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Best 10 Jewellery Organisers

As Of June 2022

Has your Jewelleries become a tangled, and cluttered mess? Why not give your treasures the beautiful housing they deserve, so that the pieces don’t rub up against each other and cause scratches. Let them feel secured, protected, and untangled. Get the best accessory organiser to store them.
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1 LATIT Jewellery Box on dressing table

LATIT Jewellery Box

4.8 /5

Best Jewellery Organiser Overall

  • Carry your bijous safely in your bag when travelling due to its compact size
  • Get ready in no time since all your rings, necklaces & earrings are organised
  • Made to last for years of usage by premium PU leather
  • Perfect gift for you or a loved one that comes in 4 elegant colours
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2 ProCase Jewellery Box on dressing table

ProCase Jewellery Box

4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Find your favourite bracelet without hassle, thanks to its stackable layer design
  • Minimal exterior that comes in 5 colours to pick your favourite one
  • Ideal for hanging necklaces with its 8 hooks inside the top cover
  • Extended usage with its anti-rust metal clasp
3 Vlando Mini Jewellery Box Organizer with watch and beautiful jewellery organised

Vlando Mini Jewellery Box Organizer

4.6 /5

Ideal for Storing Rings

  • Fit anywhere to carry with its super slim & small design
  • Keep your rings cosy & organised in this quality synthetic leather box with velvet lining
  • Bring your earrings safely with you while you’re on holidays
  • Store them without falling out thanks to its zipper
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4 SONGMICS Lockable Jewellery Case on dressing table

SONGMICS Lockable Jewellery Case

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Large Capacity

  • Beautify your dressing table with one of its 3 classic colours: black, white or grey
  • Spacious to save any piece of jewellery you own, from rings to earrings
  • Travelling? Use the mini case to bring all the essentials with you & stay stylish
  • A great gift idea to a special someone
Ideal Gift Ribbon
5 SONGMICS Jewellery Organiser on beautiful table set up

SONGMICS Jewellery Organiser

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Travelling

  • Have a look at its mirror to decide which earrings suit you better each time
  • Doesn’t take up too much space on the table, yet it has a spacious interior
  • Keep your mother’s heirloom ring safe with its lock & keys
  • Put it in your suitcase & carry it with you when travelling by its handle
6 woman getting her necklace from Stackers Jewellery Box

Stackers Jewellery Box

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Necklaces

  • Stylish case in blush pink or grey to keep all your favourite bling
  • Stay posh while on the go with this versatile, sleek case
  • No more tangled chains thanks to its removable necklace insert
  • Protect your rings & necklaces from scratches due to its soft velvet lining
7 E-MANIS Jewellery Box on beautiful table set up

E-MANIS Jewellery Box

4.5 /5

Top Choice for High-Quality

  • Hold your precious pieces guarded at all times with its lock & key design
  • Keep them organised & forget about dusted or tangled jewellery
  • Use it as a mirror, too as it has one to help you pick the piece you want to wear
  • It fits in your suitcase for hassle-free transport
8 woman using the SONGMICS Travel Box on her dressing table


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Removable & Foldable Tray

  • Look fabulous every day by keeping all your bijous in pristine shape
  • Pick what goes well with your outfit with its mirror on the lid
  • Hold all your precious pieces dust-free inside, from rings to necklaces
  • Elegant design that stands out wherever you decide to keep it
9 HerFav Box for Jewellery on dressing table

HerFav Box for Jewellery

4.5 /5

Ideal for Acrylic Box

  • Minimalistic design in 2 colours that do perfectly in a modern bedroom
  • Helps you keep your watches, rings & necklaces as good as new for years
  • Find what you want to put on without hassle, thanks to its transparent design
  • Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean the box from dust
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10 Jonathan Adler Box for Jewellery on white background

Jonathan Adler Box for Jewellery

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Lacquer

  • High-end box to bring a vintage flair to your dressing table
  • Keep your bijous scratch-free thanks to its velvet interior
  • Have peace of mind as you can lock it for secure keeping
  • No-fuss maintenance - just dust with a soft & dry cloth

Keep Your Accessories Tidy & Safe

Are you bothered by how disorganised your accessories look in your drawer or on your dressing table? Even if you aren't, it's time for you to invest in a jewellery box to keep all your items organised and safe in single storage space. And because we are interested in making life easy for you, we've put together this buying guide to help fire up your interest in buying just the best accessory organiser to put next to your vanity makeup mirror.

