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Best 10 Glass Storage Jars

As Of July 2022

At the first mention of glass jars, you probably thought of pickled vegetables. Glass jars are sustainable, 100% and infinitely recyclable, reusable and refillable. And, most importantly, it's safe to store food and drinks in; and we love that they usually come in beautiful designs. If you’re thinking of getting a glass storage jar, you’ll notice how practical and multifunctional they can be. Want to find out more?
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1 Kilner Square Glass Clip Top Jar on white background

Kilner Square Glass Clip Top Jar

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Maintain the freshness of your fruits & veggies thanks to its tight rubber seal
  • Keep your items stored longer as it’s rust-resistant & durable
  • Versatile to use as a breakfast mason jar for yoghurts & more
  • Wash it hassle-free with soap water due to the wide opening
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2 Justyou Glass Kitchen Storage Jars on white background

Justyou Glass Kitchen Storage Jars

4.7 /5

Best for Wooden Lids

  • No chance of spills as the lids securely lock in place with the silicone seal
  • Store multiple items conveniently thanks to its set of 3
  • Enjoy them for years to come due to their corrosion-resistant materials
  • Find what you’re looking for in no time as they are transparent
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3 Yibaodan Spice Jars with Lids on white background

Yibaodan Spice Jars with Lids

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Spices

  • Neatly organise your herbs & maintain a mess-free kitchen
  • Select from various shaker lid sizes to get exactly the amount you want
  • Never confuse salt for sugar with the handy waterproof labels & pen
  • Clean up the jars effortlessly thanks to the included hose brush
4 Maison & White Clip Top Jars on white background

Maison & White Clip Top Jars

4.5 /5

Best Choice with Reusable Stickers

  • Preserve the taste & flavour of your dry goods thanks to its sturdy lid lock
  • Label the jars to your liking for less confusion as they come with a chalk pen
  • Save money & reuse them with any condiments you want
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the included 2-year warranty
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5 SAWAKE Glass Storage Jars on white background

SAWAKE Glass Storage Jars

4.5 /5

Ideal for Bamboo Lids

  • Put it in the microwave worry-free as it can withstand temperatures up to 150°C
  • Add various items to the containers as they come in different height options
  • Keep insects away from your pantry with its tight seal
  • Scoop out accurate portions with the free measuring spoon
6 Olympia Cookie Jar with Lid on white background

Olympia Cookie Jar with Lid

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Large Capacity

  • Save shelf space thanks to its 3.9L jar size
  • Lift & pick up treats effortlessly with the handle on the lid
  • Add some style to your kitchen with its sleek & transparent design
  • Conserve your energy when cleaning it as you can wash it in the dishwasher
7 ComSaf Spaghetti Glass Storage Jars on white background

ComSaf Spaghetti Glass Storage Jars

4.5 /5

Ideal for Pasta & Cereal

  • Spot your stored items conveniently via the tall & clear design
  • Say goodbye to stale snacks thanks to their excellent sealability
  • Keep odours & insects at bay with the high-quality bamboo-wood lids
  • Free up counter space & store more as it comes in a set of 3
8 Kilner Glass Push Top Storage Jar on white background

Kilner Glass Push Top Storage Jar

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Dry Items

  • Upgrade any space’s decor with its curved silhouette design
  • Enjoy its versatility by using it with your arts & crafts supplies too
  • Open it comfortably by lifting the lid’s handle
  • Built to last for years to come as it’s made of durable & thick glass
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9 OXO Good Grips Cookie Jar on white background

OXO Good Grips Cookie Jar

4.5 /5

Ideal for Airtight Seal

  • Maintain your counter clutter-free as it has a spacious 2.8L capacity
  • Refill your snacks in seconds thanks to the wide jar opening
  • Wash off built-up dirt efficiently as the silicone gasket is dishwasher-safe
  • Preserve food items fresh by pushing the button to seal the jar
10 Brabantia Glass Stackable Jars on white background

Brabantia Glass Stackable Jars

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Tight Counter Space

  • No need to compromise your kitchen’s minimalist decor as you can stack the jars
  • Boost up your food items’ shelf life thanks to the silicone seal
  • Browse through the contents comfortably as the glass is clear
  • Stress-free cleanups by simply putting them in the dishwasher
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Organise Your Kitchen With The Best Glass Storage Jars

Are you looking for an organised kitchen solution for your dry food storage? Something more robust than a vacuum sealer? Have you tried out one of the best food-grade storage jars? Watching your foods go bad because of inadequate storage can be frustrating. Still, a storage jar can make all the difference, providing so many benefits, ensuring that the products in the jars keep their flavour, strength and aroma with no harmful chemicals. 

