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Best 10 Paint Sprayers

As Of June 2022

Do you enjoy doing your home painting but want something that reduces your arm strain? Have you ever used a paint sprayer for any of your DIY projects? Using a paint sprayer instead of a brush or roller can help you finish your tasks in less than an hour instead of it taking up your whole morning. The best paint sprayers give you a smooth finish and save you time!
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1 Man using Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer

Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer

4.8 /5

Best Overall Paint Sprayer

  • Hassle-free attachment changing with the detachable gun
  • Spray in any direction thanks to the 3-paint jet settings
  • Use without stopping to refill with the 1400mL larger pot capacity
  • Save time and paint a whole fence panel in less than 2 minutes
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2 Man using Wagner W Electric Paint Sprayer on fence

Wagner W Electric Paint Sprayer

4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Have ultimate spray control with the adjustable paint volume
  • Don’t waste paint as it has overspray sensing HLVP technology
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized projects
  • Comfortable cleaning due to the separable gun
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3 man using ginour fence paint sprayer

Ginour Fence Paint Sprayer

4.6 /5

Best Container Capacity

  • Cover all paint needs with 4 different nozzle sizes
  • Dilute and get the perfect colour with a viscosity measuring cup
  • Keep a stable paint flow thanks to the flow control knob
  • Use it for years with its impact-resistant back foam pad & moisture-proof design
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4 Tilswall 800 Watt Home Electric Spray Gun Power Painter on white background

Tilswall Paint Sprayer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Painting Walls and Ceilings

  • Mess-free paint reload by using the refill lid
  • Control the flow of painting with the adjustable valve knob
  • Use it with no arm strain thanks to its lightweight build
  • Assemble it in seconds even if you’re a beginner due to its detachable three parts
5 meterk electric sprayer on white background

Meterk Electric Sprayer

4.5 /5

Most Powerful Choice

  • Get perfect results by adjusting the spray flow from adjustable buttons
  • Versatile enough to inflate balloons with a blowing nozzle attachment
  • Keep it dust-free with its silicone protective cover
  • Reduce paint waste and air pollution due to HVLP technology
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6 meterk yellow and black paint sprayer on white background

Meterk Paint Sprayer

4.5 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Spray horizontally, vertically and in corners by using the 3 spray shapes
  • Improve the paint’s flow rate by adjusting the valve knob
  • Longer product lifetime thanks to the filter cotton’s removable back cover
  • Clean it conveniently with detachable parts
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7 Woman using Haupon Paint Sprayer on wood

Haupon Paint Sprayer

4.5 /5

Top Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Spray faster and wider by picking between the two air caps
  • Improve product life thanks to a corrosion and wear-resistant bronze spray tip
  • Mess-free without leaks to the motor thanks to the check valve
  • Carry around with ease - no need to plug in an outlet
8 Man using Bosch All Paint Spray System

Bosch All Paint Spray System

4.5 /5

Top Ergonomic Choice

  • No need to refill the paint often thanks to the large container
  • Applies paint 3x faster with spray control technology
  • No more physical strain, just attach it to the shoulder strap
  • Use it without disrupting the neighbours as it’s low in noise and vibration
9 ingco paint sprayer on white background

Ingco Paint Sprayer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Wooden and Metal Painting

  • Keep it for years with its rust-free & durable copper design
  • Comfortable to use thanks to the rubber-covered handle
  • Release more paint and finish quicker with the variable speed switch
  • No fear of overheating as it has heat dissipation vents
Best Quality Ribbon
10 siky universal paint sprayer on white background

Siky Universal Paint Sprayer

4.5 /5

Top Paint Sprayer for Large Area Painting

  • Mess-free painting as it has improved spray control
  • Take apart to clean up in seconds - just press the disassembly switch
  • Get better paint flow and final results through the pressure valve knob
  • Portable enough to carry around with the 2m cable

Kick Your Painting Project Up a Notch With a Paint Sprayer

We’ve all had those moments when renovating or switching things up in our home that we feel tired from all the work. DIYers love giving their home or furniture a fresh paint coat for that custom look. Any project you start will seem like a mountain of a task if you use a brush or roller. Thanks to spray guns, you get the chance to get the job done quick and hassle-free!

Paint sprayers can cover large surfaces with ease, something a roller or a brush will be slow in doing. They are inexpensive and versatile enough to use for multiple jobs in the house. Check out our buying guide on the best paint sprayers and pick the right choice to match your needs!

What is a paint sprayer?

A paint sprayer is an upgrade from your hand brush or paint roller. It applies thick coats for faster results with less paint usage. They are perfect for home use, and even a beginner can handle them well. You won’t even have to start by priming before using your sprayer! You can find a purpose in using a paint sprayer, even if it’s a small project or painting your entire house.

