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Best 10 Ice Makers

As Of May 2022

What’s a refreshing cocktail without crisp, chewable ice cubes? The best part of sipping on your drink is finishing it only to chew on the leftover cubes. But wouldn’t you hate to host a party only to realise minutes before the guests come that you have no ice? No need to stress! With the best ice makers, you will have enough ice to keep the party going for hours!
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1 AndrewJames_IceMakerMachine_2.2_Silver

Andrew James Ice Maker 2.2L Silver

4.8 /5

Best Overall Ice Maker

  • Make large or small ice cubes in 10 minutes
  • Compact size, large capacity
  • Easy to use & clean
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
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5 FOOING Ice Maker on white background

FOOING Ice Maker

4.5 /5

Top Choice for High Cooling Efficiency

  • Perfect for beginners thanks to its simple control panel
  • Fill up the water when needed as the indicator lights light up
  • Be the dream host with the ice bin that holds up to 100 cubes of ice
  • Produces bullet ice that doesn’t melt for 5-8 hours
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2 FOOING Ice Machine on white background

FOOING Ice Machine

4.7 /5

Ideal for Parties

  • Top up your guests' drinks with fresh, chewy ice in as little as 5 minutes as it's super quick
  • Forget you even have it working thanks to its quiet operation
  • Save water with its advanced reuse system that turns melted ice into new cubes
  • Cover your whole family's beverage needs on one go with its 12kg/day capacity
2 Netta Ice Maker Machine on white background

NETTA Ice Maker

4.7 /5

Best Budget Option

  • Know when the ice storage is full with the built-in light indicator
  • No plumbing needed, just plug it in and add water
  • Grab the ice conveniently with the included ice scoop
  • You won’t have to run to the store as it produces up to 12kg of ice per day
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2 EUHOMY Ice Maker on white background

EUHOMY Ice Maker

4.7 /5

Ideal for Large Ice Capacity

  • Refill your freezer with up to 22kg of ice for 24 hours
  • Worry-free to maintain with its automatic cleaning schedule
  • Check up on the ice-making process via the transparent window
  • Customise and adjust the settings thanks to the large LCD
2 Andrew James Ice Maker Machine on white background

Andrew James Ice Maker Machine

4.7 /5

Best Choice with Scooper

  • Enjoy fresh ice in less than 10 minutes
  • Replenish your drinks as frequently as you wish with its 12kg ice capacity
  • Pick the size to your liking via the soft touch panel
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the included 2-year warranty
2 Andrew James Ice Maker on white background

Andrew James Ice Maker

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Stylish Design

  • Pick between small or larger cubes for any glass size as it can make different kinds
  • Know when you need to refill the water for non-stop use via the LED indicator
  • Fits nicely on any counter space without any plumber work thanks to its compact design
  • Have peace of mind when using it as it comes with a 2-year warranty
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4 Costway Ice Maker Machine on white background

COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Simple Operation

  • Perfect for home usage without overheating with a built-in fan for heat dissipation
  • Have odour-free cleaning with the removable ice bucket
  • Know when your ice is ready through the LCD display
  • Make iced coffee without waking others up as it’s low in noise
7 Ice-Q Compact Ice Maker with bottle of wine and two glasses on a countertop

iceQ Compact Ice Maker

4.5 /5

Best Portable Ice Maker

  • Compact design to take with you on your next road trip
  • No more supermarket runs as it gives a fresh batch of ice every 10 minutes
  • Unsupervised use with the automatic shutoff when the bin is full
  • Feed with water constantly thanks to the LCD display
9 Neo Store Automatic Electric Ice Cube Maker with two glasses filled with ice cubes on a countertop

Neo Store Automatic Electric Ice Cube Maker

4.5 /5

Best Low-Noise Ice Maker

  • Elegant chrome design that fits any kitchen decor
  • Keep track of the ice production through the large viewing window
  • Guilt-free night and day use as it’s low-noise operating
  • No more water packs in the freezer thanks to its high production capacity

Always Have Cubes of Ice in Igloo Temperature

Let’s face it. We’ve all had those moments when we are making an iced coffee first thing in the morning and realise we are out of ice. That’s probably one of the most frustrating ways to start your day. You just set the mood for the day, and you are fussing over your forgetfulness to fill the water tray the previous night. Nobody wants a last-minute run to the grocery store to stock up on ice, especially if it’s on the weekend. How can you prevent this crisis from happening? Well, buy an ice maker!

You will see that a commercial ice maker will save you so much time (and money) within the first few uses. Not to mention that you won’t have any more groggy mornings looking to make some hasty ice cubes for your coffee. This life-changing kitchen tool is the best invention that makes your routines simpler. You can bask in the glory of being the perfect host who always has fresh bucket of ice. Enjoy endless supplies of soda with your mates! No more watery leftovers for your guests to try and scoop some cubes.

