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Best 10 Kitchen Sinks

As Of July 2022

What’s one thing that’s never missing from a kitchen? A kitchen sink is the most invaluable fixture. Make it the highlight of your home remodelling by getting it right. Here's your chance to choose a unit that speaks to your family life. We all agree that it won't be a walk in the park. But these kitchen sinks are the best selections for any kitchen. Want to find out more?
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1 Respekta Alineo on kitchen countertop

Respekta Alineo

4.8 /5

Best Kitchen Sink Overall

  • Perfect for the modern kitchen thanks to its mineralite finish
  • Clean large pots hassle-free in the spacious bowl
  • Don’t fuss over countertop draining; the board will do it for you
  • Experience high impact and shock resistance on its composite material
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2 Korvo Workstation Ledge on kitchen countertop

Korvo Workstation Ledge

4.7 /5

Most Versatile Choice

  • Enjoy fast and easy cleanup on its smooth hand-polished edges
  • More space for better living thanks to the golden tiny R design
  • No more stagnant water as the X grooves speed up water outflow
  • Never listen to water draining, thanks to the superior soundproofing
3 Bristan Inset Inox on white background

Bristan Inset Inox

4.6 /5

Most Innovative Pick

  • Fit a kitchen tap effortlessly with the pre-fitted tap base
  • Multitask worry-free as it includes a bowl, half bowl, and a large draining area
  • Keep it for years due to its corrosion and rust resistance on its stainless-steel surface
  • Save money as it comes with everything you need
4 Mizzo Design on white background

Mizzo Design

4.5 /5

Best Compact Option

  • Fit it neatly in tight nooks as it’s only 18cm long
  • Built to last a long time thanks to the heavy and sturdy construction
  • Place it above or below the counter stress-free as it comes with instructions
  • No divider to bump into, so utensils sit nicely at the bottom
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5 Astracast Sierra on white background

Astracast Sierra

4.5 /5

Ideal for Scratch Resistant

  • Make your kitchen look brighter with its attractive white design
  • Place hot pots with no worries on the heat-resistant Teflite material
  • Install it on any work surface since it’s ultra-light
  • Choose to drain on the left or right side as it comes with two tap holes
6 Franke Gemini on white background

Franke Gemini

4.5 /5

Top Reversible Choice

  • Make any space stand out as it comes in an exciting granite design
  • Clean up hassle-free on the Tectonite that is heat & scratch-resistant
  • Simply wipe the coated surface as it will never stain
  • Enjoy it in the same colour for years since it has UV protection
7 Pyramis on kitchen countertop


4.5 /5

Best Top Mount

  • Wash dishes without difficulty since you can have the drain on any spot
  • Never experience flooding thanks to the ergonomic drain on the board
  • More cabinet storage as it has a compact design
  • Pairs well with any decorations thanks to its nickel finish
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
8 Reginox on kitchen countertop


4.5 /5

Best Ceramic

  • Achieve a classic look with its sleek white & neutral design
  • Practical for small kitchens but big enough for large pots and pans
  • Drain on either side as it has two pre-punched holes
  • Withstands the wear of family life since ceramic is super durable
9 Kukoo on white background


4.5 /5

Top Double Bowl Pick

  • Spend less as it comes in a bundle with an included mixer tap
  • Installing is a breeze since it comes with a free plumbing kit
  • This sink will keep its shape thanks to the 0.9mm thick stainless steel
  • Mess-free cleanups thanks to the corrosion-resistant exterior
10 VidaXL on kitchen countertop


4.5 /5

Best Granite

  • Dishes sit nicely in the extra-deep bowl
  • Enjoy easy debris removal with the included basket strainer
  • This timeless addition is stain, scratch, heat, and impact-resistant thanks to the granite build
  • Easy DIY installation since it’s an overmount sink

Superior Cooking and Cleaning With The Best Kitchen Sinks

Do you find yourself wishing you have a Pinterest-worthy kitchen sink? Are you looking for one with accessories such as a chopping board, colander and more? 

As the focal point of your kitchen, a sink is one of those design features that can make or break your kitchen decor. You may want a timeless copper basin that tells the tales of your cooking or a trendy farmhouse to draw attention to your beautiful style. And, considering the kitchen is the most used space in your home, organising it neatly can make the biggest difference.

