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Best 10 Hammocks

As Of July 2022

Who doesn’t love relaxing by swaying on a hammock? Read a good book, scroll through your social media or take a nap on the best hammock! Feel like you’re on vacation on a deserted island! Backpackers and campers love them as they are a great way to enjoy the sun and cocoon in the added comfort. Take a well-deserved break and lounge around for hours!
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1 vivere double cotton hammock on white background

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

4.8 /5

Best Overall Choice

  • Store it anywhere thanks to its included stand and carrying case
  • Ideal for two adults to use with its 200kg capacity
  • Pick how high or low you want to lay with its adjustable hammock hooks
  • Use it indoors without ruining the floors as it has rubber end caps
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2 HJZ Hammock with stand on white background

HJZ Hammock with Stand

4.7 /5

#2 Hammock Choice

  • Worry-free swinging as it’s attached to a durable steel stand
  • Travel and take it with you thanks to its lightweight design
  • Spacious to fit 2 people comfortably with a high load capacity
  • Always stays balanced with the thickened and braided ropes
3 Anyoo single cotton outdoor hammock on white background

Anyoo Outdoor Cotton Hammock

4.6 /5

Multiple Colourful Options

  • Use it right away as it takes seconds to set up
  • Attach it to a stand with the carabiners and wide straps or hang it on trees
  • Portable to carry it anywhere with its included drawstring bag
  • Excellent durability that is long-lasting even in the worst weather
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4 Naturefun travel camping hammock on white background

Naturefun Ultralight Travel Camping Hammock

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Load Capacity

  • Never worry about losing the storage bag as it’s sewn to the side
  • Holds up to 3 adults with its large weight capacity
  • Compact enough to take it everywhere with you
  • Hang on your backpack with the convenient carrying loop at the bottom of the bag
breathable design ribbon
5 Letshine hammock with stand on white background

Letshine Hammock with Stand

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Durability

  • Keep it for years as the canvas is fade and wear-resistant
  • Adaptable to use indoors and outdoors - pick between the ropes and stand
  • Relax for hours and enjoy leisurely with a breathable cotton design
  • Hassle-free backpacking as it has a carrying bag
6 Mosfiata camping hammock on white background

Mosfiata Camping Hammock

4.5 /5

Best Balance Hammock

  • Never worry about tipping over, thanks to the anti-roll balance beam
  • Ideal two-person fit due to its increased load-bearing
  • Keep it dry when not in use by storing it in the carry bag
  • Take it with you on your next camping trip
7 Vonhaus single hammock with metal frame on white background

VonHaus Single Hammock

4.5 /5

Top Heavy Duty Choice

  • No need to hang it on trees as it comes with a stand
  • Assemble in minutes with the straightforward & simple instructions
  • Bring the beach to your home thanks to the elegant nautical look
  • Worry-free replacements anytime with the 2-year warranty
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8 Eno skyloft spreader bar hammock on white background

ENO Skyloft Spreader Bar Hammock

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Easy Assembly

  • Lounge around for hours with the stuff sack that doubles as an integrated cushion
  • Perfect for solo hikers as it’s easy to assemble on your own
  • Convertible with dual modes to adjust for lounging or sleeping
  • Keep your phone close thanks to the cargo pocket
9 Etrol hammock on white background

ETROL Hammock

4.5 /5

Best Bug Protection

  • Block out all pests thanks to the protective mesh bug net
  • Sturdy storage bag to keep your hammock dust-free
  • Keeps you protected from the sun with the shaded hood design
  • Hang a lamp or any other object on the handy storage hook in the interior
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10 Songmics double hammock with pillows on white background

SONGMICS Double Hammock

4.5 /5

Elegant Wooden Finish

  • Matches well with any decor with its neutral beige colour
  • Enjoy it together with a friend as its large enough to fit 2
  • Effortless cleaning without worrying about the fabric fading
  • Saves you from uncomfortable neck knots with the two included pillows

Hang On A Second! Why Don’t You Have A Hammock Yet?

A soft breeze, the feeling of you moving over the ground, the warmth of the sun touching your skin. Wouldn’t you love what you just pictured in the comfort of your backyard? A hammock is food for the soul as it gives you a calm and relaxed feeling that pushes your troubles away. It’s a moment of peace where you focus on yourself, your breathing and your wellness.

