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Best 10 Nespresso Machines

As Of December 2021

​Are you a coffee fan? Want to keep having this same beverage but tweak the taste a bit? Try Nespresso coffee - unique and mouth-watering! Nespresso machines can be used at home and for professional use as well. Don't worry about people not liking it - anyone who loves coffee would definitely love Nespresso too!
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Nespresso Vertuo Next


£ 149.99 £ 74.99
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  • Brew just the right coffee size for your needs from 5 options
  • Power it on with the tap of just one button & it auto-ejects the capsule
  • Bring a premium look & feel to your kitchen with the chrome design
  • Worry-free to use with automatic software updates via Bluetooth
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1 Nespresso Essenza Mini By Krups machine on a white background

Nespresso Essenza Mini by Krups

Thermoblock Technology
4.8 /5

Weight: 2.34 kg, Colour: Grey, Dimensions: 38.4x30.8x14cm, Wattage: 1200 watts

  • Very small footprint so that it is easy to store and move around in the kitchen
  • Easy to operate with an option to make both espresso and lungo
  • Quick heat up time of 25 seconds
  • Less chance of scaling due to fresh water at the correct temperature
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2 Nespresso Essenza Mini By Magimix machine on a white table

Nespresso Essenza Mini by Magimix

Automatic Programmable Water Quantity Control
4.7 /5

Weight: 2.3 kg, Colour: Red, Dimensions: 31.99x10.99x20.49cm, Wattage: 1310 watts

  • Removable container for used capsules for added convenience
  • Compact design to save counter space
  • Quick heating time of 25 seconds
  • Easy to operate by just touch of a button
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3 Nespresso BNE800 Creatista Sage machine next to a cup of coffee

Nespresso BNE800 Creatista Sage

Heat Up In 3 Seconds
4.7 /5

Weight: 5.2 kg, Colour: Stainless steel, Dimensions: 31x14x42cm, Wattage: 1600 watts

  • Option to choose from a large variety of coffee types
  • 3 coffee volume settings and 11 milk temperature settings for you to choose
  • Easy to empty drip tray and rinse milk jug to overall clean the appliance
  • Extremely quick to heat up in only 3 seconds
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4 Nespresso Inissia machine preparing a mug of coffee

Nespresso Inissia

Automatic Programmable Water Sizing
4.7 /5

Weight: 2.4 kg, Colour: White, Dimensions: 12x32.1x23cm, Wattage: 1260 watts

  • Quick to reach ideal temperature within just 25 seconds
  • Automatically gets switched off within 9 minutes of inactivity
  • Made of 23.4% recycled plastic helping towards a better environment in future
  • Ideal for people with limited space due to compact design
5 Nespresso Krups Citiz And Milk XN761540 machine on a wooden table

Nespresso Krups Citiz and Milk XN761540

Automatic Flow Stop
4.6 /5

Weight: 5.04 kg, Colour: Red, Dimensions: 39.4x36x27.3cm, Wattage: 1710 watts

  • Automatically gets switched off after 9 minutes of inactivity making it energy efficient
  • Adjustable timer to up to 30 minutes
  • 2 coffee sizes and 2 buttons with an option to make either espresso or lungo
  • Quick heat up time of up to 25 seconds
6 Nespresso Citiz And Milk By Magimix machine on a wooden table

Nespresso Citiz and Milk by Magimix

Integrated Aeroccino 3
4.6 /5

Weight: 4 kg, Colour: Black, Dimensions: 21.89x37.19x27.29cm, Wattage: 1870 watts

  • Option to choose from 16 different Nespresso capsules
  • Quick heat up time of up to 25 seconds
  • Programmable one-touch buttons convenient for you
  • Option to make hot or cold froth
7 Nespresso EN550.B Lattissima machine on a wooden table

