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Best 10 Massage Guns

As Of July 2022

Does your body become stiff by the evening or after a workout? Is sitting for long hours or doing heavy work during the day your everyday life? Well, that can cause your muscles to get sore or stretched. So, what’s the solution? A massage gun ! It will not just offer you the ease of massaging your body but will also help you do that quickly and effectively.
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1 Theragun Pro on white background

Theragun PRO

4.9 /5

Ideal for Home Physiotherapy

  • 3 hours of battery life backed by a Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Easy to hold without any strain with the rotating arm & grip
  • Custom wellness routines by linking it to the app via Bluetooth
  • Best for all of your body as it has multiple head attachments & adjustable arm to target any specific area
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3 Bob and Brad C2 Muscle Massage Gun on white background

Bob and Brad C2 Muscle Massage Gun

4.8 /5

  • Rejuvenate yourself post-workout with its 5 massage heads & 5 speeds
  • Faster muscle recovery thanks to the 3200RPM motor
  • Carry it conveniently with the included travel bag
  • Protect it from wear and tear thanks to the 10-minute auto-off
3 Aearlang Massage Gun on white background

Aearlang Massage Gun

4.8 /5

Best Portable Massage Gun

  • Quiet for no disturbances & portable with an extra case for travelling
  • Keeps you updated with its LED speed & battery level indicator
  • Massage with any intensity as you can set it at 20 different speeds
  • Target any specific muscle with the 6 attachment heads included
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7 Renpho Massage Gun on white background

Renpho Massage Gun

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Auto-Off

  • Instant pain relief with its high power brushless motor
  • Ideal for extended treatment & energy-saving with an auto-off after 10 minutes
  • Massage all muscles with 5 included massage heads
  • Easy to carry with you even on a trip in the case included
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10 Awardroom Massage Gun on a white background

Awardroom Massage Gun

4.6 /5

Most Sturdy Massage Gun

  • Max. intensity of 3300 percussions/min enhances the flow of the blood & reliefs tight muscles
  • Longer post-workout massage as it has 6 hours of battery life
  • Fit for all muscles thanks to 6 different massage heads
  • Easy handling due to anti-slip design
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4 Theragun Elite massage gun on a white background

Theragun Elite

4.8 /5

Top Pick For A Silent Operation

  • Enjoy 120min of battery for long and relaxing massages whenever you want
  • No disturbances with its quiet function even at top speed
  • Connect it to the app for a personalized & better experience
  • Hold the device from its ergonomic handle and never get tired
Best Quality Ribbon
5 EKUPUZ Massage Gun on a white background

EKUPUZ Massage Gun

4.7 /5

Top Deep Tissue Massager

  • Sore muscles & deep tissue massage with a 3200 strokes/minute speed
  • Easy to keep track with the LCD battery & speed level indicator
  • Seamless massage of different muscle groups with six heads
  • Enjoy hours of massaging backed by 6-8 hrs battery power
Ideal Gift Ribbon
6 Fitpulse Muscle Massage Guns on white background

Fitpulse Muscle Massage Guns

4.8 /5

Ideal for Athletes

  • Enjoy a deep tissue massage with its 30-speed settings
  • Use it for up to 6 hours thanks to an ultra-long battery life
  • Adjust the intensity to your liking by picking 1 of 10 attachment heads
  • Massage even next to your sleeping partner as it's super silent
8 BDBKMG Massage Gun on white background

BDBKMG Massage Gun

4.7 /5

Ideal for Large Touch Screen

  • Relax any stiff body muscles with its 3300 stroke high-torque motor
  • Never disturb your loved ones as it's very ear-friendly
  • Loosen any sore area from head to toe by picking 1 of 6 heads
  • Increase or lower the speed to your liking via the LCD touch screen
9 Theragun Prime massage gun on a white background

Theragun Prime

4.7 /5

Best Percussive Massager

  • Customised massage experience provided by 5-speed settings
  • Massage more as it offers 2 hours of power in a single charge
  • Get personalised workout recovery routines with Therabody app integration
  • The handy design comes with a carrying case
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An Insight About this Technological Marvel!

Well, so far, you have just looked at some best massage guns. There must be many of you who may not know exactly about the massage gun and its functioning. Don’t worry! We are going to do an in-depth study in the coming sections. Make sure you go through this information about those recovery tools carefully before buying one.

What is a massage gun?

Let us take on the general definition of a percussion massager or massage gun. It is a device that uses high-frequency vibrations or percussions to deliver pressure into the body muscle tissues. These vibrations help in enhancing blood flow in the body, and their percussive action also relaxes sore muscles and tight muscles.

Now, muscles in our body are of various groups like calves, biceps, triceps, trapezius, forearms, quadriceps and many others. Each of them has a different requirement when it comes to a massage, and you can achieve that with a massager's multiple speed settings. With a massage gun, you can even treat the soreness of the muscles that are deep inside your body.

How do massage guns work?

As teased above, the sole process that governs the working of a massage gun is producing high-frequency percussions or vibrations.

