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Best 10 Hooded Blankets

As Of June 2022

Winter can be fun! But do you like feeling cold in your own home? No need to worry and no need to buy a thousand fleece blankets! And sometimes a pullover doesn’t do the job! The best hooded blankets will keep you warm. They’re so good that some might say they are perfect for any occasion. Even for outdoors, even New Year’s Eve! Want to find out more?
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1 Sienna Hoodie Blanket on white background

Sienna Hoodie Blanket

4.9 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • This machine-washable microfiber hoodie makes you feel warm & toasty
  • It’ll always keep you comfy as the soft fleece has a great touch on your body
  • No need for a blanket while lounging now that you can even cover your legs
  • Carry your phone with you all the time as it has a 2-sided pocket
A ribbon about the Home o'Clock's choice
2 Lushforest Hoodie Blanket on white background

Lushforest Hoodie Blanket

4.8 /5

Top Unisex Pick

  • Women & men, this oversized hoodie fits all without worrying about the size
  • You won’t get bored of it as it has a reversible design
  • Choose from a variety of colours and suit your mood & style
  • Did you just spill a hot cup of coffee on it? It’s fine as it’s machine washable
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3 Lushforest Kids Hoodie Blanket on white background

Lushforest Kids Hoodie Blanket

4.8 /5

Top Choice for Gamers

  • Keep your children cosy when they’re playing video games as it’s really warm & comfy
  • Don’t worry about stains- enjoy eating while & put it in the washer later
  • Make them happy, as it’s a great gift
  • Before washing, search its giant pocket for chocolate bars!
Ribbon For Kids
4 Viceroy Hoodie Blanket on white background

Viceroy Hooded Blanket

4.7 /5

Top Choice for its Warmth

  • From the house to sporting events- wear it everywhere
  • Keep your hands toasty in its giant front pocket
  • Chilly mornings & cold nights; its sherpa fleece interior will keep you cosy no matter the temperature
  • Drink & eat worry-free & if it gets dirty just put it in the washing machine
5 Lushforest Sweatshirt Blanket on white background

Lushforest Sweatshirt Blanket

4.7 /5

Best Choice for People with Allergies

  • The kangaroo-style pocket warms your hands & won’t let your stuff fall out of it
  • It’s the ideal gift for someone you love & wants to feel cosy at all times
  • Forget about allergies with its high-quality GSM flannel fleece
  • Cook with the doors open without getting cold, as the cuffed sleeves stay in place
A blue hypo-allergenic ribbon
6 Seogva Sherpa Hoodie Blanket on white background

Seogva Sherpa Blanket

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Effortless Clean

  • Feels amazing on your skin as it’s made of flannel & cotton
  • Keep the necessary, like the TV remote or your phone, in its easily accessible pocket
  • If you like fancy colours, there’s one for you as it comes in a wide variety
  • Roll up the sleeves and make a quick snack thanks to its elastic cuffs
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
7 Lushforest Oversized Hoodie Blanket on white background

Lushforest Oversized Sherpa Blanket

4.6 /5

Top Multifunctional Pick

  • Covers you from head to toe with its super-size design
  • It’ll keep you super warm even on the coldest nights as it’s made of thick lamb wool
  • Extremely versatile as it can be used even like a carpet
  • Wear it even outside as it has a fancy hood & pocket details
8 Prettyui Hoodie Blanket on white background

Prettyui Oversized Hoodie Blanket

4.6 /5

Most Stylish Choice

  • It’ll give a smooth & luxurious feeling as it has a velvet touch face
  • Enjoy the comfort of the soft sherpa microfleece on the inside that won’t irritate your skin
  • Even by the looks, it feels warm, as it’s red, the warmest colour
  • Wear it outdoors, in a musical concert, for example, as it’s really fashionable
9 L&ieserram Hoodie Blanket on white background

L&ieserram Sweatshirt Blanket

4.6 /5

Best Pick for its Variety of Colours

  • There is one for every taste- many colours and designs to choose from
  • Ideal for both kids & adults as it comes in 2 sizes
  • Works as a warm blanket for your little ones when they’re taking a nap
  • Wash dishes with ease, as the elastic cuffs keep your sleeves in place no matter what
Ideal Gift Ribbon
10 Azentop Hoodie Blanket on white background

Azentop Hooded Blanket

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Soft Hoodie

  • If you’re old-fashioned, that’s for you as it has a vintage vibe
  • Cleaning is a walk in the park as you can toss it in the washing machine
  • Unisex colours so everyone can find the ideal one for their mood & style
  • Wrap yourself on the sofa & feel like a royal as it’s made of soft cashmere

Time To Get Snuggly And Cosy!

Winter isn’t for everyone! Especially if you’re one of those people that gets cold as soon as you get out of bed. And that only applies to the scenario in which you use 3 blankets and a duvet at the same time! Guilty as charged! So you throw a blanket over your head and walk around the house like you’re someone from a science fiction movie. Or a horror one! Depends on the blanket! And then, there is this other type. The one that wears 3 sweatshirts at the same time. That can’t be comfortable!

