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Best 10 Oil Diffusers

As Of July 2022

Burning scented candles for aromatherapy has become part of many people’s day. But did you know there is a way to achieve this more easily, and still humidify the air around you while at it? Essential oil diffusers are here to blow your mind! No need to combine scented candles and reed diffuser to achieve the bare minimum. Sit back and let the diffuser improve your overall wellness, home ambience, and decor.
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4 Asakuki 500ml Premium 5-in-1 oil diffuser on a wooden table

Asakuki 500ml Premium 5-in-1

4.7 /5

Best Oil Diffuser Overall

  • Bid dry air, nose and throat irritation goodbye & moisturise your skin
  • Great control over lighting, from colour options to brightness levels
  • Enjoy long hours of usage with low power consumption
  • Quality gadget with money-back guarantee and warranty
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8 Neom Wellbeing Pod oil diffuser next to a plant

Neom Wellbeing Pod

4.6 /5

Ideal Oil Diffuser Gift Set

  • Ceramic design cover and wellbeing pod for an elegant gift set
  • Includes Neom’s blend of natural essential oils that improve your wellbeing
  • Set working time to your schedule with timer and auto-off
  • Small, lightweight and takes up little space
Ideal Gift Ribbon
1 Dialan's Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser on white background

Dialan's Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

4.9 /5

Ideal For Large Rooms

  • Savour lasting fragrance and running hours courtesy of the timer
  • Personalise your room’s lighting using the seven available LED colours
  • Super quiet for enjoying your preferred working mode
  • Enjoy comfy aromatherapy with its 160mL tank
2 Dr Botanicals Essential Oil Diffuser

Dr Botanicals Essential Oil Diffuser

4.8 /5

Best Silent Oil Diffuser

  • Several application modes for aroma and non-aromatherapy sessions
  • Very safe and will automatically stop when water runs out
  • Highly portable for usage at home or anywhere else
  • Cute, unique and fancy design to also spruce your home decor
3 Neom Portable Wellbeing Pod Mini Oil Diffuser on nightstand

Neom Portable Wellbeing Pod Mini Oil Diffuser

4.8 /5

Best For Smaller Rooms

  • Operating touchscreen buttons strategically placed for easy control
  • Bring a chic look to your room with its stylish nude colour
  • Boost your mood with its 100% natural fragrances
  • Low mist output levels make it ideal for small rooms
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5 APRICUS Essential Oil Diffuser on table with essential oils

APRICUS Essential Oil Diffuser

4.7 /5

Ideal for Effortless Control

  • Remote control for easy operation from your comfort zone
  • Excellent run time delivers plenty of usage up to 6 hours
  • One of the safest diffusers for all age groups
  • Schedule working time from the 4 timer settings available
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6 Softanzi Waterless Essential Oil Nebulizer on white background

Softanzi Waterless Essential Oil Nebulizer

4.7 /5

Ideal for Mini Choice

  • Save money with its auto shut-off function & 3 working modes
  • Bring it with you on the go as it's super compact & portable
  • Enjoy it for up to 3 days at once thanks to the long battery life
  • Keep your home spillproof as it's waterless
9 Palanchy Essential Oil Diffuser on table

Palanchy Essential Oil Diffuser

4.6 /5

Most Aesthetic Design

  • Add more drops in thanks to the removable cover
  • High-quality & sturdy base for safe placement on most surfaces
  • Does not leak plus the waterless auto-off for extra safety
  • Colourful night light options to suit your mood and location
10 Bobolyn Fragrance Essential Oil Diffuser decorated with rose pedals

Bobolyn Fragrance Essential Oil Diffuser

4.5 /5

Best Versatility

  • Clean the air, boost your mood & alleviate allergies with its 3-in-1 functionality
  • Ultrasonic technology diffuses fragrance & oils for aromatic scent
  • Forget it's even on as it's super quiet when operating
  • Safe to use at night with the auto shut off
7 Asakuki 400ml Premium 5-in-1 oil diffuser next to a plant

Asakuki 400ml Premium 5-in-1

4.7 /5

Durable & Safe Materials

  • Perfect for improving air quality with aromatherapy and humidifier
  • Multiple nebulising mist modes to meet your every need
  • An easy to clean water tank with large capacity
  • Preserve mother nature thanks to the eco-friendly materials

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Bring The Spa To Your Home With The Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Self-care has become an essential practice in our everyday routines. Given the year we all had, who wouldn’t want to sit back and indulge in a little aromatherapy session now and then without having to visit a spa? We know we would.

