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Best 10 Label Makers

As Of July 2022

If you are in the midst of organizing your home or office, there is one device that you’ll need: The label maker! Label anything, from jars to files and boxes to keep track of your belongings. It’s one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to keep under control your house and business. Learn all you need to know about how to choose the best label maker for you here.
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1 woman using Dymo LetraTag Label Maker for photo album to label photographs

Dymo LetraTag Label Maker

4.8 /5

Best Label Maker Overall

  • Customize your labels as it has 5 fonts sizes, 7 print styles & 8 box styles
  • Preview your label before printing to ensure you love the result
  • Save time as you can save up to 9 labels in memory
  • Long-lasting battery thanks to its auto-off function
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2 woman using Dymo LabelManager Handheld Label Maker for labeling

Dymo LabelManager Handheld Label Maker

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Versatile

  • Its QWERTY keyboard makes label making as easy as ABC
  • Carry it in your purse as it’s lightweight & compact
  • Personalize your labels fully & add even symbols or cliparts
  • Peace of mind usage with 1-year limited warranty
3 Dymo Omega Home Embossing Label Maker on white background

Dymo Omega Home Label Maker

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Embossing

  • Create high-quality embossing labels with 42 different characters & symbols
  • Comfortable use for long hours by its ergonomic handle
  • Organize your kitchen jars & give them a retro flair with wide 3D labels
  • Hassle-free use with no batteries required
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4 Dymo LetraTag Label Maker on countertop

Dymo LetraTag Label Maker

4.5 /5

Ideal for Office or Home Use

  • Create labels you love with 5 font sizes, 7 print styles & 8 box styles
  • No guesswork as you can see the result on your screen before printing
  • No need to worry about shutting it off as it will automatically
  • Requires super easy to find AA batteries to work
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5 Brother Label Maker on white background

Brother Label Maker

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Stylish Label Printer

  • Won’t take up space in your office due to its compact design
  • Custom edit your labels on your smartphone using the free app
  • Super accessible even when you’re on the go with its Bluetooth connectivity
  • Forget about batteries, just recharge it via USB cable
6 woman using Brother Label Maker for labels

Brother Label Maker

4.5 /5

Ideal for Labeling Envelopes & Packages

  • High resolution labels up to 60mm wide & 59mm long
  • Perfect for long labels up to 1-meter thanks to its continuous roll option
  • Set it up in no time & start using it for your address labelling
  • Quick printing as you can print up to 44 labels per minute
7 woman using purple Brother Label Maker for labeling photos and jars

Brother Label Maker

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Personalisation

  • Design labels, ribbons or tapes with unique messages that fit your style
  • Use it for various occasions like gift wrapping, wedding stationery & events
  • Anyone can use it as it has a straightforward functionality
  • Portable to carry it with you without hassle
8 DYMO LabelWriter Thermal Label Printer on office desk

DYMO LabelWriter Thermal Label Printer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Business Use

  • Many-sided to use for labelling mail, boxes, badges, you name it!
  • Print hassle-free in no time up to 51 labels per minute
  • Customize the prints on your PC or Mac with Dymo label software
  • Spent less money on ink thanks to its thermal printing technology
9 woman using Brother Label Maker for labels at the office

Brother Label Maker

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Cable Labelling

  • Keep it in the office for labelling from USBs to files & cabinets
  • So many fonts, frames & symbols to choose your favourite
  • Preview your creation before printing for happy outcomes
  • Laminated tapes that stand the test of time in various colours & sizes
10 Brother Label Maker on office desk

Brother Label Maker

4.5 /5

Ideal for Visitor Management Solution

  • Design your labels on your PC or smartphone for best results
  • Convenient with connectivity via USB, Ethernet, Wifi & Bluetooth
  • Cost-effective labelling without the need for ink or toner
  • Ultimate control of your printer through its andy backlit LCD screen

Labelling At Home or Office with The Best Label Makers

Do you want to organise your home or office? Suppose you want to keep track of the items in your home or office and quickly identify items without assessing the storage box's content. You can simply label the product and alert your household or employees about the new norm. Plus, branding is an essential part of business success as your dedicated customers can identify your products and support you. A critical piece of branding is the label on your product or even the shipping box.

While combining ad hoc labels with a Sharpie and some masking may get you results, investing in a DIY label maker will provide you with constant tags that look more visually appealing. 

If you wish to own a tag maker and put your home or business in order, this article will provide you with all the information you need. Let's begin! 

What is a Label Maker?

A label maker is a tiny computer that prints a custom tag on a self-adhesive label material or card stock, at some occasions embossed. This relatively small device comes with a built-in keyboard, enabling you to control the device and input the letters you want on your sticker. 

For example, suppose you have several identical or reused boxes in your home with no particular way for your household or employees to know what content they hold. In that case, you can print individual labels for the items. The keyboards allow you to insert a string of letters and produce the name of whatever is inside the box, saving you and every one the hassle of opening the wrong container. 

