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Best 10 Gas Heaters

As Of June 2022

Are you looking for ways to make your winter evenings warmer and more enjoyable? Tired of bringing extra blankets to cover yourself while having a movie night? The solution is simple; Gas-fueled heaters. These heating appliances can be lifesavers! We’ve prepared for you a complete guide and the best products in the market to help you choose what’s best for you and your family.
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1 PROGEN Gas Heater on a white background

PROGEN Gas Heater

4.8 /5

Best Gas Heater Overall

  • Move it freely around the house with its multi-directional castors
  • Always stay warm & toasty using the adjustable power levels
  • Enjoy long-lasting warmth due to its large space for gas cylinders
  • Stay safe from carbon monoxide with the automatic cut-off oxygen analyser
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2 Phonix Gas Heater on a white background

Phonix Gas Heater

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Safety

  • Get cosy in any area of your home thanks to its wide heat range
  • Extra safe to use around kids with the anti-tip security system
  • Take it from room to room sweat-free as it’s lightweight and has solid wheels
  • Trouble-free as it can burn any mixture of gas, whether propane or LPG
Ideal Gift Ribbon
3 Calor Gas Heater on a white background

Calor Gas Heater

4.6 /5

Premium Quality Gas Heater

  • Upgrade your living room with its sleek design and realistic flame effect
  • Enjoy instant heat output even during freezing winter nights
  • Relax at your favourite spot 30 minutes after you turn it off
  • Worry-free usage for even smaller areas thanks to its oxygen depletion system
Pros choice product ribbon
4 Marko Gas Heater on a white background

Marko Gas Heater

4.5 /5

Best Convection Heater

  • Use it from autumn to spring by choosing from 3 different power options
  • Non-stop heat as the heater provides space for up to 15kg gas cylinders
  • Relocate it quickly with the built-in castors
  • Extra secure and stable with the anti-tilt security system
5 GardenCo Gas Heater on a white background

GardenCo Gas Heater

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Your Patio

  • Schedule Sunday BBQs even when it’s chilly as you can use it outside
  • Enjoy your favourite beverage outside thanks to its built-in table
  • No need to bring it inside; Just use the included waterproof cover
  • Safe for kids and pets due to its anti-tilt safety
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6 Kingavon Gas Heater on a white background

Kingavon Gas Heater

4.5 /5

Most User-Friendly Option

  • It keeps you toasty on winter nights, even with just one heating bar on
  • Running low on costs while being energy-efficient
  • Simple maintenance by detaching and attaching the cylinder back yourself
  • Excellent for people sensitive to cold temperatures due to its high thermal efficiency
7 HIGHLANDER Gas Heater on a white background


4.5 /5

Top Pick for Outdoor Activities

  • Take it everywhere with you thanks to its compact size
  • Ideal for campers or hikers as it can keep you warm on chilly nights
  • Safe to use, keeping your butane always in place to avoid any hazards
  • Choose the exact temperature and angle you want with its swivel mechanism
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8 Generic Gas Heater on a white background

Generic Gas Heater

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Portability

  • Enjoy great warmth in more extensive areas despite its small size
  • Extremely lightweight and simple to move with the build-in castors
  • Healthy to use with the oxygen depletion system
  • Ultimate control of the heat output with 3 different power options
9 Warmlite Gas Heater on a white background

Warmlite Gas Heater

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Adjustable Heat

  • Quickly warm any type of room with your ideal temperature
  • Stay protected at all times with the flame failure protection
  • Enjoy a month of non-stop heat before changing the gas cylinder
  • Peace of mind usage with its 2-year warranty upon registering online
10 Universal Innovations Gas Heater on a white background

Universal Innovations Gas Heater

4.5 /5

Best Stylish Heater

  • Add style to your decor with its sleek & modern design
  • Set the mood on cold evenings with the real flame effect
  • Ready to use as it doesn’t require installing or assembly
  • Worry-free usage with a full 2-year warranty

Let's get toasty, starting this autumn!

More or less, we all know that feeling; It’s the heart of the winter, and the temperatures drop. You are covered under a pile of blankets while watching your favourite TV show. But this isn’t enough for you to feel warm and cosy. Well, it’s time for a change! And this change has a name; Gas-fueled heaters!

People who don’t own a fireplace and want to warm large spaces of their houses will love these heating appliances. Wondering how they work or what types of them are out there? Or which are the best gas heaters for you? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Find out everything you need to know and say goodbye to the insufferable cold!

What are gas heaters?

They are space heaters used mostly for warming large areas efficiently and usually at a low cost. They are ideal for big living rooms or big offices that require excellent heat output during winter. Their functionality relies on burning natural gas, LPG, propane or butane while being a great alternative for homeowners who don’t own a fireplace or don’t want to deal with the trouble of burning wood. They tend to be more efficient than their electric counterparts since they can achieve higher temperatures under freezing conditions. Most of them rely on the radiant method, meaning they utilise gas and air to create a flame that in turn heats the air and spreads throughout the space around them.

Why do you need a gas-fueled heater?

At this point, the big question remains; Why would a household need these types of heaters? Well, the reasons are pretty significant: 

1. They make everything warmer.

Whether at home or the office, inside or outside, they can make your life easier by making your environment warmer. No more looking for that bright spot that the sun is looking. Just turn on the heater and enjoy instant warmth! Just think how much more enjoyable these movie nights can be without bringing extra jackets or blankets.

2. They come in different styles and sizes.

Afraid that you won’t find the right one for your place? There is a wide variety of different types of heaters for you to choose from. Big or small, portable or freestanding, we are sure you will find the right one at the right price!

3. You can move them around the house hassle-free

Portable gas-fueled heaters are great at providing the needed warmth in indoor spaces while saving you the trouble of uninstalling them and installing them somewhere else. Many of them include wheely bases or castors, making them extremely easy to move and relocate.

