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Best 10 Mini Projectors

As Of June 2022

Do you like watching movies? Are you looking for a way to make your living room feel just like a cinema? Bring the entertainment to you with the best mini projectors! They are excellent projectors that help you enjoy videos, pictures, documents in larger view and crystal clear quality! You can even set them up in your backyard next time you have friends over! Want to know more?
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1 Elephas WiFi Projector on white background

Elephas WiFi Projector

4.8 /5

Best Mini Projector Overall

  • Use it with any of your devices by syncing it via WiFi
  • Watch movies in stunning full 1080P HD
  • Tune out the rest of the house with its noise reduction technology
  • Protect your eyes from harmful light exposure with its diffuse reflection technology
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2 ViewSonic Portable LED Projector on white background

ViewSonic Portable LED Projector

4.7 /5

Best Choice for Families

  • Enjoy a cinematic set-up thanks to the dual built-in speakers
  • Stay entertained with streaming platforms, movies & music
  • Binge-watch the entire series thanks to the 6-hour battery life
  • Place it on any surface conveniently with the tabletop mount
3 Vamvo YG300 Pro on white background

Vamvo YG300 Pro

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Firestick Compatibility

  • Set it up night or day without a hassle as it has image-enhancing full HD quality
  • Create your own 100-inch cinema screen on the go
  • Connect any device you want as it supports smartphones, laptops & more
  • Bring it with you anywhere thanks to its lightweight design
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4 XuanPad Mini Projector on white background

XuanPad Portable Projector

4.5 /5

Ideal for Connectivity with Smartphones

  • Get the premium movie theatre feeling at home
  • Hear every whisper in the film due to its ultra-quiet noise technology
  • Keep the same projector lamp for more than 15 years thanks to the built-in cooling system
  • Connect your video game console to it & play with your friends
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5 LG CineBeam Portable Projector on white background

LG CineBeam Portable Projector

4.5 /5

Best for Offices

  • Maintain a tangle-free lifestyle thanks to its wireless phone mirroring
  • Start meeting presentations in just a few minutes with the plug-n-play USB
  • Carry it effortlessly by using the included case
  • Listen to your favourite tunes with its Bluetooth sound connectivity
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6 NEBULA Anker Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector on white background

NEBULA Anker Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Projector

4.5 /5

Ideal for 360° Speaker

  • Enjoy late-night movies as it’s optimised for dark environments
  • Hear every dialogue thanks to the 360° speaker
  • Watch non-stop as it can play Netflix & Youtube
  • Takes up the same space as your beverage with its soda can design
7 Optoma Portable Projector on white background

Optoma Portable Projector

4.5 /5

Top Compact Pick

  • Fits in the palm of your hand as it weighs less than 1kg
  • Combines power & performance for breathtaking visuals
  • Entertain yourself for more than 20,000 hours with its high-quality lumen LED lamp
  • Pop your files in a USB stick & play them on the projector
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8 AAXA Mini Projector on white background

AAXA Mini Projector

4.5 /5

Ideal for Tripod

  • See even the tiniest detail with its true-to-life video quality
  • Connect any device you want including streaming & USB sticks, consoles, phones, laptops & cameras
  • Control it from your sofa with the remote control
  • Tuck it in your backpack thanks to its lightweight design
9 Yaber WiFi Mini Projector on white background

Yaber WiFi Mini Projector

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Screen Mirroring

  • Play movies even when your little ones are napping as it’s noiseless
  • Stream anything directly via the screen with its wireless iOS & Android connectivity
  • Magnify or lower the screen size to your liking with its zoom function
  • Entertain yourself on the road as it’s small & fits anywhere
10 DR. Q HI-04 Projector on white background

DR. Q HI-04 Projector

4.5 /5

Ideal for Remote Control

  • Have fun by watching any of your favourite subscription-based streaming platforms
  • Change the volume & settings via the handy remote control
  • Bask on the eye-catching colour details it projects
  • Get lost in the magnificent movie soundtracks with its dual speakers
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Make a Home Cinema with the Top Mini Projectors

Are you having friends over soon for a movie night? Do you want to create an ambient setup either indoors or outdoors to enjoy excellent picture quality? There are many ways that you can bring that big-screen experience into a home theatre environment. When you think of the word projector, you probably imagine the big ones that cinemas use to project stunning image quality on 120-inch screens. But, others give you the chance to move them effortlessly, like the portable video projectors

The top mini projectors are fantastic for families looking to entertain their kids and friends at home. Many people opt for these due to their ability to be moved freely and easily, allowing them to carry them from one room to another. Create a relaxing home environment for some family downtime and even add a star projector to immerse yourself in any movie fully.

