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Best 10 Kitchen Scales

As Of July 2022

Our moms usually use a more slapdash approach when it comes to cooking & baking, using phrases such as a pinch of sugar, a handful of nuts or just sprinkle some thyme. If you want to bring your A-game on baking & cooking, you need a kitchen weighing scale to enhance your culinary practices. Sometimes they can be a bit underestimated, but that shouldn’t be the case. Find the best for you here!
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1 salter digital kitchen scale

Salter Stainless Steel Digital Weighing Scale

Accurate measurements
4.9 /5

Best Kitchen Scale Choice

  • Improve your cooking results & time with accurate readings of multiple ingredients in the same bowl
  • Convert with a tap in grams, ounces, pounds or even millilitres
  • Read clearly the measurements even with a large bowl on
  • Effortless clean with just a wipe
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2 RENPHO Smart Digital Scale weighting avocados

RENPHO Smart Digital Scale

4.9 /5

Best Smart Kitchen Scale

  • Keep a nutrition diary & eat healthier as it calculates your nutrients
  • Connect via Bluetooth to the app & improve your coffee’s flavour
  • Precise readings for both solids & liquids
  • Use just one bowl to measure your food due to its tare & auto-zero function
Smart scale product ribbon
3 salter digital kitchen scale

Salter Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Ultra-slim design
4.9 /5

#2 Kitchen Scale Choice

  • Fits anywhere in your kitchen with its ultra-slim design
  • Change simply with a tap between metric & imperial measurements
  • Weigh any liquids it the same scale so no need of a dosing jug
  • Easy to maintain clean thanks to its hygienic stainless steel surface
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4 adoric digital kitchen scale

ADORIC Digital Scale

Tare Function
4.8 /5

Top Choice for Compact Kitchen Scale

  • Add & weigh all ingredients on the same or various utensils with the tare service
  • Best cooking & baking results with high precision in weighing
  • Create recipes for all the family with its large weight capacity
  • Easy to find & replace its two AAA batteries
5 AccuWeight digital kitchen scale

ACCUWEIGHT Digital Kitchen Scale

Less cleaning, more enjoying
4.7 /5

Best Value For Money Kitchen Scale

  • Weigh multiple ingredients on containers thanks to its tare & auto-zero function
  • Fits any bowl size for weighing due to its large platform
  • Healthier clean environment as it is easy to clean
  • Hassle-free battery change thanks to its lift-up compartment
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6 Ascher Portable Disc Pocket Scale on white background

Ascher Portable Disc Pocket Scale

Detachable Mixing Bowl
4.7 /5

Ideal for Touch Display

  • Less clutter in your kitchen as it has a compact design
  • Detach & clean effortlessly for multiple uses
  • Ease-of-use as you can weigh just the contents, not the containers with the tare feature
  • Change quickly between ounces to kilograms
7 Adoric digital kitchen scale

Adoric Digital Weighing Machine

Hole for hanging
4.6 /5

Ideal for Small Kitchens

  • Best & same taste results in recipes every time with accurate readings
  • More space on your worktop as you can simply hang it
  • Durable stainless-steel construction for long-lasting performance
  • Easy access to battery slot for fast change
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8 Exzact digital kitchen scale

Exzact Electronic Scale

Low-battery & Overload Error Indicator
4.5 /5

Top Choice for Baking with Bowl

  • Create less mess as you can weigh in the same bowl without removing the previous contents
  • Suitable for both dry ingredients & volume of liquids
  • Detach the large stainless steel bowl for multiple uses
  • No worrying about low-battery it will let you know
9 ACCUWEIGHT Digital Kitchen Scale

ACCUWEIGHT Digital Kitchen Scale

Anti-fingerprint Technology
4.4 /5

Ideal for Coffee Lovers

  • Quick responses while adding or removing small quantities
  • Experience better bake results thanks to its high accuracy
  • Coffee lovers will love preparing coffee with precision
  • No more nasty, persistent fingerprints
10 Ozeri Pronto Multifunction Food Scale

Ozeri Pronto Multifunction Food Scale

Large Platform
4.3 /5

Ideal for Families

  • Weighs both dry ingredients & volume of liquids
  • Less time weighing & more time cooking with the automatic tare service
  • Larger bowls fit great due to its large weighing platform
  • The battery lasts longer thanks to the auto on & off after two minutes

How to be a better cook & baker with the right kitchen scale!