4. Perfect for people who are sensitive to cold temperatures.

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for your beloved grandparents? Look no further! A space heater would be the ideal one since it can provide instant warmth to the cold rooms of the house while being energy-efficient. They are also great for homes with small kids, providing them with a better environment to study or play!

5. They can function during power outages.

Given their electricity-free nature, they can be used during power shortages so you can continue to have a comfortable living space. Just imagine your power being cut off for many hours during winter. We wouldn’t even want to imagine such a scenario!

What to look for when buying one?

Now that you know why you need one, let’s see all the major factors that you should consider before buying one:

1. Home area

The most important factor when choosing a space heater. Many of them are designed to provide higher BTUs, therefore making the heating of larger spaces easier. The bigger the area you want to warm, the more BTUs you are going to need. This also means that you don’t have to overpay for something that would provide unnecessary power. Also, regarding space, you must look at the details of their dimensions so you won’t have a problem fitting them.

2. Safety features

If you are living with small kids or pets, investing in a heater that includes a proper safety system is a must! Tip-over safety and child lock are available in some of the models, helping you have a piece of mind when the little ones are playing around them. So we highly recommend carefully reading which safety features are included when looking for one.

3. Type of Gas

Like we mentioned before, each one of these space heaters is gas-powered. Unlike fire pits, they use gas as fuel to warm the area of your choosing. So be extra careful when looking for one to determine what type of gas they burn and what suits you and your environment. We’ll go through the types in more detail below, so make sure you stay with us!

4. Heat settings

This one is also a significant factor to look into before buying one. They come with many innovating features to satisfy your needs. High-quality heaters come with a thermostat and programmable timers, making it easier to set the desired temperature while saving energy. Additional features like electronic ignition help you cut extra costs since you don’t have to have a pilot light running at all times.

5. Warranty

Since they can be somewhat pricey appliances, investing in one with long-lasting services should be a priority. You wouldn’t want to replace your heater after a short period, would you? Neither would we! So make sure that you choose a manufacturer that provides free service and replacement parts if needed for as long as possible.

Types of gas heaters

From portable gas fueled-heaters to wall-mounted ones or from propane gas-fueled heaters to LPG ones, you name it; they are many types of them out there, designed to satisfy every need and space. So allow us to introduce you to these magical heating appliances:

1. Portable

Designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes, they run on natural gas or liquid propane fuel sources. With built-in castors, they can be easily moved without permanently installing them somewhere in your house. Some of them are small and compact so that they can be used for outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

2. Vent-Free 

Designed for smaller areas of your household while being efficient and quick, vent-free heaters run on natural gas or LPG or even a combination of the two. Modern versions are equipped with oxygen depletion sensors that shut off the fuel if the oxygen levels drop under a specific percentage. A perfect heating solution even on the coldest days!

3. Infrared or Radiant

While highly powerful and practical, these types of heaters work with electromagnetic radiation to heat parts of your house instantly. They require extra safety and precautions, given their nature, like clothes and children being at a proper safe distance in case of malfunction. For more information on infrared heaters, you can always take a look at our guide!

4. Outdoor Heaters

Who says that only an electric patio heater is the best option for outdoor heating? Gas patio heaters are worth mentioning since they can be versatile appliances that can also work within our living space. Equipped with innovative features like piezo ignition or anti-tilt safety, they can be used to warm any type of patio effectively. If you want to know more about the best patio heaters, you can check our complete guide!

Is it safe to sleep with your heater in your bedroom?

Generally, it would be strongly advised to turn the heater off before you go to sleep since it can cause many problems like headaches or tiredness. Carbon monoxide emissions can be poisonous, so you should make sure that the room you are heating has proper ventilation for the oxygen levels to remain at the needed level. We also highly recommend letting a professional check it every two years to avoid any potential malfunctions. If you don’t want to turn off the heater before you sleep, you can always buy one with a timer and one that comes with an oxygen depletion sensor. Setting the timer for half an hour after you go to bed would be ideal. Overall, sleeping with the heater on without proper ventilation is considered dangerous and should be avoided. Trust us, we understand that sleeping with the heater on is a temptation, but safety should always be the number one priority! If you are looking for ways to add warmth to your sleeping routine, you can always check our guide for electric blankets.

How much should you spend on heaters with gas?

Now that you are an expert on the types, let’s talk about money, shall we? Don’t worry; your wallet won’t complain as we can guarantee you can find what you’ll need without spending a fortune:

  • Affordable

Starting from £30 up to £100, this category includes mainly cabinet heaters and portable ones that run on radiant or convection heating methods. At this price range, you’ll find heaters that come with adjustable heat settings and features like the piezo ignition. You might even come across budget versatile ones that can be used as wall-mounted or even tabletop ones for your cold winter studying sessions. Overall, it’s the best category with portable options and for warming smaller spaces-possibly the starting point for any prospective buyer.

  • High-End 

The all-powerful and high-quality category. Starting from £100 all the way up to £400, here you’ll find everything. Heaters that come with large gas cabinets and are equipped with powerful heating elements, no matter the price, we can guarantee you you’ll be satisfied! If you are looking for a one-time purchase, then you are in the right category. Heaters with top-notch regulators that may even include a gas stove, they can be a purchase that you won’t regret! And let’s not forget the long-time warranties and services that would give you a worry-free experience! 


If you want to enjoy a warm and toasty winter without worrying about getting cold or watching your favourite TV show while freezing, then investing in a good heater would help you achieve that. With our complete guide, you’ll have all the necessary information to make the right purchase. No more complaining from your friends or family that your place is icy cold! Have a look at our top 10 picks, pick the one that best suits your needs and enjoy your favourite beverage on a cold winter evening!

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