What is a jewellery organiser?

Just like your clothes deserve a closet, wardrobe, or suitcase, and shoes should sit pretty on a rack or shoe organiser, your adornments deserve a loving home as well. Hence, a jewellery box (jewellery cabinet, jewellery case, or jewellery holder) is a storage case designed to keep your accessories safe and well-organised.

It can accommodate a variety of accessories, including necklaces, trinkets, bangles, cufflinks, brooches, earrings, and wristwatches, among others. There is a storage solution for you, irrespective of the type and quantity of jewels you are looking to organise.

Why do you need a jewellery organiser?

At one point or another, we've had to spend time trying to detangle necklaces or find one earring, cufflink, or ring. We can agree that it is frustrating to go through such a process, especially when you should be doing something else. Well, we are most grateful to whoever designed the jewellery box because it is "life made easy" in simple terms. Therefore, below are some of the reasons why you need an accessory organiser.

  • To tame your jewellery chaos.

Unless you are intentional about storing different pieces of accessories in separate spaces, stacking them together in a single space outside the storage is always a disaster. But, with the ideal jewellery box, you can keep your accessories organised and clutter-free for easy access any day, any time. And because most have different shapes and sizes of compartments to accommodate almost any kind of jewel, you can rest assured that your items will stay tangle-free for as long as they remain in there. 

  • No more worries about losing your jewels.

Life gets so busy sometimes, so remembering where we kept a piece of jewellery the last time might not be a top priority in our minds. Jewellery storage reduces the risk of losing a piece of accessories as a result of inconsistent or undefined storage space, which means you get to save valuable time as well. Also, an accessory is no play-thing, but as long as it is in sight, your kids or pets might not be able to stay away from toying with it. 

  • It protects against damages.

Irrespective of how much you bought it for, handle your jewellery with utmost care because breakage or damages can occur from careless placement and mixing all types of jewels. But, with the right storage box, you can prevent this from happening. 

  • It is easy to transport.

If you ever have to move your jewels from one place to another without compromising their quality, the right jewellery box will serve as a travel case for such a purpose. Additionally, some large-sized jewel storages feature an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry independently.

  • It adds some class to your closet or tabletop.

This may seem like not enough reason to invest in a jewellery holder, but those who are big on aesthetics know where we are driving to. There are a variety of stylish models on the market that come in different colours and designs for both men and women. So, you can choose whichever showcases your style and adds some classy, elegant, and organised feel to your space.

What to look for when buying a jewellery organiser

No one sets out to buy a product without first considering some of its features. At this point, we hope that this guide has positively influenced you towards creating some storage ideas on how to keep your accessories in the best condition possible. Read on to learn what to look out for before you spend money on any jewellery box.

  • Material

If you are looking to invest in an accessory organiser, you should thoroughly check out the materials used in the interior and exterior. Faux leather, PU leather, and wood are ideal for the exterior because they keep moisture out to prevent jewellery tarnish and are easy to clean. They also add some style and are durable for long-term use. Felt, velvet, or silk ( soft and lint-free lining) used in the interior will ensure that your gems stay protected.

Glass or acrylic ones are also available. Although they have a simple and minimalist design with a single compartment, they are fragile and won't be ideal for long-term storage.

2. Size & Storage Capacity

If you have a lot of accessories to store, you should choose a large storage box with enough capacity to hold your item. You don't want to end up stacking different pieces in a small space or single compartment, which may defeat the purpose of buying an organiser in the first place. If possible, make a list of the number of jewellery you have (rings, necklaces, bangles, trinkets, earrings, etc.) and buy one with enough room to accommodate them all.

Also, if you have a fast-growing jewellery collection, consider buying an organiser with extra space to save yourself the cost of an upgrade too soon.

3. Compartments

If you don't wear necklaces, there's no need to spend on a jewellery stand or a box with many necklace slots or hangers. In other words, take note of your collection and buy an organiser with enough compartments for the type of accessory you own. If possible, each piece of jewellery should have its compartment with the necessary dividers to ensure that everything stays well-organised and tangle-free for your convenience.

Remember, an ideal accessory organiser has a ring holder, earring holder, necklace hanger, and other compartments with a nice jewellery display.

