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Best 10 Landline Phones

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a new house phone? Do you want to purchase a telephone for hours of talk time? The best landline phones help your friends and family to get a hold of you! They are the perfect solution for the non-tech savvy who prefer the traditional way of phoning. Or even for those who want an extra means for people to reach them. Want to know more?
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1 BT Everyday Cordless Home Phone on white background

BT Everyday Cordless

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Speak with just your 20 favourites by turning on the do not disturb mode for others
  • Save up to 50 contacts in your address book for easy access
  • Know when you have unheard messages with the screen indicator
  • Redial effortlessly by going up to 20 calls back
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2 Panasonic KX Cordless Phone Twin Handset Pack on white background

Panasonic KX Cordless Phone Twin Handset Pack

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Twin Pack

  • Block unwanted numbers with the nuisance call block feature
  • Use it while you’re cooking by turning on the hands-free speakerphone
  • Listen to voicemails on the answering machine when you return from holiday
  • Minimise power consumption by using the eco mode
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3 BT Premium Cordless Home Phone on white background

BT Premium Cordless

4.6 /5

Ideal for Mobile Sync

  • Never pick up a cold call again with its 100% nuisance call blocker
  • Sync your mobile & enjoy chats with your friends comfortably
  • Stay up with the conversation by adjusting the sound from the volume control
  • Check up to 60 minutes of voice messages with the answer machine
4 BT Call Blocker Home Phone Twin Handset Pack on white background

BT Call Blocker Twin Handset Pack

4.5 /5

Best for Big Buttons

  • Ideal for seniors, sight & hearing-impaired people with its backlit LCD & the large-sized buttons
  • Find your phone in seconds by pressing the beeping sound button
  • Have a wider wireless range as it comes in a two-pack
  • Avoid annoying calls with the call block feature
5 Panasonic KX Cordless Phone with Answering Machine on white background

Panasonic KX Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

4.5 /5

Most Aesthetic Choice

  • Save all your contacts on the 120-entry address book
  • Set it up on the base & relieve your hand by using the speakerphone
  • Never miss any important messages when you’re not home with the 30-minute answer machine
  • Increase or lower the sound volume from the adjustable controls
6 BT Advanced Cordless Home Phone on white background

BT Advanced Cordless

4.5 /5

Top Pick for High Phonebook Entry Capacity

  • Only talk to your loved ones thanks to its nuisance call blocking
  • Share up to 200 contacts automatically between the 2 handsets
  • Press the do not disturb button when you don’t want to pick up calls
  • Know if someone else is calling while you’re on the phone with caller waiting
7 Panasonic KX Digital Cordless Phone on white background

Panasonic KX Digital Cordless Phone

4.5 /5

Best for Low Power Consumption

  • Eliminate worldwide numbers from reaching you with calling blocking
  • Answer the phone confidently as it works with caller ID
  • Save energy by pressing the Eco button
  • Have a restful night’s sleep uninterrupted with the night mode
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
8 Gigaset Basic Cordless Home Phone on white background

Gigaset Basic Cordless Home Phone

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Simple Installation

  • Enjoy talking up to 18 hours on a single charge with its long battery life
  • Make your 1st call right from the box - just plug it in
  • Instantly know who’s ringing you with the caller ID
  • Versatile to use as an alarm clock too with the special function
Ideal Gift Ribbon
9 BT Advanced Call Blocker Home Phone Twin Handset Pack on white background

BT Advanced Call Blocker Home Phone Twin Handset Pack

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Long Answering Machine

  • Store up to 200 numbers on the directory for quick calling
  • Get back to missed calls efficiently by using the 60-minute answer machine
  • Never answer scammers thanks to the blocking button
  • Take it to your backyard as it has a 300m range
Best Quality Ribbon
10 BT Essential Cordless Home Phone Twin Handset Pack on white background

BT Essential Cordless Home Phone Twin Handset Pack

4.5 /5

Ideal for Call Silencing

  • Mute incoming calls with the handy call block button
  • Hear live conversations better with the adjustable volumes
  • No need to memorise numbers by heart again with its 100 number phonebook
  • Switch from one call to another by just pressing the call waiting button

Chit Chat All Day At Home With The Best Landline Phones

Mobile phones may be dominant in our lives nowadays, but permanent phone fixtures are still a must-have in a home. A landline phone is a traditional option that is still popular in households and is cheaper than some high-tech mobiles. There are many options in the market with some high-quality broadband providers to get a complete phone and internet bundle. While mobile is convenient to carry anywhere, a cordless or corded phone at home has various useful features

Are you not too familiar with the landline features? Want to know a bit more about the essential considerations? Our buying guide will help you gain all the information you need to make the best choice for your household. Keep reading below! 

