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Best 10 Leaf Blowers

As Of June 2022

During the fall season, tree leaves cover up our gardens, driveways and backyards, adding a beautiful golden hue to the scenery. But they also create a huge mess, coming as an additional hassle for homeowners! Wondering how you can easily tidy up your garden? That’s why we found for you the best leaf blowers so that you can clear away any leaves and debris from your space with as less effort as possible!
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1 Man while using the VonHaus 3 in 1 leaf blower in his backyard

VonHaus 3 in 1 3000W

Powerful & time-saving
4.9 /5

Best Overall Leaf Blower

  • Perfectly blows, cuts and mulchers leaves with a simple 3 dial selection
  • Ideal for making compost heap in much lesser time
  • Practical and lightweight for less workload and easier storage
  • Thermal cut-out safety feature for advanced protection
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4 Bosch 06008B1070 Universal Garden Tidy leaf blower used by a woman to blow leaves at an outdoors space

Bosch Universal Garden Tidy

Pro Silence Mode
4.7 /5

Best Choice For Low Noise

  • Special mode that considerably lowers the noise down to 75dB
  • New release mechanism for easier switch between blowing, vacuuming and shredding
  • Dirt deflectors allow for a more convenient cleaning
  • Metal fan enhances performance for extended operating time
5 Makita BHX2501 24.5 cc leaf blower used by a man in a blu uniform in a park

Makita 4-Stroke Petrol

Unleaded petrol motor
4.7 /5

Best Fuel Economy Product

  • Efficiently sweeping leaves and garden debris away
  • 4 stroke engine for higher performance and better fuel economy, with easily refilled tank
  • Extremely lightweight and convenient to carry around
  • Offers quieter operation due to its big muffler
2 Hyundai HYBV3000E 3 in 1 leaf blower while used by a man out in the street

Hyundai 3 in 1 3000W

Versatile use all year round
4.9 /5

Best Value For Money

  • Easily used for blowing, vacuuming and mulching, ideal for composting
  • Large robust canvas bag for prolonged continuous use
  • Practical handles with anti-vibration technology reduce your hands’ trembling
  • 12m cord length helps you tidy up wide outdoor areas
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3 man cleaning the garden with the WORX 18V (20V MAX) LEAFJET Cordless Garden Leaf Blower


4.8 /5

Best Cordless Option

  • Forget about cords that get in the way and create the perfect garden
  • Lightweight design won't tire you one bit and make the experience better
  • Long-running time battery life covers even the largest of gardens
  • Powerful turbo fan for extra efficiency
6 VonHaus 3 in 1 B07F8FRVD7 leaf blower while used by a man to clear away fallen leaves in his backyard

VonHaus 3 in 1 3000W Large 45 Litre

High Mulching Ratio
4.6 /5

Best Shredding Ratio

  • Robust shredding for emptying the leaves straight from the bag to the compost heap
  • Powerful suction sweeps up sticky & wet leaves effortlessly
  • Large bag capacity; more leaves are cleared in one go
  • Thermal cut-out feature ensures your safety while usage
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7 Cobra Electric 3-in-1 BV2600 leaf blower used by a man in a outdoors green setting

Cobra Electric 3-in-1

Affordable & Strong
4.5 /5

Excellent User-Friendly Option

  • Easy switch between blowing, vacuuming and cutting operating modes
  • Sturdy front wheels facilitate manoeuvring in patio areas
  • Adjustable air speed control with a simple dial
  • Extra convenience to empty the bag with just one zip
8 Garden Gear leaf blower used in a home garden to blow fallen leaves

Garden Gear 3500W

Medium outdoor spaces
4.5 /5

Most Easily Assembled

  • 3 operational modes to blow, vacuum and mulch all in 1
  • Lightweight and extremely easy to handle and store away
  • Long 10m cord ideal for medium indoor and outdoor areas
  • Large bag capacity allows for quicker results in one go
9 Bosch ALB 36 LI Cordless Leaf Blower being used by a man