Want to know a bit more about these projectors? With our buying guide, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about all the essential features and the different types of projectors available. Keep reading below!

What is a mini projector? 

This projector is a more compact version of the standard projector that you can use to mirror an image on a TV screen or wall. The mini version is portable, and you can place it on a tripod or table to display photos, movies and other files. They are very popular for family trips where you want entertainment in your pocket, in the office due to their ability to be moved freely and easily or even in a classroom setting. Their sound quality is excellent despite their small size, and they can project video in full HD in various sizes for the screen. The most high-end options can display images at up to 120-inch screens in low light conditions such as dark rooms or at night.

These projectors have an HDMI port that lets you connect them via an HDMI cable to your TV, Freesat box, but some even have a USB port and multiple device compatibility. For example, you can connect them to your mobile devices, tablet, PC or Mac, game console and DSLR camera to use them as a projector screen. Or, you can even put on a USB stick and watch your movies offline when you’re on the road.

Why should you buy one?

There are many advantages to owning a portable projector instead of the regular one. The options available on the market continue to improve and offer more versatility so that you can make the most out of your purchase. Let’s have a look at some of the most beneficial reasons below. 

1. You can bring them anywhere.

The most obvious advantage is that these are the best portable projectors you can get. Their size is so compact that you can carry them effortlessly around. Many are so small that they are known as pocket projectors because they fit in your pocket or your hand's palm. 

2. You can use them as a power bank.

Another little known benefit to these video projectors is that you can use them to charge your devices too. While projecting from them, you can add a USB-C cable and recharge compatible devices whose battery is close to zero. This advantage is excellent for when you’re on the road and away from power outlets so that you can have a full battery lifetime on all your electronics.  

3. They connect to many operating systems.

Most of these projectors can connect to various operating systems so that you can watch movies and other media directly from your phones, tablets or computers. The most premium ones will connect to Android, iOS, Windows PCs, and Apple Mac laptops. That way, you can stream videos from your iPhone either via Bluetooth or a wired connection. 

4. You can watch movies from your subscription-based streaming platforms.

Some small projects have built-in compatibility to connect your subscription-based platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or Twitch. That way, you can set up your projector anywhere and watch any of your favourite game streamers live while they’re playing for their fans. Or, you can even binge-watch full series and shows. 

5. They are more affordable without compromising on quality.

You may think that little projectors are not as powerful as the regular ones, but you are in for a treat. These gadgets are super-efficient video projectors with a stunning contrast ratio, LCD or LED screen and a native resolution of up to 1080 pixels. They have automatic focus features and keystone correction that lets you adjust the image’s four corners separately.

The most expensive ones are still affordable and have advanced technologies and high-quality lamp life up to 50,000 hours. That’s more than 20 years on average use of 6 hours per day. 

10 things to look for in a mini projector

Are you warming up to the idea of purchasing your mini video projector? Do you want help on the top features to consider before you buy one? We’ve added a list of the most important things to look for to make your life easier.

1. Power

The first to check is the power charge the projector has because it matters if you want it for indoor or outdoor use. Most use a built-in battery that recharges with a mains supply or a power bank. Others use the traditional power outlet method, but these lack the portability that most people seek with mini video projectors. 

If you opt for a battery-powered one, then look at how long of a battery life they have on a single charge. Many can last for up to 6 hours on one charge. The more milliamp-hour (Mah), the more battery life and the longer it will take for it to recharge.

2. Dimensions & Weight

The projector’s dimensions are essential to understand the size of the product. There are many different sizes available, from small ones that fit your palm or pocket to larger tabletop ones. The dimensions impact the weight, too, as a smaller projector will also be more lightweight. These are best for trips as they don’t occupy too much space in your luggage or car. The lightest projectors can weigh as little as 200 grams. 

3. Resolution

The most common low-resolution on these projectors is the DLP chip (240p), but others use the standard DVD definition chips with 480p. If you can up your budget a bit, you can find even more crystal clear video quality up to full HD 1080p resolution. Some smart projectors even promise 4K resolution, which is often seen on TVs.   

4. Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio focuses on how black and white colours display on the screen. A higher ratio means a better display performance with more vibrant colour reproduction. A lower resolution will blur the colours without showing their true to life contrast as effectively. This feature is important, especially if you want to watch a movie at night, in a dark room, or a low-lit scene. 

5. Brightness

The older projectors worked best in low lighting, but the newer models, including mini devices, can work in ambient light. To know the brightness of your projector, check its ANSI lumens. That is the measurement indicator to understand its ability to produce clear and bright visuals. ANSI lumens can range from 50 to more than 3000 (on the regular-sized projectors). The higher the number, the better images you’ll enjoy in broad daylight.

