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Best 10 Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

As Of June 2022

Do you want to help your kids learn through imitation and practice? Children like copying what they find interesting around them. You can enhance your kids’ creativity, psychomotor skills, and imagination by allowing them to play cook in their toy kitchen set while you sit and wait to be served. This way, you are improving their minds and building a bond with them as well. Want to find out more?
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1 children playing with the Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen toy kitchen set

Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Prepare play dishes with engaging lifelike sound effects & lights
  • Store foods neatly with the working oven & refrigerator doors
  • Create imaginative stories with the included 25 accessory pieces
  • Safe & childproof to use with clicking knobs for extra security
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2 kids playing with the Tidlo Wooden Country Play Kitchen Set on white background

Tidlo Wooden Country Play Kitchen Set

4.7 /5

Best Wooden Design

  • Store your childrens’ play food & utensils in its adequate storage space
  • Transport it easily with the side carry handles
  • Use it even when your kids grow, thanks to the tall working surface
  • Feels like a real kitchen with the oven and hobs with click dials
3 TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Kids Toy Kitchen Set on white background

TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Kids Toy Kitchen Set

4.6 /5

Best Choice for Extra Table Space

  • Store kitchen items in the large under shelf space area
  • Record recipes & write to-do lists on the included blackboard
  • Whip up new dishes with its complete set of stainless-steel pots & pans for creativity
  • Allow up to 3 kids to play together as it has plenty of table space
4 boy playing with the SMOBY TEFAL GOURMET Kids Toys Kitchen Sets

SMOBY TEFAL GOURMET Kids Toys Kitchen Sets

4.5 /5

Best Adjustable Play Kitchen

  • Comes with 43 accessories that your kids need for their play food
  • Do the dishes worry-free as it even has a working tap on the sink
  • Ideal for 3 to 8-year olds, thanks to the adjustable baseboard
  • Looks good in any playroom due to the attractive and detailed design
5 girl playing with the Theo Klein Kids Toy Kitchen Set on white background

Theo Klein Kids Toy Kitchen Set

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Budget-Friendly

  • Clean-up effortlessly after the pretend cooking with the removable sink
  • Your kid can play cook conveniently with the imaginary utensils
  • Add effects for more realistic play with the light and sound function
  • Develop your kids’ motor skills and creativity while they cook
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6 boy playing with the Tenderleaf Toys Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

Tenderleaf Toys Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Sustainability

  • Let your kids play with it stress-free as all materials are eco-friendly
  • Engage their imagination and creativity with the included accessories
  • Teach your children proper table manners with the utensils
  • They can even write their recipes and menus on the included chalkboard
eco-friendly choice ribbon
7 kids playing with the Janod Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

Janod Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

4.5 /5

Best Double-Sided Cooking Play Kitchen

  • Two kids can play together at once due to the two-sided design
  • Make playtime more realistic as it’s a fully equipped kitchen
  • They can pretend to wash their clothes in the included washing machine
  • Its height is ideal for kids from 3 to 8 years old as it has a 50cm work surface
8 Kidkraft Countryside Kids Toy Kitchen Sets on white background

Kidkraft Countryside Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

4.5 /5

Best Countryside Play Kitchen

  • Make refreshing beverages with the handy ice dispenser
  • More decoration fun using the magnetic fridge/freezer door
  • Your kid learns the responsibility of cleaning up via play
  • Pass it on from one generation to the next as it’s built to last with excellent durability
popular choice ribbon
9 girl playing with the Kidkraft Pink Vintage Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

Kidkraft Pink Vintage Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Vintage Design

  • Create unique meals with the included oven, microwave & refrigerator
  • Add an attractive piece to their playroom with the vibrant pink colour & retro look
  • Keep them engaged on a pretend call with the clip-on phone
  • Hands-on fun with the click-and-turn doorknobs
10 girl playing with the HOMCOM Kids Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen Cooking Set

