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Best 10 Oil Filled Radiators

As Of May 2022

Are you searching for a long term heating solution for your home? One that keeps your running costs low retains the heat for more extended periods, and is inexpensive to acquire and operate? The best oil-filled radiators are just as best as they can get when it comes to meeting all these demands. And then some! Want to find out more?
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1 De'Longhi Dragon 4 on white background

De'Longhi Dragon 4

Thermal Safety Cut-Off
4.8 /5

Best Oil-Filled Radiator Overall

  • Heat any room automatically when temperatures drop with the anti-frost function
  • Enjoy fast and efficient heating with the chimney effect
  • Reduce accidents with the inbuilt power cable storage
  • Transport it effortlessly with the wheels & carrying handle
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2 VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator on white background

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator

Many Oil Fins
4.7 /5

Ideal For Large Rooms

  • Choose the best temperature via the adjustable thermostat with its 3 heat settings
  • Pre-set when to switch on/off with the 24-hour timer
  • Worry-free to use thanks to the automatic overheating protection
  • Have peace of mind for repairs as it comes with a 2-year warranty
3 De'Longhi Dragon 4 Pro on white background

De'Longhi Dragon 4 Pro

Safety Features
4.7 /5

Top Choice for Ease of Use

  • Get better airflow in the room with its curved design
  • Control the temperature, time & power with the handy knobs
  • Power it on & save money at night with the special settings
  • Avoid injuries worry-free as it's child-safe
4 Warmlite Oil Filled Radiator on white background

Warmlite Oil Filled Radiator

Long Cable
4.7 /5

Top Affordable Option

  • Know when the radiator is on with the power indicator light
  • Show off your green thumb with the eco heat-conducting oil for efficiency
  • Move it around comfortably thanks to the castor wheels & carrying handle
  • Keep it worry-free around kids thanks to the overheat protection
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5 Pro Breeze 11 Fin Filled Radiator on white background

Pro Breeze 11 Fin Filled Radiator

Compact Design
4.6 /5

Ideal For Efficiency

  • Avoid injuries with the thermal cut-off, overheat protection & tip-over switch
  • Lower your energy bills with the 24-hour timer
  • Set the temperature to your liking via the 3 power settings
  • Keep your room tidy thanks to the integrated cable storage
6 Ansio Oil Filled Radiator Heater on white background

Ansio Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Automatic Thermal Shut-Off
4.6 /5

Top Pick For Safety Features

  • Protect your little ones with the inbuilt child lock function
  • Save your ideal room temperatures for future use with the memory feature
  • Customise the settings from your sofa with the remote control
  • Stress-free to use with the 3-year warranty, tip-over & overheat protection
7 Netta Oil Filled Radiator on white background

Netta Oil Filled Radiator

Anti-Frost Protection
4.5 /5

Ideal For Mid-Budget

  • Warm yourself even when sitting farther away as it has a long power cord
  • Stay tidy & extra safe with its inbuilt cord storage cabinet
  • Carry it hassle-free with the wheels & handles for portability
  • Select the temperature to your preference with the 3 power output levels
8 Pro Breeze 10 Fin Electric Heater on white background

Pro Breeze 10 Fin Electric Heater

Overheat Protection
4.5 /5

Top Digital Pick

  • Perfect for the tech-savvy with the touch control panel & LED display
  • Leave it on worry-free with the thermal cut-out, overheating & tip-over protection
  • Relax in warmth & comfort with the chimney effect for quick heating
  • Conserve energy & save the planet with the eco mode
9 Schallen Portable Oil Radiator on white background

Schallen Portable Oil Radiator

Large Heating Capacity
4.4 /5

Best For Small Rooms

  • Haul it between rooms effortlessly as it’s lightweight with a carrying handle & castors
  • Fit it neatly in any tight nook thanks to its slimline design
  • Forget it’s even on as it has a noiseless operation
  • Warm up areas efficiently & affordably with the low wattage
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10 Comfee’ Oil Filled Radiator on white background

Comfee’ Oil Filled Radiator

Adjustable Thermostat
4.4 /5

Ideal For Medium Rooms

  • Work & relax in tranquillity as it doesn’t make any loud noises
  • Adjust the heating levels with the temperature control knob
  • Stay warm overnight peacefully thanks to the safety functions
  • No tangling with cables thanks to the integrated cord storage
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Cosy Up & Stay Warm With The Best Oil Filled Radiators

Is your home in need of some heat boosting? Staying cosy and warm is no longer a challenge or an expensive affair. There are numerous pieces of heating equipment, from fan heaters to electric heaters, among others. You could even find alternative powerful solutions such as gas heaters or electric radiators. However, oil-filled radiators are just as excellent for your heating solution and cost-sensitive!  These are affordable, quite effective, energy-efficient and require little to no maintenance from you.