It can help you reach even the hardest areas around the house, from wall to ceiling or even to spray your car. Paint sprayers are multi-purpose and have so many functions and uses that you wouldn’t believe it. You can detail your car or paint small furniture and chairs. You can paint your fence and power wash your garden. Would you believe us if we said you could even blow up balloons with it? Because it’s true! With some, you can even save time during your next birthday party planning.

A paint sprayer is a top pick for any painting job around the house, and that’s the main reason for most uses. They are excellent high volume, low-pressure electric appliances that paint through large surface areas. Did we mention that your neck and body won’t have any discomfort after using a sprayer? We love products that make our life easier!

Do you really need a paint sprayer?

You could say that a paint sprayer is a fancy object that you don’t really need. Wrong! Yes, a roller and a brush can get the job done well too, but a paint sprayer has its pros. Here are a few of those reasons you should consider buying one.

  • Save Time: The biggest positive is that spray guns give you back a lot of time that you would spend with a brush or roller. Why would you want to detail your fence with a brush all day when a paint sprayer can do it in minutes?
  • Better Coverage: With a paint sprayer, you can reach all corners and edges without the resistance a brush or roller finds
  • Versatile for All Projects: Their versatility can help you tackle DIY projects and all painting jobs
  • Easy to Clean: Unlike brushes and rollers, paint sprayers offer easy cleaning post-paint
  • Multi-Purpose Function: Can your roller act as a garden hose? Didn’t think so
  • Minimum Overlapping: When painting with a brush or roller, you risk wasting gallons of paint, but a paint sprayer keeps overlapping to a minimum

What Should a paint sprayer have?

The best paint sprayers are the ones that are diverse enough to use on all paints, deck stains and varnishes. You should find one that ticks all your checkboxes and fits within your budget. There are many worthy options out there. We’ve added up a list of all the features to make any project a piece of cake.

1. Sprayer Type

Want to find the right type of sprayer that will offer the best air pressure and give you the perfect paint coating every time? There are three types of sprayers to choose from: HVLP sprayers, airless sprayers and compressed air sprayers.

HVLP sprayers stand for high volume low-pressure sprayers. Airless sprayers give a precise and detailed coat result. Compressed air sprayers need an air compressor but are the cheapest of the three. There is a detailed section below talking about the pros and cons of each type.

2. Paint Type

Paint type is essential for your sprayer. You should read the product description to see if your sprayer can handle all paint types. An airless sprayer can easily handle thin paints like sealers and lacquers or varnish without clogging.

An HVLP paint sprayer could clog up if you use thicker paint. In any case, check if your water-based or solvent paint is appropriate for your paint gun. Can your HVLP sprayer handle unthinned latex paint? Better check ahead before buying any paint type that will dust in your storage.

3. Spray Pattern

It’s a top standard to look for a spray painter that has multiple spray patterns. The best ones offer horizontal, vertical and round painting. Three adjustable nozzles will give you full control and an adjustable flow to have improved control over any project. You can get more paint on a surface and cover every nook and cranny even as high as the ceilings. Want to follow along the baseboard with ease? Switch to the horizontal nozzle. Looking to get straight and perfect painting finishes next to the window? Use the vertical nozzle.

4. Tip Size

Adjustable spray tips give you the chance to tackle narrow and wide surfaces with convenience. All you have to do is change the air cap and use a different tip size. The results will be outstanding! Different tips can handle various thin and thick materials because it’s not one size fits all.

It’s all a matter of time-saving tips. A wider tip size will half the time it takes to finish your paint job. If you have the option to pick a sprayer that gives many different tip sizes, go for it. You need a wider tip size to apply paint coating on a fence. You can get away with a narrower tip size if you’re paint spraying a mirror.

5. Paint Capacity

The scale of your project and the coverage you need is also something to consider. Painting your house exterior or a large piece of furniture will require a paint sprayer with a long cable or long battery life and a larger paint capacity. Projects with minimal coverage requirements don’t need as large a paint container, and a low-budget option will be a perfect choice.

A larger paint capacity will save you time from having to stop and refill your paint container. You can find many options that will fit anywhere from 500mL up to 1400mL. If you want to use your sprayer for a small project, this feature won’t matter as much to you. If you want to paint an entire room’s walls, a large paint capacity will help you work non-stop.

6. Suction Tube

Buying a paint sprayer with a suction tube that you can put straight into a paint bucket will help you start right away after you’ve opened up your paint. You won’t have to worry about the container’s capacity or flipping over the paint. No more splashed and wasted paint!

