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Best 10 Mini Choppers

As Of July 2022

Looking for a food processor that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? One that allows you to chop and dice in seconds when preparing dinner and other meals? Then you need a mini chopper! It is everything you need from a small, lightweight and compact kitchen gadget. You can chop vegetables, make sauces, or shred and mince foods. And at a low cost! Are you ready?

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1 mini chopper kenwood on white background

Kenwood CH180A

4.9 /5

Best Overall

  • Maximum control of chopping from 2-speed settings
  • Large capacity bowl for chopping veggies, herbs, and meat
  • Sturdy and stable on counter space with its rubberised feet
  • Easy to use and clean bowl now that you can put it in the dishwasher
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2 mini chopper on kitchen countertop

Russell Hobbs Desire

4.8 /5

#2 Top Mini Food Chopper

  • Fast chopping time and efficiency with its sharp and tough blades
  • One button for simple & effortless use when dicing, slicing or chopping
  • Safekeeping when not in use as it comes with a storage lid
  • Great for families with a large glass bowl of 500ml food capacity
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3 ninja mini chopper on kitchen countertop

Ninja Professional Stackable

4.8 /5

Best Value Option of All

  • Space-saving storage thanks to its two stackable containers with lids
  • Chopping & mincing in no time with its sharp blades
  • Precision & consistency for liquefying foods
  • Cleaning is a breeze as its parts are suitable for the dishwasher
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4 VAVSEA Food Processor on white background

VAVSEA Food Processor

4.7 /5

Ideal for Meat Grinding

  • Practise stable operation with its non-slip rubber pad
  • Chop the way you like with 2-speed settings
  • Strong processor for a variety of foods with 4 bi-level blades & a 500W motor
  • Healthy processed foods with Bpa free material
5 Food Chopper on kitchen counter

Kenwood Compact

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Large Capacity

  • Cook for your friends & family thanks to its large 1.4-litre bowl
  • Highly versatile to chop, blend, shred & emulsify foods
  • Neat storage with no entanglements with its wrap-around cord
  • Mess-free & time-saving as you can add the ingredients by the feed tube
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Kenwood CH185

4.6 /5

Best for Making Sauces

  • Add oils simply from the oil dripping lid to make sauces & mayonnaise
  • Effortless control with the option to choose a working speed
  • Strong, sharp & durable steel blades
  • Very stable on the counter space as you chop food
7 mini chopper on white background

Brieftons quickpush

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Cordless Food Chopper

  • Ideal for camping or on picnics thanks to its cordless design
  • Dice or chop without breaking a sweat due to its 2 interchangeable blades
  • Dishwasher safe, phthalate, PVC & BPA free for healthy meals
  • Be more creative with the included Ebook recipes
8 mini chopper on white background

IMURZ electric

4.5 /5

Best Electric Food Chopper

  • Powerful 600w food processor for chopping vegetables, grinding & mincing meat
  • Long-lasting & large capacity bowl perfect for families
  • Trouble-free cleaning thanks to its removable parts - dishwasher suitable
  • Worry-free usage with its 24-month warranty
9 mini chopper on white background

LINKChef FC-5140

4.4 /5

Best for Durability

  • Durable steel bowl with a 3-year warranty
  • Reduce your cooking prep time with this high wattage, 4 bi-level blades food chopper
  • Use on hard foods like nuts due to its strong blades
  • View the progress clearly by the transparent lid
10 mini chopper on kitchen countertop

Sensio Home

4.3 /5

Top Choice for Versatility

  • Multi-purpose device to use as chopper, grinder and sauce maker
  • Ideal if you don’t have an outlet nearby thanks to its long cord
  • Fits in a limited storage space kitchen with a compact design
  • Long-lasting and durable construction with a 2-year warranty

Best Mini Food Processors To Easen Your Food Preparation

Small food processors are magic-working kitchen appliances to own when a full-size food processor is not easily accessible. Think about it; the large kitchen ones you can use to process all sorts of foods come at a large price tag. Additionally, they are cumbersome and take too much space on your kitchen counter or cupboards.

But a mini chopper or food processor will do the basics you need when dicing, chopping, pureeing or grinding foods. And all of this comes at a lower price for a more manageable devices. Whether you are looking for a manual vegetable chopper or an electric one, our top recommendations and buying guide are here to help you get a brilliant one.

Check it out, and let’s save you hours of endless scrolling and confusion from countless choices available!

Why do I need a mini food processor?

How long does it take to chop onions, garlic and other vegetables when preparing food? Not forgetting the teary eyes when chopping onions or the sticky hands when dicing garlic. That’s why you need such a useful tool. On top of doing all this, you can also make hummus, slaws, dressings and guacamole for hearty meals in no time.

A full processor might not be within your budget, but you can fasten your work in the kitchen and bid goodbye to the tears and sticky fingers with a mini one. It can also come in hand when in need of preparing baby food, especially when you need something portable for making baby food on the move.

Most importantly, you need one if you have a small storage space or live alone and do not need a large appliance for these jobs.

Types of Mini Choppers

They come in two varying types - manual and electric.


This works through hand operation, so you will have to get a bit handsy. Some involve pulling a string that activates the rotation of the blades. Other food choppers involve pressing of the lid against the blades. While these are more affordable than the electric ones, you can use these to chop or grind hard foods like meat or nuts. Also, they are more time consuming and can be tiring when preparing large quantities of meals.


