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Best 10 Indoor Plants

As Of May 2022

Plants are the living embodiments of freshness. If you are a passionate gardener, you must be having a plethora of plants in your garden. But have you ever considered getting some indoor plants for your house? If not, you should! You must be thinking, why indoor plants? Well, the presence of beautiful flowers and plants indoors will not only improve your house interior. But, they will also help reduce stress levels and boost productivity.
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1 Indoor Potted Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant on white background

Indoor Potted Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant

4.8 /5

Best low maintenance houseplant

  • Low Maintenance plant needs misting only 1-2 times a week
  • It is pleasing to look at as it has a lush green rainforest colour
  • Keep in anywhere indoors as it needs partial shade and humid surroundings
  • Ready to fit your home as it comes pre-planted
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2 Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit on the table

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit

4.7 /5

Top Pick for indoor plant kit

  • No need for extra expenses as the kit comes with 6 growing pots
  • Cultivate different Bonsai plants with three types of seeds
  • Master your gardening skill with the included growing & sowing tips
  • Perfect for desk & windowsill as they have vibrant colours
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3 Spathiphyllum 'Peace Lily' Indoor Plants at home

Spathiphyllum 'Peace Lily' Indoor Plants

4.6 /5

Best for removing indoor pollutants

  • Keep the air clean & fresh with the pollutant removal characteristics of the plant
  • Enhances the look of your home thanks to its white flowers
  • No need to spend on an extra pot as it comes planted
  • Ideal for small rooms as it only grows 20-30 cm wide
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4 Plant Theory Devil's Ivy Golden Pothos Scindapsus at home

Plant Theory Devil's Ivy Golden Pothos Scindapsus

4.5 /5

Best in terms of aesthetics

  • A great plant for the shadier corners as it can thrive in indirect light too
  • Improve the beauty of your bookshelf with its trailing leaves
  • Doesn’t need much space as it has a height of 35-40cm
  • Minimum attention needed as it is a low-maintenance plant
5 Sansevaria - Mother in Laws Tongue Variegated Succulent on white background

Sansevaria - Mother in Laws Tongue Variegated Succulent

4.5 /5

Best in terms of resilience

  • Sansevieria is a resilient plant as it can even grow in darker places
  • Your natural air purifier as it converts CO2 to oxygen at night
  • For allergy sufferers as it eliminates toxic elements in the air
  • Stands proudly at about 15cm & grows taller
6 Cactus Mix Live Indoor Pot Plant on white background

Cactus Mix Live Indoor Pot Plant

4.5 /5

Best plant set for gifting

  • Wide variety of cacti for your home or office
  • Beautify your home with the vibrant colours of the cacti
  • Ideal house plant for newbies as it requires low maintenance
  • Short plants to fit amongst bookshelves or on the table
Ideal Gift Ribbon
7 YouGarden Houseplant Mix all in boxes

YouGarden Houseplant Mix

4.5 /5

Ideal for Scandinavian plant set

  • Show the Scandinavian spirit with this set of 6 plants
  • Make hanging baskets look perfect with the Asparagus Sprengeri AGM plant
  • Fiscus Elastica ensures a dazzling look with its glossy leaves
  • Save money on pots as these succulents come pre-planted in pots
8 Fern Leaf Plumosus Asparagus on white background

Fern Leaf Plumosus Asparagus

4.5 /5

Top pick for newbies

  • Grows indoors as it does not need direct sunlight
  • Best for hanging baskets & window sills as it has a decent size
  • One of the best flowering plants that bear small bell-shaped flowers
  • Stays fresh for long with just a little water misting
9 Pink Anthurium Colourful Flowering House Plant in the house

Pink Anthurium Colourful Flowering House Plant

4.5 /5

Best for humid environments

  • Give your room a classic look with the pink flowers of this plant
  • Grows well indoors as it doesn’t need bright light
  • Fill up the empty corners of your home with these evergreen & bushy plant
  • Hassle-free to maintain as it needs water every 1-2 weeks
10 2X Ficus lyrata"Bambino" on white background

2X Ficus lyrata"Bambino"

4.5 /5

Top choice for classics

  • Give your living room a unique look with the violin-shaped leaves of the plant
  • Witness its full charm whenever there is full sun
  • It is easy to grow by keeping the potting soil moist and nice
  • Breathe fresh air as it has air purifying properties
11 Vriesea splendens "Era" Bromeliad Red Flower Plant on white background

