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Best 10 Inflatable Water Slides

As Of July 2022

Do you want to give your kids the perfect recreational activity while staying at home? Summer is here, and everyone loves to get into the water. Your kids are no exception! Inflatable water slides are the way to keep them happy. They refresh little ones and adults alike and make your backyard a splash zone for endless hours of fun! Want to know more?
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6 Tobogani Water Park Paddling Pool inflatable water slide in a garden

Tobogani Water Park Paddling Pool

Climbing Tower Curved Slide Paddling Pool All In One
4.6 /5

Best Inflatable Water Slide Overall

  • Inflate without a hassle in just 90 seconds
  • Carry it effortlessly as it has a compact & foldable design
  • Enjoy hours of non-stop fun outdoors by fixing it to your garden hose
  • Withstands the most intense water battles thanks to its super durable & double-stitched nylon fabric
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1 kids playing on the Team Magnus Slip and Slide

Team Magnus Slip and Slide

Slide Climbing Wall Pool All In One
4.9 /5

Ideal for Spacious Gardens

  • Splash around & cool yourself off by jumping head down onto this super long slip & slide
  • Beat the heat instantly thanks to its quick setup in only 1 minute
  • Add a handful of soap water & take on races with your friends
  • Roll up like a yoga mat to store it away in a space-saving way when it’s dry
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2 kids playing on the Bestway H2OGO! Hurricane Inflatable

Bestway H2OGO! Hurricane Inflatable

Inflatable Rock Wall Leading To Jumping Area
4.9 /5

Best Choice with Mini Pool

  • Give your little ones a fun way to let off some steam on this all-in-one water park
  • Sit back & let it inflate itself with the heavy-duty blower in under 2 minutes
  • Ensure your kids land safely down the slide with the water blobs at the end
  • Take a break from sunbathing & relax at the mini pool
3 kids playing on the COSTWAY Inflatable Water Slide

COSTWAY Inflatable Water Slide

A Variety of Activities All In One
4.8 /5

Top Pick with Water Cannons

  • Practise your shooting & playmaking skills on the included basketball hoop
  • Add a pop to your backyard with its vibrant & eye-catching colours
  • Suitable even for adults to play in as it has a 120kg weight capacity
  • Never worry when your kids are bouncing on it with the secure ground spikes
4 COSTWAY Inflatable Bouncy Castle in the garden

COSTWAY Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Largest Inflatable Water Slide In UK
4.8 /5

Ideal for Large Families

  • Create fond memories as a whole family with its 3 slides, water gun & climbing wall
  • Set it up while everyone is changing to their swimsuits as it only takes a few minutes to inflate
  • Lounge around in the pool with the included swimming rings
  • Bring it with you on holidays thanks to its foldability & free carry bag
5 Intex Rainbow Ring Play Centre on white background

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Centre

Safety Standards Followed
4.7 /5

Best Choice for Toddlers

  • Feels like you’re going through a waterfall with the overhead sprinkler above the slide
  • Stay splash-free while your friends are on the slide in the separate pool area
  • Improve your kids’ motor skills with the ring toss game
  • Keep your bottom bruise-free with the extra padding on the landing mat
7 kids playing on the Bestway H20GO Quadruple Water Lane

Bestway H20GO! Quadruple Water Lane

Slippery Curved Water Slide
4.5 /5

Ideal for Built-in Sprinklers

  • Get soaked along with three other friends as it has four lanes for everyone to have fun together
  • Avoid sunburns & tummy aches with the sprayer system on the slide
  • Land softly on your knees at the end of the slide with the soft mat
  • Transport it conveniently by rolling it up for fun on the go
8 kids playing on the Intex Dinoland Play Center

Intex Dinoland Play Center

Fun Design For Little Kids
4.5 /5

Best Dinosaur Themed

  • Play with your friends by shooting some balls through the mini hoop
  • Boost your imagination with creative & unique animals on the slide’s frame
  • Splash around the water by sitting in the pool area
  • Refresh yourself mid-play by running under the water sprinkler at the top of the slide
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9 kids playing in COSTWAY Inflatable Bouncy Castle

COSTWAY Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Entertainment & Safety Together
4.4 /5

Top Pick with Climbing Wall

  • Give your kids the chance to make up their own stories with its shark design
  • Spray anyone coming down the slide with the water gun for unlimited battles
  • Safely reach the top in seconds via the convenient climbing wall
  • Fits more than 3 kids at once as it’s spacious & robust
10 Outsunny Kids Bounce Castle House on white background

