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Best 10 Knife Sharpeners

As Of July 2022

When was the last time you sharpened your knife? Probably never? We often forget to sharpen the knives and tend to throw them away as soon as they become worn. What you need is the ultimate sharpener gadget that will increase your knives’ shelf life. Use them once or twice a year to ensure that you don’t have to get a new one every now and then. Interested?
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1 AnySharp World's Best Knife Sharpener on white background

AnySharp World's Best Knife Sharpener

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Increase your knife’s shelf life with its diamond sharpening precision
  • Enjoy the versatility with its “sharp anything” feature
  • Have an assured quality functioning with the 2-year warranty
  • Use securely with its knife-edge safety
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2 AnySharp Pro Metal World's Best Knife Sharpener on white background

AnySharp Pro Metal World's Best Knife Sharpener

4.7 /5

Best for Heavy-Suction

  • It saves you energy & sweat with its gentle pressure functioning
  • Waste no time as you can sharpen the knife in one go
  • Requires little storage space thanks to its compact size
  • Enjoy being a novice with its ‘no skill needed’ operation
3 SHARPAL 191H Kitchen Chef Knife and Scissors Sharpenera on white background

SHARPAL 191H Kitchen Chef Knife and Scissors Sharpener

4.6 /5

Ideal for Multipurpose Use

  • It gives you an all-in-one feature by sharpening your scissors, too
  • Store it in a drawer thanks to its compact size
  • Have peace of mind with its quality after-sales service
  • Works even when there is no electricity with its battery-operated feature
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4 Lantana Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener on white background

Lantana Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener

4.5 /5

Best for Restoring Old Knives

  • Made for both right & left handlers with an ergonomic design
  • Ensures maximum safety with its non-slip rubber base
  • Stay truly satisfied as a customer with their 24/7 support
  • Save money by increasing the knife’s life span with just 3 to 4 strokes
5 Robert Welch Hand-Held Knife Sharpener on white background

Robert Welch Hand-Held Knife Sharpener

4.5 /5

Ideal for Precise Sharpening

  • Have the exact sharpening you need with its angle wise sharpening technique
  • Increases the knife’s shelf life with its hassle-free operation
  • Get ready to chop some veggies in no time with its efficient operation
  • Worry-free usage with a 25-year guarantee
Warranty Safety Ribbon
6 PRO Sharpener on white background

PRO Sharpener

4.5 /5

Ideal Choice for Diverse Materials

  • Spend less time & money with its top-notch built quality
  • Anyone can use it as it has a super uncomplicated operation
  • Eases your cooking by bringing back the cutting edge
  • Have freedom while using it with its two-stage design
7 iToncs Knife Sharpener on white background

iToncs Knife Sharpener

4.5 /5

Best for Multiple Stage Sharpening

  • Get the latest sharpener version with its 3 stage knife sharpening
  • It saves you all the time with its 3-second brand new knife function
  • It lets you relax with its one choice fits all approach
  • Makes the appliance secure with an anti slip design
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
8 Fuji Merchandise on white background

Fuji Merchandise

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Safety

  • Reduce the chance of accidents with its stone-like structure
  • Experience the traditional way to sharpen knives with its age-old design
  • Have sharp knives in just a few minutes
  • Money-saving as it will last you for years
Ideal Gift Ribbon
9 AnySharp Pro Metal on white background

AnySharp Pro Metal

4.5 /5

Ideal for Sleek Design

  • Maximum security & free movement with a hands-free operation
  • Comfortable grip for effortless using as it has a powerful suction gripping
  • Don’t worry about damages with its 10-year warranty
  • Fits anywhere & everywhere due to its compact size
10 Taylor’s Eye Witness Knife Sharpener on white background

Taylor’s Eye Witness Knife Sharpener

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Long-Lasting Usage

  • Feel safe to use without worrying with a forever guarantee
  • Works without any external support as it’s battery or electricity-less
  • Gives you the essence of versatility with its sharp everything function
  • No money wasted as it comes with a lifelong repair & replacement

Your chopping chore just got faster!