Adding a glass food storage container to your kitchen can give you back precious counter or pantry space. They are neat little gadgets that any homeowner will agree offer practicality, function and versatility. Also, unlike other food storage container sets, the glass ones allow you to view the items you’re storing inside more comfortably. 

Are you interested in learning more about the best glass food storage containers? Do you want to find ways to incorporate them in your kitchen? Don’t worry; there are many options available on the market. Our buying guide goes in-depth to give you as much information as possible to make the best decision for your needs. Keep reading below!

10 Reasons you should invest in glass storage jars

Glass storage containers are a good investment that can influence your life in many positive ways. By opting for glass containers, you save the world from more carbon footprint, protect yourself from harmful substances and keep reusing the same jar over and over again. 

And, with many of them being multifunctional, you can even use them in other rooms besides only as kitchen solutions. In fact, many people use them to store arts and crafts supplies, toiletries and more. With the world opening up to different ideas that can improve lives and lifestyles in general, here are a few reasons why you should invest in glass containers.

1. They keep your kitchen cabinet organised.

An organised kitchen cabinet makes life easy; a glass storage canister can make this happen. They give an aesthetically pleasing uniform look wherever you keep them and help avoid scrambling through containers to find a specific ingredient or dry food. 

You can easily see your items through the clear glass surface. Also, the stackable options like glass storage container sets are easy to store when not in use, leaving you with extra storage space for other items.

2. They are multifunctional.

Storage glass containers are designed to withstand different temperatures. They are oven-safe, freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and you can even eat directly from them without serving the frozen or reheated food on any plate. You can use the glass container to your heart’s desire; it doesn’t necessarily have to be just a kitchen item. 

From using it as a piggy bank to save up for a rainy day to fermenting your vegetables, storing delicious spices, herbs, and fruits, sewing bobs and bits, or using it to serve drinks. There are several ways you can find purpose in a storage jar. 

3. They are time-saving.

Meal prepping has become popular over the last few years, and glass meal prep containers make storing the cooked food easy. Since most of these containers are freezer-safe and microwave-safe, you can prepare an entire week's menu for you and your family. Serve them in glass storage containers with airtight lids, store them in the freezer, and move them directly to a microwave when you want to eat. 

You can also use it in storing pickled vegetables and fermented foods for long term use, instead of making new batches every time. Also, many enjoy using these jars for breakfast yoghurt parfaits with granolas, strawberries, blueberries and other fruits that create visually appealing layers. You can make multiple batches on the weekend and store them in the refrigerator worry-free as their materials are built to withstand cool and warm temperatures alike.

4. They are money-saving. 

Glass storage canisters may seem more expensive than plastic, but they are a one-time investment. They are durable and will last longer than plastic, making them a high-quality jar that you can enjoy for years to come. Also, consider how effective they are in storing goods for extended periods. 

If you purchase a box of cereal and leave it in its original packaging, it will start to become stale over time. But, by adding it in a glass jar,  not only will it be tightly sealed and visible, you will preserve its freshness too. 

5. They help prevent food poisoning.

Using storage containers without adequate or airtight lids could lead to unwanted insects or airborne particles landing in your containers. This may be harmful to you and your family. Once air finds its way into the container, the bacteria present in the air (which multiplies quickly) can contaminate the foods, causing poisoning and other illnesses.

Most glass containers have seals, which help to minimise the possibility of this happening. So, investing in glass storage containers will keep your food fresh, clean and maintain its nutrients for a long time. Look for options with either a clip latch or silicone gaskets within their interior for extra peace of mind. These are both very reliable options that will guarantee odours are at bay and insects such as ants or other frequent kitchen visitors steer away.

6. They provide health benefits.

Glasses have non-porous surfaces, which means they are BPA-free, and foods stored in them will not absorb any harmful substance, unlike plastic containers. Glass containers will not alter the taste or smell of your food, making them reliable for use even as lunch boxes. It is a safer alternative to plastic storage containers because they are leak-proof, kid-friendly and can be used repeatedly. 