Nespresso EN550.B Lattissima

DeLonghi Patented Automatic Cappuccino System
4.6 /5

Weight: 2.5 kg, Colour: Black, Dimensions: 17.3x32x25.8cm, Wattage: 1300 watts

  • 6 options of beverages to choose from using simple tactile buttons
  • Quick heat up time of up to 25 seconds
  • Option to save settings of the amount of coffee and milk in your favourite drink
  • Possible to use both coffee cups and latte glasses
8 Nespresso Pod Coffee Machine Krups Vertuo Plus next to some cups of coffee

Nespresso Pod Coffee Machine Krups Vertuo Plus

Enhanced Centrifusion & Barcode Technology
4.5 /5

Weight: 5.45 kg, Colour: Titanium, Dimensions: 40x38x28cm, Wattage: 1260 watts

  • Crema at the top of every mug
  • Option to choose from 4 cup sizes according to the user’s requirement
  • Automatic opening and closing of machine for added convenience
  • Large water tank and capsule container capacity
9 Nespresso XN300540 Pixie machine on a white background

Nespresso XN300540 Pixie

Tactile Interface
4.5 /5

Weight: 3 kg, Colour: Titanium, Dimensions: 32.6x11.1x23.5cm, Wattage: 1260 watts

  • Auto-switch off after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • When there is no water left you're informed through a smart alert system
  • Two programmable buttons for espresso and lungo with one-touch controls
  • Drop stop technology that enables automatic piercing and brewing
10 Nespresso 11389 Vertuo Plus Special Edition machine on a white background

Nespresso 11389 Vertuo Plus Special Edition

New Centric fusion Technology
4.5 /5

Weight: 4.58 kg, Colour: Red, Dimensions: 34.89x21.99x32.49cm, Wattage: 1260 watts

  • Coffee of multiple sizes can be created depending on the user
  • Blend-specific parametric brewing for the perfect taste
  • Easy to use with one-button operation
  • Auto-off to save energy after 9 minutes of no use

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Nespresso Machines


Nespresso Essenza Mini by Krups

  • It has an ultra-compact design
  • It uses thermoblock technology
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The Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine has an extremely compact design which makes it convenient to place anywhere in the kitchen without occupying much space. This is why it is suitable for those having limited space. It can be operated easily without any complicated procedures involved with automatic flow-stop and two programmable options for espresso and lungo. It uses a pressure of 19 bar for maximum performance.

It can heat up in just 25 seconds and uses thermoblock technology which fresh water, ideal temperature, and no scaling. If there is inactivity for 3 minutes the low energy mode automatically gets switched on and if this inactivity continues for 9 minutes, it gets switched off automatically. This feature makes this appliance energy efficient.


  • Quick heat up time
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic shut off


  • Low water tank capacity
  • No empty water tank detection system
  • Not sturdy

Nespresso Essenza Mini by Magimix

  • It has an automatic and programmable water quantity control
  • It has a removable tank for used capsules
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The Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine is one of the top-rated Nespresso machines in the market. It is attractive to look at with a bright red colour which can change the entire look of your kitchen from being dull to something unique. One of its unique features is its water quantity control that can be programmed and also set up to be managed automatically.

Its heating time is also fast of 25 seconds which means you can prepare your beverage quickly. Its container for used capsules is removable which makes it easy to place capsules in it. Around 5-6 capsules can fit into it at a time. Its water tank is also removable providing the same convenience as the capsules container. It is the most compact machine that you can get which wouldn’t make your countertop look disorganized.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Fast heat up time


  • Low water tank capacity
  • Not sturdy
  • No empty water tank detection system

Nespresso BNE800 Creatista Sage

  • It has the fastest heat up time of just 3 seconds
  • It has an option to select from the large variety of coffee types
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The Nespresso BNE800 Creatista Sage is known for its quickest heat up time of only 3 seconds! Other models also have fat heat up times but none of them even comes close to this one! It also gives you an option to select from a variety of coffee types. Some examples of the coffee types possible to be prepared by this appliance are espresso, cappuccino, and latte macchiato.

There are three coffee volume settings available ranging between 25 ml and 150 ml. It also has eight milk froth settings from 2mm to 30mm and eleven milk temperature settings from 56 degrees to 76 degrees. When you want to clean the appliance, all you need to do is to empty the drip tray, rinse the milk jug, and follow instructions on the screen related to wand cleaning.


