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As Of July 2022

Whether you love tea or you want to make your favourite pasta, hot water is needed and the faster you can make it, the better. That’s why we recommend you get an electric kettle and stop relying on your cooker or microwave to boil water. Today, we are here to ensure you get the best.

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1 Breville Impressions Fast Boil Electric Kettle white background

Breville Impressions Fast Boil Kettle

Limescale Filter
4.8 /5

Best Kettle Overall

  • It can boil 6-8 cups at once, ideal for a large family
  • Its rear water window makes accurate filling easy
  • Enjoy your hot tea in no time with this rapid boiling device
  • Its ridged texture design and high gloss finish gives a stylish addition to any kitchen
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2 Russell Hobbs Quiet Boil Kettle on table

Russell Hobbs Quiet Boil Kettle

Rapid Boil
4.7 /5

Top Silent Choice

  • It boils quietly and is great for early morning risers or night owls
  • Rapid boil for heated water when you are in a hurry
  • Its perfect–pour spout minimises the risk of spills onto hands or surfaces
  • Making 6 cups of tea at once, you can host a tea party anytime
3 Russell Hobbs Electric Fast Boil Kettle on kitchen table

Russell Hobbs Electric Fast Boil Kettle

Clear Design
4.7 /5

Best Fast Boiling Kettle

  • Its unique design will add a touch of class to any kitchen
  • It can boil 1 cup of water in 45 secs if you need a quick cuppa
  • The perfect pour spout helps you avoid any messy spillages
  • Its anti-scale filter is perfect for those who live in a hard water area
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4 Breville Fast Boil Electric Kettle on kitchen table

Breville Fast Boil Kettle

Energy Saving
4.6 /5

Ideal For Big Families Kettle

  • Its elegant design will complement any stylish kitchen
  • Boiling up to 8 cups of tea on 1 boil, well suited for every household
  • Has a removable and easy to clean limescale filter for a healthier drink
  • Accurate filling is easy thanks to the rear water window
5 Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Electric Kettle white background

Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Kettle

345-Degree Base
4.6 /5

Best Energy Saving Kettle

  • Its silver stainless-steel body will complement any kitchen style
  • Say goodbye to spills on the kitchen thanks to its excellent pour spout
  • Save time by boiling one cup in just 45 seconds
  • Boiling one cup and not one litre saves you energy, and your wallet
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6 Swan Nordic Scandi Design Jug Kettle on kitchen table

Swan Nordic Scandi Design Jug Kettle

Quiet Technology
4.6 /5

Best Minimal Kettle

  • A perfect addition to any minimalist kitchen thanks to its modern style
  • Sip your tea on the go with its rapid boil feature
  • It ensures your safety with switch-off and dry boil protection features
  • Its rotative cordless base allows for extreme mobility
7 Bosch Sky Temperature Selector Jug Kettle white background

Bosch Sky Temperature Selector Jug Kettle

Wooden Handle
4.5 /5

Best Variable-Temperature Kettle

  • The keep-warm function keeps your water hot for up to 30 mins
  • Safely touch its outer side with its double-wall stainless steel
  • Activate all functions with a touch of the base surface
  • Choose your preferred temperature with its precise temperature control
8 KitchenAid Temperature Control Kettle garden backgound

KitchenAid Temperature Control Kettle

Temperature Control Function
4.5 /5

Best Stylish Kettle

  • You can hardly hear it because of its insulated walls and rubber feet
  • Its vintage design enhances your kitchen bench with elegance
  • Regulate the desired water temperature with its temperature regulation panel
  • Insulation keeps the water warm for up to one hour
9 Tefal Loft Plastic Kettle hand holding it

Tefal Loft Plastic Kettle

Removable Limescale Filter
4.4 /5

Best Retro-Style Kettle

  • Ideal for high-traffic kitchens, it can boil up to 7 cups at once
  • Its narrow mouth ensures precision pouring and no water spilling
  • Ideal for busy days, it boils water in no time
  • This traditional-style design is a perfect addition to any kitchen
10 Smarter Steel WiFi iKettle with mobile and white background

Smarter Steel WiFi iKettle

Energy Saving
4.4 /5

Best Kettle For Tech Lovers

  • Boil your water remotely from anywhere, or ask Alexa to do so
  • This high-grade stainless steel appliance will last for years
  • Use IFTTT & Alexa to connect your device with other smart devices
  • Select the perfect temperature for your drinks through its app

Enter This Boiling Wonder In Your Kitchen!

Are you a tea lover? Or a coffee lover? Do you get impatient when you have to wait for the water to boil for your pasta? When you want to make hot beverages, cook rice, heat soup or even boil an egg, heated water is always necessary.

