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Best 10 Kids Slides

As Of July 2022

What better way to provide a well-equipped play set in your home for the kids to have fun for hours than with a kid’s slide? Trust us! Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor slide, it’s worth buying. Just imagine all the laughter! It will keep the kids busy with climbing, sliding, and crawling games. These are not just great for their overall development, but they also give you some time to rest while watching them having the time of their life. Do you want to find out more?
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1 Little Tikes Large Slide Playset on a white background

Little Tikes Large Slide Playset

4.8 /5

Best Kids Slide Overall

  • Kids can use it all year round due to indoor-outdoor design
  • Plastic slide with locking arms, wide base & gentle slope for security
  • Wide-based steps for easy & stable climbing even for little kids
  • Folding slide so you can easily store it & move it
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2 Jamara Funny Pink Plastic Slide on a white background

Jamara Funny Pink Plastic Slide

4.7 /5

Top Choice For Younger Children

  • For developing kids motor skills with the available climbing steps
  • Kids have a smooth landing thanks to the slipping spout
  • Safe play with the wide base and the stabilising rope
  • Ideal for young kids, from 18 months & with easy assembly
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3 Dolu My First Slide on a white background

Dolu My First Slide

4.6 /5

Best Pick For Indoor Use

  • No worrying about it toppling thanks to its non-slip resistance
  • Long-lasting design that will be with your kid until the age of 6
  • Fold it up easily for easy moving & little storage space
  • Large-sized for outdoor play in the garden or spacious rooms
4 Gymax Freestanding Activity Slide on a white background

Gymax Freestanding Activity Slide

4.5 /5

Uniquely Designed Slide

  • Unique & fancy design attracts kids for hours of entertainment
  • More playing options & motor coordination with the basketball hoop
  • Long slide with broad base & footpads for maximum security
  • Robust plastic material that’s also waterproof for easy cleaning
5 Smoby Kids Garden Slide on a white background

Smoby Kids Garden Slide

4.5 /5

Turn It Into A Water Slide

  • Wavy slide design with a hose to pass water & create a water slide
  • Easy-to-climb ladder with non-skid steps so kids stay safe
  • High-quality anti-UV treated plastic for non-fading outdoor use
  • Comes with a toddler climber but it’s for older kids as well
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6 Airwave Wavy Kids Plastic Slide on a white background

Airwave Wavy Slide for Kids

4.5 /5

Great Durability With A Sturdy Climbing Frame

  • High quality & long-lasting slide with a UV-protected steel frame
  • Includes allen key & spanner for easy and fast set up
  • Handrails are high for secure positioning up the slide to avoid accidents
  • Works with a wide age range - from 3 to 10 years
7 Gymax Kids Climber Playset on a white background

Gymax Kids Climber Playset

4.5 /5

Fully-Equipped Slide Playset

  • Multipurpose toddler slide with 4 active play options
  • Safe landing at the end of the slide with the extended buffer stop zone
  • Strong swing set with adjustable height that holds up to 50kgs
  • Add water or sand to the base for enhanced stability
8 WDW New Deer Design Slide on a white background

WDW New Deer Design Slide

4.5 /5

Ideal For Indoor & Outdoor Use

  • Made for young children from 2 years old & it’s really safe
  • The handles are smooth for an easy grab even from little kids
  • Takes minutes to assemble for an indoor or outdoor play area
  • Strong & durable plastic material for a long-lasting experience
9 Little Tikes Junior First Slide on a white background

Little Tikes Junior First Slide

4.5 /5

Top Playhouse Slide

  • Great development of motor skills with climbing, crawling & sliding
  • Ideal for families with up to 3 kids that can play at the same time
  • With holes for peek-a-boo games at the bottom & hours of fun
  • No need for extra tools to assemble - ready in minutes
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10 Little Tikes Easy Store Giant Slide on a white background

Little Tikes Easy Store Giant Slide

4.5 /5

Best Choice For Big Areas

  • Inbuilt handles allow kids to have more stability while climbing
  • Large size for bigger play areas, but folds for little storage space
  • Easy to climb steps & long slope for hours of fun
  • With a wide base and sturdy frame that takes up to 34kgs

Bring The Playpark To Your Home With The Best Kids Slides

There is no better way to bring the playpark to your kid than with slides. Is your little one too young to enjoy the big ones at the park? Are worried that your kids are missing out on all the outdoor fun due to the lack of a good playground? Then investing in one of these magic-workers will definitely deliver the impact you are looking for.

For starters, they will have endless hours of entertainment at home where you can keep an eye on them. Secondly, some models allow you to use the slide indoors, so the kids can play when the weather does not permit outdoor playtime.