Bosch ALB 36 Cordless Leaf Blower

Robust blowing
4.4 /5

Best Long-Lasting Option

  • Enjoy an uninterrupted leaf blowing session with its amazing battery life
  • User-friendly speed control lets you adjust it depending on the surface
  • Maximum mobility due to cordless design and lightweight construction
  • Ergonomic handle offers maximum comfort
10 Ryobi OBL1820S ONE leaf blower used by a man on a pathway covered up with fallen leaves

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Blower

Zero tool
4.3 /5

Best Lightweight Leaf Blower

  • The high-speed nozzle provides robust airflow for efficient cleaning
  • Over-mould handle provides comfort over extended use
  • Highly flexible in use due to its cordless function
  • Extremely convenient thanks to its lightweight design

Best Leaf Blowers: A Complete Buying Guide

Wondering what to do with all that fallen leaves in your backyard? Then, a leaf blower or a vac can come as a handy solution to all the unnecessary mess and debris they bring to your doorstep, despite their golden charm!

It can also come as a useful addition to your mower or hedge trimmer. For, when you're done with trimming your grass, the lawnmower and the hedge trimmer stop there. There’s nothing you can do about your garden leaves!

A garden blower, instead, will be there when you don’t want to spend all of your precious weekend time collecting the leaves that cover up your backyard.

With its blow speed, it will reduce your cleaning routine in half the time it would take if you chose to do it manually with a rake or a broom. And what’s more? It will help you keep up with your composting routine more easily since a modern leaf blower can turn into a vac and a shredder! In this way, you can now sweep, collect and shred the leaves all in one!

In this guide, we will explicitly talk about what a leaf blower can do for you, as they come with a lot of variations. That's why it might not be very clear at first to make your final choice. Each model has a different scope and is tailored to attend to different needs, backyards and customers.

That is, there’s not a single top leaf blower for all. So, let’s take a more in-depth look at what’s most important when opting for the leaf blower that’s best for you!

Why do I Need a Leaf Blower?

As a rule of thumb, most leaf blowers nowadays do more jobs than just clearing the leaves out of our way, due to the advanced technical features they have: High speed, strong suction, and versatile modes that include mulching, for example. So, you can choose a leaf blower that turns into a blower vacuum and a shredder at an affordable price, without having to spend a fortune! That’s why we believe that you no longer have to restrain yourself to an outdated model, worrying about your budget getting tight.

Keeping your garden plants, flowers and vegetables healthy and in order can be a daunting task, especially when you need to take care of them every week and make some mulch to feed them properly. As much pleasing as they are when you see them standing beautifully beneath the sky, they can also be a hassle if you let them grow without regular dedicated effort.

And when the “constant gardener” is in need, there comes the leaf blower to save the day and release you from many worries. See what can you do with it:

  • Blow away all the fallen leaves and make way for your vehicle.
  • Keep them in the collection bag and shred them at the same time, with no additional effort.
  • Quickly empty the leaves from the bag to your compost heap, making it richer in nutrients.
  • Use it as a dryer for your car, after washing it; or vacuum any debris and dust out of your car seats.
  • Reach out to clean the gutters with the blower tube, preventing flood from damaging your property.
  • Clean your lawnmower clogs, after you have trimmed your grass.
  • Dry and clean your strimmer.
  • Blow away thick layers of snow from your patio, doorstep and driveways.
  • Take care of your flower arrangements, by sweeping away all of the fallen debris and leaves.

“And why not use a lead vacuum, which also has a HEPA inbuilt filter or a vacuum cleaner?” Because lead vacuums, sturdy and heavy-duty as they are, they can be harsh for your delicate plants and flowers. With a vacuum cleaner, you can’t use mulcher whereas with a vacuum that’s easy to do. Besides, they are heavy and difficult to move around - a problem that is quickly resolved by a cordless blower vac, for example.

Also, bear in mind that lead vacuums are made mainly for cleaning lead, paint chips and other hazardous materials, that’s why they use HEPA filters to protect the users. Thus, they are more specific in use and do not allow great flexibility as a garden blower does.

Another important detail is that, during your cleaning process, expect some dry seeds, stones and debris to be sucked in the lead vacuum and cause massive damage. A leaf blower, on the other hand, is specifically designed to tackle this task easily, without any problem.