6. Sound Quality

Many little projectors produce sufficient surround sound despite their small size. The higher-end models work well and deliver 360-degree sound output without the need for external speakers. Also, many small projectors work on a quiet operation in terms of the noise levels as close to a noiseless fan as possible.

7. Screen Size

The smaller projectors have a low resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen), making them fit for smaller screens, usually 24 to 48 inches. They also work best in darker rooms as light exposure could compromise their detail. The projectors with the standard resolution are best for screen sizes ranging from 36 to 60 inches. Finally, the most advanced small projectors with full HD resolution can work well in any size of screen up to 120 inches in low light conditions. 

8. Connectivity

Many of the most high-tech little projectors have multiple options when it comes to connection. They can connect to the Internet to watch online content, or you can even use adapters to use your laptop, game console and streaming sticks with them. Most projectors will also have other extra options such as a microSD card, USB port, and HDMI or VGA ports.

9. Accessories

For money-saving, you can find projectors that come with accessories such as a tripod or carry case. A tripod can help you set up the projector without it wobbling. If you want to bring the projector on trips, the carry case will give you more convenience. 

10. Durability

To enjoy your mini device for years to come, pick one that has a long lamp life of up to 50,000 hours. The LED lamps on projectors have a prolonged lifespan so that you can use them for up to 15-20 years. Also, the best little projectors use cooling systems that reduce the bulb’s heat for more efficiency. For an eco-friendly alternative, look for lamp-free projectors that don’t use light bulbs.

What are the different mini project types available?

There are three categories of mini projectors, pico projectors, palmtop projectors and standard ones. Their biggest difference is the size, but they also have other functionality differences.

  • Pico Projectors 

These can be as small as a soda can or a smartphone device. They are also known as pocket projectors, and people prefer them as multimedia players for documents, images and videos. They offer convenience when storing them as they don’t take up too much space, but their brightness is lower than their more expensive counterparts.

  • Palmtop Projectors 

Palmtop projectors get their name because their size is snug enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They are a bit bigger than pico ones yet still lightweight to carry without strain. Their main difference to pico projectors is that they have more options for connection, including USB sticks and SD cards.

  • Standard

The standard ones are the most advanced of the three types with a larger non-bulky size. They display colours in the brightest, most vivid resolution compared to the others and have more ports to connect. 

Mini Projectors VS Regular Projectors: Which one should you pick? 

Are you on the fence about which size works best for you? Do you want to decide between a mini or a regular projector? Their main difference is the size and ability to be moved freely and easily. Let’s look at their differences so that you can weigh in on the pros and cons before you make a decision that suits your personal preference. 


These projectors are very efficient despite their size to show crystal clear images. Their biggest advantage is the convenience to bring them anywhere due to their small size and portable design. They also cost less than regular-sized projectors

These also often have a built-in battery whereas the larger ones work with a power outlet. The one downside with that is that you will have to pause at some point to recharge, but that shouldn’t deter you from buying them. After all, it’s healthy to take a break for your eyes to rest. Also, they may have fewer USB and other input methods compared to regular sized ones.


The regular-sized projectors are bigger in size but they have even better visual quality than mini ones. That means that they will show larger images with improved contrast and brightness. Also, they tend to have a longer product life because of their bulkiness and are more suitable for less harmful light exposure due to their size.

But, on the negative side, they run on a mains supply, limiting their portability to only a few meters away. Also, they are optimised to work with wired connections mostly, which doesn’t let you connect devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. And, their cost is pricier because they are larger in size and require more cables that will add up to your overall budget.

The end choice is yours, but we personally enjoy the versatility and freedom of movement that smaller projectors offer. 

How much do they cost? 

These projectors range in price depending on the size and their display resolution. There are options to fit any budget, from affordable to high-end ones. Whether you want them for the whole family to enjoy movies together or for solo use on a trip, there’s one out there waiting for you. 


The low-cost ones range between £60-90. These are lightweight, work with LED light bulbs, have a high-quality resolution and work well in low-light conditions. They may come with a remote control. 

High End

The high-end alternatives range from £100 up to £1000. These can have a smaller, more portable design like the palmtop projectors, lighter weight and multiple connection options including smartphone, laptop, tablet and more. They can also connect to your streaming platform subscriptions and may come with a carry case.


Enjoy yourself by watching endless hours of movies at home with the top mini projectors! Create a home theatre experience and put some popcorn in the microwave for you and your friends! These projectors are small, lightweight and portable to take anywhere, including on trips, in the office or from one room to another.

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you grasp the most important information so that your purchase fits exactly your needs. Take some time to review our hand-picked choices and organise a viewing party every weekend! Which movie are you watching first?

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