Do you want your water ready in no time and at the right temperature? Then an electric boiler is what you’ll need! It is one of the most important kitchen appliances, along with toasters. that will help you make your everyday life better. No matter why you need it, it will help you get your water to boil with the twinkle of an eye.
Keep on reading to find the ‘hottest’ kettle for you!

Why Do You Need The Best Electric Kettle?

The electric boiler can be one of the most essential modern kitchen appliances. Whether it’s for coffee or tea, it is a must-have when it comes to steaming water quickly. But besides handling all your hot drink needs, it does so much more than that!

It Can Save You Time

Waiting for water to boil can be a bit like waiting for the next bus when you just saw yours passing. A century of waiting. Thankfully, with an electric boiler, you won’t ‘miss a bus’ again. These electrical devices use approximately 80% of their energy to seethe water or any other beverages. They can heat water up to four times faster than a regular on the stove version. You can have boiled water within a short time.

It Makes Your Tea or Coffee taste better

Different types of beverages require different boiling temperatures to bring out the best of their taste. Having that in mind, have you ever stayed alert, on top of a stove or microwave, to maintain the consistency of taste? With the electric boiler, there is no need for that. Most models are programmed to reach a specific temperature and turn off afterwards. All you need to do is select the right temperature for each beverage or infusion you want to prepare. No doubt, your coffee will taste more delicious than ever!

It Is Safer

Electric boilers have many features to ensure that using them will not be a risk to you. The first is a standard automatic switch off. Once the water reaches the temperature you’ve set, the device stops and turns off. Most of them nowadays are also built with thermo-insulated handles to avoid unwanted burns. Others use touch technology to prevent that kind of spilt water or distracted operation challenge.

It Gives You Purified Water

Boiled water is free from unpleasant taste and odour, and bacteria at the same time. That's very important when travelling away from the advanced, industrial-level purification systems. Boiled water not only helps you prevent potential disease, but it can also make you healthier! How? Warm or hot water improves your blood circulation, stimulates digestion and kicks your metabolism into higher gear!

It can save on the Environment and Your Electricity Bill

Most people that can’t drink from their home’s tap water choose bottled, a use that is highly associated with plastic pollution. Using it as a filter gives you access to clean drinking water in your home. As a result, you have clear water in an environmentally friendly way. While saving the environment, you can also save your wallet. This electrical device is more energy-efficient than a microwave or an electric stove top. When heating your water with an electric boiler, you save your electricity bill.

What To Look For When Buying A Kettle?

These days electric boilers are very popular, no wonder why! You can find them in a wide variety of different models, designs, colours, shapes and features. Having the option of this vast diversity, you can choose the one that better suits your needs. Here are all the things you need to know before buying your new electrical appliance.

1. Speed

The speed of your kettle has to do with how fast it heats your water. We are sure you don’t want to spend an eternity waiting for your tea to be ready while being late for work or after a long day. If you prefer making a hot beverage in a hurry, some models can seethe water in two to four minutes. Standard models can seethe water in less than seven minutes. If waiting for a little longer to have your cuppa isn’t an issue for you, a lower wattage will work just as well. Bear in mind that these models can take much longer and use more energy.

2. Temperature Settings

Nowadays, kettles allow you to choose a precise temperature setting to bring the boil to all drinks you wish. All you have to do is just press a button. Having a traditional kettle would be harder for you to control the exact temperature, as your only way to know that the water is ready is if it's poured out. Easy, right?

3. Noise

Most electric boilers are quiet. The ones with a higher wattage tend to be noisier. So, before buying yours, check if it is tested for the noise level in decibels. For those who love the iconic whistling noise that conventional kettles make, there is also a choice. High-powered models also can cause quite a bit of noise. This means either a possible compromise between power and noise or a happy buyer.

4. Material

While looking in the buying guide, you will notice kettles in various materials. They are made of either stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic. In case you choose a plastic model, make sure it’s BPA-free and absent of any harmful chemicals. This is important both for the environment and the lifetime of your device. Stainless steel ones have a more modern look and are durable. Ceramics have a more traditional design and will be an extra glamour on your table. Some models consist of many materials for contrast and function. This contrast is usually illustrated by the kettle itself and the accent pieces (handle, lid, and base).

5. Design

Each brand and model has a different design. The two main and most known types are the jug and dome. Jugs are taller and skinny, resembling a vase. They tend to have a sharp mouth for splash-free pouring. They also hold a larger volume of water and have their handle on the side. Dome-shaped ones are more traditional, shorter and fatter, with a more classic look. Their handles are often on the top, have lift-off lids and smaller capacity than jug kettles. You will find most of these in black, silver or clear colours. You can also find them in various colours.

