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Best 10 Heat Guns

As Of July 2022

Are you a DIYer or a professional in search of your next must-have power tool? Maybe heat guns are what you’re looking for! They are great for removing wax, thawing frozen tubing, shrinking tubes, scraper and more! They are made to make your life easier & save you time. Not sure which one is the best heat gun for you? Not to worry! Our buyer’s guide has you covered! Interested?
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1 Wagner Heat Gun Furno on white background

Wagner Heat Gun Furno

4.8 /5

Best Heat Gun Overall

  • Versatile as you can use it from cooking to carpentry & car touch-ups
  • Tackle any project effortlessly thanks to its 6 airflow settings
  • Carry case for hands-free use with heat gun & neat storage
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue so you can work for hours
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2 Handheld Hot Air Gun, Homidic on white background

Homidic Handheld Hot Air Gun

4.7 /5

Top pick for DIY craft work

  • A portable heat gun that is ideal for all your DIY projects
  • Anti-slip hand-holding with its ABS plastic grip & rhombus patterns
  • Safe to use as when the temperature gets too high it will shut off
  • Heats up rapidly and functions well reaching 200°C
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3 Ginour Hot Air Gun on white background

Ginour Hot Air Gun

4.6 /5

Ideal for powerful 2000W motor

  • Perfect for any task as you can adjust the temperature in 2 settings
  • A non-slip plastic handle provides you a soft & comfy grip
  • Meet any demand as it comes with 4 nozzles & accessories
  • Has an advanced support system for increased stability

DeWalt Heat Gun

4.5 /5

Top pick by professionals

  • Professional heat gun with a long life span
  • Be consistent thanks to its LCD display, heat control & memory setting
  • Take it anywhere with you as it's small & compact
  • To ensure protection in static applications, a large and reliable support base is provided
Pros choice product ribbon
5 Laser Tools Flameless Hot Air Blower on white background

Laser Tools Flameless Hot Air Blower

4.5 /5

Most affordable choice

  • Enough run time of about 20 minutes to finish any task
  • You can effortlessly refill its tank and reuse it
  • Waste no time as it heats up quickly & has a stable catalytic heating system
  • It can even be powered by a normal cigarette lighter
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6 DETLEV PRO Hot Air Gun with LED Display on white background

DETLEV PRO Hot Air Gun with LED Display

4.5 /5

Top choice for airflow speeds

  • Ultimate control thanks to its LED temperature indicator
  • Cools down in just 80 seconds once shut off to avoid any accidents
  • At high temperatures, the heat gun will keep functioning for 20 minutes
  • Additional tools that are handy & simple to interchange
7 SEEKONE Heat Gun on white background


4.5 /5

Top choice for heavy-duty

  • Safe to use at home with overheating security mechanism, overload protection & power-off delay function
  • Handle nozzles help you steer & regulate the flow of air
  • Powerful motor that heats up in seconds
  • View clearly all the indications on the LCD display
8 VonHaus 2000W Heat Gun on white background

VonHaus 2000W Heat Gun

4.5 /5

Ideal for dual temperatures

  • Made of hardened PP composite for toughness & temperature tolerance
  • Suitable for use on painted wooden windows & door frames
  • Comes with an automatic shut-off feature for safety
  • Work for as long as you need with no hand strain thanks to its optimal weight
9 Bosch Home & Garden Heat Gun on white background

Bosch Home & Garden Heat Gun

4.5 /5

Ideal for easy to use

  • No accidental drops as it has a good, non-slip grip
  • Stands alone for hands-free with its slip-resistant rubberized base
  • Use a different nozzle depending on your task
  • Super simple in use as it has just two self-explanatory icons to change settings
10 BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun on white background


4.5 /5

Top choice for versatility

  • Carry this kitbox anywhere in the carrying case
  • Perfect for working on tough spots with its reflector nozzle & reduction cone
  • Finish that large project in no time with its wide nozzle
  • There’s no task you can handle with this high-performance heat gun

Tackle Any Project With The Best Heat Guns

Do you want a high-quality power tool to help you manage those hard to do projects? Are you on the lookout for a tool with high adjustability? Then you have come to the right place! Have you ever heard of a heat gun? It’s a great tool that helps from stripping paint or thawing frozen pipes, loosening nuts and shrink wrapping. Not just that, but many can even assist you in the kitchen or the barbecue!  