The top hammocks out there help you lounge and laze around in the sun. They freeze time and make you feel like you’re on vacation in the hippest all-inclusive resort. Sway with a cocktail in your hand, hit snooze on your phone, and play some wave sounds in the background to escape reality.

Put a hat over your head, throw on some shades and grab your next novel to enjoy your time on this lounger. A garden hammock will have all your friends fighting over who will sit next. Want to go on a camping getaway? Pack up your portable hammock and put it in the trunk of your car. Check out our buying guide with the best products and what you should consider.

Why should you buy a hammock?

A high-quality hammock is a very multi-functional accessory that has practical benefits and uses. You can use yours to replace a sleeping bag or a camping tent when camping. The feeling of sleeping in a hammock doesn’t compare at all with a grounded alternative. You’re elevated off the ground, and your back is touching a soft parachute nylon fabric.

Hammocks can be a great decorative piece for indoor spaces too. There are many different styles to pick from that you can put in your bedroom, living room, or balcony. Hammocks are a de-stressor to spend some downtime after a long day at work or when you want some time to yourself. Even outdoors, hanging a hammock between two trees is very calming too. Lay down and have unobstructed views of the sky and the clouds passing by. Swing around and entertain yourself by balancing off-ground.

Take it with you to the beach, the mountains, and anywhere else you want to make your own private relaxing space. Backcountry or next to your garden furniture, a hammock gives you that much needed R&R luxurious feeling of a holiday.

What should you look for in a hammock?

We know the options are endless and that you might be overwhelmed by the choices you have to make. Fear not! We are here to help make that decision easier so that you end up happy with your purchase. Find below what are some of the top features that you should consider.

1. Size

There are many sizes to pick from so you can see which option makes more sense for you. It’s also good to know ahead of time if you will be the only one using it or if you want one that two people can use together. Some hammocks are ideal for solo use, and others can fit multiple people. Usually, most can handle two or three people maximum at a time.

You can find a fitting size anywhere between 1.20-2.50m wide and 2-2.5m long. This is a decent enough size for individuals and couples to use with ease. Some hammocks can fit 1-2 people and other larger ones to fit up to 3 people. It all comes down to what you want it for, which you should consider before buying one.

2. Type

Picking the correct type of hammock will be one of the first things to consider before your purchase. There are two types to choose from: free-standing and hanging. Your space will help you decide which type is best for you. The reason you want one will also help you decide. For example, if you’re going to hang it between two trees, hanging is the obvious choice. If you want to place it indoors or somewhere open-air, a free-standing one is better.

Free-standing hammocks have a firm stand frame for you to attach the body into. You can place them indoors and outdoors without any issues. Hanging hammocks are an outdoorsy option that are perfect for trekkers and campers. They have a more natural feel to them and make any camping trip fun! Each has its benefits, and we’ve gone in-depth below, so keep reading!

3. Fabric Material

The right fabric material can benefit the longevity of your hammock. You want to pick one that is weatherproof, fade-proof and durable to hold your weight. It’s better to spend more on high-quality material than to try and save money. A lower-quality material is more likely to rip, and we’re sure you don’t want that! Unless you have a lifetime warranty. Your top materials are polyester, cotton and rope.

Rope is the most traditional hammock look. They combine with other fabrics like cotton and ripstop nylon, but you can find some that their whole body is rope. Cotton is a soft and breathable fabric. They have a nice body morphing ability, so they don’t make the whole experience uncomfortable. Polyester is a synthetic material that is also very durable. You can find the most inexpensive options with this type of material.

Want to find out more about the pros and cons of each material type? Check out the section further down on which material is the best.

4. Stand Material

This feature is important when buying a free-standing hammock. The stand’s material improves the sturdiness of the product and expands its lifetime. A sturdy material will last you many years, so pick one that matches your personal preferences and budget. The options that you can pick from are steel, aluminium and wood.

Believe it or not, steel is usually the most affordable material of the three. These are also very secure as they are powder-coated. This protects from extreme weather conditions. Steel hammocks are a solid option for an average weight load.

