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Best 10 Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

As Of June 2022

Are you struggling to tame your permed hair when you get out of the shower? Do you want to get the best styling possible? With the best hair dryers for curls, you’re not only saving time but also effort on the strenuous task of drying your head after bathtime. And, with their variable speed settings & attachments, they keep your hair looking shiny & gorgeous! Want to know more?
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1 ghd Air Hair Dryer on white background

ghd Air Hair Dryer

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Finish drying your hair at home as fast as a salon specialist would
  • Enjoy a sleek & shiny result thanks to the ionic technology
  • For right & left-handed people to use it comfortably with the ergonomic design
  • Adjust the heat output to your liking as it has 3 temperature modes
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2 Remington Advanced Coconut Therapy Hair Dryer on white background

Remington Advanced Coconut Therapy Hair Dryer

4.7 /5

Ideal for Conditioning

  • Give your hair tender nourishment with its coconut infusion & UV filters
  • Protect your hair from damage with the handy built-in heat sensor
  • Blow-dry stress-free in just a few minutes thanks to the powerful 2300W motor
  • Have peace of mind as it comes with a 5-year warranty
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3 BigEve Professional Hair Dryer on white background

BigEve Professional Hair Dryer

4.6 /5

Best Choice for Noiseless Design

  • Bring it with you on holiday as it’s very light & portable
  • Define your natural waves with the 3 nozzle attachments
  • Style your hair with more flexibility thanks to the speed knob & 3 heat outputs
  • Power it on even when someone’s sleep as it has a noise reduction design
4 Dyson Hair Dryer on white background

Dyson Hair Dryer

4.5 /5

Top Premium Choice

  • Ensure you maintain healthy hair with its smart heat control system
  • Gift it to your loved ones as it comes with a unique storage bag
  • Show off your curls within minutes thanks to its compact & super-efficient design
  • Select from 4 heat modes to match your needs & comfort
Best Quality Ribbon
5 Panasonic EH-NA98 Nanoe™ Premium Hair Dryer on white background

Panasonic EH-NA98 Nanoe™ Premium Hair Dryer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Split Ends

  • Reduce dryness, frizziness & rejuvenate hair shine with its ionic penetration
  • Take care of your scalp & skin with its 4 heat modes
  • Store it neatly in cabinets when you finish as it has a foldable design
  • Change the air volume by simply sliding the switch up & down
6 BaByliss Elegance 2100 Hair Dryer on white background

BaByliss Elegance 2100 Hair Dryer

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Frizz Control

  • Save time while drying as it smoothes the edges with its ceramic grille
  • Enjoy shiny & gorgeous hair thanks to the frizz control functionality
  • Customise the airflow via the 3 heat settings & 2-speed settings
  • Target areas comfortably with the concentrator nozzle
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7 Remington D3190 Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer on white background

Remington D3190 Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Hair Damage

  • Be your own hairstylist after showering as it dries super fast
  • Say goodbye to heat damage thanks to the micro-conditioners
  • Switch between the multiple attachments to sport any eccentric look
  • Clean it up hassle-free as it comes with a removable air filter
Ideal Gift Ribbon
8 Remington Keratin Protect Ionic Hair Dryer on white background

Remington Keratin Protect Ionic Hair Dryer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Keratin Infusion

  • Create salon-quality hairstyles with its 2 concentrators & diffuser
  • Bring shine to thick or fine hair as it comes with a keratin & almond oil ceramic coated grille
  • Pick from 3 temperature settings to lessen damage from heat
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the 5-year warranty
9 Remington Hydraluxe Pro Hair Dryer on white background

Remington Hydraluxe Pro Hair Dryer

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Heat Protection

  • Preserve your hair looking healthy thanks to the HYDRAcare sensor technology
  • Breeze through drying time with its mighty digital motor
  • Create your favourite curl patterns with the 2 nozzles
  • Add a luxe touch to your bathroom due to its gold trim details
10 ghd Helios Hair Dryer on white background

ghd Helios Hair Dryer

4.5 /5

Best Ergonomic Pick

  • Speed up the drying process with its powerful 2200-wattage motor
  • Enjoy frizz-free styling as it has smooth ionic technology
  • Direct the blow dryer’s airflow exactly where you need thanks to the contoured nozzle
  • Worry-free to replace if damaged with the 2-year warranty
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Say goodbye to bed head curls with the best hair dryers for curly hair

Admit it, we all dread the minute we step out of the shower because of what’s next: the blow-dryer. Fast-drying is a matter of picking the right hair dryer for your hair type and needs. But, what do you do when those water molecules hit your wavy hair? That’s where the best hair dryers for curly hair come in to save the day! 

If you’re unsure what features to look for and which brand will tick off the right boxes, you’ve come to the right place. Our buying guide goes in-depth to show you the top things to consider for your hair care routine. There are endless options out there, from ceramic hair dryers to tourmaline and more. So, whether you’re looking to limit breakage, reduce hair damage or rejuvenate the shine, we’re here to help you. And, if you finish blow-drying, you can even style your hair with a curling wand!

Are you ready to dive right in? Keep reading to find out more!

Why should you blow-dry your curly hair? 

Are you tired of having to spend close to an hour in an upright position, waiting for your hair to dry? Do you prefer letting it air dry so that you can walk out the door stress-free? Well, there are a few benefits to diffusing your hair when getting ready to hit the town. Let’s look at some of the most advantageous reasons that we recommend you invest in one of them.

1. They fully dry your hair faster.

For starters, you have one less thing to worry about as your entire head is dry, and your wavy or curly hair is perfectly styled. Drying times are much faster than air drying, too, so you can get back to your social life much sooner this way. Walking out of the house with partially or fully wet hair can be annoying as the moistness piles up on your clothes and could even lead to you catching a cold! Sure, the wet look can be popular, but not to the point that you look as if you just finished showering. 