7. Adjustable Valve Knob

A pressure valve knob gives you better control of the flow of the paint and better coating speeds. The result of your painting will be precise and even without any brush marks. Combine it with a stainless steel piston pump for smooth and highly adjustable flow.

8. Accessories

Accessories add value to your sprayer and make your work more convenient and easy. You might think that these don’t add purpose to your sprayer, but you will see that they are not just ergonomic; they’re also practical. Accessories add mobility and comfort to your work, so look for them when possible.

  • Some come with a shoulder strap to release tension from your arms and neck.
  • Buy a sprayer with a separate design for the motor with wheels so that you don’t have to carry it around with your hands.
  • A backpack could be a nice accessory that comes with the product to store it and keep it dust-free in your closet or garage.

9. Warranty

Warranties are always nice to have to save up on replacement parts. Some sprayers have a limited lifetime warranty to fix any issues. Clogged up motor or faulty filter? Easy and cost-efficient repairs with your included guarantee.

You won’t have to worry about the costs that come with any damage. But, what’s more important than cost? Peace of mind that no matter what, you can fix up any issue on your paint sprayer for free!

Which type of paint sprayer should you choose?

Picking a paint sprayer that’s right for you will help you make the most out of it. There are three types to choose from, and they each have their benefits. Still on the fence (no pun intended) about which spray paint type to buy? Read up on the differences and get the top paint sprayer for your next projects!

  • HVLP Sprayer

An HVLP sprayer is a high volume, low-pressure sprayer that creates a smooth and refined finish. Some have adjustable pressure features that let you use them indoors as well as outdoors. The amount of overspray is far less than on compressed air sprayers, which is why you can use them inside very well. Just cover up the surrounding area and work without having to worry about a mess.

They are a bit more expensive than the other types due to their advanced technology. HVLP sprayers are great for detailed jobs like spray painting your car. It’s better to avoid using this type with latex paint or other thick paints like lacquer and varnish.

  • Airless Sprayer

Airless sprayers are trendy choices because they are fast and get the job done in less time. They are high-pressure devices but, if not used correctly, could be less efficient too. If you don’t know how to use an airless sprayer, you could end up wasting a lot of paint because of how fast they run. One negative to them is that they can create a mess, leaving paint particles on your surfaces.

An airless gun can be electric or gas-run, and it works mechanically. It pumps paint in the sprayer, and the sprayer pushes it out through the tip. With a good tip that is rust-free and not overused, you can get the best results out of this type of sprayer.

  • Compressed Air Sprayer

Compressed air paint sprayers are great to use on furniture. They give a nice and polished finish to your home objects. If you’re a beginner, this is the best option for you. You can’t go wrong with a compressed air sprayer. They are the cheapest of the three types. One downside is that they use up quite some paint and create larger messes. But, as a starter, it’s expected that you will create bigger messes at first.

What should you wear when using a paint sprayer?

When using paint sprayers, you should always wear protective equipment. You don’t want any paint on your eyes or nose. Wearing protective goggles and a respirator mask can block paint overspray from coming into dangerous contact with you. A pair of gloves will also keep your hands dry, dust-free and safe from paint chemicals.

Keeping yourself safe from harmful chemicals is very important for your health. You want to limit the hazards but with the best airflow possible. Many professionals wear protective equipment when using paint sprayers because they offer the most protection.

What’s the cost of a paint sprayer?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a spray gun. There are options to fit any budget and any project scale.

  • Low-cost options below £30-50 are valuable pieces that can give you great results. Compressed air sprayers are the cheapest type that you can buy as a starting piece.
  • Mid-range options between £50-70 offer more flexibility and mobility. They come with excellent flow control and make any paint job easy. You can find spray guns that you can use on all paint types for a bit higher price. Most airless paint sprayers are within this price range.
  • Higher-end paint sprayers can cost over £70-100. You can find good deals on these paint sprayers if they come with accessories. The cost of buying those accessories separate can add up.

Final Thoughts

Spray paint your car, finish up your fence, paint your wall or furniture - so many uses! A paint sprayer is a fantastic tool that you can use around the house. Ever wanted to decorate your cake? Why not use a paint sprayer to give it a detailed look? Want to renovate your bedroom and change the wall’s colours? Forget about brushes and rollers! No more wasted time, thanks to the top paint sprayers.

DIYers love them; pro players swear by them! Give them a shot and never turn back to a hand brush or roller again! Spend some time and look through the options because it will be worth your money in the end. We’re sure our buying guide helped you see the benefits of a paint sprayer. Now, it’s your move. Find the right one and make your DIY dreams come true!

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