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Best 10 Kids Tablets

As Of June 2022

Is your kid spending too much time trying to steal your tablet? Do you feel like it’s a good time to introduce technology but in a healthy and safe way? The best kids tablets are here to save the day. Tablets aren’t just for adults. Now you can get one for your kid that it’s age-appropriate and you can rest assured about the things that they’ll see. Plus, you can make it an educational thing and sharpen their minds with games and puzzles.
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Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

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4.9 /5

Best Overall Kids Tablet

  • Control it through your phone and always be aware of your kid’s usage
  • Access to thousands of apps and games for unlimited entertainment
  • With 3 different colours depending on your child’s taste
  • Extra 32GB of storage to save your favourite kids’ shows
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Fire 7 Kids Edition

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4.8 /5

#2 Best Kids Tablet

  • Set time limits and educational goals and have total control over the content
  • Comes in 3 different colour options so you can choose the perfect one
  • Worry-free usage with 2 years of warranty
  • Apps, games, videos and books keep your kid happy for hours

Apple iPad mini

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4.8 /5

High-end Tablet Both For Kids & Adults

  • Share it with your kid and enjoy one of the fastest tablets out there
  • Beautiful colours and sound for watching kids’ shows together
  • Take family pictures and create amazing memories
  • Download educational apps and play puzzle games to sharpen their mind

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

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4.7 /5

Great Gift Idea

  • Protecting case will keep it from breaking in case of an accident
  • Variety of applications for different ages to find the ones you like
  • Widescreen makes watching movies for kids an amazing experience
  • 3 different bright colours to choose from
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Fire HD 8

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4.7 /5

Top Choice By Users

  • A perfect choice for playing games and have lots of fun without delays
  • Get it for your child and for you as well and share family moments
  • Enough storage space to save games, books and videos
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous entertainment with one charge
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Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

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4.7 /5

Protective Design In Case Of Accidents

  • Use parent control and rest assured about your kid’s safety
  • Let your little ones control it via voice command
  • Use the bracket to make it stand and enjoy your kids’ movies
  • Comes in 4 stylish colours for our little friends

Pritom Kids Tablet

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4.6 /5

Great Choice For Younger Kids

  • Super easy to use even by younger kids due to its great interface
  • With 3 different colour options to find the perfect one for your kid
  • Free apps and games to keep your child entertained for hours
  • The top-quality kid-proof case is resistant to falls

Richgv Kids

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4.6 /5

Best Budget Kids Tablet

  • Unlimited drawing to bring your kid’s imagination to life
  • An Eco-friendly solution for little painters without constant paper usage
  • Keep chemicals from colour pens out of your child’s life
  • The handle at the top is very useful for taking it anywhere
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Sunany LCD Writing Tablet

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4.6 /5

Stylus Pen For Drawing & Writing

  • The stylus pen helps in drawing & writing which is great for homework
  • Easy on your little ones' eyes with the spacious LCD screen
  • Take it with you on the go as it's light & compact
  • Save on energy bills as it has a 6-month battery life

Coovee LCD Writing Tablet

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4.5 /5

Save The Environment But Keep Drawing

  • Memory lock helps in keeping your last drawing without deleting accidents
  • Very easy to use even from a very young age
  • Choose an eco-friendly way of drawing and make a positive impact
  • A value-for-money option that enhances your kids’ creative side

The Perfect Gift For Kids Into Technology

Kids are curious about the things that they see around them. And technology is one of those things. It comes in so many forms that they know right from the start what is a smartphone and how it works. Now think about our childhood! Strange, right? Is there a right and a wrong way to bring your kid face to face with all those technological gadgets? Sure! Because not every single thing is made for them.

The best kids tablets can be all you need to help your kids learn how simple operating system work. And while you’re at it, make it fun and educational for them. After all, they absorb information like sponges and they become clever little humans in a blink of an eye. So why start with a tablet? Because you can have total control over it and always be aware of the things that are accessible to your offspring.

Protect your little one from the threats of the internet and make sure that their environment is age-appropriate. And of course, without making them feel left out. You can share the experience with them and have some quality time. Listen to your favourite music. Watch movies and series that they love. Play games, solve puzzles and program their favourite robot toys. Many kids find it easier to fall asleep with a tablet lulling them with its sounds as well.

How To Find The Best Kid Tablet?

Tablets that are made specifically for kids are already equipped with all the necessary tools to help you have control over the things that they come across. Parent accounts, timer, pre-selected websites and apps, etc. That’s making it easy for you to know that your kids stay protected. And they are the best option if you have a very young child of 3-8 years of age. Better keep an eye on it and avoid any worries.

Older kids might find them boring and not interesting. That’s why you might end up getting a general-purpose tablet. Which isn’t a bad choice! You can use it too for your daily tasks or entertainment. Killing two birds with one stone! These don’t have parental control so you need to find a way around this problem. That is if you don’t want your child to have unlimited access to every single thing that there’s on the internet. Trust the software and use the filters and content blocks to prevent purchases or access to other things.

Specifications Matter Even When You’re A Kid

Don’t go for the cheapest option because you think that your kid will be pleased with anything. Hardware is important if you want to keep them entertained. 

Screen Size

A good point to start from is 7-8 inches. It’s a great option for reading comics and books or watching videos. Make sure that the resolution is good enough so they can get a crystal-clear image. And also, some of them are made to protect their eyes from the blue light. Now if you want to try something a little more expensive which can be better for playing games or solving puzzles, a 10-inch screen will be ideal. There’s no need to go further than that.

Storage Space

Imagine getting a new tablet for your kid only to find out that they can’t download all the games and videos they want. Storage space is really important if you want to keep them busy. And don’t feel like you spend your money on something that didn’t worth it. Some products are compatible with SD cards so you can add as much space as you need.

Battery Life

Depending on the model, there are different durations when it comes to battery life. Find one that can cover your kid’s needs without the need for constant recharging. Imagine being in the middle of a car ride and running out of power. They can be quite overwhelming in situations like this!

Tablet’s Protection

The ones that are made for younger kids, come with a silicone case most of the time. That makes them shockproof, so even if your child decides to drop it then you don’t need to worry. Keep it protected and avoid accidents. If your child is a little bit older show some trust and go for something with better specs even without a case!

Always Have In Mind…

Give your child the right equipment to start their journey in meeting technology. Keep it safe and age-appropriate. Entertain them with games, puzzles, audiobooks or regular books, movies and videos, and even music! It’s a nice way to learn how to use basic stuff and learn as well. Plus, you can show them how to use it during homework.

The perfect kid tablet is out there and it’s waiting for you to find it. Make the perfect gift now and see your child glow with happiness. Narrow down your options depending on the age and the specs. And then trust this guide to take you there. All the information you’re going to need is right here. What are you waiting for?

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