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Best 10 Ironing Boards

As Of July 2022

Are you struggling to find a way to get through all your loads of laundry quickly? You’ll need to invest in a good ironing board! You will see that your freshly washed sheets are going to be wrinkle-free. And, it’s the best way to keep the germs and odours away. No more back pain or sore arms with the best ironing board! Want to find out more?
Check our guide!

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1 Minky Ergo Ironing Board on white background

Minky Ergo Ironing Board

4.8 /5

Best Overall Ironing Board

  • Ergonomic positioning for left and right-handed people
  • Hassle-free placing of the iron on the ironing surface with a heat reflective coating
  • Clip the iron’s cord on the flex guide to prevent it from snagging
  • Ideal for any adult with the adjustable height
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2 Minky Apollo Ironing Board on white background

Minky Apollo Ironing Board

4.7 /5

#2 Best Ironing Board

  • Avoid unwanted iron steaming by placing it on the steam-safe angled rest
  • Faster crease removal thanks to the mesh cotton cover
  • Stable ironing with its non-slip rubber end caps on a T-shaped leg design
  • Lightweight & portable to fit in any storage space
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3 Minky Hotspot Plus Ironing Board on white background

Minky Hotspot Plus Ironing Board

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Left & Right-Handed People

  • Let the iron cool off by placing it on the movable heat-resistant silicone surface
  • Compact & foldable to even use on a tabletop
  • Sturdy non-slip feet for improved durability in different heights
  • Stay accident-free with the heat-reflective Prozone cover
4 Vileda Smart Ironing Board on white background

Vileda Smart Ironing Board

4.5 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Conveniently place the iron on the iron rest with silicone bumper
  • Neatly carry around the house folded by pressing the transport lock
  • Ideal for small spaces due to its space-saving surface area
  • Long-lasting & high-quality, full-size ironing board
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5 Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board on white background

Brabantia Ironing Board

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Heat-Resistant Fabric

  • Pause when tired and put the iron on the heat-resistant parking zone
  • For tall & short people with adjustable height settings
  • Hassle-free replacements as it comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Safe to use in a home with young children with its child safety lock
6 Bright Blooms Ironing Board on white background

Bright Blooms Ironing Board

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Easy Transport

  • Avoid a tangling cord by using the flex holder attachment
  • Clean the ironing board cover effortlessly by only wiping it down
  • Sturdy ironing board thanks to its durable steel frame
  • Strain-free ironing with the multiple height adjustments
7 Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board With Solid Steam Unit Holder on white background

Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board with Solid Steam Unit Holder

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Steam Ironing

  • Size C ironing board ideal for steam generator irons
  • Keep the iron within arm’s reach with its steam iron rest holder on the side
  • Portable & convenient to move by pressing the transport lock
  • Avoid unexpected collapsing thanks to its non-slip feet
8 Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board on white background

Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Wide Feet Ironing Board

  • Minimises rust and water buildup with a heavy-duty separate foam layer
  • Holds up more weight thanks to wider feet
  • Click & Stop safety system that prevents the board from toppling over
  • Suitable for steam & conventional iron with its extra-large iron holder
9 Amazing Tour Ironing Board on white background

Amazing Tour Ironing Board

4.5 /5

Top Lightweight Ironing Board

  • Adjust the height to your preference with the detachable legs
  • Let the hot iron cool off on the steam-safe angled rest
  • Foldable & compact enough to store in any size laundry room
  • Keep it for years with its fade-resistant & high-quality thick underlay
10 Minky Velocity Ironing Board on white background

Minky Velocity Ironing Board

4.5 /5

Top Ergonomic Choice

  • Achieve a smooth finish thanks to the no-crease thick foam pad
  • Straightforward switching of height levels with the push of a button
  • Minimise ironing time with the cover’s heat-proof PearActiv technology
  • Safe & sturdy ironing due to the 4-leg design

Enhance Your Ironing Experience & Results With The Best Ironing Board

Household chores can be very draining and exhausting. We know the struggle you face every time the washing machine finishes a load. What’s left when there’s no dryer in sight to make your clothes crease-free and ready to put them in the closet? A steam iron generator or steam iron and an ironing board! You will make your clothes look as fresh as can be. Nothing beats the feeling of a clean closet daily.

Your ironing board’s quality can determine how nice of a result you will get for your clothes. With a sturdy and large ironing board, you can go through high loads of laundry in no time. Anyone can agree that ironing is one of the most tedious yet necessary house chores. It’s a home appliance that any person out of college and onwards should have as any respectable adult would.

