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Best 10 Mosquito Repellents

As Of July 2022

If you're the type of person that loves spending time outdoors but hates getting bug bites, then we have the answer. Invest in some mosquito repellent today and avoid those itchy red spots. Available as a lotion, spray or wipe, the latest mosquito repellent works both indoors and outdoors. It's time to take back control and enjoy your life without fear of nasty bites, or diseases.
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1 Jungle Formula Maximum mosquito repellent on a white background

Jungle Formula Maximum

Trusted Brand
4.7 /5

Aerosol Spray, Last up to 9Hrs, 125ml Can, For Ages 12yrs & Over

  • Powerful formula that’s also Ozone friendly
  • Perfect for outdoor use & high-risk areas
  • One of the UK's No.1 selling insect repellent brands
  • Excellent protection no matter the destination
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2 Lifesystems Expedition 100 Plus mosquito repellent on a white background

Lifesystems Expedition 100 Plus

High Strength Formula
4.6 /5

Pump Spray, Last up to 10Hrs, 50ml Can, For Ages 6yrs & Over

  • Use together with sunscreen for complete protection at the beach
  • Proven high strength formula won’t let you down
  • Sweat-resistant recipe makes it ideal for hot & humid climates
  • Compact & durable leak-proof aluminium bottle is great for air travel
3 Smidge Insect Repellent on a white background

Smidge Insect Repellent

Water Resistant
4.5 /5

Pump Spray, Lasts up to 8Hrs, 75ml Bottle, For Ages 30mos & Over

  • Take it to the beach, pool or other water-based activity without a hitch
  • Repels midges, mosquitoes, horse flies, sand flies, fleas and ticks
  • Safe for all the family - even pregnant women
  • Moisturising formula won’t leave you feeling sticky
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4 Avon Skin So Soft Original mosquito repellent on a white background

Avon Skin So Soft Original

Touch-Dry Oil Spray
4.5 /5

Pump Spray Bottle, 150ml, Dermatologically Tested

  • Helps lock in moisture without feeling sticky
  • Royal Marines swear by it!
  • Amazing delicate citronella scent is pleasant but subtle
  • ‘Touch-Dry’ Jojoba oil formula dries instantly - no mess
5 Pyramid Trek Sensitive mosquito repellent on a white background

Pyramid Trek Sensitive

UK Made
4.4 /5

Pump Stray, Lasts up to 12Hrs, 100ml Bottle, For Ages 2yrs & Over

  • Sweat & splash resistant formula can handle any situation
  • The gentle & non-greasy recipe is safe for all the family
  • 100% UK made, tested & approved
  • All-day protection with advanced time-release technology
6 Mosi-Guard Natural Extra Strength mosquito repellent on a white background

Mosi-Guard Natural Extra Strength

Easy Application
4.4 /5

Stick Application, Lasts up to 8Hrs, 40ml Tube, For Ages 3mos & Over

  • 100% natural & plant-based recipe for peace of mind
  • Pleasant oil of lemon eucalyptus smell that the whole family will enjoy
  • Long-lasting, scientifically proven & dermatologically tested formula
  • Safely apply to children’s skin with easy to use stick
7 Incognito Anti-Mosquito on a white background

Incognito anti-mosquito

Vegan Friendly Formula
4.3 /5

Pump Spray, Last up to 5Hrs, 100ml Bottle, For Ages 6mos & Over

  • Child friendly & clinically tested formula won’t irritate skin
  • multi-award-winning formula with amazing protection
  • Ethical & natural, it’s recommended by the vegan society
  • Perfect size for air travel
8 Moskito Guard Insect Repellent on a white background

Moskito Guard Insect Repellent

Globally Recognised Brand
4.3 /5

Pump Spray, Last up to 8Hrs, 75ml Bottle, For Ages 2yrs & Over

  • A globally recognised & established brand that you can trust
  • High-strength formula that will keep you totally safe
  • Effective splash-proof protection you can use pool-side or at the beach
  • Non-greasy & pleasant smelling, you’ll forget you have it on
9 Ultrathon SRL-12 Insect Repellent on a white background

