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Best 10 Kitchen Mixer Taps

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a kitchen mixer faucet that will add style, functionality, and glam to your kitchen? You’ve come to the right place! We can help you pick a mixer tap that you’ll adore for years to come! And it's not just about aesthetics – here, you'll find practical options that are ergonomic, innovative, and that will give you ultimate control. These are the systems that will work with your lifestyle.
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1 Peppermint Kitchen Sink Basin Mixer Tap on countertop

Peppermint Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Put the dripping days behind you as it has a smooth operation
  • Perfect for double sinks thanks to its 360º swivel spout
  • Save money by installing it yourself super easy
  • Not happy with your purchase? Return it within 30-days worry-free
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2 woman washing a dish using the Heable Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Heable Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Wide variety of colours to choose from: polished chrome, matte black, chrome & brushed nickel
  • Fill your pot with water effortlessly with the help of its extra-long pull-down sprayer
  • Sharp control of the temperature from a single handle
  • Want to take a break? Press the pause mode to save water
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3 Hapilife Kitchen Tap on sink in the kitchen

Hapilife Kitchen Tap

4.6 /5

Top Choice for 2-Handle Sink Mixer Tap

  • Open the water tap without waking the household up as it’s noiseless
  • Enjoy clean & healthy water as it filters out any impurities
  • Hassle-free cleaning without worrying about scratches
  • Choose the design that highlights your sink from brushed nickel to chrome finish
4 Hapilife Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap with running water

Hapilife Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Swivel Long Spout

  • Made to last for years thanks to its top-quality build of solid brass
  • No more dripping with a sleek operation guaranteed
  • Extra-long spout that swivels for your comfort while using it
  • Peace of mind buy backed by a 10-year warranty & 30-days return policy
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5 Heable Kitchen Mixer Tap with running water

Heable Mixer Tap

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Traditional Style

  • Adds a vintage flair in your sink with its white ceramic dual lever
  • It doesn’t turn dull over time thanks to the high-quality chrome-plated super steel
  • Great for both single & double bowl sinks as it swivels 360º
  • Set it up yourself & use it unconcerned as it has a 5-years warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
6 GRIFEMA Kitchen Tap in the kitchen sink

GRIFEMA Kitchen Tap

4.5 /5

Ideal for Energy-Saving

  • Enjoy a steady flow without wasting water with its water-saving aerator
  • Save energy as the water heater only works when necessary
  • Forget when was the date you bought it as it excels in durability
  • Super simple to clean without fearing for scratches
7 GROHE Minta Kitchen Tap in modern kitchen sink

GROHE Minta Kitchen Tap

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Pull Out Spray Head

  • Various colours that stand out with super steel & velvet black options
  • Your kitchen, your style! Pick from modern L-spout to classic C-spout
  • Choose with confidence - high-end design & quality that has won awards
  • Fit any pot or pan under it due to its high spout for ease of use
8 GROHE K7 Kitchen Tap in the countertop

GROHE K7 Kitchen Tap

4.5 /5

Best Splurge

  • Clean your dishes in a flash thanks to its high 1 bar pressure
  • Versatile - choose between the powerful shower jet & the fine spray depending on the task
  • Put the limescale build up in your past with its StarLight chrome coating
  • Smooth operation while cooking with a 140º swivel & high spout
Best Quality Ribbon
9 Funime Traditional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap on the countertop

Funime Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

4.5 /5

Ideal for Sturdy Built

  • Beauty & comfort wrapped up in a traditional looking mixer tap
  • Helps you save water - no more dripping as it is leak-proof
  • Healthy water daily as it filters it out
  • Wash your hand without getting wet as the water runs with soft blistering
10 Heable Mixer Tap black finish with running water

Heable Mixer Tap

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Surface-Mounted

  • Hold the control in the palm of your hands or better yet in the 2 levers with smooth turning
  • Use without a care due to its quality build of the best copper material
  • Are you a DIYer? Install it yourself as it come ready for setup
  • Style your kitchen with the chrome or black finish tap

Add Style To Your Running Water In Your Kitchen

With the best mixer tap, transform your kitchen into a place of style, sophistication, and glamour. As the one appliance that gets the most use throughout the day, sink mixers are the most useful and best form of faucet to be over your worktop

These pieces of tapware come in a variety of designs and capabilities. It makes sense to know all about them before you start shopping around. To help you pick a sink mixer tap, we will take you through the options available and what features to look for to find the one that fits your lifestyle. Keep scrolling through.

What Is a Kitchen Mixer Tap?

Sink mixers are the most common style of tapware. They are sleek and streamlined because rather than having two separate taps for hot and cold water, you have just one tap delivering both through a single spout. 