But, with the numerous options and endless oil-filled radiator reviews, it is pretty easy to get into the murky waters of choosing the best option that suits you and your needs. Not to worry, though. We are here to guide you through it. We’ve done the research and found the most worthy models out there to make your life easier. And, with our helpful buying guide, you can learn valuable information on these heating devices. Keep reading to find out more!

What are oil filled radiators?

These are electric heaters that look like traditional electric radiators. But, unlike traditional radiators, oil-filled radiators have their own heating element that warms the oil inside the radiator. Thus, they provide both conventional and radiant heating. 

As such, an oil radiator will heat both its components and the air. This allows them to provide a warmer and cosy environment with no dry air. Additionally, the distribution of heat through radiation enables you to enjoy some warmth long after you have turned the radiator off. 

How do oil-filled radiators work?

When you plug the radiator on, the electricity heats the electrical element. In return, this heats the reservoir in the radiator, which contains the thermal oil. The heating element is usually submerged inside the thermal liquid. As such, once it is hot, it will heat the surrounding oil. As the oil heats, it transfers this heat to the radiator’s body, then transfers to the air around your room.  

Why should you give oil-filled radiators a chance?

While there are several heating appliances, from central heating systems to electric heaters, there are still several reasons why oil-filled radiators stand apart. We find them highly beneficial due to their portability and lightweight, allowing you to carry them from one room to another. But, there are other advantages to owning one of them, or even a few in your home. Let’s have a look at the reasons we recommend these below. 

1. Enjoy better heat distribution in your home. 

Because oil-filled radiators use convection heating, they are the best for distributing heat in your room for an extended period. Plus, the oil remains cold for longer even when you switch the radiator off. Due to this, you can continue savouring the warmth and save power when it's off. Compared to a central heating zone, this way of heating gives you more versatility to target specific home areas.

2. Reduce your power bill.

Unlike your central heating system that heats your whole home, an oil radiator heats specific rooms. Plus, with advanced controls like smart thermostats and timers, you can lower your power bill. These are automated features that allow you to schedule when to use the radiator and regulation of heating depending on the room’s temperatures. Also, they let the radiator work while you’re asleep, and it will automatically power off after the timer reaches the set hour limit.

3. Reduce maintenance costs for heating systems.

Considering these use oil, there is little to no maintenance on your end. The oil is not changeable, meaning you never have to buy refilling oil or maintain whatever thermal liquid is in the radiator. Besides being cost-effective, it’s also one less headache to worry about when it comes to heating repairs. Other heating methods may require a professional’s help to repair, thus leading to high maintenance costs.

4. Transport them between rooms.

Another excellent advantage to these devices is that they are compact and on wheels, meaning you can move them from one place to the other. They require a plug close by, though, so remember to put them near an outlet for efficiency and warmth. They’re not a permanent fixture that you have to install in one area, making them very convenient to carry around. Also, you can lend it to your friends and loved ones when you’re away on holiday, or even bring it with you on a weekend getaway. Who doesn’t love a portable heater?

What to look for when buying an oil-filled radiator?

As you scroll through all the available oil-filled radiators, it is best first to know what to look for. Apart from wanting a radiator that merges well with your home’s theme, there are a few key features that are also as important. Have a look below to know what to consider when buying your own. 

1. Wattage

It determines how powerful the radiator is. Radiators with a higher watt rating are best suited for larger rooms because they convert more electrical power to heat energy. These will be upwards of 2000-2500W, giving you maximum heat output. However, a lower watt rating will serve you well if you need a radiator for smaller spaces. You can look for options ranging from 650-1500W that will offer enough heating for your needs. The smaller versions use low power, which also saves your electricity bill.  