Ultrathon SRL-12 Insect Repellent

Travel Size
4.3 /5

Lotion, Last up to 12Hrs, 2oz Tube, For Ages 2yrs & Over

  • 3M time-release technology for all-day protection
  • The splash & sweat-resistant formula is perfect for hot & humid climates
  • Easy rub-on lotion application reduces wastage
  • Just pop in your bag and go! Great size for air travel
10 THEYE Mosquito Repellent on a white background

THEYE Mosquito Repellent

Cruelty Free & Vegan
4.3 /5

Pump Spray, Last up to 6Hrs, 75ml Bottle, For Ages 6mos & Over

  • 100% natural, plant-based formula is gentle enough to use on babies
  • Versatile repellent that keeps more than just mosquitoes away
  • Made & manufactured right here in the UK
  • A cruelty-free repellent that only uses sustainably grown ingredients
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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Mosquito Repellents


Jungle Formula Maximum

  • Unparalleled protection from a brand you can trust
  • A great option for humid, tropical and high-risk locations
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If you’re heading to a humid, hot, or high-risk area destination, you need a mosquito repellent that won’t let you down. For long-lasting all-day protection, Jungle Formula’s Maximum is the insect repellent for you. The strong and proven formula lasts for an impressive 9 hours. Leaving you to check out the sights, make new friends, and have some fun in the sun without fear of getting bitten. When it’s time to top-up, simply pop the lid and spray-away.

Because Jungle Formula Maximum is an aerosol spray, you can quickly and efficiently apply even coverage without a second thought. The size is generous but small enough to fit into your handbag or backpack for protection on the go. While the durable bottle won’t crack or break like some plastic alternatives. Don’t let bothersome mosquitoes ruin your holiday, event, or activity. Let Jungle Formula Maximum insect repellent keep you and your family safe and protected from dusk till dawn.


  • Strong maximum protection
  • Available in different formats
  • Lasts a long time


  • Can irritate delicate skin
  • Can stain & remove colour from clothing
  • Strong smell that lingers

Lifesystems Expedition 100 Plus

  • Tough protection in a durable air-travel safe container
  • Perfect for those with an active lifestyle
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Avoid nasty bites and blotchy lumps with ease this summer! Lifesystems Expedition 100 Plus is the ideal solution to your mosquito dilemma. The high-strength, dual-action formula provides the perfect shield against all manner of biting insects – large or small. Lasting for an impressive 10 hours, it will keep even the most persistent of bugs at bay throughout the day.

Able to handle both hot and humid conditions, it’s a superb insect repellent for exotic and high-risk areas where the right protection is paramount. A top-notch choice for the beach, it works in harmony with your sunscreen for total protection no matter the destination. The durable travel-sized bottle can easily fit in your bag or pocket without fear of leaks or breakages. While the convenient pump spray action is simple to re-apply on the plane, by the pool or on the move.


  • Safe for multiple applications
  • Airline safe aluminium bottle
  • Doesn’t interfere with sunscreen


  • Not suitable for infants or babies
  • Active ingredient can melt plastics
  • Overpowering smell

Smidge Insect Repellent

  • A delightful smelling repellent suitable for all the family
  • A brilliant option for those who love the water
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If you want a reliable mosquito spray that won’t harm your skin, then the Smidge Insect Repellent is just the ticket. Safe for all the family, Smidge’s fast-acting formula is an excellent alternative to some of the more pungent repellents on the market. Made to be kind to skin, it not only provides excellent protection but it leaves your skin moisturised and nourished too. With a faint but pleasant citrus smell, it won’t overpower the room at that big event, restaurant, or indoor activity.

