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Best 10 Nail Guns

As Of July 2022

Decorating your home walls with frames enhances the overall beauty of the house. But, if you use a hammer for nails in the wall, the chances of damaging the walls & your hands are high. Is there a better solution? Yes, there is! If you’re a DIYer using a hammer for drilling nails it’s time to upgrade your tools. And we have the best nail gun for you! Unlike a hammer, it doesn’t require extra force & reduces work error!
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1 Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike Nailer on white background

Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike Nailer

4.8 /5

Best Overall Nailer

  • Enhances your work speed with the fire rate of 60 nails per minute
  • Keep the work surface clean with the 2 non-marring pads
  • Manoeuvring it is a piece of cake thanks to the cordless design
  • Powerful performance backed by a lithium-ion battery
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8 Enegitech 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Stapler on white background

Enegitech 18 Gauge Brad Stapler

4.5 /5

Best Portable Design

  • Simple load & punch design so no need to start the air compressor or uncoiling air hose
  • For projects in the roof as its cordless & rechargeable
  • Get more done with the fire speed of 100nails/min
  • Finish multiple projects in 1 charge that delivers 400 shots
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3 Milwaukee M18 Fuel Framing Nailer on white background

Milwaukee M18

4.6 /5

Ideal for Deep Punching

  • Extended battery life helps to shoot 700 nails in one charge
  • Efficient as it lightens up your work area with the built-in LED light
  • Powerful 18V design can punch nails of length up to 90mm
  • Get your job done faster with the ready to fire nails technology
4 Makita AF506 18G Brad Nailer on white background

Makita 18G Brad Nailer

4.5 /5

Best Sequential Fire Gun

  • Works great into both hard & softwood with the fire feature
  • Instant punching backed by 70-120 PSI of operating pressure
  • For big projects as the magazine has a capacity of 100 nails
  • Clear the job site in seconds with the air duster feature
5 Dewalt Brushless Framing Nailer on white background

Dewalt Brushless Framing Nailer

4.5 /5

Best in terms of Punching Speed

  • Work faster with the fire rate of 4 nails per second
  • Low running cost backed by the mechanical operation of the gun
  • Simple to adjust the depth with the integrated thumbwheel
  • When not in use, place it on a flat surface using the attached support
9 Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun on white background

Tacwise Electric Nail Gun

4.5 /5

Best for Precise Firing

  • Fire nails in tough areas others can’t with its tilted charger design
  • Doesn’t take much storage space thanks to its removable hanging hook
  • Get more done in less time with the magazine capacity of 100 nails
  • Take it anywhere you want in its carrying case
6 HITACHI HIKOKI Cordless Nailer on white background


4.5 /5

Best for longer run time

  • Get longer run time & durability with the brushless motor design
  • Stress-free manoeuvrability thanks to the cordless design
  • No sudden recoil as it has an air/spring drive system
  • Finish multiple projects with the fire speed of 2 nails/second
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7 Silverline Air Brad Nailer on white background

Silverline Air Brad Nailer

4.5 /5

Best in terms of Handling

  • Convenient handling with its soft grip rubber handle
  • Stay safe from accidental firing with the safety trigger feature
  • Made to last with a super sturdy structure of premium grade aluminium
  • Use it seamlessly for punching brad nails between 10-50mm in length
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2 Stanley 0-TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple Gun on white background

Stanley Electric Staple Gun

4.7 /5

Best Lightweight Choice

  • Worry-free use backed by the 1.1 kg lightweight design
  • Versatile to use on both soft & hard surfaces by adjusting it to low or high
  • No-fuss no muss punching in brad nails up to 15mm long
  • Comfortable to hold for long thanks to its contoured grip
10 VonHaus Cordless Nail Gun on white background

VonHaus Cordless Nail Gun

4.5 /5

Best Fast Charging

  • It swiftly charges for use in just 45 minutes
  • Fire as required by choosing between two firing modes
  • Secure it on your tool belt & safely carry it on you with the tool belt hook
  • Damage-free use backed by the 2-year manufacturer warranty

You’ll Forget All About Your Hammer with the Best Nail Guns!

For a DIY lover, it is essential to have all the necessary tools in hand while making your favourite things. From multimeters and digital calipers to more high-tech tools such as laser levels. If you still use a hammer for putting nails in the wall or wood, you need to upgrade to some power tools like a nail gun. Reduce the effort and time you put into making things to half! Who said that your home reno has to be such a hassle? From nailing a few frames to fixing wooden floors, a nailer is a must-have tool to own.

There must be many questions whirling in your mind right now, such as what this tool is, how to use it and what the various types are. It is necessary to know the answers to these questions if you are planning to buy one. Read ahead to know everything about it!

Why do you need to invest in a nail gun?

Nail guns are incredibly helpful if you are a professional constructor or amateur. There are countless benefits that can help you to prioritise the purchase of the best power tool for you. Let us have a look over some of the reasons you need to invest in one today.