Weigh, Bake, Repeat! Whether you are baking or cooking the secret is weighing your ingredients for consistency in your culinary experience. Many, especially in cooking, use a more artistic approach. They claim to use any ingredient that feels right. And they use as much as they want. But what happens when you love the taste, and you cannot repeat the result? That’s when frustration kicks in.

Guesswork benefited no one. Cooking shouldn’t be a crossword puzzle; it should be fun and carefree. If cooking is fun, then baking should turn your kitchen into an amusement park of colours and delicious creations! This is what digital kitchen scales are for! They turn into your little helper or sous-chef if you like, and make your life easier and healthier. The kitchen scale deserves a place among your kitchen appliances like your electric knives as it can turn you into a better cook and baker! See how!

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is beneficial for far more than just weighing your recipe, and it is useful whether you are a chef or a home cook. It’s one of those gadgets your kitchen needs to own. Here is why:

1.Accuracy & Consistency

Using a digital kitchen scale offers you highly precise readings each time you cook. This is proven most helpful when baking. Baking requires all ingredients to be accurately measured in order to create the recipes right. Most kitchen scales weigh up to a maximum capacity of five kg in 1g increase. It might seem little compared to bathroom scales, but 5kg are more than enough for weighing food. How much cake can you put in the cake tin? More than 5kg? Don't think so!


Digital scales also work as a converter. This comes really handy when the recipe calls for 100grams, and you are not familiar with the measurement system. The scale can easily convert it for you with the tap of a button.

3.Portion Control

If you are trying to follow a healthier lifestyle or to lose weight, a kitchen scale can be a game-changer. It helps you weigh your ingredients and meals so you can eat the right portions. Get the results you are aiming for quick & easy.

4.Less Mess

They can measure from dry components to liquid by using only one bowl for all measurements. This results in faster measurements and less washing up at the same time. Mess-free baking and cooking? Yes, please!

5.Coffee to Cocktails

In the specialty coffee industry, people measure the coffee to water ratio to create more flavorful cups of coffee. If you want to enjoy the same results at home, a kitchen scale can give you this. Moreover, bartenders also measure their ingredients to mix beverages. Create your favourite drinks and cocktails at home easily with a digital scale.

6. Ease-of-use

Kitchen scales are very easy to use. Most have two buttons, one for changes between grams to ounces to millilitres etc and another for taring previous ingredients in order to measure the next added ingredient. It doesn’t get more simple than this.

What features should I look for before buying a kitchen scale?

There are a few features that you should look for in search of your ideal kitchen scale. Here is a list of these:

Maximum Capacity

Think of how much you need to weigh. For the average domestic kitchen, a three-to-five kilograms capacity should be enough. But have in mind that this includes the maximum weight of the ingredients as well as the weight of any bowl or tray you use.

Weighing platform

You need to have a large enough platform to hold most of your ingredients. It can be ok if some of the ingredients hang over the side, as long as the bowl is balanced and centred on the platform to get accurate measurements. Also, it is essential to be able to view these readings clearly when you place a bigger bowl or tray on the scale.

Zero or Tare Function

The tare service resets the scale to zero. You can place a bowl or a tray on the scale, use the tare service to reset the scale to zero, and then measure out your ingredients into the bowl. This way, you're only weighing the ingredients, and not the bowl or tray, too.

Mixing bowl

Some kitchen scales come with a detachable bowl, which is very useful and practical - especially when using the tare service to add ingredients. Some others come without a bowl, so you'll need to consider the space you have on your workbench or cupboards because the ones with a bowl can be a bit bulky.

Imperial and metric measuring system

Most kitchen scales are also a converter. This comes really handy when the recipe is written in a measuring system that you are not familiar with. Search how easy it is to change between imperial and metric before choosing one.

Liquid Measure

The liquid measure allows you to weigh any liquid, from water to oil without using a measuring jug. You can measure in the same bowl with all your other ingredients without using different utensils and making a mess on your kitchen.

Digital Display

Most digital scales have a backlit LCD display that increases the readability of your measurements. You should be able to clearly read the digital display while your ingredients are on the scale. An auto-off screen, within two minutes without use, allows enough time to measure your ingredients and helps save the battery when not in use.