What is a landline phone

It is a telephone for household use that works by matching it to a provider company. There are many choices available with landlines. The most popular nowadays are cordless handsets because they offer portability and a long range. They work by using a landline frequency that transmits signals to your device. 

The best cordless phones come with a base station on which the phone rests to recharge when it’s not in use. Many retailers include a single handset, a twin pack or more, making them perfect for larger families to join in on calls simultaneously.

Why should you get a home telephone?  

While mobiles phones are the obvious choice for calls on the go, a home telephone has its place within households. There are a few advantages to owning a home telephone that still make them a handy device to have. Let’s have a look at the most significant benefits of landlines. 

1. They are more affordable than mobiles

Sure, mobiles can be fancy and have all the latest tech features, but that comes with an upped price. If you want a simple, no bells and whistles telephone, you can agree that a landline is a much more affordable option. They can get the job done equally well, if not even better. The most inexpensive options can start from as little as £20

2. They offer ease of use for the non-tech savvy. 

The latest phones are complete with touch screen technology and other features that make them too complicated for the non-tech savvy. If you're looking for a simple solution, these are the perfect device for you. Many seniors enjoy having landlines for their household because they make phone calls a straightforward process of just pressing the numbers and the green call big button. The functionality is excellent, and you can't miss a call thanks to the loud ringer

3. Some models include VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as internet calling. Some devices come with this feature, allowing you to use your broadband provider and wirelessly connect to the internet to make calls to your loved ones living abroad. It is a low-budget option to make phone calls by using the internet, which will not end up costing a fortune. 

4. They have a longer battery

Another fantastic benefit to landlines is that they have a far longer battery than any other device. When you're using your mobile daily, you may have noticed that you need to recharge it after a few hours, or a maximum of one day. On the other hand, home telephones can last even up to a week on a single charge, thanks to their extended standby time. Once the phone is fully charged, you can enjoy non stop talking for hours on end. 

5. They can come with additional handsets.

Is your family large? Do you want to find a solution that is not too expensive for everyone to be able to speak on the phone? Some manufacturers include more than one handset on their cordless landlines so that you can have convenience when making calls. There are some options with twin handsets, two separate bases, and others with three or even four handsets

6. The call quality & sound quality is better than mobiles. 

Another advantage to landlines is that they have crystal clear and high-quality sound no matter where you are in the house. There may be times when you're on your mobile, and there is no service or low signal. With home phones, you have guaranteed reception regardless of a wired option or a wireless one. Also, when you’re on the phone, the call quality is excellent without any interference, and you’ll never have to ask your friend to repeat themselves. For the best product, find one that has adjustable volume controls. You can catch every sound down to a whisper hassle-free!

What to look for in a landline phone 

Are you interested in learning a bit more about the features that make a landline phone? No matter the type you pick, these features are must-haves for a worthy investment. Stay with us as we walk you through all the important considerations so that you make the best purchase possible. 

1. DECT Phone

Considering the most popular landlines are cordless phones, a DECT connection is an absolute necessity. DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, and it’s a system that wireless phones use to connect the phone to the base. Without the DECT system, your cordless phone will not work, so make sure that it has this system. 

2. Call Block Features

Many of the latest home telephones offer you the option to blacklist nuisance callers. This feature is very handy to have as many scammers try to lure you into traps to share your personal information, banking credentials and more. Also, if you don’t want to answer calls from certain people, you can manually add those numbers to your call blocking list and avoid unwanted interactions altogether. 

3. Speakerphone

If you prefer to talk on the phone without using your hand, many models offer hands-free functions with a speakerphone. This feature is convenient to have in situations where you are occupied, for example, while cooking. Also, it relieves some of the ear strain that you may have if you're on the phone for an extended period. 

4. Answer Machine

Having an answering machine on your phone is another important feature. If you're not able to pick up the phone, it's best to give whoever's calling you the option to leave you a message so that you can listen to it when you're available. Many manufacturers have this function included with a storage capacity from 20 minutes up to 1 hour. They also include big buttons to play, pause, slow play, rewind and fast-forward to listen to any message comfortably. 