Our buying guide will give you the best ice makers and what you should look for before buying. The summer heat has you craving a frosted beverage to cool you down? Put some water in the ice machine, power it on and get some ice within three Spotify songs! Dance away the sweat and cool off with your icy cold beverage.

What is a commercial ice maker?

An ice maker is a neat machine that gives you fresh ice with a push of a button. Many restaurants use them to fill up your glasses with ice, but you can also find smaller home-use versions. Their convenient storage bin keeps the ice fresh and melt-free for immediate use. It's an alternative to fridge water and ice dispensers that comes as a standalone piece of equipment.

Ice makers have a large storage capacity, with some brands having the ability to produce up to 15kg of ice per day. Their supply of water bin can hold up to 3L of water so that you can focus on other home chores while the machine gives you the ice you need.

Why should you buy an ice machine?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you want to buy an ice maker? The benefits of an ice cube maker machine are so many that you will find practical use on many occasions. A large family will benefit from a machine as it gives large quantities of ice within the day without running to the store for more. You can use your ice to have fresh ice on your next birthday party, dinner party or even family BBQ.

The coolest (no pun intended) feature of ice machines is that they can give you different sizes and ice types to fit any glass shape or size. We’ve all struggled to add a chunky ice cube in a narrow water bottle. Most of the time, you have to wait a bit for the ice cube to melt so that it can fit through the hole. You won’t have to worry about the ice size with an ice maker because you can choose between small ice, medium or large with a click of a button.

They are also effortless to carry around as they are lightweight and portable. You can pack them up and take them with you on your next road trip. You won’t have to look for a convenience store to purchase some ice for your drinks. All you need is a power outlet or a power adapter, and you can have ice on the go in three easy steps. Plug it in, fill it with water and press the power button. That’s it; you’ll have a new batch within minutes.

What should you consider when buying an ice machine?

Many options produce different types and shapes of ice. You will have to look at the options and pick the one according to your needs. You might want one for hosting and ice-cold cocktails, or you are a family person who wants refreshing juices for your kids. It is multi-functional, and you can find many practical uses out of one. Check the top features that you should consider and make an informed buying decision.

1. Ice Size and Type

The type and size of ice you want will matter depending on what you want out of it. If you want high-end cocktails that won’t have a dissolved watered down taste to them, clear ice is a must. There are four types of ice that you can choose from, so keep an eye out for these options and pick based on your personal preference. Pick between cubed ice, flakey ice, bullet ice or spray ice and get the most out of your kitchen tool. Want to enjoy an alcoholic drink? Do the kids want to sip on some soft refreshments? Whatever the case, the ice size will matter for any use at home.

Some models even give you the choice to pick between two or three ice sizes. An average range for smaller cubes of ice is 24mm in height and 20mm in width. For larger ice cube sizes, anything within a range of 28mm in height and 22mm in width is going to keep your tall glass drink chilled.

2. Ice Machine Type

As with any product, ice makers come in different types to fit any personal preference. There are three types to pick between: freestanding, undercounter and countertop ice makers. A freestanding one is most commonly open on all sides with vents for improved airflow and heat dissipation. You should not place it under counters or in tight spaces for best use. The more open space around it, the better its compressor performance.

Undercounter ice maker can be built-in or under counters. Unlike freestanding ones, these have vents in the front, so you can place them flush against the counter’s back wall.

Countertop ice makers, as the name suggests, should be on top of your kitchen counter. These are very portable, and you can also take them with you to your next office meeting, party or even a summer holiday.

3. Capacity

Are you planning on using your ice maker every day, multiple times per day? If you answered yes, you would want a tool with the maximum production capacity of ice possible. You should look for an option that gives you lots of ice over quick cycles. A high-quality countertop ice maker will provide you with a fresh batch every 6-10 minutes. Some take a long while between 15-20 minutes but also depend on the ice type they produce. For example, flaked ice takes less time than clear ice to come out.

Also, they come with more than one cube size option. Small sizes take less time than large ones, so you should also remember that. If you want high-volume everyday ice making, you should buy a tool that has a minimum of 12-13kg ice capacity.

4. Water Supply Capacity

A large water capacity can allow more production for your countertop ice maker. There are many affordable options that you can find on the market. An average water bin capacity of 2-3L will give you high volumes of ice making. The larger the tank of water, the more water you can convert to ice. The more ice you convert, the fewer batches of ice required per day.

A common feature of most machines is that they also have LCD indicators and a see-through window that shows you when your water reservoir is empty so that you can easily refill for a constant supply of water.

5. Placement

You want to ensure that your machine is portable and compact to fit in any kitchen surface or even outdoors if needed. The location will benefit you daily as you want something that is within reach and hassle-free. Placement is also important, depending on the type of equipment you purchase. Some products require a constant water supply, so you should keep that in mind. Also, a power outlet or power adapter should be within arm’s reach because these machines run on electricity.

