebos & rattan furniture thanks to its versatility
  • Set it up in less than 5 minutes with the simple instructions
4 EDA White Umbrella Base on white background

EDA White Umbrella Base

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Water Fill

  • Carry it anywhere as it’s super lightweight & portable
  • No need to store it when it’s raining thanks to the weatherproof plastic
  • Suitable for any umbrella between 1.8-3.2cm in diameter with its adjustable opening
  • Keep your umbrella stable on windy days by simply using your garden hose to fill it
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5 CHRISTOW Garden Parasol Base on wooden deck

CHRISTOW Parasol Base

4.5 /5

Ideal for Patio Protection

  • Stay shaded even at your deck’s corner table with its square shape
  • Rest your feet on the base as it’s spacious enough for anyone sitting around it
  • Keep your patio scratch-free with its rubber gliders at the bottom
  • Install it without any tools in only 3 steps
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6 SA Products Resin Parasol Base on concrete

SA Products Resin Base

4.5 /5

Best Rust-Resistant Pick

  • Never lose your umbrella to strong winds as it’s very strong & durable
  • Enjoy many hot summer days on your outdoor dining set thanks to its lasting & top-grade resin
  • Put it together effortlessly as it comes with all the fixings
  • Place it next to your loungers by the pool thanks to the wetproof design
7 EDA Black Umbrella Base on white background

EDA Black Umbrella Base

4.5 /5

Ideal for the Beach

  • Fill it with sand or water and take it to your next picnic, BBQ or swim at the beach
  • Enjoy your outdoor decking on sunny days with no chances of your parasol flipping
  • Takes up close to no space for storage as its has special compartments to put its parts in
  • Hold it with one hand when it’s empty with no strain thanks to its lightweight design
8 Tee-Moo Round Detachable Umbrella Base on white background

Tee-Moo Round Detachable Base

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Sand Fill

  • Protect yourself rain or shine by filling it with over 40kgs of sand
  • Lift it to move it around from the two comfortable side handles
  • Bring it even on nature adventures at the lake or grasslands as it has a high-tech waterproof fabric
  • Add more base weight by using the free scooper
9 Ossian Athens Cast Iron Effect Parasol Base on concrete

Ossian Athens Iron Effect Base

4.5 /5

Best Heavy Duty Choice

  • Ideal for large umbrellas thanks to the thick plastic with a cement filling
  • Adjust when stronger breezes reach the garden table by tightening the knob
  • Don’t worry about damaging your deck - it’s guaranteed not to leave any marks!
  • Sit beneath the parasol all-year-round with its weather-resistant build
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10 Crystals Concrete Round Umbrella Parasol Base on white background

Crystals Concrete Round Umbrella Base

4.5 /5

Top Stainless Steel Pick

  • Ensure your patio looks spick and span with its anti-scratch rubber gliders
  • Made to hold up well against UK weather with its heavy-duty concrete base
  • First time assembling something? It’s a walk in the park with the instructions!
  • No matter your parasol, it fits thanks to the pole adaptors for different dimensions

Super Parasol Stability with the Best Garden Parasol Bases

Do you want to spend all summer outdoors taking in the sunshine but having proper protection from the sun’s harmful rays? Many people like to spend the few warm and sunny UK days outdoors with friends and family. Once those first high 20s start peeking through, it’s game time! Bring out those garden sofa sets, hammocks, garden swing chairs, sunloungers and outdoor dining tables for some BBQ and gatherings. 

And to stay shaded while you engage in all those outdoor activities, it’s best to set up a garden parasol too. It could be a cantilever parasol, banana parasol or even a freestanding parasol. But, what’s that one thing that you need to ensure that the umbrella stays in place no matter what? A base for your garden parasol! The best bases are sturdy and durable to withstand any winds and can keep you safe even when it’s sunny. 

Want to know more about the must-haves of a base? Our buying guide goes in-depth to give you the important information so that you can make the best decision! Keep reading below!

What is a base for the parasol?

This base is a ground attachment on which you add your umbrellas so that you can always have sunshade and sun protection. They help make umbrellas a permanent fixture for the whole summer and are also flexible to take them apart and bring them with you anywhere. 

There are many different types of bases with various materials fit for unique scenarios. For example, plastic bases are perfect for the beach. Their interior could be empty or filled with water or sand, but the weight that holds them down is their own build.

Why do you need one? 