Vriesea splendens "Era" Bromeliad Red Flower Plant

4.5 /5

Best red flowering plant

  • Provide a brilliant sight to your living room with these red flowering houseplants
  • No special care required as it just needs humidity
  • Keep your home bloomed for long as the red flowers bloom for 6 months
  • Keep it anywhere easily as it is only 45-50cm long
12 Gardeners Dream Indoor Plant Mix on white background

Gardeners Dream Indoor Plant Mix

4.5 /5

Top choice of interior designers

  • Make your home a paradise with flower clusters beared by these plants
  • No need to get pots as they come pre-planted in pots
  • Easy to fit the Schefflera Gerda as it has a compact growing habit
  • Keep your pets safe as Chamaedorea Elegans are non-poisonous
13 Chinese Money Plant Evergreen Missionary Plant on minimal decor

Chinese Money Plant Evergreen Missionary Plant

4.5 /5

Best for compact spaces

  • Fits on your desk or dinner table as it has a low growing compact structure
  • Amaze your guests with its unique circle leaves
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your desk with the pink flowers
  • Easy on your pocket as it requires very low maintenance
14 Aloe Vera Plants at home

Aloe Vera Plants

4.5 /5

Best medicinal plant

  • Treat several health conditions thanks to its medical benefits
  • Demands no special attention making it perfect for rookies
  • Breathe clean air as aloe vera promotes healthy airflow inside your home
  • Keep it accessible on your windowsill as it’s not too high
15 Twin Spiked Phalaenopsis Orchid on white background

Twin Spiked Phalaenopsis Orchid

4.5 /5

Best long term blooming plant

  • Keep your home decorated for long as it has a blooming period of 1 year
  • Perfect to send on any occasion, thanks to its attractive look
  • Add grace to your guest room with this purple flowering plant
  • Blends well with your work station with a height of 50 cm

Turn your Home into an Oasis of Freshness and Vibrance!

Your garden is the perfect place to spend a great evening with your family while sipping coffee and tea. The beauty of the plants and flowers not only relaxes your mind but also refreshes your senses after a long day at work.

Now, having plants in your garden is pretty common but having them indoors is growing in popularity only the past few years. There must be many of you who have plants indoors and many who don’t. For those who don’t have indoor plants, it is essential to know that there are various remarkable benefits of them. If you are unaware, here are some of them:

  • Indoor plants boost your work productivity.
  • Enhance the overall aesthetics of your home interior.
  • Indoor plants may help reduce your stress levels.
  • They can speed up your illness recovery process.
  • They can also sharpen your attention.

Apart from all of these, there are many other benefits of having houseplants.

And when it comes to types of plants, there are many of them that you can keep in your house. Floribunda, Kaffir lily, Angel-Wing Begonia, Poinsettia, Cyclamen, to name a few, are some of the best plants to decorate your house with. Interested to learn more? Keep scrolling through...

What Should You Look for When Buying Indoor Plants

Before setting your heart in one particular plant, learn what you need to look for when buying an indoor plant. Here are those factors that you need to keep in check:

1. Study Plant Labels

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to check the label of the plant. It will give you an initial overview of the plant’s various characteristics, such as light requirements, water requirements, and maintenance. You will also get to know about the space that the plant will need in your house, so if one grows tall and wide but you only live in a small apartment, then that can be a deal-breaker.

2. The health of the Plant & Soil

The second key factor that needs your concern is the health of the plant. This is really crucial as it will determine its age. When buying an indoor plant, it is best to check if it is wilting, tipping, or yellow leaves. If you are ordering online, read some user reviews to know better as you cannot view the plant physically.

In case you find your plant to be wilting, it means it does not have enough water. But, if it is tipping ( the edges are browny), it means it has more than the required water. In such cases, try to pay extra attention to your plant as with more or less watering you can bring it back to its best condition! If you are not up for the task, then it’s best to avoid this exact plant and move on to one that is healthy. Still, these indications are good knowledge even after you have purchased your plant, as you can understand what you’re doing right or wrong.

When it comes to the soil, check if the soil has visible roots or it looks root-bound. If it does, it is best to replace the pot and the soil with new ones to make sure your plant will continue to grow healthy and strong.

3. Light Requirements

If you know about photosynthesis, then you must be knowing that light gives life to the plant. But, it can vary based on the type of plant. Some plants need more light, and some need less. Hence, while choosing an indoor plant, it is necessary for you to check how much light the plant needs.

