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Best 10 Inflatable Floats

As Of July 2022

Summer days are finally here, and what better way to wash away the heat than splish-splashing in the pool? If you want to relax, spend your time laying on a pool float with your favourite drink at hand. Or have some fun with the whole family playing pool basketball! With the best pool floats, you can bring entertainment anywhere you go! Do you want to find the best?
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1 Intex Floating Hoop Game and a little boy playing with it

Intex Floating Hoop Game

4.8 /5

Best Pool Float Overall

  • Perfect for your little ones from 36 months to 4 years
  • Endless fun playing in the pool with the included basketball hoop
  • Save money for accessories thanks to the added inflatable beach ball
  • Long-lasting float made from heavy-duty & durable plastic
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2 Intex Sprinkle Donut Tube Toy, two girls in a pool

Intex Sprinkle Donut Tube Toy

4.7 /5

Top Pick for All Ages

  • Fun sprinkled donut design for relaxing in with your feet high
  • Average sized allows usage by all family members from the age of 9
  • Lightweight, small & compact for sweatless portability
  • Inflate & deflate in no time so you can start enjoying the water instantly
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3 Intex Inflatable Mattress Peacock

Intex Inflatable Mattress Peacock

4.6 /5

Top Choice for High Capacity

  • Two holding handles for your safety and easy carriage
  • Large size float for age 6+ to enjoy with a friend
  • 3 air chambers for quick & effortless inflation & deflation
  • Stands out with the colourful peacock design
4 Intex Joy Riders Surf Beach Toy

Intex Joy Riders Surf Beach Toy

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Stability

  • Stay stable in the water with the two sturdy handles on either side
  • Quick repair any time with the two included repair patches
  • Great for all the family as it’s suitable from ages 6 to 99
  • Bright colour for visibility made of durable plastic material
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5 Fostoy 4-in-1 Inflatable Pool

Fostoy 4-in-1 Inflatable Pool

4.5 /5

Top Versatile Option

  • Versatile to use as a floater, lounge chair, saddle or hammock
  • Sit comfortably in water on the submerged mesh centre seat
  • Two buoyancy pillows to give your head & legs maximum support & comfort
  • Take it anywhere with you as you can use it on sea, pools, lakes, rivers beach & hot tub
6 Ynredee Flamingo Pool Float

Ynredee Flamingo Pool Float

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Eco Friendly Users

  • Multiple inflating valves provide faster inflation & deflation
  • Spacious size to be used by adults & young kids
  • Unique flamingo design for kids themed parties and not just for kids
  • Eco-friendly with the durable PVC material
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7 YIJIAOYUN Giant Strawberry Donut Inflatable Swim Ring

YIJIAOYUN Giant Strawberry Donut Inflatable Swim Ring

4.5 /5

Ideal for Adults

  • Waste no time inflating thanks to the special enlarged nozzles
  • Super large & durable to accommodate up to 110 kgs
  • High-quality vinyl material that will no fade from sun exposure
  • Add extra style to your pool parties with the bitten donut design
8 BigMouth Inc Giant Avocado Pool Float

BigMouth Inc Giant Avocado Pool Float

4.5 /5

Ideal for Portability

  • It comes with a repair kit for fast & easy of repair
  • Long & wide float with a pit for you to relax in all day long
  • Foldable & lightweight for space-saving storage & portability
  • Unique avocado design to turn heads in your next outing
9 Intex Popsicle Multi Colour Float Air Mat

Intex Popsicle Multi Colour Float Air Mat

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Compact Size

  • Small size so you pack it & take it with you when travelling
  • Makes your day with the popsicle design & vibrant colours
  • Repair patch included to help you with required mends
  • Medium size float for your kids & fits in any pool
10 YLJYJ Pool Float Inflatable Pool Toy

YLJYJ Pool Float Inflatable Pool Toy

4.5 /5

Ideal for Safety Features

  • Super safe with seal reinforcement, double valve & leak-proof nozzle
  • Thick & sturdy thermoplastic polycarbonate PVC for years of entertainment
  • Large capacity for the entire family to jump up & down
  • Seamless cleaning without hassle thanks to its smooth surface

Fun Summer Time With The Best Inflatable Floats

Summer means spending every minute of the day in the water, where possible. Some spend the day chasing after adrenaline with jet skis, while others do better sitting by the pool sipping a glass of rosé or a cocktail. In that case, inflatable floats are your best option. 

Want to float around on a swan? An inflatable unicorn? Perhaps a flamingo pool float or a fruit-themed floater like watermelon or avocado? Whatever you fancy, the vast array of options in the market of loungers and inflatable floats caters to needs you'd have thought impossible. We mean, just look at the IG feed, and you are welcomed with nothing but options! 

With such a range of lounger options, your attention to detail could come in handy to ensure you get nothing but the best. Think about your safety, durability of the product, ease of use, not forgetting adding accessories that add an extra zing to your floatation. Things like drink holders, carrying handles, pillows or a recliner. Do you need an air pump, or will you waste your precious afternoon blowing into an inflatable float? 

We have a hand-picked selection of floats you can safely use in your swimming pool or take out on the sea. Plus, a shopping guide to help you choose the best option for you. 

What is an Inflatable Pool Float & Why Do You Need One?