When it touches your body, the vibration penetrates into the soft tissue of the body to relieve it from pain or stiffness. Most of you must be aware of the foam roller. The massage gun is an updated and automated version of a foam roller that helps you target a specific area of your body that experiences pain or stiffness.

Now, it is important to note that using a massage gun may not take all of the muscle pain away. But, it will surely enhance the flow of your blood in a specific area of the body. This will be helpful in reducing the muscle tension and inflammation after intense workout. You can even use it before a workout session for a muscle warmup.

What are the perks of using a massage gun?

Although we have highlighted some of the basic benefits of the massage gun, here we will highlight more of them in absolute detail!

Boost Sports Performance

The number one benefit of using a massage gun is that it enhances your sports performance. It is common to have a post-workout contraction or stretching in your muscles. This can cause intense pain if not taken care of early. Here the functioning of a percussion massager comes into the picture.

With the use of a massage gun, you can develop a healthy routine for stress relief. This routine will help in decreasing muscle recovery time and will ultimately improve your sports performance.

Speeds up Healing

You may not know it well, but using such devices for percussive therapy of the muscles also speeds up their healing time. How? Well, we already know that the vibrations or percussions from the power massager help in improving the blood and lymph flow in our body.

This increase in the flow of the blood helps the body in producing more oxygen and nutrients for the muscles, which entirely leads to the speedy recovery of muscles from stiffness and fatigue.

Keeps lactic acid under control

Generally, during intense workout sessions, what happens is that your body starts generating lactic acid more than what gets burned. Thus, leading your body into exhaustion. It can also lead to cramps.

Now, using a massage gun makes your body release that lactic acid into surrounding tissues. This helps in reducing muscle soreness, thus enhancing your workout recovery.

Activated nervous system

Whenever any muscle in your body moves, the nervous system gets notified. As massage guns work on providing relaxation to your body, they also help in stimulating the receptors of the sympathetic nervous system.

This helps in releasing tension, thus making your muscles relax. Moreover, it also improves mobility.

How to use a massage gun?

Well, there is no rocket science involved in using a massage gun; here are some simple steps to get the desired results from the percussion massager.

  1. Charge the device as per requirement.
  2. Choose the right massage head as it will be different for each muscle.
  3. Attach the selected piece to the massage gun.
  4. Place it on the targeted area of the body.
  5. Turn on the percussive massager and gently move it across the muscle area.

This process is very simple, though you need to be careful with the attachments. Different attachment heads help different muscle groups. Here are some details about them.

  • Standard ball head: It is for overall use.
  • Flat Head: This is specifically for back muscles.
  • U-head: It is meant for spine and neck massage.
  • Conical head: For smaller areas like feet and fingers.

Roundhead: This percussive massage head is for large groups of muscles like abs and legs.

What to consider while buying a massage gun?

Now, if you have made up your mind to buy a percussive massage gun, it is necessary for you to keep some factors in check before making your final pick. Here are the factors that you need to keep in mind:


You don’t want to wake up your partner while giving yourself that massage you were dreaming all day, right? So, it is necessary to get one that is ultra-quiet. When looking for products, do try to get one that is powered by quiet glide or QuietForce technology. See if you can get one with fewer decibels (in the range of 35-45 dB).


This is essential as some of the massage guns could be too heavy and may cause more pain in your muscles than you are already having. On the other hand, also check that you are not buying the one with the least weight as it will not be effective for a deep massage.


After all, you will have to apply pressure for deep massage therapy! Hence, it becomes necessary to check if the material of the gun is strong enough or not. When choosing a wellness one, go for the one that has a sturdy construction. A metal body with plastic attachments will be the best combination. If you are going just with plastic, make sure it has enough weight.


The ease of usage of the massage gun is also dependent on the dimensions. Although all the guns on the list are compact in size, you can choose any of them as per your preference. Just make sure that the size and weight are in a balanced ratio.

Stall Force

This factor will depend on the type of massage you are planning to get from the gun. For instance, if you are planning to get a deeper high-intensity massage from the gun, go for the one that has a higher stall force. On the other hand, if you want a low-intensity light massage, go for the one that has less stall force. Stall force is the pressure that can be applied to the massage gun before the motor stalls.


If you don’t care much about the price tag, go for the one that has more accessories. The term accessories here means multiple heads, carrying case, battery charger or any additional battery. It is also necessary to check the warranty as you never know when this thing is gonna go bad.

How long should I use the massage gun for?

Well, it is necessary to massage your body for a short amount of time only. At high intensity, your massage gun may cause damage to your muscles if used for more than the required amount. Fifteen minutes is the ideal time in one go.

While buying, you will notice that some of the massage guns will have an auto shut feature that turns off the gun after 10 or 15 minutes of use. The reason behind this is to prevent overheating and muscle damage.

Final Wrap Up!

So, to put it plainly, a massage gun is an excellent investment for those who are athletes or face frequent stiffness in their muscles. And it will be best to make this investment as it will serve you in the long run. Yes, there are multiple things that you need to consider before buying one. We have crafted this guide to help you get the best massage gun for yourself. If you're still indecisive, you can also check our detailed review for the Pulserool Massage Gun model. We hope that it will serve you in the best possible way!

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