We wanted to inform you of the best choices out there, so we put together this buying guide. We are optimistic that we can answer all your questions and help you reach a better buying decision. Let’s get started!

Why should you buy an ironing board?

An ironing board is an absolute must if you don’t own a dryer. Some laundry places are complete with a washer and dryer set. If you have a dryer, you can put your clothes in to dry after the wash, and the dryer will also remove the creases. You won’t get as precise a result as with an ironing board, but it’s a much faster short-term solution. If you go through lots of laundry loads daily, a dryer isn’t a budget-friendly choice. The water and electricity costs are far greater than if you buy an iron board.

An iron board is an inexpensive but more manual chore that will allow you to get crisp finishes on your clothes, linens and underwear. You should always iron over underwear and linens to kill off any remaining bacteria before you put them in the closet. It’s a necessary buy, especially if you wear a lot of dress shirts. Nobody likes the feeling of a wrinkled dress shirt.

Some like to iron their clothes on top of their sofa, bed or even on a tabletop. But, that is not a healthy choice for your furniture or yourself. You will notice that your furniture will end up having skid marks. Also, it’s not hygienic to put your clean clothes or underwear on any dusty surface. With an ironing board, you will have a heat-proof area that won’t scorch your surfaces.

What are the different types of ironing boards?

There are many different types of ironing boards to choose from, with cost, space and personal preference being the deciding factors. A small in size and compact iron board makes more sense for a university student living in a cramped apartment. For a parent who has a dedicated laundry room in their home, a wall-mounted or folding ironing board could better match the space’s overall look and feel. Let’s have a look at the options available. If all else fails, go for the standard one.

Small Ironing Boards

Small ironing boards are very compact and extremely lightweight. They are so tiny that you can even put them on the tabletop, kitchen table or side table. Their size is small enough to fit under a bed, in the darkest corner of the closet and tucked away to the point that you forget where they are. Some small ironing boards come with a hanger to hang them anywhere you want.

This type of ironing board is ideal for people with limited space or anyone who doesn’t have enough strength to carry a heavier traditional ironing board. They are convenient enough to use while sitting down. So, you can iron and watch television at the same time. The one downside to them is that they are not wide enough to fit large sheets or large clothing items fully. But, if you don’t iron everything and only use the iron for small clothing items, this could be a top pick for you.

Standard Ironing Boards

Standard boards are tall so that you can do the ironing while standing up. They come in different sizes, which are universally known to range from Size A to Size E. The larger the clothing pieces you have, the more essential it will be to get an extra-wide ironing board to get the job done more efficiently.

Standard ironing boards could either be folding or not folding. If they aren’t, you should find enough storage space to fit them between uses. We wouldn’t want you struggling to fit your ironing board because you didn’t take the time to review the different available sizing options.


This type is hands down the easiest to manoeuvre around the house. They are compact and portable to transport anywhere in the house. With a simple folding lock button on the side, these are excellent home appliances that you can neatly store in a space-saving way. They are lightweight to fold and carry with ease but don’t compromise in durability.


Wall-mounted ironing boards are built-in ironing boards that can be a great addition to your home if you are tight in space. You can install them on the wall of your room, and you can hide them by putting them flat against the wall for a subtle look. The one negative to this type of ironing board is that it requires manual labour, which adds up installation costs. If you’re the only one in the house, this could be a fancy installation that you could avoid. A folding ironing board is the most cost-effective alternative to this that won’t break your bank.

What to look for when buying an ironing board

We’re sure you want to get the best choice in the market to be your most organised and effective self. There are a few top features that you should consider before you buy an ironing board. The board features you value the most will give you an excellent all-around choice. Just find what is a requirement for you and go with the right choice.

1. Size

There are five different sizes of ironing boards that you will notice in the product description. This sizing is universal, so you can identify with ease which one better matches your needs. You will find differences in the ironing board’s length and width. The sizes are broken down in five as follows:

  • Size A: Small in size, no more than 110cm long and 30cm wide.
  • Size B: A small to medium-size choice less than 125cm long and 38cm wide
  • Size C: An average-sized iron board that sits 124cm tall and 45cm wide.
  • Size D: A taller pick sitting at 135cm tall and 45cm wide.
  • Size E: An extra-wide ironing board that is about 135cm long and 50cm wide.