In our opinion, the ideal leaf blower for you will be the one that serves you in more than one capacity, suitable for smart uses all-around your house - not just the garden. Bear also in mind that the more light a machine, the less fatigue and strain will be put on your arms: Another invaluable feature to take into account when purchasing a leaf blower!

Do I need a leaf blower or a garden vacuum?

It will depend on what you want to do. If you have a small garden and taking care of it it's not your first priority, then a single leaf blower with sufficient energy may do the job for you. Should you, however, ask for more, then you better go for a 2 in 1 or even a 3 in 1 type. Hence, you can enjoy the benefits of an extra leaf vacuum and a leaf mulchers all in one!

What to Look for when Buying a Leaf Blower?

As you get to decide which blower is best for your needs, it’s essential to keep your focus on the key features that matter most. Some good questions for you could be:

  • What size would best suit my storage facility?
  • Do I have a large garden or a small patio?
  • Does the blower tube break into two for extra ease?
  • How much weight can I lift?
  • What ergonomic features can I find?
  • What type of energy does it consume?
  • How safe is it for me to use? And what about the noise levels?
  • Do I need a corded or a cordless leaf blower?
  • Do I need a shredder, too, or a simple blower will do?

Size & Weight

Size and weight can affect the overall regular use you make of the product, for if you find it difficult to carry and wrap up, you will tend to leave it aside, not reaping the benefits of your purchase.

Practical design

Practical handles and a padded shoulder strap will help you clean for a much longer time, without feeling tired. Besides, they will protect your knuckles from excessive strain and reduce trembling as much as possible - a benefit to be thankful for as the years go by.

Levels of airspeed

Airspeed will affect the flow of air of the leaf blower and enhance both the blowing power and the suction of the tube. Have in mind, however, that where delicate power is needed, extreme flow may cause more mess than expected, breaking your pots, for example. On the other hand, you don’t have to choose a model with low air volume either, for you won’t be able to blow leaves quickly. Luckily enough, some models come with variable speed control so that you adjust the levels of airspeed needed for each task.

Power supply

Power supply will determine your overall carbon footprint and bill costs. Fuel leaf blowers, although they have a stronger output, are detrimental for the environment and noisier. Electric corded leaf blowers, on the other hand, do not have oil leakages and they are friendlier to the atmosphere. However, if they are corded, they may need an external outlet, if you need to “go the distance” unbothered. Of course, a medium solution would be a wireless leaf blower with a rechargeable battery, which combines flexibility and energy efficiency. Have in mind, though, that in this case, you will have to check the life of battery to find the run time. The decision on that matter is totally up to you.


Some leaf blowers or garden vacuums have a thermal cut-out safety technology that prevents short circuits and motor damage upon overheating. An excellent feature to have, the same way you would like it for any other household appliance.

Additional things to consider would be the collection container capacity, the cord length, the air volume, the warranty it comes with, the shoulder strap and the run time of the battery. Lastly, check also the dial mechanisms of each model, so you can easily switch between different operating modes: blowing and vacuuming.

What Type of Leaf Blower Suits you?

There are various types of leaf blowers you will encounter in your online search. In fact, the feature variability you see guarantees that you will finally find the ideal leaf blower for you! So, stay optimistic and let’s get to the specifics to find out:

1. Cordless Models vs Corded Leaf Blowers

Most corded leaf blowers or garden vacuums come with a long wire of about 10-12 meters. This length is enough for a wide patio or backyard and it will clean sufficiently even the gutters on your rooftop. For larger gardens, though, you are going to need an external house plug or an extension cord.

Pros: Longer run time, less expensive, robust airflow/suction
Cons: May need an external plug, they consume a lot of energy

Cordless leaf blowers function on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the charger usually is included in the package. They are more expensive, but they give you a lot of flexibility sweeping around your large garden effortlessly without the need to stay close to your garage or home. They are perfect for hard to reach areas.