Is it amazing? They are handy tools that come in handy in so many different tasks around a home. How could we live without them for so long? No wonder why you are searching for it now. But with all the options available in the market, it can become a bit overwhelming! Don’t fret, as we are here to help! Let's add it to your collection of tools, like the cordless drill, detail sander, hammer drill or staple gun that are probably already in your collection.

We have created this extensive buying guide just for you. So you can find all the information you seek and the top heat guns in the market! Keep scrolling, and you’ll learn all you need to know about these fantastic tools! 

Why do you need a heat gun?

Heat guns are used to remove wall paint and wallpaper, melt or break plastics, and dissolve the glue. They can also heat frozen pipes and shrink wrap; some might be using a regular blow-dryer, but they perform way better than that! Let’s take a look at a few cases where you can use a heat gun: 

  • Paint Removal

When it comes to removing paint off furniture and other wooden furniture, the heating gun comes in handy. That's because the heat gun is a cleaner and more environmentally conscious choice to paint solutions or other chemicals. 

  • Getting Rid of Old Wallpaper 

A heat gun is used to strip old wallpaper by melting the adhesive and causing the sheet to burn away. This is particularly useful on outdated chipboards or heavily textured sheets with several paint coats that prevent soaking.

  • Plastic tubing 

Plastic tubing could be shrunk with the help of a heating device. You will be able to bend a part of plastic tubing at almost any angle easily with a heat gun instead of using coatings or joints. 

  • Taking off old bolts 

Older bolts and nuts, especially many that have stained over time, can be tough to remove. Unless, of course,  you have the top heat gun to help you get the job done! The metal can stretch and relax due to the heat gun's warm air, making removal effortless.

  • Make sure the headlights aren't foggy

Once you've removed the dents from your vehicle, you can use the heat gun to wipe out all the hazy lights. If you have a heat gun with a fast pass covering the headlamp, you can clear away all the fogginess and make them brand new.

  • Remove some broken and old flooring

An outdated floor will take several hours to pull off. If you're using a heat gun for removing the flooring glue, you will accelerate the process dramatically. When it falls to removing old vinyl tiles, the heat gun makes life easier.

There are even more implementations than previously mentioned, as you can use it to fire your barbecue or make your favourite creme brulee. So many applications that will make you wonder why you haven’t gotten one sooner! 

How does a heat gun work?

If you're trying to remove paint from a surface and soften glue to really get into closely packed electronics, you'll need the right heat gun for the task. Although there are several heat weapons to choose from, separately, one holds its own set of benefits and drawbacks, based on how it operates. 

Although any heat gun resembles a hairdryer by appearance, it's not really built in the same way or for the same purposes. Heat cannot be utilised to dry hair, but blow-dryers are used to heat certain items instead of heat weapons. Because they are not built for this purpose, they cannot provide the optimal results.  

To comprehend how well a heat gun works, you should first understand how they work. When we need to heat any objects or products without using fire and flame, heat guns come in handy. They either blast air heated only by its air chamber and electromagnetic coil towards its subject's layer or use technologies such as guided infrared radiation emissions to warm up the surface.

The most simple heat gun looks similar to a hairdryer, with its fan that pulls cold air through the stream or structure of a gun, and heats up the device rapidly. It can be operated by one hand and has temperature sensors that allow you to regulate the pressure of the hot that passes out.  Some even allow for some hands-free action, and some can stand alone on the table.

On the other hand, infrared heat guns work by emitting heat through infrared light rather than hot air. An infrared heat gun can exceed temperatures of 400-600 degrees C. This type could be an excellent option if you're concerned about the number of toxic gases generated via air heat.

Also, there are various types of nozzles available. Like the glass protection nozzle that can hold the heat when scraping paint. If you aim for high adjustability, go for one that will have several accessories to allow you to work on many different projects. 

What DIY applications can a hot air gun be used for?

