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Best 10 Kitchen Bins

As Of July 2022

Do you look for a kitchen bin that will keep all your rubbish out of sight & look good in your kitchen? You have come to the right place! A once easy task became more complicated with all the available options. But don’t fret because we’re here to help! That’s why we’ve rounded up the best kitchen bin for your home. Whether you’re looking for regular kitchen bins or more stylish ones with technologies, we have it all just for you!
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1 Addis Plastic Family Kitchen Utility Bin with woman using it

Addis Plastic Family Kitchen Utility Bin

4.8 /5

Best Kitchen Bin Overall

  • Ideal XL bin for family household use with 50L capacity
  • Fits perfectly against a wall with its flat back for a seamless look
  • Available in a wide variety of colours to compliment your kitchen
  • High-quality built backed by a 10-year warranty
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2 Simplehuman 10L Slim Pedal Bin on white background

Simplehuman 10L Slim Pedal Bin

4.7 /5

#2 Kitchen Bin Choice

  • Hygienic pedal so you don’t touch the bin with your hands
  • Great for small kitchens thanks to its compact design
  • Its bags will stay in place but out of sight without slipping or tearing
  • Three colours to choose the one that fits best in your kitchen decor
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3 Curver 40L Refuse Bin in a modern kitchen

Curver 40L Refuse Bin

4.6 /5

Best Budget Kitchen Bin

  • Excellent for an eco-conscious home as it’s mostly made of recycled plastic
  • Super for a family of 4 with its 40L capacity
  • Use it wherever you want & still look good with its metal effect finish
  • Move it around the house without trouble as it’s lightweight
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4 Amazon Basics Trash can in modern minimal kitchen

Amazon Basics Trash can

4.5 /5

Ideal for Comfort Usage

  • Not just for your kitchen as it can also go in your job with its 50L capacity
  • Use it anytime as the lid is quiet when closing
  • Keep it spotless clean as its fingerprint-proof & smudge resistant
  • Comfortable waste disposal & bag replacement
5 Brabantia Touch Bin stainless steel design in contemporary minimal kitchen

Brabantia Touch Bin

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Families

  • Perfect for a large family or an office with its 60L capacity
  • Opens without effort by simply touching the lid
  • The bag stays put thanks to its grips that secure the bag on the sides
  • No fearing of disposals spilling on the floors thanks to its construction
6 Curver Touch Slim Deco Bin in modern kitchen

Curver Touch Slim Deco Bin

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Durability

  • Quality built to enjoy for long that will not dent or rust
  • Super easy to clean in a few minutes without leaving fingerprints on it
  • Perfect for your modern kitchen with the bags staying in place & out of sight
  • Fits anyplace you choose with its slim design
7 Brabantia Bo Touch Recycling Bin stainless steel in minimal modern kitchen

Brabantia Bo Touch Recycling Bin

4.5 /5

Ideal for Versatility

  • High modification as you can choose between 1, 2 or 3 separation options for your waste
  • No need to bend for changing the bag with its perfect height
  • Opens up with a light touch for ease of use
  • Space-saving as you can place it against a wall & very stable
8 Morphy Richards Sensor Bin on white background

Morphy Richards Sensor Bin

4.5 /5

Ideal for Motion Sensing Technology

  • Use it even when your hands are full, thanks to its motion sensor technology
  • Made to last without wearing down with a non-corrosive coating
  • Aromatic bin liners with a nice lemon scent for freshness
  • A big enough bin with a 5-year warranty
9 Joseph Joseph Trash Compactor Kitchen Bin in white modern kitchen

Joseph Joseph Trash Compactor Kitchen Bin

4.5 /5

Ideal for XXL Bin

  • No need to empty the trash as often as you do, thanks to its capacity of 90L
  • Compact mess-free your trash to fit even more at one go
  • Eliminate bad smells in your space thanks to its replaceable odour filter
  • High durability so you can use it care-free
10 Townew Smart Waste Bin with innovative award kitchen bin on white background

Townew Smart Waste Bin

4.5 /5

Best for Smart Kitchen Bin

  • No more fighting over who’s changing the bag as it takes care of it by itself
  • Alerts you when the bag is full & seals the liner without spilling
  • Hygienic with no touching as the sensor detects your motion & opens up
  • Forget nasty odours in your kitchen

Clean & Organised Kitchen With The Best Kitchen Bins

Are you in the midst of a kitchen revamp? Or are you looking for a new kitchen bin so you can give the old one the boot? No matter how and why you landed on this page, one thing is for sure. You are searching for a kitchen bin. And let us assure you that you’re lucky you did! Because we’ve searched and rounded up only the best kitchen bins for your home!