Frequent exposure to plastic may lead to long term health problems, so to ensure that you are using 100% safe materials, glass containers give you less of a headache. Also, many models are safe to wash in the dishwasher, which can kill off any bacteria and built-up dirt, dust and debris. 

7. They are eco-friendly.

Plastic waste releases harmful chemicals into the environment when disposed of because most of it is not recyclable. The last thing the world needs right now is more plastic containers that will end up in landfills and cause environmental pollution. Glass, however, is 100% recyclable, and you can recycle it without losing its quality or purity even after the entire process.

If you’re someone who wants to practise their green thumb and make the most of sustainable living, glass is a material that you can rely on. It is the eco-conscious consumer’s first choice for low-impact living. 

8. They are durable. 

Glass containers are designed to last long. They are more durable and won't have scratches, discolouration or lose their shape over time. Unless you accidentally drop or hit them against a hard object, they will look brand new and last a lifetime. You can use and wash glass containers repeatedly without sacrificing their durability and shape. 

Also, depending on the quality and the thickness of the glass, its resistance will also differ. Thicker glasses are built to withstand a more harsh impact. Also, glass is a material that doesn’t rust. They have natural corrosion-resistant properties, and even if their lids aren’t made of glass, manufacturers use materials that resist rust just as well. 

9. They are easy to clean.

Glass containers are easy to clean. You could soak the jar in hot soapy water overnight or for a few nights. However, they are mostly dishwasher-safe; you won't have to spend much time scrubbing if you decide to hand-wash them. Also, they do not retain stains like plastics, neither are they prone to discolouration nor warping. 

One thing to remember is that when placing your glass containers in the dishwasher, you should place the lid at the top rack. If you place them in any lower racks, there’s a higher risk of them coming out warped. However, the glass component has a bit more flexibility regarding which rack you place it on.

10. They give your space a creative decor piece.

Glass containers offer more than storage benefits. Their clear glass design makes them decorative ornaments for use in any space. You can either paint them to match your decor or use them as decorative flower vases or buds. There's also the option of using them as a handmade oil lamp, illumination decor, or even to serve smoothies and your favourite drink during summer.

Whatever your personal preference may be, you can show off your individuality with them. They offer you an endless array of possibilities of how you can use them and display them in your home. From function to style, there is a broad spectrum of choices out there.

What to look for when buying glass storage jars

Glass storage containers are popular on the market now because of the safety and other benefits that come with them. But how do you know the features to look for before you invest in anyone? Luckily, we’ve added a list of the most important things to consider. So, read on to find out.

1. Glass Type

All glasses may look alike, but not all are the same because they pass through different processes during their production, giving them different properties and levels of durability.

  • Borosilicate glass 

This type is best used for storage jars because it is resistant to thermal shock and can withstand changing temperatures. In other words, you can put it in your freezer, transfer it to your oven or microwave, and it will still be as sturdy as when you first bought it. The product description will describe this glass type as oven-safe.

You don't have to worry about the bottle heating up and releasing harmful toxins into your food. Borosilicate glass's environmental impact is so small, which makes it a better choice for the environment, too. This glass type will last a lifetime, and its durability makes it the top glass choice for high-end restaurants and experienced homeowners.

  • Tempered glass or soda-lime glass 

This glass type is the most common and least expensive glass, and it can also withstand temperature changes like the borosilicate glass. Though it is a softer material, it does not shatter easily when dropped, and even if it does, it breaks into tiny fractures that are less dangerous than the large pieces of untreated glass. 

This glass type is popularly used for cookware because of its thermal shock resistance and strength. If you plan on using a storage jar that won't be subject to extreme temperatures, then Soda lime glass is an easier and more budget-friendly option. 

  • Untreated glass

Don’t really mind storing items outside the freezer or microwave? This type is ideal for storing food at room temperature or in a fridge because its construction is made in such a way to maintain temperatures. Unlike the other two, this type is not one for people dealing with fluctuations in their household. 

It is often used in storing items that don't require a temperature change, like spices, snacks, and ointments. So, depending on what you want to store, ensure to check the label and product specifications on any glass canister or container to know if it will be ideal for what you intend to use it for. 

2. Airtight Seals

A storage jar with locking lids will keep your food safe from bacteria and other harmful pathogens contained in the air. It’s important to look for this feature as it’s a money-saving characteristic as your items’ freshness will stay intact for a longer period. 