Aluminium stands are great because they don’t require too much maintenance either. They are also powder-coated for extra protection from rust and bad weather. Thanks to their lightweight design, they are a hassle-free option for moving in and out of the house.

Wood stands offer a fantastic look to your hammock. Their appeal is mostly decorative. You won’t have to worry about rusting or high-maintenance with this choice. They are usually strong enough to hold heavier people. What’s nice about them is that they are naturally UV-resistant and waterproof. You can place them indoors or outdoors without fear of humid weather impacting them.

5. Accessories

Accessories are great bonus items that make your hammock more convenient to use. You can check to find one with a mosquito net to block bugs, mosquitos and pests from coming close to you. You wouldn’t want a mosquito to bite you or fly in your mouth when you’re taking a nap.

A rainfly or tarp is a great protective cover that keeps you dry when it’s raining. Who said you couldn’t use your hammock when it’s raining outside? A rainfly makes sure that no raindrop squeezes in for a dry and comfortable relaxation.

Want to store and keep your hammock in a dry place? A carrying bag is the best solution! They offer portability and hassle-free carrying in a compact folded shape. Don’t plan on moving your hammock around much? Go for a waterproof cover if it’s too heavy to lift. That way, it will stay dry, and you can use it immediately when you take the cover off.

As we said, comfort and convenience are the main benefits of accessories. That’s why sleeping pads will be a handy accessory for your downtime on the hammock. These are especially helpful if you have a rope bodied hammock. You won’t feel displeasure in your nap. Want to have your phone close by even when the weather changes? Some hammocks come with pocket attachments for you to keep your personal items with you at all times.

6. Weight Capacity

You can’t expect all hammocks to hold any weight. There are some which can hold up to a maximum of 50kg. These are mostly for kids to use. Others have a capacity of up to 100kg, which is suitable for an average-weighted solo user. The most common capacity fit for one person is 100-120kg. If you want to share your hammock and have two people use it simultaneously, try to find one with a capacity of 200-250kg.

7. Suspension System

The suspension system determines how your hammock stays open after hanging it or attaching it to a stand. A backyard lounger has spreaders along each end’s length. Most commonly, these spreaders are wooden. Their purpose is to keep the hammock locked in place.

Camping hammocks have tree straps and ropes that attach to the hammock with carabiners. The way you suspend your hammock will allow you more flexibility to adjust it on lower or higher hanging points.

What are the different styles available?

Your use and personal preference will determine the style you pick. There are endless options and combinations for everyone to find a match. Have a look to see the different hammock options available. We are positive that you will find the perfect match for your needs.

Open-Weave Cotton Rope

The first image you get in your head when you think of a hammock is probably this style. It reminds you of a deserted island. Picture some palm trees and waves crashing on the sandy beach. Open-weave cotton rope hammocks are very affordable, and they are also amazing in allowing maximum ventilation through the rope holes. Cotton ropes let cool breezes in with ease. The one downside to this style is that they are not resistant to mould because of the rope’s material.

Open-Weave Polyester Rope

This style of rope hammock is more durable than cotton rope. They can handle humidity better as well, which makes them less prone to mildew. One negative to polyester is that it’s not as shape-shifting as cotton. So, you won’t have as much ease of motion with this style. Generally, both cotton and polyester open-weave rope hammocks have a wood or metal finish.


Quilted hammocks have a double layer of cotton or polyester padding and are some of the lightest models available. They are reversible, with one side having a solid colour and the other a patterned motif. They are a very safe option for kids because their entire body is sewn together with no holes like rope hammocks.


Seaside hammocks are best to take with you to the beach or pool. They are water-resistant and fade-proof. They have a UV-resistant coating and are perfect for sitting on after you come out of the water. They are durable and require minimum maintenance. With light cleaning, you can keep these for many summers.


Camping hammocks are one of the best and lightest on the market. There's a reason for that. Hikers and camping lovers want something lightweight enough to carry when they’re backpacking. They are usually nylon or polyester and can handle tough weather conditions. Some have added accessories that are essential for camping, like a rain cover or mosquito net. Don’t think that you can’t use them as a garden hammock. The name might make you second guess their use. They are perfectly fit for your garden too.