  • Efficiency

Hammering the nails into an object is easy for experienced workers, but it still takes more time than nail guns. So, they can get the job done faster and with less effort in half the time! They are a value for money alternative to hammer drills. Also, you need to use both your hands while hammering the nails, and the tool can be used efficiently with one hand only. Plus, the use eliminates the chance of any injury.

  • Safety

High-quality nail guns are ideal to be used at construction places. Besides this, they are considered as safe as you don’t have to hold the nails in your hands; the gun machine can do that for you. As long as you are following the safety instructions while using nail guns, it is absolutely safe to use.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is important while you are working on any project. Inaccurate nailing can impact the structural integrity of the project. The major advantage of using such a tool is its accuracy and precision while doing the job. It not only enhances the structural integrity of the construction project but also depicts quality craftsmanship.

  • Durability

If you are looking for a tool that lasts for years and provides the worth of its cost, then all you need is an ergonomic nail gun. The material used in a nail gun can easily withstand extreme conditions such as a drop or water contact. As most of them are made of robust plastic or metal, they are highly durable and comfortable to hold.

How do nail guns work?

We are familiar with the functioning of the nail guns and the purpose for which they are used. Hence, there are typically 3 types available in the market and each of them has different functioning. Let’s have a look at the functioning of each below.

  • Pneumatic

It is powered with compressed air, and for using this nail gun, you need to have an air hose and compressor. Both of these equipment needs to be connected with your nailer. The compressed air present inside the air compressor will force the hammer on the nails.

It has a safety mechanism that needs to be surpassed before releasing the compressed air. Also, the pneumatic nail guns use the trigger valve mechanism for powering the hammer. This valve works to block the compressed air from entering the chamber. Apart from this, they will not fire until the plunger is pressed over the material that needs to be fastened.

The valve is released when you pull the trigger, and it allows the compressed air to flow inside the chamber. It has another plunger inside this chamber, along with a hammer attached to the blade. You need to depress the plunger before the compressed air reaches the hammer.

Doing this will let the compressed airlift the plunger and act on the hammer. The compressed air pressure helps in creating the required force for driving the hammer down by firing the nail through the barrel inside your material.

Hammer comes with an attached blade for separating the nail that is being fired from different nails over the nail strip while forcing the hammer down. It also provides the assurance that only one finish nail is fired with every shot of the gun.

  • Combustion Powered

These types function with the help of internal combustion, which generates the required pressure for driving nails with a hammer. These  come with a combustion chamber above the hammer instead of a plunger.

Gas is supplied to the combustion chamber of this nail gun through a canister. It uses a lithium-ion battery for creating combustion inside the chamber by providing a momentary electric spark.

Your nail gun can also be connected to any external power source. The combustion is caused by the electric spark that is released into the chamber by pulling the trigger.

The combustion increases the pressure over the hammer that forces it down and drives the nail into your material. It also comes with a blade attached to the hammer for a similar function as we have discussed in the pneumatic gun above. This blade typically assures that only one nail is fired at a time.

Before shooting the nail with the combustion-powered one, you need to assure that the muzzle is pressed onto the material you are considering for fastening as it acts as a safety mechanism.

  • Electric Powered

The electric nail gun uses a powerful spring for punching nails. This powerful spring is held back by a rotating motor. When the user pulls the trigger and presses the muzzle, the spring gets released. This results in driving the hammer forward with a kinetic force to punch the nail successfully. You can also make the depth adjustments with the nail guns to ensure it is not too deep.

The electric-powered nail guns are ergonomic and lightweight, so they will not cause too much strain on you while using. However, these nails are not as effective as pneumatic tool-free nail guns or combustion-powered nail guns in the firing. This also limits the electric guns to be used for lighter projects such as securing the trimmings.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Nail Gun

If you have made up your mind to buy a nail gun, it is necessary for you to keep some critical aspect in mind. Some of them are pricey, and some of them are loaded with remarkable features. All you need to do is choose the one that fits your needs.

1. Power Source

The key factor that you need to keep in mind while buying an electric nail gun is the power of the gun. Electric guns come in both corded as well as cordless versions. It is best to opt for a cordless version if you want to do your work outside as it will not have any cables. These guns work on batteries that have a limited working time, so you need to charge it after some time. Most of the battery-powered guns have the capacity to fire 400-1000 nails in one charge.

On the other hand, if you are planning to do your woodwork or carpentry inside, you can go for a corded version. The best thing here is the uninterrupted power supply. But, you need to mind the cables. These guns can be used to undertake tough tasks. Most of the nail guns have an 18-volt rating.

2. Consistent Performance

The second key aspect that you need to keep in mind is the consistency of the gun. Make sure that your nail gun delivers a consistent performance so that you don’t have to employ any manual effort after firing each nail. Also, it is necessary to make sure that you don’t have to make depth adjustments repeatedly.