You need to consider your space. If you have ample storage space a kitchen scale with a mixing bowl might be more useful than one without. But when you need to be mindful of your storage space, then you can choose one that is compact or has a hole and can be hung anywhere without taking up too much space.


Most kitchen scales have a stainless-steel surface or tempered glass surface that can be cleaned up effortlessly. Aim for the effortless cleaning as you don’t want to add another pain in your washing routine. It’s nice to know that your kitchen scale will be trouble. You have other kitchenware to do that for you!


Check for both the lifespan as well as the type of batteries each one takes on. Some use the AAA batteries where others require a standard CR2032 battery. Pick the one that is easier for you to find and cheaper for you. With the auto-off function, you can get longevity in your battery and save money.

Types of kitchen scales

There are three main types of kitchen scales:


They are the successors of balance scales that you still meet in some retro shops. They are also known as the spring scales because of the way they work. Mechanical kitchen scales gauge weight with the help of springs when something is placed on the platform. When the force is applied to the scale, the spring compresses in the correct proportions and gives the estimation. The springs though, don’t always provide precise measurements. Also, they lack features that the modern kitchen scales have, such as converting grams to pounds that are really helpful.


Digital scales are undoubtedly an innovative creation which can be found in every modern home. A significant factor that makes a digital food scale so much better than a mechanical kitchen scale is its ability to measure the accurate weight of each object. This is useful when baking as it requires the use of precise readings. Moreover, they are models that are compact and easy to store. Also, they work as a converter and can weigh both dry components and liquids without needing to use a measuring jug. This way, you can control the mixing bowls and jugs you use for minimum washing up once you are done.


The newcomers. They are the scales that are not only digital, but they can also be used with apps on your smartphone. These apps can help you measure the nutritional value of your ingredients used to help you follow a healthier lifestyle. And why not lose a few pounds if you want to? These types of scales connect via Bluetooth, and they are great whether you’re following a specific diet, such as a keto diet, or you’re generally trying to eat healthier.

How much do kitchen scales cost?

Digital scales are overall on the affordable side of your purchases. Here is an estimation of how much you should invest on a kitchen scale:

Affordable Basic Kitchen Scales

They start as low as 8 pounds and can go up to 20 pounds. Depending on their functionality and brand label, the prices can vary amongst this range. Whether they come with their own bowl or not can also be a factor or the quality of materials that the scale is made of.

Smart Kitchen Scale

More accurate and technology inclined kitchen scales that can even count the nutritional value of your ingredients can cost a little extra. Usually, you can find them in prices starting from 15 pounds up to 25 pounds. Choose the one based on your needs and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra if this is going to save you time and energy at the end of the day.

How to choose your kitchen scale?

  • Think of the maximum weight capacity. Some scales have a maximum weight of three kilos where others go up to five kilos which is great for your home kitchen.
  • Pick a scale with a large platform if possible - it will allow you to use larger bowls and still view clearly the readings.
  • Make sure your scale measures in single gram increments. There are scales on the market that measure in 5g increments, which will give you less precise readings.
  • Choose digital scales because they are more accurate compared to the more traditional scales that might look retro and great on your worktop; however, they do leave room for error.

Tips For Use

Flat Surface

For precise readings, make sure they are on a flat surface.

Correct Weighing

For precise measurements, make sure that there is nothing around them and that the bowl is sitting squarely.

Tare Function

To save time, avoid using multiple bowls. Instead, use the 'add and weigh’ technique. Use the tare service by zeroing after each ingredient you add.

Always keep in mind…

The kitchen scales are a great gadget to keep around your kitchenware. It helps to have a more accurate approach of the recipes you try to create. It gives you better taste results and the ability to recreate a recipe you like without the surprise element thanks to its precise readings. Moreover, it can do so much more than that.

If you choose to use a digital scale, it feels like you have a helper in the kitchen. Someone who lets you know how much pounds are a hundred grams or how many litres are 12 fl oz. The converter is so handy when you are trying to create recipes, but you are not familiar with the system it uses.

If you wish to improve your cooking & baking recipes or you want to follow a healthier lifestyle, the food scale is the way to go. Based on what you read, choose the one that you feel is more suitable to your needs. Pick yours and live a happier life!

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