The water-resistant formula also makes it ideal for outdoor use. Take it to the beach, use it pool-side or apply before that eagerly awaited water activity. Able to provide a remarkable 8 hours of coverage, you’ll be protected all day long. The pump-action application is easy to use and won’t stain or damage clothes. While the small 75ml bottle will easily fit into your hand luggage or handbag.


  • Leaves skin feeling nice
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Water-resistant


  • Not as strong as some alternatives
  • Spray pump is poorly designed
  • Not suitable for high-risk areas

Keep the Bugs at Bay with Mosquito Repellent!

There is nothing worse than constantly being pestered by mosquitoes while trying to relax outdoors. Perhaps you are enjoying a country walk or attending a social event. Whatever the occasion, itchy red insect bites can cause endless frustration to you and your family.

Fear not! There is a solution to this common problem. Modern mosquito repellents are available in various different forms. Whether you prefer spraywipes, or lotion, one application of these efficient formulas can keep insects away for hours at a time.

Why Give Mosquito Repellents A Chance?

In some climates, mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance. They can carry serious diseases. It takes just a few seconds to apply a repellent, so why take the risk? You can’t put a price on your health.

Mosquito repellents are not just for outdoor use either. If you work in an office, we all know how distracting mosquitoes can be while trying to focus on a task. One simple application in the morning can protect you all day. No more chasing mosquitoes around your office!

What Should You Look For When Buying A Mosquito Repellent?

With so many different types of mosquito repellent to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is best. In some cases, more than one product is needed to provide adequate coverage. While some mosquito repellents simply aren’t suitable for the task at hand. When deciding which mosquito repellent to buy, always consider who, what and where. Who will be using it? What level of protection is needed? Where will you be using it (i.e. somewhere hot, wet, or high-risk)? If you’re traveling abroad, travel restrictions may also play a part in your decision-making.

No matter the activity, there is a mosquito repellent catered to you. Selecting the right combination of strengthactive ingredient, and application type can make or break that special event, vacation, or hike. With the best mosquito repellent at hand, you can relax and enjoy nature without being harassed and tormented by an army of blood-sucking terrors.

Whether you prefer lotionwipespump or aerosol spray, you’ll never have to worry about being caught off guard again! Each type of mosquito repellent comes in a range of handy travel and at home sizes for easy protection on the go, in the garden, or on vacation.

Why leave your health and safety to chance? Using a decent mosquito repellent is a fast and effective way to protect you from more than just itchy and unsightly bites. Unsure? Take a look at our top ten mosquito repellents for inspiration or continue reading our guide for tips on how to choose the right repellent for you. Picking a repellent needn't be a chore. Our guide has taken out the guesswork, so you can concentrate on planning that big trip, event, or day out without a hitch.

Always Think About...

  • The Strength of a mosquito repellent is an important factor when deciding which is best for you and your needs. If you're traveling to a high-risk area, for instance, you'll need something long-lasting with maximum protection and a high percentage. However, if you have sensitive skin, only require minimal protection, are pregnant, or wish to use it on your child, you may want to consider a less heavy-handed approach.
  • Applying Mosquito Repellent correctly ensures you get the best coverage possible. Whether you decide to use wipes, lotions, aerosol, or pump sprays your decision ultimately comes down to preference. When deciding which mosquito repellent is best for you, there are a few things to think about first. Will you be outdoors? How often will you need to reapply? Will you have somewhere to wash your hands after? Are there any luggage restrictions? Is it safe for all the family? Do you need something water-resistant?
  • Which Active Ingredient you use depends on the level of protection you require. If you want something really strong or something very light, make sure that you look at the information each product provides.

Don’t stay at home in fear of becoming a bug buffet! Take action now, and enjoy the great outdoors without hesitation. Mosquito repellents are a proven way to keep biting flies at bay. Just take a look at our top ten picks to help you on your way. Simply heed our advice above and you’ll soon know which mosquito repellent is the one for you. Don't stop there and learn how to keep them away once and for all with this guide!

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