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Best 10 Gas Patio Heaters

As Of June 2022

Do you want to throw a party in your garden even though it’s chilly outside? Are you planning a family dinner on the weekend, but the weather forecast looks a bit frightening to you? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! The best gas patio heaters are here to warm you up and make the family gatherings as enjoyable as possible! Say goodbye to messy cables and enjoy their portability!

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1 GardenGo Gas Patio Heater

GardenGo Gas Patio Heater

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Safe to use with kids & pets roaming around due to its anti-tilt switch
  • Leave it outside all year round as it’s completely waterproof
  • Have a glass of wine while staying toasty, thanks to its built-in table
  • Move it around your patio hassle-free with its fitted wheels
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2 Bargainsgalore Gas Patio Heater

Bargainsgalore Gas Patio Heater

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Portability

  • Find the ideal temperature for you thanks to its 3 heating settings
  • Say goodbye to messy cables as it only uses butane gas
  • Turn it on instantly with its built-in ignition
  • Roll it over your deck without a sweat due to its transport wheels
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3 Amazon Basics Havana Gas Patio Heater

Amazon Basics Havana Gas Patio Heater

4.6 /5

Best Option for Large Butane Capacity

  • Want to throw a party in the middle of winter? That’s the only heater you need
  • Made to last the test of time with its stainless steel build
  • Reduce your refill trips to a minimum due to its 10kg bottle capacity
  • Have peace of mind in case of a tip-over with its auto shut off
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4 Terra Hiker Gas Patio Heater

Terra Hiker Gas Patio Heater

4.5 /5

Ideal for Contemporary Patio Decor

  • Eco-friendly & economical as it produces no carbon monoxide during combustion
  • Use it for years to come thanks to its sturdy & rugged materials
  • Warm areas up to 30 m² due to its powerful heat output
  • Use it immediately since it takes only 15 minutes to assemble it
5 GardenCo Flame Gas Patio Heater

GardenCo Flame Gas Patio Heater

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Durability

  • Leave it on for hours worry-free with its overheat protection
  • Add style & warmth to your patio thanks to its pyramid design
  • No need to store it inside in case of rain as it comes with a waterproof cover
  • Warm your entire patio with its 13kw powerful flame
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6 Gasdepot Gas Patio Heater

Gasdepot Gas Patio Heater

4.5 /5

Top Option for Adjustable Heat

  • Move it around your home effortlessly as it has built-in castors
  • No need for constant refills due to its 15kg butane canister
  • Versatile thanks to its 3 different heating settings
  • Warm your entire patio evenly with its ceramic heat plates
7 Realglow Spiral Gas Patio Heater

Realglow Spiral Gas Patio Heater

4.5 /5

Most Powerful Option

  • Not only toasty but also beautiful with its real flame effect
  • Keep your family & friends warm during get-togethers due to its 13.5kw output
  • Rest assured of its quality as its made of premium materials
  • Move it indoors & outdoors trouble-free thanks to its transport wheels
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8 Dellonda Pyramid Gas Patio Heater

Dellonda Pyramid Gas Patio Heater

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Large Patios

  • Choose the temperature you want as it’s fully adjustable
  • Perfect for excessive use since it’s made of long-lasting materials
  • A compliment getter thanks to its innovative design
  • Even heat distribution to keep warm everyone around it
9 BU-KO Pyramid Gas Patio Heater

BU-KO Pyramid Gas Patio Heater

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Safety Features

  • Assemble it hassle-free as it comes with a detailed video guide
  • Enjoy its magnificent flame without worries due to its safety netting
  • Stainless steel & aluminium; the recipe for long-lasting use
  • No need to stand next to it since it has a large heat radius
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10 Realglow Warm Gas Patio Heater

Realglow Warm Gas Patio Heater

4.5 /5

Best Option for Ease-Of-Use

  • Turn it on instantly with its battery-powered start up function
  • Sturdy & solid, capable of withstanding strong winds & heavy rain
  • One-person-job as it’s simple to assemble & operate
  • Keep warm your family when having a dinner with its 13kw heat output

Let’s Get Toasty Even Outside! The Best Gas Patio Heaters Are Here!

When was the last time you enjoyed an evening with your friends and family in your garden? Probably last summer, we hear you say. Who can enjoy dinner outdoors when it’s too cold? Nobody. That’s why we’ve brought you the best solution! The best gas patio heaters are here to save the day! 

The best thing about heaters operating with gas is that they’re highly portable. They don’t have any messy cables and don’t require a power outlet to work like standard patio heaters or tabletop ones. They use propane or butane bottles that last for quite a while without having to worry about refilling or running out of gas.

Here are some things to look for when buying a gas patio heater:

  • Heat output: Depending on size and price, patio heaters provide different types of heat output. The higher the BTUs (British Thermal Units) or the KWs (kilowatt-hours), the greater heating output you will have. Choose what matches your needs and the outdoor space you want to heat. For your information, the most powerful heaters have up to 13.5Kw of heat output.
  • Range: If you have a large garden or a big balcony and planning to host regular dinners with your friends and family, buying a gas patio heater with a greater range would be ideal. On average, the heating radius is around 3 meters
  • Safety features: Safety should always come first, especially if kids and pets are roaming around your heater. Most models have built-in safety features such as anti-tilt protection and overheating shut off. In case of a tip-over or overheating, the heater will automatically shut off, protecting you and your loved ones from any accidents.
  • Materials: Most of them are built of stainless steel and aluminium. They’re robust and sturdy and will stand the test of time. Some models are also waterproof so that you don’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions. 
  • Portability: Built-in wheels or castors are essential. That way, you can move them around your home trouble-free, without the need for any extra help.

Now you know everything about gas patio heaters. No more chilly nights! Time to host a dinner in your garden or throw a party and keep everyone warm and toasty! Have a look at our top 10 picks, choose your favourite and call some friends over!

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