3. Comfortable Use

You don’t want to get tired while doing your DIYs, right! So, it is imperative for you to make your choice wisely. Do make sure that the gun you are purchasing is not that strenuous for a nailer. You should check if you can work while holding it comfortably so you don’t strain your hand and give up in the midst of your project. Also, check if the gun has high recoil or not because this can make your work harder and uncomfortable.

4. Type of Firing

Nail guns come with two types of firing, namely sequence firing and contact firing. If you want to save time, you can go for a contact firing gun as it will fire the nail every time you bump it onto a surface while pulling the trigger. But, it does not ensure security if you accidentally bump it on your hand or something.

On the other hand, the sequential firing gun requires both triggers to be pulled in a certain order to fire the nail. This ensures absolute security. You need to decide this while making your choice.

5. Nail Capacity

Although it is not that important, if you are working on a project that needs a consistent supply of nails for a long time, like for hours, you are required to check the nail capacity of the gun. Most of the guns have a magazine capacity of around 100 nails. Nails can be further of various types like 16-gauge nails, 18-gauge brad nails, drive nails and many more! The thickness of these nails affects the capacity of the gun.

6. Add-on features

Apart from all these crucial ones, there are some additional features too that you can look for in a nail gun. Here are some of them:

  • LED light for lighting the working area
  • Tool-less gun adjustment
  • Safety trigger to prevent accidental firing
  • High nail per second speed
  • Jam clearing methods
  • Non-marring pads to keep work surface clean
  • Toolbelt hook

Types of Nail Guns

Nail guns are made for a sole purpose, and that is punching nails into the material. As you are well-aware of the working of the nail guns, let us have a look at the types used by the people to avoid the hassle.

  • Framing Nailer

These are considered robust nailers and are also known as fitting nailers. These nailers are perfect for use on wood framings in a heavy construction job or for carpentry. They can easily work on nails of size up to 3 ½ inches (about 8.5cm).

  • Flooring Nailer

Flooring nailers have a different look than other nailers, and they are made to make the work easier, especially if you are laying tongue and groove boards. These nailers are available in both pneumatic and manual versions, to make your tough flooring project easier and quicker!

  • Palm Nailer

These nailers are similar to mini nail guns. However, the working of these palm-sized nail guns is just like the full-size counterparts. These nailers work on a much smaller scale that makes them best for tough to reach parts. Moreover, they come with a strap that wraps around the hand to keep it in place for working comfortably.

  • Roofing Nailer

These nailers are much like the framing nailers, and they can be used for heavy-duty purposes. Roofing nailers are commonly used by professional constructors, but experienced homeowners can also use them. It helps in driving nails into the roofing material at a faster speed.

  • Siding Nailer

A siding nail gun is typically used for installing siding. These powerful nailers join thinner pieces of wood or synthetic material to the wooden mount. Its functioning is quite similar to the framing nailer, and it is ideal for projects that include the joining of larger pieces of wood. They use nails of size 1 ¼ to 2 ½ inches (3.5 to 6.5cm).

  • Pin Nailer

These nailers are required to provide final finishing for carpenters' projects. They are the most delicate and smallest finish nailers that you can purchase. Besides this, pin nailers are compatible with 23-gauge headless nails that have a similar look to pins.

Brad Nailer

Most of the constructors are typically confused about whether to use brad nailers or pin nailers for finishing purposes. That’s because both of them offer sleek finishing, but the brad nailers can be used with 18-gauge nails.

  • Finish Nailer

The finishing nailers are mainly designed for finishing the carpentry work. They can be used with a specific size nail for crown moulding and baseboards.

  • Staple Gun

Staple guns are not different from the above-listed nailers, but still, they can help you in punching staples into a wide range of materials for fastening purposes. These also have a wide range of applications.

Is it safe to use a Nail Gun?

As long as you are correctly following the usage instructions of the gun, it is entirely safe for use. But, if you are going for a pneumatic nail gun, then you need to be attentive. An ideal combination of protective equipment and personal safe work practices can help you in eliminating the risks associated with the use of nail guns. Here are some safety tips that you need to keep in mind.

  • Wear safety glasses that come with a side shield.
  • Follow the manufacturer usage guidelines carefully.
  • Consider using guns with a firing method in which you need to depress the trigger and nose for firing. You can also go for a contact firing gun only if you are a professional in using it. Still, it doesn’t t ensure security.
  • Ensure that the gun meets all the guarding standards
  • Do not attempt to modify any of the safety features of the nail gun.


Furniture construction and other hammering and punching jobs can become a walk in the park for you. All you need is a power tool like a nail gun. As you have read about the various types of nail guns and how these guns work, you can now make the perfect choice for yourself.

To help you, we have collected some more informative sections that you can use as a reference while making your final decision. Find all you need to know here and we are certain that you will choose the best nail gun for you!

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