One day, someone woke up and said: “I’m going to save the world from getting cold once and for all”. And the hooded blanket (or blanket sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt) was invented! Find that person and give him a Nobel… or at least an Oscar (sorry, Leo)! These fantastic pieces of winter wear win everyone’s hearts each day. It seems logical to take a minute to admire how efficient and good they are in what they do. And what’s that? Keeping cosy, comfortable and warm during the winter days and nights.

It’s a fact that once you try one, you’ll just love it. Either you want to lounge on your couch and watch your favourite movies, play some video games on your console or computer, read a book or even cook dinner. You can do anything. And if you’re a parent, then think about your kids. Kids tend to get cold easily -at least when they don’t run around all day- so a hooded blanket is the perfect solution. Oh, and something else! Wearing your bathrobe to keep yourself warm isn’t cool!

The Benefits Of Hooded Blankets Over Traditional Ones

They are just superior on so many levels! First of all, they are designed to suit your body which means that they can have a hood for your head, comfortable sleeves and pockets for your things. Things that you can’t enjoy if you wrap yourself with a blanket and stroll around like a burrito! Falling off your body isn’t something that can happen. Plus, you can wear a hooded blanket outdoors as well. Would you go out with a blanket? Don’t think so!

Now, let’s paint a picture! You’re laying on your couch watching your favourite film. Smartphone on the right hand? Check! Remote control, on the other? Check! A bowl of popcorn on your belly? Yes, please! And suddenly you have to go to the bathroom. Now what? You are trapped in there, and everything is about to fall all over the place. Vacuuming popcorn just makes it all worse. But if you had a hooded blanket, you could just place everything in your pocket and just get up and go. 

Do you want another one? If you’re a nap lover who just wants to lay on the couch and doze off for a couple of minutes every afternoon, you surely know this struggle. The struggle of your traditional blanket falling off and you ending up cold and sad. Sounds familiar? Say “not anymore” and get yourself a hooded blanket that won’t go anywhere even if you have the most active dreams ever.

What To Look For When Buying A Hooded Blanket

Before putting the first one you come across on your basket, it’s wise to know what features should you look for. And some might say that there aren’t big differences between them, but in reality, there are some key points that you need to consider. Have a look!

1. Material

Everyone wants a soft, cosy, warm and comfortable oversized wearable blanket. There’s no question that. That’s why most of them are made to provide you with all these. But what about breathability? As you can imagine, wearing something for long periods of time has to be breathable to not be irritating. Some examples of good materials that you can aim for are polyester, cotton and fleece.

2. Size

You probably have already seen that most of them come in “one size fits all”. But there are some differences between what each brand thinks as one size. For example, some oversized sweatshirts are mainly for adults and teenagers, and they can cover almost every inch of your body. Some others are a bit smaller, so they can fit kids of a younger age without engulfing them completely. Remember always to check the length.

3. Hood

Protecting yourself from cold completely couldn’t be achieved without a good hood. Most of the products actually have one. So, where’s the catch? In the quality! Some products have hoods that are made with cheaper materials than the rest of the wearable blanket hoodies. Make sure that you consider that.

4. Pockets

Again, keeping yourself totally cosy requires something for your hands. And if you’re a woman, then you know very well how cold hands can get. Not fun! Front pockets come in different styles. Some of them are accessible from both sides, and some others look like the kangaroo type. The first ones are better for hand-warming times, but the second ones are more secure when it comes to keeping stuff in them. Like your phone or the remote control.

5. Care Instructions

Getting a product that will make taking care of it difficult isn’t what you need in your life. What does that mean? If you intend on wearing it a lot, the chances are that you will need to wash it quite often. And handwashing is a huge “no”! Kids won’t be very careful with stains as well. Try to find one that can be washed in a washing machine and then get dried in a tumble dryer if that’s what you need. 

What About Allergies?

Some of you might suffer from allergies that irritate your skin, and you need to find a product that will keep you safe. Lucky for you, some of the products in that list are made just for that occasion. Forget about red skin and itching once and for all. Now you can stay comfortable every single day of winter without worrying about these issues. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and the materials that are used just to be extra safe.  

How To Wash Them Properly?

Hooded blankets can vary when it comes to cleaning. It depends on the materials that are used. As you can imagine, every single one of them can be hand-washed, but that’s not what you should be aiming for. Some products can be washed in a washing machine and then can dry into a tumble dryer. If you don’t have one that’s okay. They don’t take much time to air dry after all. But be careful about the temperature. They mainly need cold water that won’t go above 30 degrees Celsius. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions as well before cleaning them.


Kiss the winter cold goodbye once and for all! Now you and your loved ones can wear your armour and stay protected from it. And what better armour than the best hooded blankets of the market? Trust us! It’s the best solution! And you might feel a little overwhelmed with all these options that you can see, but you don’t have to worry anymore. Why? Because this guide has all the information and insights that you’re going to need. All the research is already done for you, so the only thing you need to do is go check our top 10 products and find the ideal one for your needs. If you like to find out more heating solutions check out our electric blankets  and the best weighted blankets! What are you waiting for? Go get cosy!

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