Inflatable floats also referred to as swimming floats or pool floats, are floating devices. They are not new in the market. Many of us have used them as a way to teach kids how to swim. But now, even adults can use inflatable floats to pass the time and enjoy some time in the water when not swimming. 

Do you need one? Absolutely. If you are looking to bring colour to your summer and unwind by the pool, an inflatable float will come in handy. And that's not all. Here's why you need to get one:

  • You need little storage space 

The ability to inflate and deflate a floater or recliner means you do not need a lot of space. Whenever it is not in use, deflate it; it shrinks in size, making it foldable and saves you storage space. When summer season is off store them in your shed along with your inflatable slide and start dreaming about the next summer!

  • They are portable. 

Compared to other non-inflatable floats, like the canvas pool floats and foam pool floats, inflatable floats can easily move around. But, again, you can always deflate it when not in use, transport it in this mode and start inflating once you are by the poolside. After use, you will just deflate it and carry it back to your house or car. What makes this a big plus is that you can take it with you on vacations, especially when you are travelling far from home and still need to relax in the water. 

  • Personalisation  

Inflatable floats come in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose one that matches you and your style. It also means you can buy a size that fits your pool size, especially if you buy many floaters for your family. And the good news is they also come in many colours

  • Versatile

Yes, inflatable floats are pretty versatile. Most models are usable on any water surface, including lakes, rivers, the sea, by the beach and even your hot tub. Others can be used for lounging, as pool rafts and water hammocks

What to look for when buying Inflatable Floats

There are a few features you need to consider in order to pick the best one for you and your loved ones. Here is our list: 

1. Size

Floaters come in different sizes, meaning you can get one to use as an individual, two people or as a group of people. The best inflatable floater for you is one that meets your present size needs. If you are hoping to spend more time floating around in the family pool with your significant other or your kids, larger floaters that accommodate at least 2 or 3 people will do. But, if you are single and love floating around on your own, go for that fits you comfortably. 

2. Material 

The most common materials for inflatable floaters are nylon, fabric and plastic. Plastic is more durable than fabric and nylon, especially when pricked by a sharp object. A floater of premium quality should last you for several seasons. You can also go through other customer reviews to see how long their floaters have lasted. 

3. Age Limit 

Some floaters are for kids, while others are for adults. If you are shopping for a floater for your kids, ensure you confirm the manufacturer’s recommended age limit. There are models meant for younger kids, others for teens, and other models for adults. Some can cover all ages from young kids to adults, so the whole family can enjoy it without worrying. 

4. Weight Limit 

While on the limit, check the recommended weight limit as well. The age limit might match what is recommended, but what about the weight limit? Anything more than the expected weight, you might compromise your safety.  

5. Safety Measures 

Even if you will be using the floater on the pool, it is still important to keep your safety in mind. Features to consider are leak-proof nozzles, reinforcement of seals, double seams, handles and even LED lights.

6. Accessories

Think about handles for effortless transportation of the floater. Cup holders enable you to place your drinks safely on the floater and enjoy a care-free some relaxing time. For kids, toys and game options, like basketball hoops, are also an excellent addition. These ensure that your baby will not just be floating in the pool, but they can also enjoy some fun games.  

Another accessory to consider is a sunshade. It can get hot out here, and when the sun is blazing hot, a lovely sunshade will be of great use. Also, think about your comfort. Accessories like armrests and pillows are great additions to use as a backrest and headrest when you have to stay in the water for long. 

Are inflatable floats safe?

Yes, inflatable floats are safe. Regardless of the manufacturer’s material, all inflatable floats will have safety features that reinforce the user's safety. As you shop around, check whether the float you are interested in meets all the necessary safety measures. Before taking your float out in the water, have a look at the seams and nozzles. If it is leaking, you should know about it before you get caught up in the moment and start sinking. When kids use a floater, it is always recommended to have adult supervision

Are inflatable floats suitable only for pool use?

Inflatable floats are mostly made for the pool. But, you can use them on other water bodies as well. Some inflatable floats can double as rafters for lakes or larger pools, or to the sea, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. If you are taking your float to a lake, river or ocean, ensure it is well inflated and that you meet the weight limit. 

How much should you spend on Inflatable Floats?

Sophisticated as inflatable pool floats are, they are relatively affordable. With £50, you can get high-quality floaties for you and your family.  

  • Affordable

Affordable floaties cost as low as £9, with those on the higher side of this spectrum costing as high as £20. These could range from pool loungers for kids to those for adults. They have all the necessities, like multiple air vents and simple but unique designs that still set your float apart.

  • High-End

If you are looking for something with extra sophistication, high-end models are the best choice. These cost over £20 to about £50. What sets them apart? The designs are pretty unique, like a unicorn pool float or a peacock design, and they are made of high-quality materials for long-lasting use without colours fading.  


There is no better way to spend the sunny life this summer than in a pool. You do not have to swim. Just get yourself a pool lounge, and you can spend your summer weekends and lazy afternoons floating on the water. Fortunately, many models have lots of customisations, like an inflatable pizza slice float or an inflatable unicorn. Pick the best inflatable pool float and your favourite sunscreen, and enjoy some relaxing summer days! Which one is your favourite?

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