If you need a radiator for use in different rooms, the best option is to get one with varying heat settings. These models allow you to adjust the power and heat output to suit your desired temperature needs. An adjustable thermostat gives you more customisation options and improved levels of heat settings.

2. Size 

How many fins the radiator has will determine the heating surface it will cover. Larger oil-filled radiators with more fins are the best choice for large rooms. That’s because they will distribute more heat, enough to cover the room than a smaller radiator with fewer fins. The smaller options can have from 4-7 fins, while the larger ones will have about 9-11 fins, giving you the best warmth output, especially if you have a wider area to cover. 

3. User Control

Control is no longer just about having a remote control and ergonomic dials that can withstand the test of time. Features like digital controls, apps and other voice-command features can be pretty useful when you just want to relax and never have to get back to the radiator for any temperature settings. 

In the same breadth, consider programmable timers and adjustable thermostats that allow you to schedule heating and adjust it automatically. These are not just great for your comfort but can also help you save power.  

4. Safety Features 

Like any other electrical appliance, you will need to consider what safety functions the radiator has. While you cannot rule out any dangers of using an electric device, having one with safety functions can give you some peace of mind. Of course, the more features you can get, the better.  

One of the things to consider is an auto shut-off function. It switches the radiator off automatically if it overheats, reducing the chances of it damaging itself. If you are settling to a freestanding radiator instead of a wall-mounted one, ensure that it has a tip-over switch. This switches the radiator off in case it falls. It’s a handy feature, especially if you have children or pets running around the house. 

5. Portability 

Movability is important, especially when you want a freestanding model to use in different rooms. Because oil-filled radiators are heavier than other heating electric heating equipment, having features that promote portability is essential. Features like castor wheels and carrying handles will come in handy for this. Also, many models come with a cable storage compartment where you can place the cable while carrying the radiator around. That way, you lower the chances of stumbling over a cable or taking forever to untangle it.

Are oil-filled radiators affordable to run?

Electric oil radiators are pretty efficient and can be more affordable to run than other electrical heating systems. That’s because they are excellent at retaining heat, allowing you to reduce the heat output or switch it off entirely while still getting some warmth. 

That said, the cost of running will also depend on your usability. For instance, when you keep it on when not needed, the radiator will still use electric power. Also, if you use a higher heat setting, it will still use more energy than when using lower power output. So, to answer your question, yes. These devices are cost-effective as long as you practise reasonable use and power it off when you’re not using it.

Can you leave your oil filled radiator overnight? 

Yes, a radiator heater is safe to leave on through the night. That said, it is best to take all the necessary precautions before leaving your radiator on when you go to sleep. For example, if the radiator doesn’t have overheating protection, you shouldn't leave it on overnight. Without these safety features, the radiator could cause a fire if it gets too hot or your pet knocks it over at night. 

One more thing to remember is that you can find models with as close to a noiseless operation as possible. This will make drifting off to sleep easier, and it won’t disturb your sleep. So, to enjoy the snugness and get the most out of your slumber, look for such options.

How much should you spend on an oil-filled radiator?

How much you spend on any item depends on how much you are willing to pay. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you have to pay more than necessary to get efficient and reliable oil heaters. With a budget of £26 to as high as £200, you can get a high-quality electric oil radiator. 


As you check prices for oil radiators, you will undoubtedly come across some models whose prices range from £26 to around £100. These are the most affordable models, with all the needed features to keep you warm and safe. They will have adjustability on the heat, a thermostat knob, and even safety functions like overheat and tip-over protection. 


The high-end models are pricier, with prices over £100 to £200. What sets these apart is digitisation, where some have LED displays and touch control. They may also come with a sleeker design and higher Watt output, ideal for any sized room. Also, with these oil heaters, you might come across models with a 24-hour timer, anti-frost features and more advanced heating options for improved efficiency.


You can say goodbye to the cold and uncomfortable winter temperatures! The best oil-filled radiators are here to keep you warm through the night. You can set your preferred heat setting, schedule when the radiator powers on/off and even move it hassle-free to any room you want. 

Don’t know what to look for? Our buyer’s guide has all the information you need to make an informed decision, from how much you can spend to the essential features! Enjoy hot air in your living room, bedroom or any other home area! Are you ready to get cosy and save money?

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