Hot guns have been used for a wide range of projects, from refinishing old furniture, rebuilding vehicle bumpers, and defrosting water pipes, as well as more specialised applications such as cable terminals, chassis shielding, and smooth welding. Here is a list of more applications:

  • Defrost foods
  • Defrost pipes
  • Soldering and desoldering of circuit boards 
  • Prepare and apply wax on your skis
  • Swaying and bending
  • Shape and bend plastic, metal tubes, sheets, wallpaper and pipes
  • Paint removal and wallpaper removal

A heat gun can safely extract almost all oil enamel paints, stains, and adhesives that have been applied to wood. To the larger surfaces, many offer a broad nozzle.

What features to look for when buying a heat gun?

Once you've determined how much you'll use those heat guns, pay attention to the heating time, temperatures, speed of fan and safety measures. Continue reading to learn more about some of these functions.

1. Heating Time

Heat weapons that heat quickly are ideal. The majority of decent heat guns require anywhere from twenty seconds to a few minutes to get prepared to use. Some heat guns require longer than 2-3 minutes to heat up. If you don’t want to wait this long, then make sure to check the time it takes to be ready for use. 

2. Range of Temperatures

The heat gun must have a wide temperature range that you can utilise for various DIY ventures. The temperature of most traditional heat weapons can be adjusted at any time. And if you don't require a high-temperature limit, ensuring an extensive range means you won't have any overheating problems. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the temperature range is 50°C to 600°C

3. LCD Display

Displays enable you to keep track of the current temperature of your heating gun. If you require accurate temperatures to function on your designs, LCDs come in handy. Some heat guns don't have different heat settings and don’t require a liquid crystal display screen whereas others that have about 2-3 temperature settings have one.

3. Safety Precautions

Heat weapons are very delicate and run at extremely high-level temperatures. Good heat guns come with built-in protection features to prevent you from damaging fragile components or exposing your palms to dangerously high level temperatures. Opt for models with safety features especially if you plan to use them around the house where children might be running around. 

4. Nozzles

You can look for a heat gun that has a variety of nozzle options. There are sets available that have several nozzles to aid you in completing a variety of DIY tasks. Other attachments are included in the packages to add further versatility.  So, if you plan on using your heat gun in more than one task, aim for a model that comes with various nozzles and attachments. 

5. Fan speed

This functionality informs of the maximum amount of total area upon which the gun will affect. Higher speeds of the fan are fit for any such device that anyone can use for particular projects. It may be used to undo solder joints or erase marks. So, those designs that come with great speeds of the fan will have better heat distribution. 

6. Thermal cut off

If the device gets so hot, this will turn it off. Thermal cut off is a protective and security mechanism that opens circuits in the event of overheating. If the heat gun overheats, this will turn it off. A great plus, if you ask us, to have on your heat gun if you plan on undertaking large projects like removing the wallpaper from the entire house. This one will help you perform your job better without any accidents. 

Types Of Heat Guns

There are four categories of heat guns: electric, industrial, gas, and infrared. But, regardless of which kind of a heat gun you have, it's worth remembering that these tools need to be used with caution. 

  • Electric heat guns

This one is the most popular option. They work with electricity, hence they come with a power cord. They are typically cost-effective and are safer than gas heat guns, this is why most households turn to this type. 

  • Gas heat gun

They are mostly cordless and provide independence from electricity thanks to the use of gas cartridges. They are easier to handle without getting tangled up in cables but they are not as safe to use as electric ones.

  • Industrial heat gun

 Only the sturdy structure, higher heat loads, and better fan adjustments distinguish industrial guns from electric and also gas heat guns. In mass manufacturing factories, distribution facilities, and car repair, skilled use commercial heat guns for intensive work.

  • Infrared heat guns

An infrared heat gun is inexpensive to buy. They are a newer product on the market. They can reach high temperatures. Infrared heat guns are not only inexpensive, but they also resist the poisonous gases that traditional heat guns produce. 

Will a hair dryer work as a hot air gun?

Yes, you can use it on some occasions, like to remove stickers, wax and labels. Both operate on about the same: cold air is blown throughout a heating unit. The temperature, air density are the only differences. 