Most of the indoor plants like Orchids, Peace Lily, Devil’s Ivy, Philodendron and Amaryllis require partial light during the day for blooming. Yet, it should not be so low that your plants wither.

To provide the new plants with the required light, especially bloomers, make sure you choose a good location in your house, like near the windowsill. It is best to place the indoor plant that needs less light at least one to two metres away from the windowsill.

4. Check Space & Length of the Plant

Depending on the space available in your house, it is necessary to check the plant’s height and width. Proper knowledge about the free room in your home and the plant’s current and future measurements help make the shortlisting faster.

Most of the indoor plants do not grow much. Their height lies somewhere between 20-50 cm. However, some plants like the snake plants can also grow up to 1.8m. So, choose accordingly based on your home.

5. Additional Aspects

Other than these, you can also check factors like:

  • Check if the new plant comes with a pot or not so you don’t need to spend extra money.
  • The colour of the popular houseplant and flowers, like if they are tiny flowers or big ones. If the plant has green leaves or of any other colour. A plant with a specific colour will blend well in your house.

How to choose the right plant for my house?

The factors that you need to keep in mind are pretty much the same as those described above. Here are some extra tips that you need to keep in mind about choosing the ideal plant for your home.

  • Location

To pick the ideal plant, first off, you need to pick the right location for it; here are some factors to keep in mind while picking the location:

Humidity: As humidity levels need to be in absolute control for a plant’s life, it is crucial to maintain between required levels in your house. Different plants need different moisture levels in the air. Hence, always keep your plants away from radiators or ACs. They almost decrease the humidity level to zero and affect your plants.

Temperature: High temperature leads to a quick loss of water, and low temperature leads to a slow loss of moisture. Hence, make sure that you keep the indoor plants away from ACs and radiators.

Space: Never keep a new growth plant in a congested location or too near the furniture. Make sure your little new plant is in a place that has ample ventilation. Also, make sure that the plant is kept in bright lightroom once in a while.

  • Type of Plant

Next comes the type of plant; here are some factors to consider:

Placing the plant: The type of plant varies based on where you are going to keep it. For instance, if you opt to keep it on your desk, it is best to go for plants less than 70cm tall. One such plant, in this case, is the Chinese Money Plant which is mentioned in the products above. If you are thinking of putting it on the floor, choose taller ones between 70cm to 1.5m in height. One such plant is Sansevieria.

Light Level: The type of plant is also dependent on the amount of light required by it. If any part of your house receives bright sunlight for a significant time during the day, you can go for plants like Aloe Vera, Sago Palm, Jade Plant and more. They need more sun to stay fresh.

If the light levels required by the plant are less, you can go for indoor plants like Maidenhair Fern, Philodendron, Staghorn Fern and many others. These plants need relatively less light.

  • Taking care of the Plants

Your choice for an ideal plant also depends on the care level that they need. Here are some care tips that will help you choose the best plant for your home:

  • Watering the plants need to be done on a timely basis. For indoor plants, it usually is once a week. Keep in mind that you need to water the plants only as much is required. Don’t overwater or underwater the plants.
  • Keep your indoor plants trimmed. If you see any overgrown stems in the plant, it is necessary to trim them and dried leaves, if any.
  • Keep the dust off the plants; it can affect the process of transpiration. Thus, affecting plant health. This needs to be done once a week.
  • Use fertiliser to keep the quality of the soil intact.

Be careful while betting on the ideal indoor plant for your house and study these points carefully.

Where should I put my house plants indoors?

Well, the answer to this question varies based on the type of plant you have, its light and water requirements, and maintenance. The easy-care plants that require less light can be placed on the north-facing windows and stair landings. If the plants need medium light, west or east-facing windows are the best choices.

Other than that, here are some places where you can put your plants indoors:

  • A bathroom ledge
  • In the corner of the room but not a congested one
  • By the windows
  • On top of the cabinet
  • On an entry table
  • In the corner of the stairwell
  • On your home office desk
  • On bookshelves amongst books
  • You can also hang it in a mirror

Always keep in mind…

In a nutshell, we can say that it is possible to have some plants with bracts and flowers inside to make your home look awesome. The thing that you need to consider most is the maintenance and the type of plant. You can go for Jasmine, Daffodils, and many other flowering plants if you love flowers. If not, you can go for some simple yet elegant plants like Peace Lily or Devil’s Ivy.

Do remember to keep all the necessary aspects in mind while making your final pick. We created this buying guide to help you make the best decision for your home! Find yours on our list with the best indoor plants and happy shopping!

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