Outsunny Kids Bounce Castle House

Entertainment & Safety Together
4.3 /5

Best for Trampoline

  • Set it up in just a few minutes with its quick inflation system
  • Fix it firmly to the ground for security with the stakes
  • Transport it from one area of the yard to the other with the handbag
  • Enjoy fun outdoors for hours on end as it has a trampoline, slide and water pool
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Have Summer Fun at Home With the Best Inflatable Water Slides

On a hot summer day when you just need a break from the household chores and some quiet time, many times all you can hear is chaos, and your kids repeatedly asking you for new things to do. Inflatable water slides are the perfect solution for their boredom.

Not only will they have fun right in front of your eyes, but you will also get some time to yourself without having the guilt of not satisfying your kids. You can easily set up the slide and create a healthy play environment within the boundaries of your home.

Why Give Inflatable Water Slides A Chance?

Are you looking for unique new ways to entertain your kids at home without it involving electronics? Do you have a garden area and want to add some water activities for the whole family? There are many entertaining games for your children to play outdoors, such as above ground pools, trampolines, kids slides, kids playhouses and water pistols

But have you ever looked into inflatable water slides? The best inflatable water slides offer endless hours of fun outdoors on a hot summer day when you just need a break from the household chores to spend time with your kids. 

Don’t want to join in at the splash pool? Set it up for your youngsters to let off some steam and get time to yourself guilt-free! You can easily install the slide with just an air blower and create a healthy play environment within the boundaries of your home as they are blow-up with no risky edges and corners. 

Want to know more? Our buying guide has all the information you need to pick the one with the most durability to create a safe play area for all ages.

What is an inflatable water slide?

An inflatable water slide is a blow-up toy that kids and adults enjoy playing with as a water activity. There are many different designs, from simple slip-n-slides to full inflatable water slide parks. The larger ones come with a complete bounce house, inflatable pool and other game accessories, including water rings, basketball hoops and more.

The slip-n-slides are usually between 5-10m long, and they are best for larger gardens as they take up more space. The inflatable bounce house types are fit for small and medium-sized gardens because they are not large in length. They are taller and wider as they have a pool space, a climbing area like a rock wall and a few slides (1-4 slides).

How much water do inflatable slides need?

Water slides attach to the hose and outdoor tap so that you can fill them with water. It’s certain that you will be using up about 4-5 litres per minute while you wait for the whole slide to fill. If it’s a larger one with a wading pool, double slides and a spacious splash area, then it will need more water than that. If it’s just the slip-n-slide, you could even conserve water by only splashing some with a dump bucket when you’re about to slip downhill.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Inflatable Water Slide?

Are you looking to learn more about the top things to consider before purchasing a water slide? There are various models available so that you can choose whichever slide suits you the most. Take a look below to learn a bit more about the different features your inflatable water slide should have. 

1. Dimensions

You should check the product descriptions for the slide’s dimensions to determine if you have enough space to set it up. There should be ample space for kids to play, but you don’t want to compromise on the area you would need for other tasks. If the garden becomes too stuffed, the environment will not feel as relaxing as it can be. The bulkier full, bouncy castles can occupy up to 12 square meters of your backyard, so ensure that you have that much space before purchasing one. 

2. Material

Most inflatable water slides have robust double-stitched nylon seaming that makes them durable while your kids jump on them. The most common material on these slides is PVC plastic as it’s affordable and can hold up well during the hot summer months. Many of the larger water slides also have velcro straps that hold the hose in place while you fill the pool. 

3. Age Recommendation & Weight Capacity

To make sure you benefit the most from your slide, you need to check how many kids can play on it simultaneously. Some slides have a larger capacity than others. Every slide mentions age recommendations. Some are fit for toddlers up to 3 years old, while others are suitable for kids 3-15 years old. Finally, there are some large ones that are suitable for all ages. 

They are made safe for the age group they mention, and that way, they also indicate their weight-bearing limit. Weight restrictions also vary depending on the age but the biggest capacity they can have is up to 120 kilos. If you exceed those age and weight recommendations by letting older kids on the slide, it could damage it. 

4. Additional Accessories

Some manufacturers incorporate structures like a bouncer and a climbing wall creatively, and water sprayers, curved slides or multiple slides for many people to play at once. Others have a drain plug and storage bag to drain out the water and store the slide conveniently. Also, many manufacturers include a soft landing mat at the bottom of the slide to ensure nobody gets injured while playing. 