2. They enhance your natural curls.

Most of the latest high-tech hair dryers for curls have advanced technology that seals hydration in the hair cuticles. This hydration ensures that you have a frizz-free, glossy, natural curly look without losing volume or shine. So, if you have thin or thick hair, a high-quality blow dryer will give you the support you need to retain the shape and style of your hair.

3. Their hot air doesn’t leave you with dry hair anymore.

Sure, in the past, using a hair dryer wasn’t recommended, especially for curls, as it could lead to damage. But, there are so many new features on the latest models that protect the hair strands from long-term heat damage and split ends. So, you no longer need to think of them as an accessory for just straight hair. Also, you can find unique products that come with keratin infusion on their ceramic grille that offers heat protection on higher heat settings. And, if you’re on the fence about blow-drying, consider that the damage caused by a straightener is significantly more, yet many people don’t think twice about dressing their hair in that way.

What to look for in a hair dryer for curly hair?

Do you want to ensure you protect your hair from damaged strands, split ends and frizziness on your next blowout? If you’re used to the older hair dryer models of the past, you may not know how advanced their technologies have become lately. So, with so many high-tech choices out there, there are a few features you can look for to get the most out of your purchase.

1. Wattage 

The wattage is the first thing to look for when deciding on a hair dryer as it indicates the product’s power. There are many options available, but it’s good to know that the higher the power, the faster your drying times will be. High-quality models range from 1600W even up to 3600W, offering you enough durability for prolonged use.

2. Ionic & Ceramic Technology 

What’s the difference between ceramic and ionic technology? Well, ionic technology works by using negative ions. What are positive and negative ions? In layman’s terms, our hair contains negative and positive ions. But the water that comes into contact with it is positive, so the ionic hair dryers work by breaking the particles for quicker drying. If you want a sleek looking hairstyle that preserves your curl’s natural pattern, this option is the best for you. Ceramic ones offer better and more even heat distribution on your scalp and hair. They are ideal for protection against heat, and most people opt for this type as it combines the features of the ionic hair dryers with its own.

3. Nozzle & Diffuser Attachments 

A variety of nozzle and diffuser attachments is an absolute must for a hair dryer for curls. Many models come with a few different attachments that preserve the natural patterns and de-frizz your hair. Also, the concentrator nozzle targets specific areas more conveniently to have the heating airflow directly where you need it the most. Choosing between a concentrator or diffuser hair dryer is a matter of personal preference. Still, one thing to know is that the former is best suited for frizziness while the latter is better for a glossy finish.

4. Speed & Heat Settings 

Most hair dryers for curls come with adjustable heat and speed settings. These settings can vary from 1 to 3-speed settings, and temperatures from low to medium and high. But, some of the premium choices out there come with even bigger adjustability ranging up to 8 setting options. Also, some of the best hair dryers include a cold airflow which is ideal for styling purposes. When you’re trying to dry your wet hair faster, one of the heat settings is best. But, when you want to style it, it’s best to switch to the cold air button.

5. Cool Shot Button

To that effect, some of the best hair dryers come with a dedicated cold shot button that works to trap moisture in your luscious locks. It is a time-efficient feature to look for as it works simultaneously to dry and style the hair, similar to a professional’s expert method. Setting your hair when you finish drying it is important, and we suggest you do so with cold air rather than hot air. 

What’s the best way to diffuse curly hair?

There are a few ways that you can make the drying process finish faster, especially if you’re in a rush to get to the rest of your chores. We wanted to give you some tips and tricks on the best ways to diffuse curly hair. So, have a look below!

  • Before you use your diffuser hair dryer, plop down on a silk pillowcase for a few minutes and let it sit.
  • Avoid using the highest heat temperature and opt for low and medium heat instead.
  • Apply a keratin heat-protective spray to limit the chances of heat damage.
  • Select a diffuser hair dryer that the manufacturer recommends for your hair type.

How much do hair dryers for curly hair cost? 

The best hair dryers range from affordable to high-end and promise a wide range of exciting features that will turn your bedroom curls into a gorgeous look. There is a match for any pocket, depending on the budget you have in hand. 


In the budget-friendly range, models are starting from just £20 to £50. These are ideal for giving to your loved one without breaking your bank and come with enough functionality to give you quick-drying results and preserve your hair looking healthy. Most in this range will have ionic technology, but you may come across ceramic hair dryers too. You can expect adjustable heat and speed settings, a couple of attachment heads and a cable length that’s long enough for you to hold the handle comfortably.


If you’re up for a bit of a splurge, you can find some of the best hair dryers going from £50 to over £350. These come in both ionic and ceramic technologies, infused with keratin and other hair oils that nourish your hair’s particles and with a large array of accessories and attachments. The ceramic technology uses infrared heat for up to 50% faster drying. Their design quality is also significantly sturdier and more hard-wearing for years of use. Also, you can expect a hefty warranty period for these products due to their upped price.


Never have to worry about drying your hair after the shower again with one of the best hair dryers for curly hair! Whether you find the task boring and strenuous or, truthfully, have better things to do, the results you will get with a high-quality hair dryer are going to leave you pleasantly surprised and grateful! Choosing the right one for your hair type and needs requires some research on your end. 

Thankfully, our buying guide is here to help you better understand these neat hair accessory gadgets. So, take some time to review our top 10 picks and dive right into any hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try out. From luscious locks to large and gorgeous tresses, your curls will have a stunning shape and shine on them. Are you ready to show off your natural beachy waves with your next blowout?

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