4. Security

You know how much you've invested in getting your jewellery; hence why their safety should be paramount to you. Although, you can't bank on the locks of most organisers to keep thieves out because they can easily run off with the box itself. Nonetheless, it can prevent your kids and other unauthorised persons in your home from gaining access and also keep dirt out.

Types of jewellery organisers

Your accessory is a treasure (whether expensive or not) and should be treated as such. Although some of them are better off in a safe, others can be kept in organisers for easy and quick access. Here are some types of organisers you can choose from according to your needs.

  • Hanging Jewellery organiser

A hanging accessory organiser features a hook or railing, with which you can hang the organiser behind your door or in your closet. It mostly has plastic pockets with a simple design and displays your collections through its transparent design. On the downside, it is not entirely durable and does not have a lock. However, you can opt for this if you need a space-saving option.

  • Jewellery armoire 

You may know this as a standing accessory organiser or a chest. It is a small but durable and lockable piece of furniture with enough space for your collection. There are enough drawers and compartments, all fitted with linings to provide a soft and smooth home for your collection. You can request a custom-made armoire to suit your storage needs.

  • Travel case

Who says you have to leave your favourite accessory because of storage issues at home every time you go on a trip? The ideal travel case is minimalist and space-saving because it mostly comes as a wallet, pocketbook, hard side cases, pouches, or rolls and can fit easily in your luggage, backpack, or handbag. 

  • Wall-mounted Jewellery organiser

Whatever piece of accessory you are looking to store will fit conveniently into a wall-mounted accessory organiser, which looks just like a cabinet. You can get one with a mirror and automatic LED lights to improve the aesthetic of your space.

  • Jewellery trays

These are usually ideal for stud earrings, broaches, and rings. Their portable size makes it easy to store in your dressing drawer, safe, or closet. Most trays have stackable designs, which give you the flexible option of buying and more trays (of the same design) according to your storage needs.

  • Jewellery boxes

These are popular on the market and come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. They have many compartments and storage drawers for different pieces and a mirror on the inner part of the lid so that you can check out the fit of each piece you try on. They are made from hard materials, which means that they are a great option for long-term storage. If you want something with a minimal but beautiful design, this is the type you need!

Tips and tricks for organising your jewellery

Organising your jewellery isn't a chore; in fact, we consider it a fun thing to do. But, if you don't feel the same way, you might want to set time apart for this. Try the following tips and tricks highlighted below and see how accomplished you will feel at the end of the task.

  • Buy an ideal organiser.

With the information given in this guide, You will find it less challenging to select the right storage case for your collection. Don't forget to consider the type of jewellery you own, your budget, and your style before you make a choice.

  • Gather all your jewellery together.

We suggest that you place all of them in a single space (your bed or a table) to make the organisation process easy.

  • Separate them according to type.

All earrings should be on one side, necklaces on another side, etc., do the same for the entire collection, and if possible, sort them by size as well. For instance, stud earrings should be kept separate from hoops, dangles, and other types. Pearl necklaces should be kept separate from chains and multi-strings as well.

  • Thoroughly inspect the condition of each piece.

This is where the real work begins because you have to ensure that every piece that goes into the organiser is in good condition. Now, take note of those you haven't used in a long time and decide if it's worth keeping. Also, check for wear and tear, and don't forget to replace the hooks or backs on your earrings.

Now that you've gone through the above steps, start arranging them in their allocated slot in the organiser you got.

How much should you spend on a jewellery organiser?

Your budget plays a role in the type of storage case you buy for your accessory. We believe that irrespective of your financial capacity, you deserve to own an accessory organiser. Hence, we researched the price range for both budget-friendly and high-end options online for you. Note that the type, size, and material of the organiser can influence the prices. 

  • Affordable 

Organisers that fall under this category have a price range from £1 to £20. You can get a hanger, standing organisers, jewellery trays, travel boxes or small leather boxes for this price.

  • High-end

If you want to invest in high-quality jewellery storage for long-term purposes, your budget should be within a price range from £100 to £150. Wooden boxes, jewellery armoire, chest, and leather boxes are within this price range.


Investing in proper jewellery storage is necessary if you want to keep your jewels in the best condition. This is because it saves you time, keeps your item protected, prevents tarnish, and prolongs its usability.

With so many brands and designs on the market, choosing the best jewellery box can be challenging for just anyone. But, this extended buying guide will help you narrow down the ideal model for your needs.

Are you ready to tame your accessory clutter and keep your favourite jewellery safe and organised for easy access?

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