However, a simple online search reveals countless models. What's a drop-in or a worktop? Do you need an undermount sink? All these terms can leave you confused. Luckily, we've done more than wet our feet in the search for the best kitchen sinks. Combine them with a kitchen mixer tap and you’ll be ready to do the dishes in no time!

Let's help you make sense of it all by choosing the perfect kitchen sink that echoes the appeal of your kitchen. 

What Is a Kitchen Sink?

A kitchen sink is a bowl that's part of your plumbing fixtures in the kitchen. You can use it for cleaning dishes or washing your hands and vegetables. Sinks have faucets that supply the water for cleaning. 

Some kitchen basins also double as worktops. They can accommodate a chopping board. Additionally, sinks have a drainer to remove used water. Most include a basket strainer to filter out solid debris. 

What To Look for When Buying a Kitchen Sink

The sink's function and aesthetic are essential if you're going to meet your family's needs. The model you choose will dictate how seamlessly your kitchen functions. If you make the wrong choice, you'll end up regretting it because it's not something you can take out easily. So, before you make a choice, let's look at some of the things you should keep in mind. 

1. Material

There are lots of different materials in the world of kitchen sinks. The one you pick will matter as it should be long-lasting and high-quality to withstand years of wear and tear. Let’s have a look at each material and its differences.

  • Granite

Granite kitchen sinks are luxurious as they are made by spraying an acrylic and granite blend over a resin base. The material can resist all sorts of food stains and heat. 

Another version of granite sinks is composite sinks. Instead of acrylic, granite is mixed with quartz and poured over the resin. The sink gives you the same visual appeal as granite, but it is also scratch-resistant. This type of granite sink is gaining popularity thanks to its natural touch, and it’s super easy to clean. 

  • Stainless-Steel

This material is trendy in UK kitchens. It's minimal yet modern. You'll find it easy to clean since it's scratch and stain-resistant. Still, stainless steel is affordable, and you can find it in different styles. As a result, it can fit the layout and design of most modern kitchens. 

  • Cast Iron

Perhaps the material that can stand the test of time most is cast iron. It boasts timeless fashion, plus its strength means it's very durable. Cast iron kitchen sinks have a porcelain enamel finish. This feature makes them easy to clean. They will also not show spots and stains. In addition, cast iron does not fade from wear and tear or exposure to sunlight. 

However, cast iron is highly heavy and expensive. And although it is heat-resistant, it can get damaged by sharp objects. What's more, it's not the easiest to assemble for DIY installation. 

  • Copper 

Copper is another durable material. It will never succumb to tarnish or rust. Equally important are its antimicrobial properties. It means it cannot harbour bacteria and viruses. But, copper will develop a patina over time because of its natural properties. 

2. Configuration

Do you have a single bowl or double in mind? Both have their pros and cons. 

Single bowl kitchen sinks are the best option for small kitchens. They offer spacious cleaning and soaking for large pots and pans. A good example is the Mizzo Design since it provides easy manoeuvre in a limited space kitchen. 

Double bowl sinks, on the other hand, are popular in spacious kitchens. These sinks have a divider along the midsection to separate workspaces. As such, they are perfect for big families or entertaining. This is because they make cleanup easier. Plus, you have more time between having to do the dishes. 

3. Size 

Before settling on the size of a kitchen sink, you'll want to keep in mind how often you use the sink. If you're not an avid cook, there's no need to overspend on a large model. However, if your counter space allows, it's best to go for a bigger sink than a small one. 

Also, pay attention to the depth and scale of design when considering the size. For example, a farmhouse sink can overwhelm a small kitchen. Undermount sinks can be space-saving solutions.

The depth of the sink base cabinet dictates the depth of the kitchen sink you choose.  You'll want to consider how much space is needed for plumbing if you select an ultra-deep sink. 