Plastic lids, bamboo lids, stainless steel, and glass lids with adequate rubber seals, silicone rings and seals or gaskets will keep your food sealed properly. You can opt for locking lids with clip tops for your liquid storage needs. Note that lids with clip tops or latch-down are more airtight than those without.

3. Stackable Design

Glass canister sets or others which come in the same shapes and different sizes can be stacked for organised storage. If you have limited storage space or are looking for glass meal prep containers, it will be best to go for options that you can stack. Like the containers, lids that can stack together make it easy to store them in limited spaces and find them when necessary. Plastic lids come in handy in such situations.

Also, if your kitchen counter space or cupboards don’t allow you to spread out the containers, it can be a real lifesaver to stack one on top of the other. Moreover, by stacking the containers, you regain space to take advantage of it in other ways around the house. Not to mention that their portability is much easier when they are stacked.

4. Storage Capacity

What are you looking to store? Cereal, baby food, spices, leftover foods, grains, fruits, or do you just want a storage jar to use as a lunch box? Answering this question should influence the size of the glass container you invest in. For instance, if you want a food storage jar for your smoothie or spices, a mason jar will do; for food leftovers, you might need to get a set of kitchen canisters

There are various options available that will give you enough customisation to match your needs. From mini and smaller capacities under 1L to large and spacious jars that go over 4L in capacity. 

5. Budget

Glass storage containers have different price points that vary with the type, size, and quantity you want to buy. However, with a price range from £3 to £20, you can get an affordable option (single or set, depending on the brand). A budget range from £30 to £60 (and more) can get you a high-quality kitchen canister set, a set of glass meal prep containers, and other options.

6. Maintenance 

If you don't mind hand-washing your storage jars, their lids, gaskets, and other compartments, investing in dishwasher-safe jars will make for easy clean-up. Otherwise, you can use warm water with mild detergent to wash them and a non-abrasive towel to wipe afterwards. Manufacturers will state whether it is safe to include your jar in the dishwasher or if you have to wash them by hand. Always read through the product description before cleaning them up.

If you intend to use the glass jar for canning purposes, you should sterilise it before use. When washing the jars, check for chips or cracks and discard or repurpose those with imperfections. 

What can you keep in glass storage containers?

Now we know that glass storage containers are the perfect solution to your storage needs. A food storage jar set will be ideal for storing your leftover foods or as a lunch box. Mason jars come in handy for canning fruits, jams, baby food, food spices, cereals, and dry food storage. Some of the tall glass containers are better suitable for food items like spaghetti, lasagna, and other fragile goods that need the extra height. 

Glass storage containers are the healthiest and easiest way to store and ferment vegetables. They don't hold odours from previous fermented content, and you can sterilise them before storing new content. You can also use them as decorative flower vases and to store other dry goods in your bedroom, office, bathroom; you name it! 

We recommend thinking outside the box and letting your creative juices flow. You will notice that there are so many unique ways that you can include them within your household. All you need to do is keep an open mind and allow yourself to experiment with various uses for them around the house.

Are all glass storage containers airtight?

No, not all glass storage containers are airtight. Some storage jars that are used for canning can be airtight once the lid is screwed on if the ring, lid, and jar are not compromised. However, no matter how tight the lid is, there will still be air inside the jar. If you want a glass container for long-term storage, find one that is airtight

Hence, ensure to check for those with adequate locking lids, gaskets, silicone rings, rubber or silicone sealing because they allow the lid to fit snugly over the rim of the container and prevent air from entering. Also, these are less prone to humidity exposure which can lead to mould build-up and the formation of bacteria. And, they give you a leak-proof solution. Furthermore, if you’re storing herbs, spices or other food items with intense odours, a seal will guarantee that those smells stay within the container.  


Are you looking to improve your home organisation in the kitchen, pantry and other rooms around the house? Glass storage jars are healthy to use, save you time and money, keep your kitchen and fridge organised, and are sustainable, making them worth investing in. Also, you get to use them as decorative ornaments, bringing your creativity into play. There’s a wide range of options waiting for you out there to match your wants and needs. 

We have done our research and put this buying guide together to help you make the right choice when buying the best glass storage jars. We are optimistic that with our valuable insight, you are more informed and about to splurge a bit for a better and tidier counter space. So, are you ready to upgrade your kitchen storage?

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