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Best 10 Laptop Stands

As Of July 2022

Whether you’re in your office working or somewhere in your house, sitting in front of your laptop should be comfortable. Especially if you do it for hours! And comfort doesn’t have to do only with the chair you’re sitting in! It takes more than that! Now with the best laptop stands you can create a really ergonomic place to enjoy your work or your free time more without back and neck pain. Improve your posture and prevent slouching once and for all. Here’s what you need!
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1 Jumkeet 7-17'' laptop stand on a white background

Jumkeet 7-17''

4.8 /5

Best Laptop Stand Overall

  • Fit every kind of laptop without a trouble up to 12kgs
  • The vented design keeps your device cool to avoid overheating
  • Foldable and portable so you can store it easily in seconds
  • Amazing quality and durability, plus it has non-slip feet for security
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2 NEXSTAND K2 laptop stand on a white background


4.7 /5

Top Choice For Portability

  • Set it up in 1 second - once you’re done fold it & take it with you
  • Find the position that suits you between 8 different heights
  • Compact & lightweight design - perfect for the office or travelling
  • Rubber feet for no wobbling - keeps your laptop safe
3 Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser 2.0 14" laptop stand on a white background

Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser 2.0 14"

4.6 /5

Most Popular Choice

  • Simple design that is ideal for your laptop, notebook or tablet
  • Top choice for limited space & people who are always on the move
  • Find your suited height position thanks to its SmartFit system
  • Keep your device secure with padded inserts & wide bottom
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4 PIVOT 11-17" laptop stand on a white background

PIVOT 11-17"

4.5 /5

Amazing Ventilation

  • With a 360° ventilation to make sure that your device never overheats
  • Top pick for people with limited space and a wide laptop
  • It keeps your laptop extra secure & stable due to its rubber pads
  • Optimize your space with the two extra cord & cable holders
5 man typing on his laptop that is placed on the Tonmom Adjustable Laptop Stand

Tonmom Adjustable Laptop Stand

4.5 /5

Most Picked By Professionals

  • Sitting or standing, this ergonomic stand will keep you comfortable
  • High-quality with a forward-tilt angle for fast heat dissipation
  • Robust design that it’s totally safe & stable without wobbling
  • Adjust the height & position however you like - save space
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6 BoYata 10-15.9" laptop stand on a white background

BoYata 10-15.9"

4.5 /5

Top Anti-Slip Paddings

  • Save your space and use the extra room underneath for your keyboard
  • With thick rubber on top and bottom to provide extra stability
  • Improve your posture and minimize backaches from day one
  • Add a nice and stylish touch to your office with its design
7 Boyata 10-17" laptop stand on a white background

Boyata 10-17"

4.5 /5

Very Flexible Design

  • Keep your laptop cool and avoid overheating once and for all
  • Very beautiful design with a variety of colours to choose from
  • Adjust it to your ideal height and say goodbye to neck pain
  • Wide base that gives extra stability and keeps your device safe
8 EMIUP Laptop Stand on white background


4.5 /5

Best Budget Laptop Stand

  • Compact & portable with a shrinkable design to take it anywhere
  • The sturdy frame gives you total protection without wobbling
  • Open construction for great heat dissipation & more natural airflow
  • Versatile - it fits from tablets to big laptops without problems
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9 Rain Design mStand360 laptop stand on a white background

Rain Design mStand360

4.5 /5

Top-Quality Materials

  • Place your keyboard in the room underneath when you’re not using it
  • It comes with a cable organizer that saves you more space
  • Raise the screen to your eye level & improve your sitting posture
  • Stylish design that comes in many colours to choose from
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NULAXY 10-15.6"

4.5 /5

Very Easy Installation

  • Break it in three parts and store it even if you have limited space
  • Amazing heat protection even if you use your device for hours
  • You can elevate it and find the ideal eye level for your needs
  • It’s really wide so you can use it on big laptops up to 17”

Jumkeet 7-17''

One of the most ergonomically-designed laptop stands out there! You can adjust it in 6 different angles and achieve maximum comfort. What’s more? Fix your posture and sitting position to avoid any back and neck pains that might have you suffering. With its broad compatibility, you can use this one with any laptop model from 7-17”. A wide range, right? Just make sure that you don’t go over 12kgs.

It’s made from top-quality metal so its frame has great ventilation that doesn’t overheat your device even after hours of usage. The airflow is just amazing! People that use a laptop daily for hours would really appreciate its design. Plus, it’s very lightweight and portable so you can take it with you while travelling or when you go to your workplace. Just put it in your backpack! The non-slip feet will keep your laptop secure and safe and you won’t face any accidents.


By far the best option for people that need to take it with them quite regularly. That’s why the carrying bag will really come in handy! The compact and lightweight design are also big advantages that make the whole portability thing even easier. It only needs a minute for you to set it up. Combine that with the ergonomic and foldable frame and you won’t be disappointed one bit.

Adjust the height and position by choosing the one that suits you from 8 different options. Elevate it to your eye level and improve your posture from day one. People that suffer from backaches will really love it. It can support laptops up to 9kgs and keep them safe and stable due to the rubber padding that you can find on the frame. The truth is that this product is really a masterpiece for laptop users and comes at a very good price.

Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser 2.0 14"

This laptop stand couldn’t be any simple even if it tried. Place your laptop, notebook or tablet on it and use the SmartFit system and colour coding system to find the ideal position in just a matter of seconds. The limited and compact design makes it a very good choice for all of you that don’t have much space and need to organize everything perfectly to work. Find the optimal eye level and get super comfortable.

It also comes with great cooling benefits! The Pro Air Circulation dissipates heat buildup and saves your device from overheating. That way you can make sure that you keep your laptop for longer and won’t damage it internally. Finally, the wide bottom is very sturdy and stable so you won’t face any wobbling or accidents. Keep your laptop secure and forget about bad posture!

Final Verdict

Optimizing the way you use your laptop, either you’re working on one for many hours a day or you just use it for entertainment reasons, it’s really important. The same applies to office chairs. Think about your sitting position! It’s really bad, isn’t it? There’s no need to keep feeling that way, now that you can get one of the best laptop stands.

The best option overall that covers all types of users is Jumkeet 7-17''. A great product that can change your life from day one. If you’re moving and travelling a lot then you should really consider getting NEXSTAND K2 which is by far one of the most compact and portable options of the market. And don’t forget the most popular option among all! Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser 2.0 14" comes at an amazing price and gives you all you’ve ever wished for.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! We know that there are so many options out there but this guide has your back! Our top 10 picks cover every user. Make sure that you narrow down your options and we’re sure that you find the ideal one that will suit your every need.

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