5. Contacts Book

Do you struggle to memorise numbers by heart? Are you looking for a fast way to make calls? Many of the best home phones include an book that gives you a speedy solution instead of pressing numbers on the keypad. Also, you can find additional features that let you pick a few of your favourite or most called contacts and put them on a speed dial list. Some options have capacities from 30 up to 200 contacts. There may even be options to select different ringtones for each of those speed dial contacts to identify who's calling you even before checking the caller ID

6. Caller ID

Another excellent feature that many home landlines have is the ability to recognise who is calling you. Caller IDs are handy to have because they display the number on the screen. Also, if you have the book, you will see the name of the person calling you if it's one of the input numbers. With caller recognition, you can also have indicators such as call waiting when another person calls you while you’re on the phone. 

7. Calling Range

You should look through the product description to check how long of a wireless range your phone can have if it's a cordless telephone. The range is how far of a distance the phone can reach from its base. Many of the best cordless phones have a range from 50 to 300 metres. If you want to take calls in another room and the distance from the base is too far to work, we recommend going for a bundle pack with more than one headset

8. Bluetooth 

Some of the more advanced telephones have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity features that allow you to sync your mobile to them. This feature is convenient and lets you talk on a larger device to stay comfortable longer than holding your smaller smartphone. It's also a neat little trick to enjoy calling your friends over the internet with a Wi-Fi connection. 

9. Backlit LCD Screen

A colour display is practical because it gives you better readability of the number on the screen. Some phones have a grey colour screen, whereas others have a backlit LCD screen for easier viewing. This feature is not a dealbreaker, but it’s pleasant to have, especially if you’re purchasing the phone for elders.

Is a corded or cordless telephone better?  

Both options have advantages, but the most popular these days are cordless phones. In the past, most providers required that you had a wired telephone connection so that you could connect your internet lines. But, that's no longer the case as you could have a separate router for an Internet connection. 

A corded phone is more suitable for emergencies where there is a power outage or when your mobile doesn't have a signal. Another compelling reason that you might go for a corded telephone is that they are significantly cheaper as they're almost outdated nowadays. Besides that, the benefits of going for a cordless phone and the additional features that come with them are far more than any power outlet-run alternative. Features such as caller ID, nuisance call blocking and more are hard to find on a corded phone.  

Should your home telephone have an answering machine

A premium feature that might bump up the price a bit of your telephone is an answering machine. But, they offer versatility when you cannot pick up the phone, for example, when you're at work or out with friends. Answering machines can take your calls when you're away, record and store messages for you to listen to when you return and reroute calls to other devices. Most brands have a storage capacity between 30 minutes to 60 minutes for you to take messages from multiple calls at once. You can play them back with convenient buttons, including play, pause, forward and rewind

Can you block nuisance calls on landlines

Who doesn't hate when a telemarketing agency or someone cold calls you in the middle of the day? Nuisance call blocker eliminates any frustration with picking up the phone and having an automated message start. Many brands let you block unwanted callers so that you never have to worry about picking it up, while others let you manually create a list of numbers. Whatever the case may be, when the phone recognises that number, it will automatically reject the call or send it straight to voicemail. 

Single VS Multiple Handsets: Which one should you pick? 

Having multiple handsets is not something suitable only for office use. Larger families can benefit from having more than one device. Some retailers create bundle packs with twin, trio or quad handsets fit for medium and large-sized families so that you can have a telephone in various home locations. If you're living alone, then a single one will work well for you, but you can benefit from multiple handsets if one stops working. 

How much do landline telephones cost? 

Landline phones are not too expensive, considering most mobiles cost way more than them. Depending on the features that you have on your telephone, you can find multiple options from affordable to high end. The more premium features you want, the higher the price will be. 


The most low-cost landline phones can start from just £19.99 to £49.99 and have all the basic features you’re interested in. These can have a limited number of call blocking, shorter standby times, some VIP contacts and a phonebook. Keep in mind that many affordable cordless phones are available in the market in a single handset pack for this price range. 

High End

For a bit of an upped price, you can find some cordless telephones that come with multiple headsets from £50 to £100. These will have call blocking features up to 1000 numbers, a larger name directory, longer standby-time and eco mode for lower power consumption. You may also find improved versions with a special design ideal for elders, compatible with hearing aids. But, expect these to cost more than regular home telephones. 


Take as many calls as you want for hours of talking with your loved ones at home. The best landline phones give you a wide variety of functionalities with excellent call and sound quality. Pick the one that makes the most sense for you with all the features you will need. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you understand more about landlines and why people still like having them at home. Their long battery life and affordability makes them a must-have for family households. Who are you ringing first?

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