Unlike regular printers, tag makers can print with a wide range of synthetic polymer and paper materials. They also perform their task with different print mechanisms, meaning not all printers are made equal. 

Some come to bombard the print surface with powerful lasers and impact, while thermal printers strike the item with a lot of heat. Note that thermal printers come in two types:

  • Direct Thermal Printer:

A direct thermal printer works with heat-sensitive paper that looks identical to thermal fax papers. Labels made by this printer tend to drop in quality as time progresses - usually within 6 to 12 months. Additionally, you shorten the label's lifespan by exposing it to the elements such as direct sunlight, heat, or chemical vapour. For this reason, thermal tag makers are best for short durations, like when you need shipping labels or barcodes for sending some packages to a client.

  • Thermal Transfer Printers

The second type of thermal printer is the thermal transfer printer, also referred to as the heat transfer tag maker. This variant uses heat to convey ink from the ribbon on to the label to create a permanent inscription. Some printers of the same category can craft labels via direct thermal printing, making them fantastic for multiple tasks. As expected, the selling point of this variant is its longevity since it last way longer than direct thermal printers.

You can take things a step further and make your labels last longer by using PVC vinyl. This method is seen on pipe makers and industry safety labels. So, if you're looking for a branding material that'll never fade or wash off, consider the thermal transfer printer. 

Each label maker uses thermal printing technology, which is ideal for different scenarios; all you need to do is understand each variant and pick the one that best accomplishes the tasks you want. 

Why Do You Need a Label Maker?

As previously mentioned, labels are essential in this modern era as it enables customers to recognise their favourite brand and help homeowners stay organised. But, some people and even small businesses make the mistake of outsourcing their labels or create makeshift ones, which cost money and are inefficient. 

If your daily operations require you to use labels, here are our top picks and reasons why you should consider getting a tag maker. These include:

  • Reduces Delivery Time and Cost

Naturally, the first benefit of manufacturing your labels for business or personal use means you'll reduce some unnecessary costs. These costs can be in terms of time and money as the delivery time for tags can be painfully long, and the price is often higher than printing one yourself. 

You can have your labels whenever you need them by printing them out of your printer with any colour, inscription, or customisation you desire. You also dodge the massive overhead cost that comes with ordering labels, making it a worthwhile investment. 

  • Improves Launch Time for New Products

One factor that puts a business ahead of its competition is launching products and services after spotting an opportunity. Unfortunately, waiting for your branded labels to arrive may delay your release date and potentially damage your results. 

Fortunately, you can avoid this tagging problem and gain a first-mover advantage from your new products by having the stickers available instantly. 

  • Create Custom Labels When Necessary

If your business is versatile and offers a wide range of products, greeting labels for each item will slow down your production time. Additionally, businesses change their branding style during festive periods to reflect the holiday spirit like Christmas, independence day or even wedding stationery and birthdays. You can use the qwerty keyboard to customise your label design or clip art for each product, service and holiday, and increase your relevance while encouraging loyalty. 

  • Stay Organized

One significant use of tagging is the ability to keep your inventory organised since they're now easy to identify. Pick the right jar or the box you want from the cabinet without making any mess. You can simply read and pick up the item you want, eliminating the guesswork once and for all. So, consider getting a label maker to tag all your essential items and substitute potential chaos for a permanent order. 

For all these reasons, a tag maker is an excellent investment, whether you need it for home use or your business. If you need it for both, consider getting an all-in-one tag maker that will allow you to create address labels for shipping boxes to tagging your cookie jars in your pantry. 

What to Look For When Buying A Label Maker

As they come at varying prices, size and features, you need a better understanding of how to get your ideal label maker. Below we’ve rounded up some simple features you need to look for when you are in the market for a tag maker

1. Longevity of Print

It will depend on what purpose the tag maker will serve; if it involves tagging something that'll need the sticker for a long time, you need to acquire a printer that creates permanent labels. On the other hand, if the labelled item will last no longer than a year, you can opt for ones with shorter durability. Also, consider where the tag may enter, such as a shower, freezer, or outside in the sun. Specific tag makers use a water-based ink that isn't resistant to water or excessive sunlight. 

2. Printing Speed

Printing speed doesn't matter much when you're printing single tags for small items in your home. But, if you're mass-producing stickers for hundreds of products daily, you'll need a lightning-fast tag maker

There are tag makers that can print up to 51 labels per minute without lowering the quality. This one is great for your business, but you might want to invest in something slower for home use as it will not affect you. 

3. Label Size

Speed and longevity are essential features, but they become irrelevant if the printer's label printing size doesn't reach your requirements. Label printers support a width range of 6, 9,12,18 or 24mm, depending on the brand and device. Estimate the dimensions of your current and future labels and buy one that can accommodate them. Keep in mind this factor in ensuring you get a tag maker that will be useful to you. 