Are inflatable water slides safe?

The risk of injury on a water slide is the same as any other play type. There are some ways, though, that you can ensure to limit the chances of accidents and play safer. 

  1. Set up the slide properly by following the included instructions
  2. Only let kids on it according to the recommended age from the manufacturer.
  3. Don’t go above the maximum weight limit on the product description. 
  4. Place the slide directly on the grass and remove sharp objects like rocks from the surrounding areas.
  5. Check if any area of the slide needs a repair patch before you let your kids on.
  6. Keep an eye on your kids while they're using it. Adult supervision is always recommended.

How can you maintain your inflatable slide for years of use?

To enjoy your slide without damaging its quality, make sure you take good care of it with some upkeep. Many come with a repair kit so that you can fix any issues quickly. Don’t let any tears from excessive use out of your attention because they could worsen over time. It’s best to tackle them immediately. 

We also recommend that you dry the slide before storing it in a carrying bag so that no mould builds up. Mould can leave an unpleasant smell for longer periods, so remember never to store the slide wet.

How much do inflatable water slides cost?

Nobody likes saying no to younger children when they ask for a toy. So, don’t worry, as you won’t have to see their smile turn into a frown because these slides are fit for any budget. There are inexpensive water slides that are not too large and more premium options that are entire inflatable water slide parks.


The low-cost options start at £19.95 and reach less than £100. These will most likely either be slip-n-style or smaller bouncy castles with a mini pool and slide fit for younger children and toddlers. These have a smaller weight capacity than the more premium ones, and they come with a storage bag or other handy upkeep accessories like a repair kit

High End

If you want to bring a massive smile to your kid’s face, you could go for one of the more premium versions that come with a large splash pool. These can start from £100 and go upwards of £500. They are robust inflatable water slides with an increased maximum weight limit, and they also come with many features like a spacious jumping area, ball pit, water sprayers and more. 


Inflatable water slides are becoming popular by the day, considering the ease that they bring into your life. It is a combination of outdoor fun and staying at home. If you don’t feel like stepping out, but your kids love to, such a slide can add convenience to your daily routine. No need to feel stressed anymore!

We’re optimistic that our buying guide has helped you find what sort of a slide will work best for you and your family. Take some time to review our top choices and pick one today for you and your little ones! Are you ready to slide straight into the fun?

What Should You Look For When Buying An Inflatable Water Slide?

Companies have come up with various models with different features so that you can choose whichever slide suits you the most. Some models have only slight differences which can get confusing when you are trying to choose which one to buy. You need to carefully see what you need before making the purchase.

Inflatable water slides are becoming popular by the day considering the ease that they bring in your life. It is a combination of outdoor fun and staying at home. If you don’t feel like stepping out but your kids love to, such a slide would add convenience to your daily routine. No need to feel stressed anymore!

Some slide designs incorporate structures like a bouncer and a climbing wall in a creative way, yet others have multiple slides in the same design. Some have a sprayer included while others have a drain plug to make the process of draining out the water easier. The manufacturers have made sure to take into account different preferences before designing these slides.

More features obviously mean more money. But don’t feel overwhelmed and buy anything in pressure. You don’t need to have all the features in your slide, you only need those that you know your kids will truly enjoy and you will appreciate as well. We can look for the perfect inflatable water slide for you right away only if you agree on buying one!

Always Think About...

  • To make sure you are benefitting the most from your slide, you need to check how many kids would be playing inside simultaneously. Some slides have a larger capacity than others. You would want all kids to get busy at the same time. While you don’t want to purchase a slide smaller than you need, you also don’t need to spend extra money by buying one that is larger than your actual requirement.
  • Every slide mentions for what ages it is recommended. They are made safe for the age group they mention and it can get dangerous if younger kids get inside to play. Similarly, damage can occur to the slide if older kids start playing on the slide. You need to make sure that what you are buying is age-appropriate.
  • You should see the dimensions of the slide and then determine if you have enough space to set it up. There should be ample space for kids to play but you don’t want to compromise on the space you would need for other tasks. If the place becomes too stuffed, the environment will not feel as relaxing as it can be.

Think carefully before making the purchase. No one else can tell your requirements as accurately as you know yourself. Once you know what sort of a slide will suit you the best, check out our guide for detailed featuresadvantages, and disadvantages of the most popular slides out there. You will thank us later on!

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