What is the best fabric material that’s worth your pound?

A material that is well-worth its money is always going to be the best choice for any product. You want to pick one that can handle a heavy load without trouble. The better the material, the less chance of it ripping. The less chance of it ripping, the more money you save instead of buying another one. Take a look at what materials are most popular and what each has to offer.


Rope is a standard hammock material. Rope hammocks have spreader bars on the ends. The spreader bars offer better support and ease of access to the hammock. Rope hammocks hang with minimal assembly well on trees but also hammock stands. Their prices can vary, with inexpensive options as low as £20 but can even reach above £100.

Rope hammocks are perfect for dry and warm environments. Their one drawback is that they are absorbent of mould. It’s best to look at the other material types if you plan on buying one for your young children. The holes between the rope could lead to accidents.


Cotton hammocks are very soft and breathable. They are also absorbent to mould like rope hammocks. This could lead to rotting and unwanted odours. For increased lifespan, keep this type of hammock indoors when the weather changes. You can find budget-friendly choices for less than £50. This material is easy to find, which makes these fit for any pocket.


A strong and durable option that can stand well against any condition. Polyester is easy to clean and has excellent resistance to mildew. Next time you jump in the pool and want to lay back on your hammock immediately, polyester is the best choice. It absorbs water fast so you can stay dry for hours. The average price for polyester hammocks is about £20-40.

How high should you place your hammock?

What comes after you’ve bought your hammock? You have to assemble it and set it up! Check our helpful guide on how high you should place your hammock. Follow along, and you will have it up and ready to use in no time!

You should place it at a secure height that will be low enough for you to avoid injuries. The biggest challenge if you’re a first-time buyer is getting off the hammock. You feel as if you’re in a zero-gravity area, and it takes a leap of faith to put your feet on the ground without it tipping over. You should prefer a low height also in the unwanted event that the fabric rips to land on your bum softly.

On the other hand, to make it more enjoyable, try to lift it at least 30-60cm off the ground. Also, keep in mind that gravity is holding you down. A heavier person is naturally going to feel a stronger pull downwards. That’s why you should test it out on different height levels to see which is the most comfortable.

How can you make your hammock more comfortable?

It’s all about feeling relaxed and like you’re in an oasis when you sit on a hammock. We have some tips to help you make the most out of your hammock and improve comfort levels. See our pro guide below!

1. Place it in a sagging position.

Avoid a tight squeeze on your hammock as it will cocoon you in and lead to strained shoulders. The best position for your hammock should look like a reverse rainbow. You want that sagging at the bottom to ensure you don’t fall over and are always balanced.

2. Raise the lower end higher

If you stay on your hammock for a long while, you will notice that your bodyweight starts slipping down towards the middle. To stop that from happening, tilt the end where your feet are a bit higher up, approximately 15-20cm.

3. Don’t lie down straight - take up the entire width diagonally

You won’t believe how soothing a diagonal position is for your lower back. After you set up your hammock to the perfect position, you will feel your body tilt and release tension better this way. Trust us; you’ll be shutting your eyelids in minutes.

4. Add an underquilt or sleeping pads.

An underquilt will give you added warmth and an extra layer between the fabric and your body. You’ll be nice and toasty in your personal space for endless hours of lounging around. Just like when you take a nap in a tent or sleeping bag, you need that feeling of proper insulation even on a hammock.

5. Use a waterproof tarp and pest netting.

There’s nothing worse than water dripping down on your face when you’re deep in your slumber. Never mind, there is something far worse; a fly coming close to your eardrum. You can avoid both problems with two simple solutions: a waterproof tarp and a pest netting. Problem solved! You’ll be napping for hours with no disturbances.

Final Thoughts

Every camper and nature lover can vouch that a hammock is an essential part of the experience. It can bring loads of fun and relaxation for your next adventure. Even if you’re a home cat, this is the perfect companion for a chill way to wind down. You can spend some quality time with yourself and thrive off that evening breeze on your balcony.

Look at all the options available to you and pick the best hammock to match your aesthetic, wants and lifestyle. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or an introverted homebody, you will find a reason worthy of investing in one.

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