HOMCOM Kids Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen Cooking Set

4.5 /5

Ideal for Modern Look

  • Engage your kids in fun play with the complete set
  • Bring a premium look to your playroom with its stainless steel cookware
  • Level up the experience as it comes with a telephone, induction cooker, sink & water dispenser
  • Keep things organised thanks to the multiple cabinet spaces
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Let Your Children Bloom Into Chefs With The Best Kids Toy Kitchen Sets

Most kids find the kitchen interesting, and that’s why they love pretending to cook and serve food. If you organise a birthday party for your kid and bring out a toy play kitchen, you find the kids swarming around it because they are naturally drawn to fun activities involving imitating grown-ups. Even a small play food set can have them focused on it for hours on end, engaging in entertaining play. Most times, it’s not just about play and fun for them, but a way to develop their cognitive skills, creativity, and social skills. 

And don’t think that kids toy kitchens are only meant for girls; similarly to playhouses and doll houses or train sets, a kitchen set can be suitable for boys and girls. There shouldn’t be a limitation to who plays with a toy. After all, parents often play along with their kids, too. 

Why should you buy a play toy kitchen for your kid?

A play kitchen will give your kids the opportunity to develop an interest in cooking and other kitchen activities. Most toy kitchen sets come with a removable basin, which makes for easy clean-up after use, thus teaching them the responsibility of cleaning after themselves in the kitchen. Also, some of them are made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are safe to use and recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint and the impact of non-biodegradable substances on the environment. Here’s a breakdown of why you should buy a top kitchen set for your little one.

1. It helps to develop their social and emotional skills.

Giving your child the opportunity to assume different roles will teach them some social and emotional skills. A play kitchen will allow them to assume the role of a chef, sous-chef, waiter, restaurant owner, and more. Each of these roles requires them to be polite, calm, and relatable. So, while you as a parent/customer/child wait for your play food to be served, you let them act out their role and correct them where necessary. It’s an excellent way to teach them table manners, how to communicate with others and more valuable skills they will need in their day to day.

2. It enhances their cognitive ability.

Play kitchens have a realistic design that looks just like a real kitchen, featuring a microwave, sink, fridge or freezer, induction cooker, plate rack, storage shelves, and even a washing machine and recipe board. Your kids see you using all these pieces of equipment in the kitchen alongside the basic utensils, pots, and pans, and this sparks up an image in their head that makes them want to try out these things. 

3. It helps them to learn some basic life skills.

In this case, planning, organising, cooking, and cleaning are the basic life skills they will be learning. Your kid can now learn to create a healthy recipe, count out their ingredients, organise them neatly on the work surface, set the table, serve the food, clean up after eating, and put everything in its rightful place after the entire process. By investing in a play kitchen, you begin to learn these life skills from a tender age that will become a part of them even in their adult lives. 

4. It improves the relationship between you and your child.

The fun part about buying a play kitchen for your kid is that you will get involved in their cooking activity in one way or another. They can pretend to run a restaurant while you place an order and wait to be served. Or you both can switch parts, let them act like the customer while you pretend to be the chef. 

5. It develops their fine motor skills.

Deep down, kids can’t wait to grow up and be like mummy and daddy to start doing things just like them as well. One way to give them this experience in their present age is to put them in certain scenarios they admire (in this case, the kitchen) and allow them to practice actions like frying, sautéing, turning knobs, mixing, and serving imaginary food that can develop their motor skills. 

At what age range can a child use a play kitchen?

Unlike some toys that are restricted to a particular age or a shorter age range, a toy play kitchen is suitable for kids from the ages of 3 to 8. Most toy kitchen sets have adjustable designs that make it easy to modify the height as the child grows. So, if you intend for your child to use it for a long time, you need to look out for one that is sturdy, durable, and adjustable with kid-size cooking utensils and dishes. 


A play kitchen is an opportunity for your kids to bring their imaginative and creative potentials into their kitchen, thinking about what meal to prepare and the ingredients to use, how to create recipes, and prepare the dish they believe should turn out as good as yours. 

Are you ready to give your kids a fun learning toy?

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