That said, are you worried you might not manage to choose the best one for your offspring? Understandably so, the market is full of options, from inflatable water slides to climbers and play food sets with other activity options like swing sets, playrooms, trampolines, basketball hoops, among others.

Not to worry, though; all you need is a straightforward guide on what to consider when scrolling through hundreds of choices. Our best 10 slides and this guide is here to ensure you do not have any headaches choosing the best slide for your little bundle of joy.  Here’s everything you need to know!

What Are The Benefits Of Slides for Kids?

Fun is not the only benefit a slide comes with. First of all, it can help your child enhance their balance and coordination. If the slide has steps that they need to climb before sliding down, then they will have to learn how to combine their feet and hands. Also, they start to develop a better sense of awareness and judgement. A slide is also an excellent tool to help the kids develop social skills, especially when playing with other kids. They will learn how to share, be empathetic, understanding, and communicate with their friends without throwing tantrums.

Plus, kids can improve their physical abilities. Children are generally active. You already have experience in chasing them up and down the house or cleaning your upholstery because they are climbing or jumping on the sofa. And they will keep doing it, even if you give them a hard time. With a slide, you do not have to worry about all the dirt. It will keep them active as long as they want. And there will be no hurried play like they have at the local playground because you are itching to get back to your household chores.

In What Age Can A Child Use A Slide?

Depending on the slide's height and incline, a child can use it when they are as young as 1 year old. At this age, they could climb through a small slider without your help. As they grow, they will ask for something more, and you might have to invest in a larger one. Some parents buy larger ones and assist younger kids in climbing through. Such slides can grow with them from age 3 to 6, depending on their construction.

What To Look For When Buying A Kid’s Slide


The safety of your child while on the slide will rely intensely on the type of material. One of the common ones is plastic PE, especially for indoor ones. It is easy to clean & sanitise and doesn't have toxic chemicals. Some slides are made with metal parts, which are sturdy but tend to rust. Also, any protruding parts of the metal are dangerous, causing cuts, so make sure that there will be no such thing in the one you choose.


How much space do you need to accommodate the slide? You might be aiming for a large climbing set that offers more playing options, but do you have enough space to place it and still give the kids enough room to manoeuvre?


Is the slide for indoor use or outdoor use? With an indoor slide, you need one that is lightweight and compact enough so you can move it around easily, once playtime is over. This makes your work a lot easier when packing or unpacking it, as well. Fortunately, some models allow for indoor and outdoor usage. Ensure the parts are easy to take apart and assemble, or they can fit through your doors effortlessly.

Weight Limit & Age Range

This will depend highly on your kids' weight and age and whether you want them to grow into the slide. Some models accommodate kids up to the age of 6 which allows for more extended use. Always make sure that you read the manufacturer’s information about the weight that the slide can take.

Number Of Children

Speaking of age and weight limits, how many children will be using the slide at any given time? You might have one kid but are the neighbour's kids or other siblings part of the playgroup? In that case, ensure the slide can accommodate more kids. Also, make sure that when multiple kids use the slide at the same time, their accumulated weight does not exceed the recommended limit.

Extra Features 

Are there extra features, like more playing options, such as a playroom beneath the slide? Others include a swing set, basketball hoops and other playing structures that offer more options. Still, on extra features, does it come with a non-slip underside? This enhances the kid's safety when on the slide. If it doesn’t offer you this, you might have to purchase one which is an extra cost.

How Much Does A Slide for Kids Cost?

With as little as £35.00, you can afford slides for your little ones. The price, though, will depend on what features the slide offers. Some cost as high as £180.00, but these will come with additional options like a basketball hoop, a waterslide, a swing set, among other features. The quality and the materials that are used can play also a major role in the price. There are more stable, durable frames and constructions that worth every pound for the safety they can offer for your kids.

Some Safety Tips For Indoor Slides

The most important safety tip is to always keep an eye on the child when using the children's slide. Also, ensure that it’s appropriate for their age, and take time to teach them to get to the top, slide down and sit down at the bottom before getting up after sliding.

But there are times you probably need to catch a breath or do some kind of chore when the kid is playing. For such situations, consider having handrails on the slider. It keeps the child from rolling on the side when sliding down. The handrails can also give them a better footing when they are climbing the steps.

To Sum Up

Nothing makes a parent happier than watching their little ones having the time of their life. You might not have the time or the energy to take them to the playground every day. With a slide, you can bring all the fun right to your doorstep. Better still, you can place it in the backyard where they can be outdoors. Or buy a small size indoor slide that fits perfectly in the living room or any extra room you have in the house so they can play indoors when the weather is not cooperative. Our guide offers the best of both options to ensure you get the perfect one for your needs. Don’t waste any more time! Check our top 10 picks and start shopping.

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