Although blow-dryers and heat guns have low, moderate, and robust air circulation switches, many expensive heat guns possess a digital format output for continuous hot air production. Some also have a pretty digital follow up. Apart from diminishing heat tubes, heat guns with the concentrator nozzle are utilised inside electrical applications. 

Blow-dryers or heat guns both come with a variety of nozzle attachments. A heat gun is perhaps the most flexible of all gadgets in your toolbox, with a wide range of uses. If you want to perform more specific tasks, then you need to add a heat gun to your toolbox because a blow-dryer can only help in a few of your light tasks. 

How much do heat guns cost?

Typically, a heat gun would be used to strip paint and other materials from screens, walls, as well as for different surfaces. The cost varies depending on the model and features you choose. 

  • Affordable range

A heating gun is indeed a multi-purpose tool. Remove product tags or outdated stickers with heat cannons, remove wallpaper, heat-shrink vinyl, melt glue, and add car decals. Many heat guns come at different prices. You can buy the cheapest one, around 18 pounds to 30 pounds. It takes a little bit of time to heat up, but other functions make it a good tool for further use. 

  • Mid-range

Suppose you are looking for a good function heat gun and want to spend more money on it. Then you need to add a few more pounds to buy one; anyone can also utilise a heat gun to bent plastic piping, frozen thaw tubing, or break solder. The cost starts from 30 pounds to 100 pounds. It can cover nozzle protection, is built into the stands for safe operation, and work at high-level temperatures; we are confident you won't regret spending a few extra pounds. 

  • High-range

Let's look at the high-end and multi-functional models of heat guns. The heat gun comes with variable temperature controls. The high range of heat gun starts from 100 pounds to more so if you want variable heat settings, oversized heat compensation dial, high production capabilities, a lot of strength in a short amount of time, then go for the high range to excel in your work. If you are a pro, you might need to consider spending extra on a high-quality, versatile heat gun to help you finish each project with precision. 

Precautions when using a hot air gun

There are certain safety issues to bear in mind:

  • Heat guns should not be used around combustible or hazardous objects or atmospheres

Use the gun away from flammable or explosive materials, such as open containers containing hazardous materials, vapours used to regulate vapours and atmospheres. Keep an eye mostly on the heat course.

  • Keep the existence and position of heat generated in mind. 

Always remember the heat while using a heat gun; it may damage your hand or palm.

  • Before setting the device on the table, make sure it is turned off.

Always switch off your heat gun when your job is done, don’t try to put it on the counter if it’s on; it can cause many damages.

  • Allow for cooling before putting the tool.

When your job is done, make sure to cool down your heat gun before storing it. 

  • Never put your skin or clothes near the heated nozzle.

If you accidentally put your body part or clothes on, it will burn the area and hurt you.  

  • Never steer the flow of air into one's own body.

Never steer the flow of air into one's own body. Before putting the heat gun on anywhere, make sure it is turned off. Maintain 1-centimeter clearance between the outlet nozzle as well as the work surface at all times.

  • When the heat gun is turning on, avoid looking at the nozzle.

When the heat gun is turning on, avoid looking at the nozzle. It will cause you skin burn and other damages.

  • Don't insert anything into the nozzle.

The heat gun may heat up and possibly cause a fire if the flow of air is decreased.

To sum up… 

A heat gun is indeed a multi-purpose tool that can be used by technicians, homeowners, and enthusiasts to complete a range of activities. That can be used to peel paint, erase wall panelling, bend tubing, and even light a barbecue grill. When dealing with wood and plastic, crafters use heat guns. Some heat guns have different temperatures and heat output. Other applications include replacing rusted bolts and nuts, soldering wire ties, defrosting burst pipes, stripping paints and plastic wrapping. This buying guide was created to help you choose the correct one for you. 

Before you purchase one, look at the main features that each heating gun provides. Consider the temperature and heating elements, blower rates, fan speed, reflector nozzle form, price, whether or not they have glass protectors, liquid crystal display screen, speed settings, and even year-warranty for peace of mind usage. Once you keep all these in mind, we are certain you’ll make the best decision for you! Get your heat gun today!

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