  • Quickest heat up time
  • Option of a large variety of coffees
  • Settings available to make customized coffee


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Not sturdy

Nespresso Machines – Unique Appliances, Unique Taste!

Are you looking for a coffee machine that would fulfil your craving to have coffee with an added flavour and taste? If so, you are looking at the right place. Nespresso machines are the answer to your search!

Especially if you are someone who is used to having coffee every now and then, why not try something more advanced than a simple coffee machine. The pods used in Nespresso machines are far more convenient as well as provide a taste that you haven’t experienced before!

Nespresso is something with which if you get addicted once, it is difficult to let go of the habit. It has a new style in which coffee is prepared. Nespresso machines use coffee capsules or pods that are usually added with an extra flavour to add to the fulfilling experience. ​​Then these machines throw heated water onto the coffee capsules preparing one mug of coffee at a time so that no coffee is wasted. It also gives you a variety of tastes that you can keep having depending upon your mood.

Once you get into the habit all you'd want would be for coffee pods to get delivered at your place regularly so that not even a single day goes by without you using your favourite machine. It is obvious that these machines have gained so much popularity because of the perfect idea and mechanism it has given to coffee lovers. ​​Nespresso machines are also rated to be much more efficient than any other coffee machine. This is one of the major factors that the users see before determining what sort of coffee machine they want to purchase.

The core purpose of Nespresso machines is to have good quality coffee wherever and whenever you want. It gives you consistent results and never compromises. Try coffee from a Nespresso machine today and become a fan like so many others throughout the world!

Why give Nespresso Machines a Chance?

Nespresso machines are something that you are going to need if you want to convert a boring Sunday into a refreshing one. They are also ideal for you if you find yourself lazy at work and just want to have the perfect blended taste in your espresso or coffee.

The coffee capsules or pods that are used in these appliances will become a must-have for you once you start experiencing the new flavour and taste that it has. Especially those of you who are already used to using coffee machines and even coffee grinders would enjoy this advanced technology for sure.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso machines are gaining popularity and many people consider it to be the ideal machine for them without which their day doesn’t get completed. It is indeed something worth spending money on and we can guarantee that you would love owning one to add convenience and taste to your life.

Some appliances have a faster heat-up time than others. Some give the results in an unimaginably short period of time. But that increases the cost of the appliance as well. It totally depends on how often you would need to use the machine and at what time of the day to determine if this feature is of importance to you or not.

Similarly, there are many other features also that significantly increase or decrease the price. Don't get too tempted and get the most expensive one! Think properly first which features are important to you and only spend on those. We know of all the details and wouldn't let you go wrong!

Trying something new doesn't always have to be so scary! You're not sure what there is in it for you? Don't worry. You can try operating the appliance and tasting its coffee at any of the outlets that give you this option. After using it just once you'll be sure that you wouldn't regret purchasing it!

Always Think About...

  • ​​While deciding which model to get, do keep in mind the purpose for which you are purchasing this appliance. If it is for home use, the time taken for a single cup of coffee to be prepared doesn’t necessarily have to be very fast. On the other hand, if you want to have it in your office, you would want it to be a quick procedure so that everyone can be catered without wasting a lot of time.
  • ​​Also, keep in mind the size of the machine before deciding which model to get. If you have limited space, you can't afford to get a machine that is large in size. That would make the entire place look messy. But if you have a designated space just for this appliance, you shouldn't have to worry so much about the size.
  • The pressure that the appliance uses us crucial to the taste and type of coffee that it will provide you with. If you have sufficient pressure, you will be able to get crema at the top of your coffee mugs as well. So if you are very particular about the taste and also want a foamy touch on the top, do check what pressure the machine is able to achieve.

Don't waste any more time and get started! We have compiled all the required details in our guide so that you don’t have to look here and there for extra reviews and information. You will get all of it by just consulting our guide. So hurry up and enjoy a totally new and unique experience!

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