Whether you want a regular and affordable kitchen bin or looking for a more stylish bin with a few technologies that offer convenience and utilities, we have them all! Now all is left is to explain what you need to look for to choose the one that fits best your home and serves your needs. If you are ready to learn all you need to know about kitchen bins, keep scrolling through!

Why do you need a kitchen bin?

Well, where else are we going to put all the trash when cooking and not only? The best kitchen layout is the one where you have a preparation area for cooking and a designated area where you can dispose your waste. It is best when this area is near the exit, so you can simply pick up the bag when full and tosh it on the bin outside.

Once upon a time, choosing a kitchen bin was so much simpler than nowadays, because now we have so many options. It might be overwhelming at first; we are here to make your decision faster and more clear! There are kitchen bins made of different materials, capacity and with or without technologies. This way, you can find the best one for your needs and enjoy it for years to come.

What to look for when buying a kitchen bin

There are some features that you should look for when you are in the market for a kitchen bin. We have rounded them up so that you can reach your decision quicker and easier than you might think! Here there are:

1. Capacity

It is important to consider your household’s size and your kitchen’s size to decide how big of a kitchen bin you’ll need. Are you living alone, or are you a family of two, three or even more people? Do you live in a crowded flat or a big house in the countryside? Usually, the larger the household, the more trash you have. There are kitchen bins that start from as little as 20L capacity and can reach up to 90L. If you want to save some trips to the garbage bin in the corner, you could go with a larger bin rather than a smaller one. It all comes down to how much space you have in your kitchen and the amount of trash you usually throw out.

2. Shape

There are different shapes of kitchen bins to fit different areas of your kitchen. Before setting your heart in one, think about where you plan to put your new bin. The round ones are great if you don’t mind the space and stand out, but if you don’t have much space to loose, there are semi-round kitchen bins that can be pushed against the wall and make your kitchen more efficient. Others have a slimline to fit small gaps to fit the smallest apartment. With all the available options, think of where your new kitchen bin would work best and choose the style that will work best for you.

3. Material

Style matters, and so does the ease of use. Think about how messy your kitchen garbage container gets and go for the option that will need the less maintenance possible. Most choose the stainless steel kitchen bin for their looks, and we admit they do look really stylish in any kitchen, but if you are looking for more effortless use and affordability, you might need to consider a plastic one. In case you want a stainless steel kitchen bin, look for extra features like fingerprint-proof, smudge resistant and corrosion-free; they can come in really handy!

4. Opening Mechanism

Some models come with an automatic sensor opening which ensures you don’t touch the bin with your hand to open or close it. The only downsides are that they require batteries, and some can be under or over-sensitive.

Then, there are the traditional models, the ones you operate by pressing a pedal with your foot. They don’t need batteries, and you get to keep your hands clean as you’re not touching the trash bin. Another type that rises in popularity is the touch-to-open model that opens up with a soft touch.

Some kitchen bins come with a soft, silent closing mechanism. This is great for families with small children that tend to shut the bin with a loud bang.

Do you recycle?

If you recycle in your home, it means that one single kitchen bit isn’t enough. Or is it? Thankfully, there are kitchen bins that have two and more compartments so you can separate your recyclables, compostables and non-recyclables all in one container! Another efficient solution is to use multiple slimline bins side by side to differentiate your trash. This way, you can use one bin for your papers, one for glasses, one for compostables and one for general waste, and you’ll save space as they will fit side by side.

What features make for the most hygienic bin?

Consider the pedal or motion sensor so you don’t touch the kitchen bin with your hands. Then, a bin with a removable plastic inner compartment makes taking off the bag easier without tearing. There are also models that come with filters to eliminate nasty odours. If you can’t stand the smell (who can?), then this is probably another great feature to look for in your kitchen bin. Lastly, search for ease of cleaning. Some bins can be cleaned with a wipe, where others require more attention.

Always keep in mind…

Safe to say at this point that kitchen bins are a must-have in our kitchen. Shopping for one might look at first like an easy task to complete, but it can be more complicated with all the options available in the market. That has it’s advantage though, as you can choose the perfect bin based on your specific needs, let it be size, style or extra features like multi-compartments and technologies.

Our roundup has them all! For all budgets and styles to cover your individual needs to the most of our ability! Browse our list, and we are confident you’ll find the best one for you! What are you waiting for? Find the best kitchen bin for your home!

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