Do you also get annoyed when you try to prepare meals, only to realise you have a blunt knife? Are you tired of replacing your kitchen knives now and then? Well, not anymore! We have the perfect solution for you to increase the shelf-life of your knives. You can get rid of the regular knife changing schedule now! Our guide lists 10 of the best knife sharpeners that exist in the market. They come with advanced functionalities. They also help you sharpen your kitchen knives and scissors. They save you the time, effort and cost of having to deal with dull knives every other month.

We discuss in detail why you even need a knife sharpener and how they are essential. Not only that, but we will also help you choose the perfect knife sharpener for you. If you are ready to sharpen those edges, continue reading to discover the best kitchen knife sharpeners that are a must-have in every household!

What is a knife sharpener?

As the name suggests, a knife blade sharpener is a tool that is used to sharpen your dull knives. It sharpens the knife's edges, making them more efficient in cutting through foods. The device is designed to hone the cutting edges or sharp steel blades of the standard or ceramic knives and scissors daily.

They’re available both as hand devices and electric. They come in different shapes, sizes and variants. Manual sharpeners are considered countertop utensils. They are easy to use and do not require any external support like batteries or electricity. They generally come in a stone with a minimum thickness of 12mm, like whetstones. On the other hand, electrical knife sharpening tools are used to ease, simplify, and fasten the sharpening process. Electric knife sharpeners especially fit households that extensively use knives daily and require to sharpen them frequently.

Why do you need a knife sharpener?

All sorts of knives benefit from regular maintenance. Routine honing ensures a longer life for the knife set. It works by cutting through things without much pressure. With worn out knives, you need to apply more pressure to cut. This, in turn, results in losing the knife’s grip while using it. It is a hazardous situation as one wrong move can cut through your skin and injure you. Knife sharpeners also enable you to be more efficient in cutting all items easily, simply and quickly.

Here is why you need a knife sharpener:

  • Save time

It sharpeners your knives in a matter of a few minutes. Once sharpened, the blades turn back to new. They start cutting through objects efficiently. It saves you the time of working with a blunt knife. The duller a knife is with its dull blades, the more pressure you put while cutting through foods. This results in putting more effort into the process and making it risky. On the contrary, sharp knives get eliminated, and everything is done almost in like a snap of a finger.

  • Electric knife sharpeners eliminate manual effort

 As convenient as manual knife sharpeners can get, electric sharpeners will always have an advantage over them. This is because electric sharpeners operate on a battery and do everything with automation. It eliminates even the tiniest bit of manual effort that could go into the knife sharpening process. It instead gets the work done within seconds

  • It saves you money in the long term

Without a knife sharpener, you are most likely to replace 3 to 4 knives a year. You can reuse a single knife for years without worrying about deteriorating edges when you invest in a knife sharpener. Whenever you feel the knife has lost its sharpness, use the sharpener. It will save you the money you would continue spending on new knives.

  • It adds convenience to your cooking

Most knife sharpeners in the market are super convenient to use and are compact in size. This makes the functioning even more manageable, with not much storage space occupied in the kitchen drawer. Whether manual or electric, knife sharpeners almost work on their own. All you need to do is place the knives on the tool and wait for it to work its wonders.

  • They are versatile

They come in varieties you cannot even imagine. Knives around the world have different angles suiting different cultures and households. For example, the Japanese and Asian styles in general, mostly have it at an edged angle of 15 degrees, whereas the latter has it at a 20-degree angle. To cater to all sorts of knives, you can buy sharpeners that work as a one size fits all tool. If you need specific sharpeners, those are available in the market, too. From small-sized to the large ones, affordable to the expensive ones –  they work with all types of knives. Hence, they prove to be one of the most versatile tools ever.

What to look for when buying a knife sharpener?

There are certain things you must keep in mind while buying a knife sharpener. Everybody has different needs and requirements. The types of knives differ and it is vital that you get the tool that perfectly suits them all. Here are the things you must look for when buying one:

1. Edge angle

An edge angle, in simple terms, is the angle at which you cut the cutting edge into the knife’s side to form a razor-sharp tip. This depends on the type of knife you are using and trying to sharpen. A sharpener should accommodate the knife you are explicitly using, whether a best chef's knife or a bread knife.