That’s why we are recommending high tech oil diffusers with extra functionalities and safety features that allow you to enjoy the best of the diffusing world. Why settle for an item that only acts as a humidifier or diffuser when you can go all the way with a multi-functioning item with extra features like night lights, auto-shutoff and accent your decor while at it?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy a scented candle that you fancy. The issue is that it can be quite challenging to tell which of the many options will not clog your space with overpowering scents or how long the smell will linger.

With an oil diffuser relying on ultrasonic technology to breakdown the essential oils, you are assured of purified air that is gentle and whisks you away to relaxation land. Plus, they are much safer options, especially if you have kids and pets running around your home.

What are oil diffusers?

Basically, this device spreads matter within its area. An oil diffuser, in this case, spreads the sweet and pleasant scents of essential oils within your working space, home or any room that you place the diffuser.

How does it work? Well, oil diffusers will break down essential oils into tiny molecules and disperse these molecules into the air in vapour form. The process of breaking down the molecules may differ depending on the mechanisms of the diffuser, where some use ultrasonic technology, nebulising, evaporation or heating.

Depending on your needs, each of these technologies has its pros, as well as its cons. However, nebulising and ultrasonic technologies are the most effective ones. An oil diffuser with a nebulizer will release the molecules as a whole. In contrast, ultrasonic diffusers dilute the essential oils using water and release the vapour, a combination of water and essential oils.

So what works for you? Useful as every oil diffuser might be, the depth of your pocket will also play a significant role in choosing the perfect one. If you are looking for the inexpensive option, the ultrasonic diffuser will mind your pocket while still delivering your home spa-cation needs.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

Of course, we all want to know the benefits of everything we spend our money on, especially when every self-care advocate recommends this holistic healing treatment. What do you get?

For starters, this is not a new practice. In fact, it has been around for centuries, with old civilisations in Egypt, India and China using herbs and plants for medicinal and embalming purposes. Since then, the use of plant extracts for treatment had continued, with Rene Maurice Gattefosse, a French perfumer and chemist coining the term when he started using essential oils to treat soldiers during the First World War.

In the modern-day world, essential oils extracted from plants are used in promoting general wellness by alleviating multiple health conditions. Although some studies show how this holistic healing treatment improves various health issues, in no way should you substitute this for your medications. It is wise to seek medical advice in cases of extreme health complications.

1. Relieving Stress, Depression and Anxiety

If you are in constant worry and have no control whatsoever over this, there is a chance that you are suffering from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Depression, on the other hand, is a mood disorder that affects one’s whole being, including their thoughts and moods.

Sometimes these can crop from family traits or chemical imbalances in the brain. Other times is due to the lack of stress coping mechanisms, from a medical condition or one’s environment.

The scent from essential oils stimulates the smell receptors in the nose, which sends messages to the limbic system. This part of the brain plays a significant role in human behaviour and emotions, like anxiety, depression and stress. These scents, like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood, are believed to have a calming effect that can relieve stress and calm your nerves.

2. Improving Insomnia and Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you tossing in bed all night long while others are in faraway lands in dreamland? Healthy sleep is essential for your whole being, and inhaling some essential oils like lavender, valerian, and chamomile can improve sleep quality and insomnia levels.

For example, studies show that jasmine oil contains similar molecules like those in some sleeping pills and sedatives that induce sleep. Valerian oil contains Valerenic acids, which inhibits the breakdown of neurotransmitter GABA that also helps in inducing sleep.

3. Alleviating Migraines and Headaches

From a 1990’s study, researchers discovered that applying peppermint oil mixed with ethanol on the forehead alleviate tension headaches.

Another study also shows that chamomile and sesame oils contain several properties that help relieve migraines, like the anti-inflammatory effects. Actually, this is a traditional headache treatment used by the Persians through boiling aqueous extracts from chamomile with sesame oil.

Another essential oil that can help in treating migraines is lavender, with a study proving that inhaling lavender essential oils, which is an effective management strategy for migraines.

Why are oil diffusers better than candles?