4. Number of Holes 

Taps, sprayers, and sink-mounted dispensers all have holes that must coordinate with the sink's tap holes. Many have between 1-4 holes. While a one-hole faucet can work with a three-hole sink, a one-hole sink cannot work with a three-hole tap

5. Drainer Position 

Most sinks have a centred drainer. But you will find those with a handed drainer where it's on the left or right corner of the sink. Others are reversible such that you can install the sink facing the direction you choose. 

6. Garbage Disposal 

Consider how much clearance and space you need for disposal installation. Most people upgrade their waste disposal when updating the sink. In this case, the depth and height of the base cabinet will determine if disposal installation is possible. That way, you can leave your kitchen bin empty for other everyday garbage disposals.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks come in different styles. From drop-in sinks to traditional farmhouse sinks, they can be a bit intimidating. Here are the most popular options. 

  • Farmhouse Sinks

Also known as apron-front sinks, these are large bowls that have a front wall. The wall serves as both the front of the countertop and the front of the sink. 

Most farmhouse kitchen sinks are fixed on a freestanding table or country house-style cabinets. They can be ceramic kitchen sinks to granite composite and fireclay models. 

Once popular in the farmhouse kitchen, apron-front sinks are making a comeback in the modern kitchen. 

  • Top Mount Vs. Undermount Kitchen Sink

A top-mount sink is also known as a drop-in. This type of sink is installed from above. You may have to cut a hole into the counter material to insert it from above based on its template. After which, the sink is caulked to the countertop with silicone. It is the simplest for do-it-yourself installation

Undermount sinks like Belfast sinks install from underneath the counter. They eliminate the rim or lip that rests on top of the counter. Undermount kitchen sinks make cleanup easier since you can sweep water and crumbs right into the sink. 

  • Workstation Sinks

The workstation designs are the most popular for new kitchen designs. These sinks include movable accessories such as cutting boards, colanders, grids, and roll-up drying racks. They make it easier during food preparation. Having a worktop can make your cooking experience that much more enjoyable and easy.  

  • Corner Sinks

These are double basins set at right angles from each other. Corner sinks can be L-shaped or rectangular. They create a flexible counter configuration and better utilisation of under sink storage. 

Which Material Should You Choose Best for Your Home?

Every kitchen sink material has its pros and cons. But for most homes, it comes down to granite vs stainless steel. Of the two materials, we recommend granite sinks. They are luxurious, but they also come in all sorts of styles to make a unique kitchen. 

Not to mention, granite can withstand high temperatures and is corrosion and stain-resistant. Granite adds a natural appeal to any home. 

Now, if you want an affordable option, a stainless-steel kitchen sink is ideal. It may not give your kitchen a fancy facelift, but you'll not deal with a melting surface if you place hot pots on it. It's also easy to clean. But over time, you will deal with visible scratches from years of use. 

Which Sink Is The Easiest to Maintain?

A stainless-steel kitchen sink is the easiest to maintain. The nonporous work surface does not acquire stains over time. Due to the solid material, it will not break, chip, or crack. Also, it's easy to sterilise when you need to remove harmful bacteria and germs.

Other materials require a bit more muscle strength on your end to remove dirt and debris from the sink's bottom, plus they might deteroriate faster over time. 

How Much Should You Spend on a Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks are priced according to the material, type, and size. For example, a single bowl ceramic sink can cost £200 - £650 while a single bowl, stainless steel, costs around £80 - £300. A 1.5 stainless-steel starts at £80 and can go up to £800 for a double one. 

Granite composite sinks start at £120 for single bowl models and up to £700 for double bowl sinks. Cast iron kitchen sinks are the most expensive. A single bowl can cost £400 and up to £1800 for a double sink. 

It all depends on your needs. But whatever you do, please don't match a cheap sink with an expensive faucet


The best kitchen sink can complete the dream you've always had of a perfect kitchen. As the heart of your home, you'll want only the most functional yet aesthetically appealing kitchen sink for your kitchen. If you feel like you want to splurge a bit more, you can DIY a kitchen island! Our list goes through the top options on the market. Whether you want a fancy 1.5 bowl or like the convenience of a workstation, our choices are thoughtfully researched to meet your needs. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you better understand these fantastic home essential accessories. Upgrading your kitchen is just a click away. Trust us. You'll not regret it! Are you ready to get that hot water running?

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