2. Iron Holder

An important feature that your ironing board should have is an iron rest. With an iron rest, you will be able to let your iron down safely to cool off. While you’re adjusting the clothes and folding them before ironing over them, you want to set your steam or regular iron on a secure area. A holder is a standard feature on most ironing boards, but you could find an enhanced version. There are silicone temporary parking zones that let you place your iron on them without the risk of overheating.

You should always check the description to see if your ironing board supports a steam iron. These are heavier than traditional irons, so don’t automatically think that any iron rest can bear that much weight.

3. Transport & Child Lock

A lock is a handy feature if you are a parent or someone with clumsy fingers. A safety transport or child lock is a lock that prevents accidents. It works because if you put too much weight on the ironing board, it won’t collapse as it’s locked in place. It will also keep the board intact and shut tight when you’re moving it around the house.

4. Flex Guide

A flex guide will keep the iron cord away from your ironing board while you’re working. It’s a neat feature as it gives you an almost cordless experience. It’s an attachment that you place on the side of the board as a screwed in or clipped accessory. You won’t run the risk of having tangled cords in your way when you’re too busy going through all your laundry.

5. Anti-slip feet

Anti-slip feet are a safety must for any ironing board. They are rubber end-caps at the base’s feet that ensure the ironing board doesn’t topple over when you put pressure on it. That way, you are secure while ironing and in case you have kids running around the house. You don’t want to risk hurting anyone with a steaming hot iron.

If you end up buying one that doesn’t come with anti-slip feet, it’s an inexpensive accessory that you can find effortlessly on its own too. They are a low-budget attachment that you can replace whenever you want as they are easy to find.

6. Accessories

There are additional accessories that you could benefit from having, but they are not an absolute necessity. They are great to find within the packaging, but you can get the job done without them too. A hanger is valuable and saves space in an apartment or small home. You can hang your ironing board behind the room door or behind your coats in the closet.

A sleeve attachment is a second board that you can attach to the ironing board that lets you iron dress shirts. It comes in handy when you have to deal with collars and sleeves on your partner’s shirts. But, you can also use it on other small undergarments and clothing items.

How high should your ironing board be?

In general, you should choose to iron with the board being on your hip level. That is the optimal height that relieves pressure on your shoulder, elbow and wrist. If you are taller and don’t want to hunch over, most ironing boards come with adjustable height levels so that you can customise them to your liking. If you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and closed in from too high an ironing board, then you should place it closer to the lower part of your hips.

Still, always check the product description to make sure that your ironing board has height adjustment abilities. The average one comes with a minimum of three adjustment levels ranging from 40cm to 90cm tall. There are others with adjustments from 0cm to use as a tabletop ironing board up to 100cm.

Should your ironing board have a cover?

There is only one answer to this question: absolutely! A good quality cover will improve the longevity of your ironing board. Have you ever had your iron stick against a poor-quality cover material? That can lead to damage to your iron, not only your ironing board.

You should find an option with a tight mesh for smoother finishes and wrinkle-free results. A heat-proof coating on the thick padding of your ironing board’s cover will also prevent sticking. Some ironing boards have a stain-resistant coating application too. The most important thing to remember about mesh is that it limits water condensation and lets steam go through the material during your ironing time. A cover is an item that will make your buy long-lasting. Some manufacturers have high-end technologies that make the covers fade-proof and very durable against heat.

Take some time to look at the different cover types and find one breathable to let steam through. That will limit moisture buildup and keep your ironing board looking brand new.

What’s the cost of an ironing board?

Prices can vary depending on the features you get. But, in general, ironing boards are not that expensive. They are a standard everyday household item that is not luxurious for the few to have, making them affordable for all. You can find low-priced options for as little as £20-30. There are higher-end options with steam-proof iron rests and heat-proof board surfaces that can cost more than £100.

Don’t worry, though, as you will find that most average priced ironing boards come with all the safety board features you need. So, look no further and find the affordable and right pick for you.


For all the homeowners out there who love to have a clean closet, an ironing board is a staple item. Nothing says adulthood like ironing your clothes. A put-together adult who irons is the ultimate force to be reckoned with. Not to mention that it’s a hygienic must to have an ironed outfit. So, buy an ironing board and get the perfect crease-free look and touch on all your clothes.

We are sure that our buying guide has given you all the necessary information to pick the best ironing board out there. The next time you unload the washing machine with a top-quality ironing board, you can tackle any load of laundry without any trouble!

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