6. Ease of Use

No matter its size, a kettle should be easy to use. Generally, all electric ones are simple to operate. Some have features that make them more user-friendly. Cordless models are the easiest to use because no cords get in the way when pouring water. Some other extra “ease for use” features are retractable cords, LED lights, and clear windows. What is also necessary is a mouth that pours a controlled stream of water. No one wants dribbling, especially when it is with heated water. An easy to use model should also shut off automatically or switch to the keep-warm mode when it reaches the desired temperature. The next thing it has to do is to let you know when the water is ready, from either a light, a beep, or both.

7. Safety Features

Electric boilers are considered one of the safest ways to boil your water. Most models have an automatic shut-off function. This means they turn off when the water reaches the desired temperature. This leaves you with no worry about unplugging or powering it off.
Another significant safety feature is the protection for boil-dry technology. This means that when the device detects no water inside, it turns off the heating element. For safe and burn free handling, most models include handles that stay cool.

8. Capacity

Besides sizes, electric boilers come in a variety of different water capacities. Wondering how you are going to determine the optimal water capacity for your household? You have to consider how many cups of coffee or tea you plan on making at once. Their litre capacity ranges from about 0.5 to 1.8 litre. Typical designs can hold about 6 to 8 cups of water. Smaller, travel-size ones can hold about 2 cups of water. If you’re putting on the kettle for one cup of tea, check the minimum capacity it can boil.

9. Extra Features

Some kettles come with extra features for convenience and usability. Some of them are removable limescale filters, water gauges, and swivel bases. Keep on reading to find out more about their most significant features.

Additional useful features to look for when buying an electric boiler

  • Auto Shutoff: We all forget to turn appliances off from time to time. This could be either dangerous or a waste of energy. A model with an auto-shutoff feature will turn off after a set amount of time.
  • Cord(less): Cords tend to get in the way. With the base cord storage, you only have to deal with the kettle’s cord when you need to use it. A cordless model will generally be easier to use and store than a corded one.
  • Temperature Regulation- Accuracy: It is very hard to heat the water to a predefined temperature yourself. If you are a tea drinker and know the difference between green tea and oolong tea, variable temperature kettles are just for you. With temperature regulation, you can drink your tea at all different temperatures.
  • Keep Warm Function: How many times have you heard your kettle go off while you were in the middle of doing something important? Was it disappointing to later find the water cold? The keep-warm feature will keep the water warm for you until you’re able to get back to it. This feature keeps your water warm for up to one hour.
  • Wide mouth or lid: It should be easy for you to open the lid. A model with a wide mouth means you don't always have to open the lid to refill it.
  • Water line indicator- Gauge: Most kettles have the water line indicator visible on the exterior. Designs with large viewing windows are best if you want to know exactly how much water is in the device. Check the gauge to ensure you haven’t overfilled it, which could boil over and be a safety hazard.
  • Comfortable handle: A comfortable handle is thick enough to give a solid grip but not so thick you can't hold it full. Choose a kettle that has enough finger room to avoid contact with its body, so you will not get burnt.
  • Boil dry protection: With a boil dry protection feature, the device switches off if there isn't enough water inside. If it burns dry, it can cause damage.
  • Weight: Imagine how heavy a kettle will be, filled with water, if it is already heavy when empty. Bear in mind that for every millilitre of water, you add you put on an extra gram to its overall weight. If you are not a fan of lifting, look for a model that weighs no more than a kilogram when empty.
  • Filters: Many models have removable, washable anti-scale water filters. These filters sit at the base of the mouth and collect pieces of limescale from the water. Prefer a model with filters if you don’t want limescale into your drink. They also stop scum forming on the surface, which is very important with time. Filters that reduce limescale are invaluable if you live in a hard-water area. Have in mind that models that feature a Brita filter, for example, have a smaller capacity. That’s because of the room taken up by the filter and its holder. Replacing the filters once a month can add up the cost, too. Yet, it will mean you don’t need an extra water filter jug on the worktop.
  • 360-degree base: Most kettles on the market have a pirouette connector centre. This rotatable base means you can place them on the base to face the direction you prefer. All the products in our top 10 have this feature, making them a perfect choice for both left and right-handed people.
  • Speed: It is always an advantage when a kettle can seethe water fast. Most of them nowadays can seethe water in a six- to seven-minute range. Choose a high-speed model, especially if you are busy during the day or love to have a lot of company around. Also, keep an eye out for "the quickest boil", "one cup", or ‘’eco-friendly’’ features. Using up to 50% less energy, they can produce a cup's worth of steaming water in less than a minute.
  • Controls and indicators: Most electric models these days have light-touch controls or large switches. Having one of these makes it easier for you to turn them on and off. Light indicators must be bright and noticeable so that you can see them, even without any other light on. Water level indicators should be easy to read from both sides for both left- and right-handed use. In the case of variable-temperature features, heat indicators should be accurate.
  • Smart features: If you are a technology fan, there are designs with extra smart features for you. You can use your phone and set them to boil from anywhere in the house with an app. You can also check the water temperature or ‘pause’ it for a certain amount of time.