The flow rate and temperature are adjustable via levers, or taps mounted on the kitchen sink or wall on both sides of the spout. Fixtures are mounted to the spout's body. Such a system lets you get water to the optimal temperature effortlessly and quickly.

You can get water to a dribble, adjust a bit more, or go to a full strike. Ultimately, it minimizes water wastage because you are not at risk of having large volumes of water coming out of mixer taps. 

Why Do You Need a Mixer Tap for Your kitchen?

The right kind of kitchen tap is vital because we use them every day. From grabbing a drink to rinsing veggies, scrubbing pans, and even washing our hands, kitchen taps are the most used appliance before cooktops and refrigerators.

More and more people are choosing mixer taps over standard taps. And that's because they come with lots of advantages

  • They Are Easy To Use 

Most people find mixer taps to be simple to use. They offer beautiful control over the temperature and flow, more so the single-lever mixer tap variety. All you do is turn the lever with simple flicks, which you can do with your hand, the back of your hand, or even elbow if your hands are full. 

Kitchen mixers are a breeze when multitasking. You don't need to tighten or loosen them when you want to run water. They are ideal for homes with the elderly and children

  • They Minimize Water Wastage

Water goes to waste each time you have to gauge the temperature separately on two taps. But a mixer tap sets the water temperature as it flows from the tap. It's easier to precisely control the temperature instead of mixing hot and cold at different degrees.

  • They Are Safer When Gauging The Temperature of Water 

When mixing water from two spouts, you quickly realise if the water is too hot by dipping a finger. It can be scalding if one spout is a boiling water tap. A mixer gives you a pretty good idea of the temperature, so you avoid accidents. 

  • They are Stylish  

A kitchen mixer takes its rightful role as a design masterpiece in the modern kitchen. You can choose from different finishes that fit in with the materials and design of your home and kitchen. 

Whether you have the most traditional, country-style kitchen where you want copper and gold fittings or an ultra-contemporary kitchen where brushed nickel and chrome finish goes, there's a mixer tap for every kitchen.

  • They Are Functional 

Perhaps the best feature you can expect from a mixer tap is its practicality. You can fit it with a water filter so you can get instant filtered water straight from the tap. You can use clean water to rinse fruits and veggies

A thermostatic mixing valve is another beneficial attribute in a mixer faucet. You set the desired temperature so that when you open the tap, it quickly gets water at the right temperature, minimising water waste. You can also choose a WELS-rated tap which is exceptionally efficient at regulating the flow rate. 

Finally, mixer taps also come out with pull-out sprays. These are the most functional part of a mixer since they can stretch to fill up a pot on the counter or a bucket on the floor. 

What To Look For When Buying a Kitchen Mixer Tap

Whether you're looking to refresh the look of your kitchen or you're building, it's essential to find a mixer tap that works for you. Since there are endless options, you will want to keep a few things in mind. 

1. Style

The tapware design is one of the essential features to consider before buying a new kitchen tap. You will find mixer taps in modular, geometric, curved, dual-lever, and bridge-style designs. Let’s have a closer look at the different styles you can shop for:

  • Bridge Mixer Vs. Monobloc Mixers

Bridge mixer faucets have cold and hot water inlets connected by a central bridge. The cold and hot water mix before leaving a single spout. Bridge mixers are not ideal for installing directly onto a sink because they require two holes. Instead, they are fitted onto a worktop

On the other hand, Mono mixer taps come as a single unit with one or two levers. You can adjust the temperature of the water using the handle. Meanwhile, the water is mixed in the tap before leaving through a single spout. They can be installed on a sink or countertop but are rarely wall-mounted. 

  • Single Lever Vs. Twin Lever

A single-lever mixer tap has a single spout to control the flow by moving the lever up and down. The lever can be mounted to the top or side of the tap's body. You control temperature by moving the lever left or right. 

Twin lever taps allow you to control the temperature of the water independently. They have separate valves that keep the two streams separate, so they need two tap holes.

  • Pull-Out Sprays & Pull-Down Kitchen Mixers

Faucets can have a pull-out or pull-down wand. The difference between the two types is that a pull-down is part of the tap, and you have to pull it down, literally. But a pull-out can be part of the tap or mounted separately. 

A pull-down tap has a flexible hose which is considered more ergonomic. But, it requires a deep sink, whereas a pull-out spray kitchen can work with all sinks

2. Kitchen Sink Mounting Holes

Sinks come with pre-drilled holes, usually one to four. You will want to buy a new mixer tap with the same number of tap holes. Traditional mixer taps require three holes for spouts and taps. But, if you're going for a monobloc, the deck plate will cover up the unused mounting holes.

