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Best 10 Neck Massagers

As Of July 2022

Are you constantly exhausted with no time to visit a massage parlour? How does the prospect of having a quality neck massage without paying a human masseuse sound? Pretty neat and convenient, right? A neck massager is what you need. You can use it at home or bring it with you anywhere. And no, you do not have to spend thousands of pounds to afford one of these magic workers.
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3 woman wearing the Donnerberg Neck Massager

Donnerberg Neck Massager

4.8 /5

Best Neck Massager Overall

  • Customise it to your comfort level as it has 3 speed settings
  • Enjoy a deep muscle penetration with its vibration function
  • Share it with others conveniently thanks to the extra exchangeable covers
  • Have peace of mind of its use as it comes with a 7-year warranty
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4 Mocuishle Neck Massager on white background

Mocuishle Neck Massager

4.7 /5

Most Versatile Massager

  • Have you ever been to Bali for a massage? No need, with its 8 kneading nodes
  • Warm your strained muscles and feel renewed with its advanced heating technology
  • Versatile as it delivers deep tissue & muscle massage on full-body
  • Long term rubbing gadget with a 1-year warranty
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1 iKristin Shiatsu Massager on white background

iKristin Shiatsu Massager

4.9 /5

Ideal for Timer Mode

  • Not just for the neck; Also enjoy full-body massages, all-in-one
  • Plug it anywhere with an AC or DC adapter for a massage
  • Sit comfortably, relax & in case you fall asleep it has a 15-minute auto shut off
  • Ideal for pain relief with the heat therapy mode
2 Renpho Hand Massager on white background

Renpho Hand Massager

4.8 /5

Best Handheld Percussion Massager

  • A variety of massages to choose from depending on your mood with the 5 massage heads
  • Get to all the hard to reach parts effortlessly with its long handle
  • No more tangling with wires when in need of a quick massage
  • Sit back & enjoy 140 minutes of deep relaxation & pain relief
3 Magic Makers Neck Massager on white background

Magic Makers Neck Massager

4.8 /5

Ideal for Chronic Pain

  • Relax & enjoy the massage as it has a 15-minute automatic shutoff
  • Take it with you on the go thanks to its car adapter
  • Add some warmth for a fully unwinding experience
  • Boost the speed to your comfort from three options, low, medium & high
3 Invospa Heater Massager on white background

Invospa Heater Massager

4.8 /5

Top Choice For Deep Massages

  • Increase blood flow and relieve pain with the infrared heat technology
  • With just one device, enjoy deep kneading massage to your upper back, shoulders & neck
  • Safe without overheating thanks to the inbuilt timer
  • Store it in a drawer and move it with the added carry bag
6 Piroir Electric Massager on white background

Piroir Electric Massager

4.6 /5

Best Portable Electric Massager

  • Control with ease the massaging nodes & intensity with the remote
  • Put it in your backpack & get massages on the plane as it’s super compact
  • The long-running battery saves you from carrying a charger daily
  • Have peace of mind with the 2-month replacement and 2-year warranty
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7 Woqqw Shiatsu Massager on white background

Woqqw Shiatsu Massager

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Durability

  • Ideal for full-body massage as it has an ergonomic & non-bulky design
  • It’ll last for years to come as its made from quality & durable materials
  • Similar to the human touch as it comes with 8 kneading nodes
  • Feel free to take a nap as it shuts off automatically
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8 Tridunka Corded Massager on white background

Tridunka Corded Massager

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Adjustability

  • You’ll never be sweaty as it’s made from 3D mesh fabric & PU leather
  • Comfortable as you control the level of intensity as it has 3-speeds
  • It fits any body size as it has longer handle straps that
  • If the product doesn’t satisfy you, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee
9 HoMedics Gel Massager on white background

HoMedics Gel Massager

4.5 /5

Top Hi-Tech Choice

  • Say goodbye to wires courtesy of the cordless design & rechargeable battery
  • Enjoy a more natural & softer touch with the rotating gel nodes
  • Relax your tired muscles after the gym with its soothing warmth function
  • Masseuse-like experience with the reverse technology function

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The Best Massagers Aka Your Personal Massage Therapist

Neck pain and strains, sore muscles, lower back pain, muscle pain and muscle tension. Do these sound familiar? It seems like all those hours you spend looking down on your computer or mobile phone screen are finally paying off. And not in a good way, either. If you are working from home, that cute setting you think you’ve on the dining table, kitchen counter, your couch or your comfy bed is not helping the situation either.  

A quick visit to the spa would have fixed the issue. But it comes with a cost you are probably not ready or willing to pay. The regular home-massage sessions with fancy essential oils from a loved one are not working - perhaps because they need to learn a thing or two on how to massage.

The good news is, all hope is not lost.

Thanks to technology, you can now enjoy high-quality massages from the comfort of your home or office. Even a little session in the privacy of your car will do you some good before hitting the road. This is where massage guns and neck massagers come through.

What Is A Neck Massager?

This massager is basically an appliance with nodes or rubbing heads. You place them on the neck area and the inbuilt technology will massage you. Although the target area is usually the neck, some double as a shoulder massager, back massager, and foot massager.

How Do these Massagers Work?

This massager works by stimulating the muscles and nerve endings found at the nape of the neck. It also targets the back of the head and the base and even the shoulders. The design of the massager determines whether you will control it manually or electronically using buttons. You can vary the speed, intensity and heat level of the massager for relaxation, pressure and pain relief.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Massager?

At the top of our list, you will reduce tension, relieve pain, headaches and even increase relaxation. They also increase your blood circulation by reducing the tightness of muscles for increased movement. 