Oil diffusers are a safe alternative for candles, mostly for individuals with pets and children. Unlike candles, oil diffusers do not have hot wax that can burn or hot flames that are a high fire risk if the candle topples over. Also, most candle makers use various agents like paraffin and lead to amplify the lighting and burning capabilities of the candle. These agents release toxins into the air that you end up breathing in, which can trigger allergies. This is an issue you do not have to experience with aromatherapy diffusers, especially when using nebulisers or electric diffusers, which produce clean molecules.

And the best part, you might be saving some money. Look at it this way, after some hours, usually 20 to 40 hours, the candle will finally burn out, and you will need to buy another one. With an oil diffuser, the most significant purchase is one time, for the diffuser itself. The rest of the purchases will be for essential oils, which is usually more affordable than the constant purchase of candles. Also, the scent from the candle does not last for long, so you have to light it for long when you need the smell to linger while diffusing produces a long-lasting aroma.

How to buy the best oil diffuser?

Buying the best essential oil diffuser is an overwhelming task, especially for a first-timer scrolling through endless options. With the promise of giving you a high-quality diffuser, it is hard to know what features matter the most. Our guide is here to help you through this process.

Reservoir Capacity

It determines the size and shape of the diffuser. It also determines the size of the room it can cater to. Oil Diffusers with tear-drop or pear-shape designs have larger reservoirs of at least 300ml to about 500ml. These are ideal if you are looking for a purifier that works in large spaces and lasts longer. Cylindrical-shaped diffusers, on the other hand, have smaller reservoirs of 200mls or lower.


Consider the overall setting available, from the mist settings to the light control and memory functions. Depending on the level of sophistication you are after, there is a diffuser that will meet these needs. Is it remote controlled, manual control, or can you connect via Wi-Fi? How easily accessible are all the control buttons? Are they ergonomic and robust enough to endure all the pressings? Reading through product reviews can help you get all this information from experienced buyers.

Timer Setting

Would you like to schedule the working time? Probably come home to an aromatic aura or let the diffuser soothe you to sleep and not worry about waking up to switch it off? Aroma diffusers have different chronometers, raging between 3 or 4 settings.

Running Time

How long will the essential oil diffuser run before it turns off automatically? On a full tank, diffusers can run for hours, with some of our top picks going up to 16 hours on specific mist settings.


Of the essential safety features to look for, this should top that list. It ensures that the oil diffusers stop automatically when the water tank or essentials oils run out, or the set working time is over.


BPA-free materials are the safest and more durable if the diffuser is made of plastic. Other brands have ceramic designs, which are more delicate but might have a better appeal in accentuating your decor. You will see dozens of options with wood grain material, which is durable, easy to maintain and offers an antique look that matches any interior design.

Light Setting Options

How many LED lighting options would you like so you can choose one that suits your present mood? Consider the number of lights available, with some hitting a record high of 10+ options. Also, think about the level of brightness. If you are looking for a diffuser that accents the atmosphere of your home, a diffuser with multiple LED lights will go a long way.

Noise Settings

Last but not least, can you sleep soundly with the oil diffuser on? Does it have a sleeping mode that keeps the noise at the minimum level possible? It is an important feature, especially if you have children sleeping in the room or the next room.

What scent should I use?

The good thing about essential oil diffusers is that you can use a blend of essential oils or switch from one oil to the other. As long as you carefully clean the reservoir, the scenting of your space with any essential oil will be quite effective. But what scent suits you?

Are you trying to relieve some stress, boost your mood or calm your nerves and alleviate depression levels? Essential oils like lavender, lemon, rose, and jasmine would be excellent scent choices. If you need to boost your immune or treat some illnesses, like allergic reactions, scents like eucalyptus for relieving airways, or geranium and tea tree for skincare will do.

The best way to determine what scent to choose is to go through the pros of your preferred aroma, ensure it meets your needs and comes in natural form with no added chemical


You can happily bid goodbye to smoky evenings courtesy of the low-quality candle you thought would work because an oil diffuser is here to give you the cleanest air. More importantly, it will disperse your favourite scent across the room with a long-lasting effect than what a candle or reed diffuser offers.

An essential oil diffuser allows you to bring the spa-feeling right to our bedroom, living room or the office. Whether you want a relaxing environment for meditating or you need to induce sleep or boost your energy and mood as you work from home. A diffuser will deliver all of this, without clogging your space with heavy scents and noisy background noises.

With our guide, we have catered to all these needs, ensuring every choice offers you the essential features you need from an essential oil diffuser. Are you ready to finally make that choice?

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