Electric Kettles VS Stovetop Kettles?

Stovetop kettles, also known as whistling, seethe water using heat from a stovetop. For some people, a classic stovetop design appears more elegant. So, are you wondering why bother buying an electric version when a stovetop can do the work? Yes, they both heat water quickly and efficiently, but they do so in different ways. Let’s find out the pros and cons of each one of them.

  • The stovetop model requires an external source of heat to work. In most situations is the stovetop. Electrical ones need a main connection to heat boiling water and require no external heat. They are portable, allowing you to seethe water anywhere. Some of them are even designed to work on a car’s USB charging ports. Amazing, right?
  • Electric designs offer a whole range of advanced features and different boiling options, which the stovetop models can’t match. For example, many kettles provide a range of temperature settings, giving you precision with your heated water. They feature a water gauge, and they seethe water much faster. There are extra speed features that can give you a hot cup in less than a minute. Not only that but with the keep warm service, they can keep your water hot for about an hour.
  • An electric boiler is easier to use than a hot, challenging to use stovetop one. Most of the electrics’ exterior is made of insulator material, making it easy to handle, even after heating. On the other hand, stovetop shapes are easier to clean. There are no hard to reach spots with no electronics and no heating element where limescale can accumulate. The electric one can be harder to clean due to the heating element.
  • An electric boiler has safety setups that will automatically shut off the heating once the appropriate temperature is reached. When it comes to stovetop types, the user will have to manually remove the stove’s kettle once the required temperature is attained. Electric models also have controls and indicators for protection of boil-dry and water level indicators.
  • When it comes to noise, some people love the stovetop kettle’s whistling noise, while others prefer the more silent electric types.

At the end of the day, choosing a stovetop or an electric boiler is a matter of personal preference. Stovetop models are still available and come in a range of styles. Electrics are all-around and have many kinds of different features. Suppose you are looking for a more comfortable, safer, and quicker appliance to use? In that case, you should choose an electric boiler with extra features. Yet, a stovetop one will still be relatively energy-efficient and will boil your water quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Kettles

  1. Q: How fast can it boil water?
    A: This depends on its speed feature, but in most cases, you can have boiled water in just a few minutes
  2. Q: Does it have a timer function? Can it be pre-set to heat at a specific time?
    A: Yes, many models nowadays have that kind of smart feature. You can also choose one that works with an app, and there, you can pre-set the time of heating.
  3. Q: Does the water taste good?
    A: The water generally tastes good. Make sure you let the water cool before drinking it.
  4. Q: What’s the minimum and maximum capacity I can boil?
    A: You can see the minimum and maximum water capacity a kettle can boil on its window or gauge. Do not boil under or over the recommended units to maintain your device in a safe environment.
  5. Q: Is the kettle easy to clean?
    A: While you are boiling water, it is easy to clean it. Nonetheless, electric boilers do get dirty over time. Thanks to hard mineral water build-up, regular cleaning is essential. If cleaning is an issue for you, find a model with extra filters. In most cases, you can clean them just by adding a small amount of white vinegar to your kettle and bringing it to a boil. Boil with fresh water and voila, your kettle is clean!
  6. Q: Will a cheap product last as long as an expensive one?
    A: Yes, it can also be reliable and have a good performance.
  7. Q: Do electric boilers use much energy?
    A: No. Most of them don’t use much energy to run. Boiling a full average kettle a couple of times a day, over the whole year, would only cost you about £15 or less. To save money and energy, only boil as much water each time as you need.
  8. Q: Are "quiet boil" models really quiet?
    A: Yes, models with a quiet boil feature are quieter than most of the others. Have in mind that as the ‘’quiet model’’ gets older, it's possible that the quiet boil function may become less effective.
  9. Q: How much do they cost?
    A: There is a wide range in price. For a basic no-frills model, you will need around £8 to more than £200 for a high-end model.
  10. Q: What is their average life?
    A: Normally 3-4 years, depending on their use.
  11. Q: Should I choose a model with a cordless base?
    A: If you are looking for ease and safety, yes.
  12. Q: Should I buy a model with extra features?
    A: This depends on you and your needs. The features that are the most essential have to do with safety.
  13. Q: What can I boil in my kettle?
    A: We recommend that the only liquid boiled in it to be water.


Are you tired of waiting too long for your water to boil? Settle your kettle with an electric one! There is a wide variety of styles and features when it comes to electric kettles. Lucky for you, all our recommendations meet most of the basic features you need. Whether you are shopping for a budget-friendly or a large capacity kettle, you will find one that is energy efficient and works on either hand. Hopefully, you will rest easy knowing you have made the perfect choice for your house today. Check our guide, and happy shopping!

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