What types of ice can an ice maker produce?

As we mentioned before, there are many different ice types available, and each is a top choice for its own refreshment. You don’t have to rely on water forms anymore to get that same square ice cube for all your drinks. Keep your smoothies and blended cocktails at the right temperature by picking the best ice cube maker.

Cubed Ice

The most common is cubed ice that takes up a large portion of the glass. These are the most popular for any standard beverage use because they take a while to melt and keep your beverage chilled. The one negative to them is that their size takes up a large portion of the glass, so once they fully melt, you will have a watered-down drink. But who takes that much time to finish a drink, anyway?

Flakey Ice

Flaked ice is perfect for making smoothies and is more easily crushable. You can pick an ice cube maker machine that gives you flaked ice if you want to make cocktails in a blender. This ice type is far less likely to break your blender as it doesn’t have as much resistance.

Bullet Ice

Bullet ice is one of the fastest ice types that you can get within a few minutes because of its smaller size. It usually melts faster than the other two types, but it has a softer texture great for blending. Bullet ice is also very chewable, something that many like to do after they finish their drink.


Spray ice is a cube of high-quality clear ice that stays unmelted for more extended periods. This ice type is perfect for chatting with your friends while sipping on a low-glass drink like whiskey. Their one downside is that they take a while to make, so if you plan on using them for a party, prepare them in advance.

What is the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled ice makers?

You might find it confusing to understand the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled ice makers. Don’t worry, as we are here to help you make sense of these two and their differences. In simple terms, it has to do with how the machine’s compressor works when there’s a temperature increase. Each has its benefits, so consider both options and pick the one that makes more sense for you.


Air-cooled ice maker machines work best when they have an open surrounding area. Their installation is straightforward, and they save on water consumption. This makes them perfect for economical usage without increased bills. They need proper airflow ventilation close to their vents always to cool the air in the compressor. A good quality of air-cooled machines is that they are very cost-effective. One con to them is that the fans produce higher noise levels than water-cooled ones.


Water-cooled ice maker machines allow you to place your tool even in warmer areas without fear of overheating. Unlike air-cooled ones, you can put this type even in poorly circulated areas. Their most significant benefit is that they have high portability due to their hassle-free ventilation. The one downside to them is that they require a constant supply of water and will need build-up maintenance unless they are self-cleaning.

How can you pick the right ice capacity?

Nobody can complain that your ice maker machine makes too big of a batch of ice. You should look for one with a large ice basket that will fit more than enough ice for your daily use. If you want a portable ice maker with limited capabilities enough for one person, then a 10kg ice capacity is a good option. The smaller the ice capacity, the fewer the uses per day you can get out of it. If you are a family person who wants to make multiple drinks per day and consume a lot of ice, then go for at least one with a 15kg capacity.

It all comes down to three questions. How many people will use it, what use will it be for, and how many times per day do you want fresh ice? The perfect dispenser is out there waiting for you to buy it!

What’s the cost of an ice maker?

There are multiple options that you can fit within your budget. Don’t be afraid to invest in an ice maker because you will see that compared to bags of ice it is a cost-effective alternative. A general price range within the £100-200 will get you a great deal that is worthwhile. You can determine which is best for you based on the criteria you have.

  • Low-Budget Ice Maker: You will notice that even low-budget choices have great capabilities. An affordable choice costs anywhere from £100 to £130. The downside is that they don’t have as large a water capacity or ice production capacity as more expensive choices. If you want a machine for making ice only, you will benefit from an inexpensive model equally well.
  • High-End Ice Maker: If you’re someone who likes to host friends over for dinner parties or drinks a lot of coffees and beverages daily, then a higher-end and more expensive machine will be worth your money more. Their increased production of ice that can reach up to 16kg per day will save you money and trips to the grocery store. Even if you don’t use that many cubes per day, you can save them in the freezer and use them on another day. You will find some premium ice makers ranging £150-200.

At the end of the day, your pocket will decide which option is best for you. But, any price range will benefit from this handy kitchen tool. Just pick the right kind and enjoy hassle-free drinks everyday!

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a simple home cocktail recipe or a store-bought ice-cold beverage, buying a commercial ice maker will be an inexpensive buy worth your money. With an increased production that simply does not compare to your water pack freezer alternative, this tool will be a top pick for daily use at home.

Make the perfect iced coffee, iced tea and blended smoothie with the right ice type. No more whining and nagging about too large of a cube for your short glass. The best ice makers give you many pounds of ice per day that you can use with friends and family in any gathering. We are optimistic that our buying guide gave you all the information needed to make the most excellent pick for your home. Take some time to look at the top 10 choices and buy an ice cube maker machine today!

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