4. Cost Per Label

No endeavour is worthwhile if the risk outweighs the reward, and the same applies to acquiring a tag maker for your business or personal use. Fortunately, the general rule of thumb for a tag maker is the more you spend to obtain it, the lower your cost of running. While this rule doesn't always work, it's more reliable than assuming that a label maker that costs half the price of another one is cheap. The cost of operating that less expensive one for a long time will significantly overshadow the more costly options. Thin about ink or toner and batteries. If you want to minimise your operating costs, consider purchasing one that doesn’t require ink or toner and has rechargeable batteries.

5. Applying the Label on the item

Depending on the usage, there are different ways to apply a label, and it may include manually using your hand. Using your hand doesn't produce any complications as you can slap the tag onto the product. On the other hand, using an automated process will need the label tape to be rewound into rolls or cut correct to suit the application process. Therefore, using a sheetfed printer will be useless if the label requires automation for application.

Should you Go for a Monochrome or a Colour Label Maker?

The cost of printing labels vary depending on the number of jobs, and the quality of printers produce. Nevertheless, each printer presents advantages that may benefit your business and personal finance. 

Below is a brief review of both label makers:

Monochrome Label Makers

Monochrome means "having one colour", and that's what this printer possesses. The monochrome printer produces tags by using only black ink. But, this single ink doesn't mean every product will be pitch black. A monochrome tag maker can print different shades of grey depending on the image resolution and the printer's droplets per inch (DPI). A good monochrome printer can produce excellent prints in grayscale. 

Advantages of Having a Monochrome Label Printer

  • They cost less than regular colour printers 
  • They print faster than colour printers 
  • Lower long term costs compared to coloured printers 
  • They produce high-resolution prints
  • Lower cost to print bulk items compared to colour printers 

Ultimately, having a monochrome tag maker will save you time and money; they are less tricky to repair and print items faster than colour printers of the same calibre. While these benefits may come at a loss of vibrant colours, it's a worthwhile investment if your needed tags don't require colours. 

Colour Label Makers

As the name implies, colour tag makers have different formatting as they make high-quality tags with vibrant colours throughout the visible spectrum. This feat is possible by combining a mix of primary colours like black, cyan, yellow, magenta, etc., to produce a visually appealing output. 

Naturally, these printers are more expensive than their monochrome opposites but are ideal for engaging with your audience on a deeper level. Fundamentally, coloured tag makers produce tags with generally more life and quality. 

Advantages of Having a coloured Label Printer

  • It makes your message more memorable to the viewer 
  • Increases the viewer's attention span
  • Improves brand recognition 
  • Accommodates more vibrant colours for branding
  • Raises brand functionality
  • they capture the viewer's attention better than monochrome content 

While coloured label printers are more expensive, they offer various benefits that result in easy label making. They help improve customer attention, motivation, comprehension, and retention, which you need during your marketing campaign. They are quite the splurge, though, when it comes to home use.

What connection type do you need for your label maker?

Most tag makers use one or more connection types to execute their actions, but the most common option is a USB cable. This method comes with a few drawbacks as the labeller must remain tethered to another device, making mobility difficult. Additionally, if USB is the only mode of connecting, the device will not connect to the internet or any network without acting as the point server. 

Fortunately, some models support Bluetooth, WiFi, and WiFi direct association, and they make the printer part of your network of computers. Bluetooth and wireless compatibility are the best as your device is connected to the internet, making it a portable tag maker for any occasion. 

It's worth noting that the association type depends on how you'll connect the device to your Mac, Android, or other Apple devices. Ensure to purchase one that comes with a rechargeable battery and is compatible with a range of devices including Android and iOS to create labels with no hassle. 

How Much Should you Spend on a Label Maker?

Having a label printer in your home or business is a worthwhile investment if your daily or weekly activities require a lot of tagging. Owning this device can save you time, money, and electricity thanks to the AAA batteries. If you wish to acquire one, it's important to note the cost.

  • Affordable Label Makers' Price Range:

Label printers in this category are also referred to as budget tag makers as they cost as little as £15 to £30 online. While these are cheap, they perform excellently. Some might print slower than others, and their longevity is questionable; nevertheless, they are an excellent option for home use.

  • Average Label Makers' Price Range:

Labels in the average price range typically cost £30 to £60, and they are the standard options available in regular offices. They function correctly, print labels of reasonable quality, and do not disappoint in printing speed. They are worth having in your business.

  • High-End Label Makers' Price Range:

The expensive versions range from £60 to over £100, and the price is due to the elegant features it provides, like connectivity and excellent printing quality. Sometimes, a handheld tag maker comes with hot-keys that automatically produce label templates for the user, making their work quick and easy. 


To sum up, we can agree that printing labels is essential for businesses and well-organized homeowners and having an effective tag maker is guaranteed to save you time and money while improving your productivity. 

Therefore, if your business or household requires labels and tags on a daily or weekly basis, consider getting a label maker. Also, if you're confused about which label printer to buy, consider revisiting the section on this guide as they contain all you need to know about getting the best products for that money.

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