2. Composition

The composition is important while choosing the best knife sharpener. The most common sharpening stones are whetstones, waterstones, diamond and oil stones. Each of them has pros and cons of its own, depending on the exact type of knife you are trying to sharpen. Professional chef's choice is the diamond stone and whetstone sharpeners as the best option to sharpen their knives. This is because they’re the most durable, quick and strong. Other stones are preferred by people using different kinds of knives like bread or carving knives.

3. Durability

When you sharpen your knives, you are helping maintain them for the long run. Hence, it would be best if you always looked for sharpeners that will sharpen your knives to the best of their capacity. A sharpener that is easy to maintain and retains efficacy is the right choice.

4. Functionality

The most important thing to look for when buying a knife sharpener is the functionalities and convenience involved. The better the features, the safer it is to use it as a sharpener. While selecting a knife sharpener, you should keep in mind that it must protect you against injuries, minimise frustration and leave no room for error.

Should you sharpen your knife often?

Knives shall be sharpened a few times a year. It is recommended to sharpen them every few months but not every single month. It also depends on how much you use them. If they are in regular use, honing them 4 to 5 times a year is enough. Do not sharpen your knife more than needed. This leads to damaging your knife’s material on its top layer and shortening its life span instead.

But, it is recommended to hone the edges of the stainless steel knife at least once or twice a week as this ensures the longevity of the knife.

How much should you spend on a knife sharpener?

They are available in a variety of price ranges. From affordable to expensive, they came with different functionalities and features. The high-end knife sharpeners are more advanced, but the affordable ones are no less. They do their work well and ensure that your knives stay sharp with utmost safety! Here are the price ranges in which knife sharpeners are available:

  • Affordable

The affordable range starts from £5 and goes up to £15. They are primarily manual and handheld sharpeners, like honing steel or honing rod, and minor in structure but deliver sharp edges nevertheless. They are easy to use and maintain your knives sharp in less than 15 seconds. They come with plastic guards to protect your fingers and keep them safe during the process. Most of these sharpeners suit well with all kinds of knives. They are mostly made of diamond-honed tungsten carbide. Some come with a reversible feature that gives you a double lifespan of the sharpener. 

  • Mid-range

The mid-range knife sharpeners start for £15 and go up to £30. They mostly come in the electric range and have advanced features. They suit people who have no experience sharpening knives. In most cases, it utilises a two-stage sharpening wheel system and makes precisely angled edges in the first stage. The second stage helps in polishing the blade and makes it as razor sharp as possible. The entire process only takes under 30 seconds to complete and give you a brand new knife in no time. These electric sharpeners are operated on a battery. They have long durability, giving you a perfect blade finish every time you use them. They are all available online, including high-quality Japanese knives.

  • High-end

The high-end range of knife sharpeners start from £30 and have no upper limit. Most of them cost around $50, and some even cross the £100 mark. They are the most advanced tool in the whole category, coming with high quality. They come with 100% patented diamond abrasives. They promise to accommodate sports, hunting, straight edges, and even serrated knives with serrated blades amongst the standard knives used by chefs and homeowners. It comes with a firm grip and solid slip base that prevents the tool from slipping off the surface, most likely like a chopping board. A soft-touch handle with a suction pad is a special edition! This provides a secure and comfortable grip to you while honing the knives on a not so smooth surface. These come with a two-stage and three-stage system


Now, you can confidently pick the best one for your kitchen. From manual sharpeners to electric ones, the guide covers all of them in-depth. We discuss the crucial points you need to consider while searching for the best sharpening tools and why it is essential to have one at your home.

They extensively increase the lifespan of your knives and provide versatility to all kinds of knives, irrespective of their usage and materials. It is one kind, fits all tool. It cuts down on your time and cost when purchasing and replacing knives all year round. Our buying guide helps you answer all the questions you may have about getting your first one. Ready to freshen up your kitchen knives

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