Pros: Easiness moving around, eco-friendly, lightweight
Cons: Pricey, restricted run time, less powerful airflow/suction

2. Petrol Leaf Blowers vs Electric Blowers

Fuel leaf blowers or garden vacuums run usually on petrol and they are cordless. They come with powerful 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines which can blow and suck a huge amount of debris, leaves and stones. They are ideal for large gardens and parks, as they can work efficiently for a long time and remotely.

Pros: Extremely strong, long-lasting, remote working, suitable for hard surfaces
Cons: Heavy, not easily stored, dangerous fume emissions

Electric leaf blowers tend to come in both corded and cordless versions and they run on your mains supply. No need for a charger here. Some of them come with strong, brushless motors, too, that’s why they are more expensive than the petrol leaf blowers. Some others also have additional safety features to protect you in case of a short circuit after extended work. They are perfect for versatile use, where delicate power is needed, for example when drying your car or taking care of your flower beds.

Pros: Strong enough, light, more eco-friendly, less harmful emissions, variable speed
Cons: More expensive, not suitable for vacuuming extremely rough areas with trees, stones and ponds

3. With a Collection Bag vs Without one

Leaf blowers who work simultaneously as leaf vacs and mulchers usually have large collection containers to facilitate the leaf gathering process. In this way, they save you a lot of time and energy. Besides, they are perfect for people who regularly feed their compost and use it for mulching their vegetables, flower beds and tall garden trees.

Pros: Time-saving, less fatigue, use the collected dry leaves immediately as a mulch
Cons: Not always needed, it may add extra weight as it fills up

However, bagless leaf blowers are commonly preferred too, especially when you only need a simple leaf blowing from your small patio and that’s it. You see, sometimes everything depends on the use you wish to make. And if your needs are met where you are, then, so be it!

Pros: Simple design, less expensive
Cons: Blowing leaves function only, may need an additional bag further on for vacuuming, too

How much does a leaf blower cost?

Leaf blowers vary in price depending on their technical features and the benefits they are designed to bring to the user. But the good news is that no matter what your budget is, there’s certainly a specific model that will match it! So instead of worrying, check some useful price ranges to see where you stand:

  • A reasonable price for this category product as a whole starts roughly from £45 to £50.
  • Corded electric leaf blowers are the cheapest ones, ranging from £50 to £90-£100.
  • Petrol leaf blowers and cordless leaf vacuums fall in between an amount of £100 to £300.

Maintenance and repair costs may vary depending on the professional you will contact or the component that needs replacement. Whether it is an electric battery or a petrol model will also play a role.

Is it easy for everyone to use?

Well, comfort and ease usually lie in the eye of the beholder. That is, a leaf blower, especially a heavier one that runs on petrol will need a strong grip. Otherwise, you will have to stop every now and then to rest your arms and shoulders.

Older people may also find it challenging to work with a handheld leaf blower that vibrates a lot, without any ergonomic feature to ease the burden and reduce the pulse on the knuckles.

The way we see it, choose a relatively lightweight model, to be on the safe side. Furthermore, opt for a backpack leaf blower with a shoulder strap for extra comfort.

Will my neighbours be disturbed by the noise?

Chances are that the leaf blower's noise might be a bit annoying for someone not familiar with it. That’s why one should be careful about the hours of the day that undertakes a garden task.

Peak hours used to be the best since most likely your neighbours would be at work. However, this has changed, as remote working is becoming more and more relevant in our everyday lives.  For this reason, opt for a leaf blower that has a silent mode or for an electric one, which will produce much less noise.

In any case, make sure you give your neighbors a heads-up that it's garden time, and who knows you might end up even having a new garden partner.

The Top Leaf Blower is the One that Works Best in Your Hands

A leaf blower is a powerful garden tool that will make your life easier. Once you get used to it, you might find it difficult to go back to your broom and rake. Not only will it help you clean your patio, garden or backyard faster. It will also come in handy when snow kicks in and when you need to reach up to your dirty gutter with the blower tube; or simply fast dry your car after washing it.

With so many leaf blower choices, however, it’s not uncommon to get confused. And this is why we created this in-depth buying guide: To facilitate your decision, in the hopes that our information will make things a bit more easy-going for you!

So, let the leaves follow their natural course and worry not, for the top leaf blower may be just one click away!

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