There are many reasons that we recommend going for a base instead of using other objects to hold down your umbrellas. Let’s look at some of the benefits of owning a base.

1. They offer stability, rain or shine.

One of the most obvious reasons you should consider a base is that they support the umbrella over your head securely so that you can stay underneath it. That way, even if it’s raining or when the sun is shining, you can be dry or shaded. No need to pick up your umbrella

2. You won’t need to carry additional weights for support.

Investing in a good-quality base is essential because it allows you to use your umbrella anywhere with more convenience. It can be hard to carry other things to hold the umbrella, especially when you’re outdoors. For example, sandbags are heavy and make their transport more difficult. Bases, on the other hand, even come with a carry bag to move them around without strain.

3. It’s more sturdy than other methods.

Also, the base is more secure and gives you peace of mind that nothing will make the umbrella fall over. Their base weight is strong enough to withstand bad weather conditions and windy breezes without a hassle.

4. They can make your garden look prettier.

Some bases have engravings at the top that add a very elegant and stylish touch to an otherwise bland object. The base itself could be a centrepiece for your garden, serving as an eye-catching decor that blends well with the rest of your furniture. 

What features should a base have? 

Do you want to know a bit more about the top things to consider? Don’t worry, as we’ve added up a list of the most important features so that your purchase is worthy of your investment. 

1. Diameter

The diameter matters because it gives you a wider and more stable base.  A wider base is also critical for larger umbrellas because they have more space to support themselves over strong winds so that the bigger umbrellas don’t topple over. If your umbrella is small, then the diameter doesn’t matter as much but try to find a base that weighs between 9-15kg. Keep in mind that cantilevers usually require the widest diameter bases because they are heavier and bulkier umbrellas. 

2. Materials

You can find bases in many different materials. The most common materials are iron, steel, plastic, concrete and granite bases, and some manufacturers even include combinations of two materials in one product. Plastic is the most affordable material, while steel and iron are the most rust-resistant. Granite and concrete are also strong and waterproof.  

3. Shape

These bases can either be square or round. The most common shape is a round base, but you should go for a square one if you have a heavier umbrella because the weight distribution is more even. Also, square bases are better for corners because their shape lets you push them flat against the wall without leaving any air bubbles.

4. Umbrella Compatibility

Most parasol poles have a wide range of umbrella compatibility, allowing you to use any umbrella size you want. They have an adjustable tightening knob on the side of the pole to firmly hold the umbrella in place for extra protection. The most standard umbrella diameters that fit into the poles are between 1.8-5.5 cm.

5. Weight Limit

It’s only natural that a base can hold a limited amount of weight on it. Read through the product description to see how much that weight-bearing capacity is. An extra tip to know is that a lightweight base (up to 10kg) will probably also have less weight-bearing capacity. The heavy bases (up to 20kg) will hold more umbrella weight as their foundation is stronger.

6. Warranty

There could be a time when your base cracks or gets damaged either from bad weather or years of use. By picking a model that comes with a warranty, you can cover some replacement costs for free, depending on the manufacturer’s guarantee policy. Check for warranties for one less stress on your shoulder.

Can you bring the base to the beach? 

Yes, a base is perfect for the beach! In fact, many people choose bases for exactly that reason. They are not only for home use; you can bring them to go anywhere. The plastic bases, for instance, are ideal for the outdoors because they are lightweight and portable to carry without strain. They also fill up with water or sand, which is very accessible when you’re at the beach. 

How much do these bases cost?

Bases are not too expensive as they are just a small component of the larger umbrellas. You can find affordable options whether you pick a plastic one or a more premium option. 


The low-cost bases start at as little as £11.99. Those are plastic ones, and you can fill them with water or sand. They are lighter than the higher-end bases because of their material construction. Many prefer this for use at the beach or in other outdoor adventures because they’re more portable.

High End

For a bit of an upped price, you can find some premium bases with extended durability, rust-resistance and make for a long-lasting purchase. These will cost between £25-40, and their materials can be iron, stainless steel, concrete or granite. These may also come with a parasol cover for dust-free storage.


Protect yourself from the sun, rain showers or other unexpected shifts of the weather. After all, this is the UK we’re talking about! The weather is definitely not predictable. Enjoy sitting at your patio, garden or even take a beach day with the best bases as your partners against strong winds!

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you learn more about some of the base’s critical features for your garden parasol. Take some time to review the options we’ve handpicked and choose the one to your liking. Are you sunbathing or hosting a dinner party in your backyard first?

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