We are not forgetting the fact that these magic workers are lightweight and compact, allowing you to pack them up whenever you are moving around. You can take it with you to the office and enjoy a deep massage after a lengthy and stressful meeting. Some even come with a car adapter so you can enjoy private sessions in your car.

Features Of Massagers – What To Consider Before Buying

When considering the features of your preferred massagers, we would recommend going through the online user reviews. It goes a long way in determining whether the features of the device are just a marketing ploy or whether they deliver. 


Neck massagers  come in three main designs: 

  • Wrap around massager - usually has hand handles that allow you to drape the massager around your neck. With the hand straps, you can apply more pressure on specific areas for effectiveness.  
  • Massage cushions, which are designed like a pillow or cushion. These are ideal for usage when lying down on sitting. 
  • Handheld massager - this type of massager requires manual operation. These are mostly in the shape of tongs with rubbing heads. 

While on the design, are you looking for a cordless massager that uses a rechargeable battery or one where you must plug to a power source for it to operate? With the latter, consider one with a long power cord for better flexibility in your movement or positioning when using the device. If it is the former, ensure the charger is easily compatible with most power sources. 

Massaging Technique

Think about the types of massage the gadget delivers as well as the relevant body areas. There are several massage types, with most massagers offering more than one rubbing technique. The most common types of massages you will come across are deep kneading, vibration, heat treatment and shiatsu massage.  

The vibration technique is gentler, making it ideal for the elderly. It reduces joint pain, backache and improves blood flow and reduces stress levels. Heat therapy massage will relieve tension on the tight muscles, which reduces pain and also increases blood circulation. It also increases the flexibility of the muscles for better movement and heals damaged tissues. If you are targeting specific areas of the body, a neck massager with a shiatsu rubbing technique is better suited for this.

Safety Features 

When dealing with electric gadgets, safety features must always be part of your considerations. With these massagers, you will want to go for one with an auto-off function or a timer. You do not want to wander off to dreamland when relaxing and the next thing you know your items are on fire.

Most massager timers range between 15 to 20 minutes, after which, the equipment shuts off automatically. Another safety feature to watch out for is an overheat function. This ensures the massager shuts off automatically if it overheats.

Running Time

In the case of a rechargeable battery, consider the charging time and how long a full battery can last you. Does it have a fast-charging battery with which a few minutes of charge can deliver a full session of massage? Also, how many sessions of massage are you able to get from a full battery. It will come in hand when you are on the road and do not have much time to keep charging the device. 


Electric massagers will mostly have different speeds, allowing you to choose preferred mode each time you need a massage. You can always increase or lower the speed using the control buttons. There are some digital models, though, that come with remote control.  


Of course, the portability of the device matters. Since the main aim is to use the device anywhere, it needs to be as light and compact as possible for portability. But that does not mean going for an option that does not offer all the massage techniques you desire. Whatever option you go for, ensure it suits your busy travel schedule, and you can easily pack it in your bag. However, some massagers will come with a carrying case, making it easier to store and bring them along. 


Is the material soft, comfortable, or breathable? What is it made from, and does it cause any allergic reactions? Massagers with wire mesh are great for breathability, especially if it also incorporates heat treatment. If the massager is handheld, ensure the handle is comfortable, mostly made from silicone. Others, like the YKE smart massager, have metallic material. With such, you would want to ensure the material is waterproof and sweat resistant.


In terms of functionality, a massager that does more than neck massages will be a good value for your money. Let’s face it; it’s not just your neck that is straining. Your shoulders and lower back are getting a beating out of the irregular sitting, too. And if you move around a lot, your thighs and feet will need some massage.

Functionality also touches on the intensity levels the device offers. Is it a deep tissue massager, trigger point massager, or does it incorporate the best of both rubbing techniques?

Types of Neck Massagers

The types of massager mainly depend on the inbuilt technique of the device. Some massagers use a kneading method. A kneading massage helps in breaking down and realigning collagen fibres for better flexibility and movement of the muscles.

On the other hand, there is a percussion massager, which does little in reducing muscle soreness but helps in increasing circulation of the blood. This can help lower muscle tension and inflammation.

There is also the shiatsu model, which uses the shiatsu technique, also referred to as acupressure massage. It is a Japanese traditional therapy method that releases tension on trigger points using pressure.

Last but not least, some massagers use heat treatment. The heat function of the massager increases the temperature of the applied area, which can improve blood flow, increase the flexibility of the muscles and cause relaxation.

How Much Does A Neck Massager Cost?

These massagers are more affordable than getting a massage chair. With massage chairs going for more than £500.00, you can get a massager for £60.00 or less. The price depends on the techniques and functionalities of the device. From our recommended list of best massagers, you’re assured of bagging one with a budget of £30.00 to £60.00.

Can You use this massager on other areas of your body?

Yes, most neck massagers work on other body areas like the waist, shoulder, back, thighs and feet. Do not assume that every massager with work on each of these body parts. Instead, check the manufacturer's instructions on where you can use the massager.

How long can you use a neck massager for?

Scientists recommend an hour of massage every two or three times a week for better results. With these massagers, though, this might not be the case. Most of these massagers have a timer, with a minimum time of 15 minutes per session. Some models allow you to adjust the timer, but most have a maximum session of 25 minutes. Manufacturers are also recommending using a massager at least twice or thrice a day.


The answer to your stiff neck is getting a massager, which is quite affordable compared to regular visits to the massage spa. Since the market is full of many brands to choose from, getting the best device will not be as easy as you would want. We have done the groundwork for you, so you only have to choose from the top neck massagers out there. Whether you are looking for a massage cushion that does all deep kneading work while you lie down, or you are willing to do the work with a manual one and build some muscles while at it, we believe there is a perfect massager on our list for you. Wellness is something that every single one of you deserves! 

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