3. Water Pressure

The next thing you'll want to check out is the water pressure of your home. It varies from house to house and area to area, depending on your home's water supply and water system

For example, if you live in a valley, the pressure is higher than a house on a hill. Likewise, if you have a combi-boiler or pumped water system, you'll need a high-pressure water tap, but if you have a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water boiler upstairs, you may opt for a low-pressure mixer tap.

4. How It Fits In

Think about the design and materials in your kitchen and home. Will the new tap look good on your countertop? The best kitchen tap matches the interior design of your home, so it doesn't stand out like a piece of jewellery out of place. 

A high-curved gooseneck tap may look good in a picture or showroom, but it can overwhelm a small kitchen. It is best for a large kitchen with a generous island.

5. Finish

This is where you mix and match the poise in your kitchen and add a splash of colour. The most sought finishes are chrome, coppertwo-tone finishes, brushed brass, matt black, and nickel

  • Polished Chrome Finish

Chrome is an original finish for plumbing fixtures. It's subtle for a neutral kitchen and stands out because it is shiny. Chrome is timeless, durable, and easy to clean. But, it often shows smudges and fingerprints.

  • Matte Black

If you have a marble or granite counter, you may find yourself going for the contrast created by a matte black one. It is versatile and effortlessly chic. Matte black does not leave water spots and streaks, so it's the easiest to keep clean. 

  • Copper & Gold

Most people with a traditional kitchen will love the rustic look created by a copper faucet. Gold is also popular with white sinks as it looks fantastic and will become the standout feature in your kitchen. 

  • Brushed Nickel

This traditional finish has a warm tone. It blends in rather than standing out. It can fit in with nearly any kitchen. Being a metallic finish, it can be labelled stainless steel. This finish is one of the most durable choices. But like chrome, it's also prone to water spots and fingerprints. 

Other finishes to consider include graphite, solid brass, copper satin, rose gold, brushed steel, and pewter-plated kitchen faucets

6. Swivel

It's rare for kitchen faucets to be set in only one position. But you'll want to ensure that your kitchen mixer has a swivel spout with enough reach for a two or three-bowl sink. This feature will make your daily life in the kitchen way easier. Especially if you wash dishes in the sink.

7. Height

The height is critical if you have cabinets above the sink because a very tall one may not fit. And if you have a three-bowl sink, a short one may not extend to all three bowls. 

8. Ceramic Disc Valves

To avoid dealing with a tap that drips, choose one with ceramic valves. While many kitchen taps will remain drip-free for years, they can't beat the long-term reliability of faucets with ceramic disc valves

What Are The Different Kitchen Tap Styles To Keep In Mind?

When you've decided to go with a mixer tap, you'll want to remember the differences between a bridge mixer tap because it's a single tap with two handles and a monobloc which can be a single or dual-lever unit. You can find all the details in the text above.

You may also opt for a two-handle mixer tap where the tap and handles are all fitted to the worktop or sink separately. You can still have a lever, knob, or crosshead handle with this tap style. 

Should You Hire a Plumber to Install Your New Mixer Tap?

It all depends if DIY is your cup of tea or not. If you already own a mixer tap and are looking to replace it with a similar unit, it is relatively easy to do since they come with the needed accessories to complete the job. 

But, installing a filter tap that requires fitting a water tank under the sink can be a complicated task requiring a plumber. They are the best choice to prevent the risk of damaging the rest of the fixtures. 

How Much Should You Spend on A Kitchen Mixer Tap?

When it comes to mixer taps, the question is: to splurge or not to splurge? With the sheer variety of options, the value is driven further by brand and magnificence. Our advice is to spend as much as you can because a kitchen tap is something you are unlikely to change for a very long time. But, if needed here's a detailed guide explaining how to change your kitchen tap with safety.


These are simple-looking faucets with little multifunctionality, usually costing under £50. Some can rotate over 360 degrees, but most have limited-range swivel spouts. Those that have a spray kitchen have only two modes. The best thing is that these taps are easy to install.


The best mixer taps are in the £50-£100 price range. If you're looking for more functionality, you will find fixtures that connect to RO and water filtration units. Most have drip-free ceramic cartridges for long-term reliability. And, you’ll find different spray modes to suit different needs. 


High-quality mixers cost above £100 depending on the interior components. You'll find units that have superior quality brass valves and screws, distinctive designs, and can handle both high-pressure and low-pressure systems

All-in-one mixer taps are also pretty compelling since they feature filtered, boiling, chilled, and sparkling water. They also combine regular hot and cold water options. They can remove odour, taste, contaminants, and heavy metals from drinking water. 


Your lovely kitchen deserves the right faucet to match. You can't go for a random unit when you can make the best mixer tap the heart of your kitchen. We've put together the most-sought options that promise high-end functionality.

Don't settle for just any mixer. Get our well-researched models and never have to deal with a leaky, maintenance-freak tap. So, what are you waiting for? The time to style up is now!

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