They are also referred to as a mini processor. With an electric food processor, all you need to do is plug the cord in a power source, press a button and it does everything for you. They are more versatile than manual choppers. With one, you can easily use it as a slicer, grinder, mincer in a few minutes.

6 Things To Consider Before Buying

There are a few things and features you need to keep in mind.

1. Capacity/Size

The capacity or size ranges between 1 to 6 cups. Most manufacturers list the capacity or size of the food processor in litre or ml capacity, so you can measure how many cups make a litre or the given ml capacity.

The larger the cup food processor, the more food you can process at a go. One of the best ways to decide the best size is knowing how much food prep you need to make. The larger your household, the larger the cup food processor needs to be.

The size can also determine what foods you get to chop or process. Small-sized ones are best for small foods, like nuts, herbs, ginger and garlic. You will need a big-sized one for larger foods like celery, carrots, meat and onions, or be ready to dice these foods before using any smaller appliance.

2. Type & Number of Blades

The blades do all the chopping and dicing jobs. That means they are always in contact with moisturised foods, like vegetables. The best blade type is one that is resistant to corrosion due to this constant contact with moisture. Luckily, most products available on the market have stainless steel blades.

Stainless steel is not only resistant to water, but quite durable when cared for. It also ensures you are always eating healthy food with no remnants of rust. While at it, consider how many blades the chopper has. More blades mean fast working time.

3. Ease of Use

The main aim of getting one is to lessen the preparation time that your food needs. If the appliance complicates the process, then it is not worth wasting your money on. That said, both manual and electric types will lessen work, but electric ones are better at the job.

A manual type will probably require a little bit of manual dicing of large vegetables into smaller parts for easy fitting in the chopper and faster dicing. Some manual models can get stuck or a bit "tight" when pulling the string if the foods are not diced into smaller parts. On the other hand, electric models only require a button's push, and the blades do everything for you. However, check the wattage of the electric models. The more the wattage, the more powerful the processor, and the easier it is to operate it.

4. Functionality

Is it multi-purpose or is chopping and shredding the only thing you can do? Electric food processors have more functionality and are the best option if you do not have a full food processor or need to make the most out of a mini chopper.

5. Durability

Consider how durable its parts are, especially the bowl or containers. Some brands have delicate glass bowls always have to handle with care. A simple slip off your fingers and yours will be bowless. Others are made from stainless steel containers. These are more durable and unbreakable, and the best option if you or anyone in the house is clumsy.

6. Safety

What safety measures are there that keep you safe and protected when using one? With electric models, you need to be more careful. Safety features like a cord storage ensure no wires are tangling every working space on your kitchen counter.

Other safety measures include a locking latch, where the processor does not work unless it is properly locked. The surface of the appliance also matters as it determines its stability when on the countertop. Do they have rubberised feet or a rubber pad at the bottom that ensures it does not move around when working?

What Can I Chop In a Mini Food Processor or Chopper?

Its capabilities will depend on whether it is manual or electric. Manual food choppers are ideal for chopping veggies like onions, garlic, cucumbers, carrots, celery, or cheese. An electric food chopper does this, too, and so much more! It is possible to make emulsified sauces and mayonnaise with an electric model. These can also come in handy when you need to make homemade breadcrumbs, rather than buying from big brands.

What Should I Avoid Chopping?

It is not the right tool to use on extremely hard or frozen foods. The blades are not strong enough to handle these and can lead to breakage. Since sharp blades determine how fast yours is, it is also ideal to avoid grinding uncooked pulses of foods into flour. It will affect the blades' sharpness, making them blunt, and then your appliance becomes useless.

Can a Mini Chopper Puree?

Yes, it can make them depending on the type. Unfortunately, only electric types are best for this. Mini food choppers are mostly designed for dicing or chopping vegetables, not liquifying foods. Whatever comes in liquid or creamy form, requires an electric processor, and mini processors can do the job in smaller quantities.

Can You Use a Mini Chopper As a Food Processor Or As A Blender?

It is very easy to see some sites referring to them as food processors. But can you substitute one for the other? Probably not. Mini choppers are only used to grind, chop and mince foods. While you can use a full food processor to handle these jobs, you cannot use them the other way around. Mini processors might not reach the larger models' full capacity, but you can at least make sauces with them, something that mini choppers can hardly achieve.

A blender is a kitchen appliance you use to emulsify, mix or puree foods. As mentioned earlier, this is something that a mini chopper cannot exactly do. Some models might but if you are looking for one that blends food, a full food processor is better suited for the job.

How To Clean It Properly?

We have dishwashers to lessen our kitchen chores with dirty dishes, but not every appliance is dishwasher safe. If the gadget's label reads it is dishwasher safe; your cleaning work is easier after food prep. Although some models have parts that can be cleaned in a dishwasher, read the manufacturer's guidelines. Some recommend hand washing specific parts for durability. The blades are better off hand washed to preserve the sharpness and effectiveness.

You can also soak the blades in the water and use a cleaning brush, toothbrush or long toothpicks to get into every nook and cranny of the blades. This ensures you get rid of every food residue that can accumulate and lead to the blades' corrosion.

Always keep in mind that...

Are you ready to quicken your food prepping time? No need to further postpone purchasing a kitchen gadget that helps you dice, chop, mince and grind foods that is both affordable and handy. With these little miracles, you can save so much time that you can enjoy it with your family and friends.

We have done the groundwork for you, so you only have to choose from the top options. With our detailed buying guide, you are one step closer to finding the perfect one for you that fits your needs. Grab yours today and enjoy hassle-free cooking prep.

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