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Best 10 Garden Trolleys

As Of July 2022

Are you tired of carrying your tools around the garden for a new project? If you’re looking for an easy way to transport from tools to plants and bags of soil around your backyard, these garden trolleys are the answer! Some can serve the role of a seat even! Learn all you need to know about this must-have garden equipment and how to choose the best for you below.
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1 Draper Garden Tipper Cart on white background

Draper Garden Tipper Cart

4.8 /5

Best Garden Trolley & Cart Overall

  • Carry your tools around the garden without trouble as it has up to 200kg load capacity
  • No more back & forths as you can have all you need in the cart
  • Ideal for domestic use & professionals
  • Lightweight & sturdy materials for long-lasting use
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2 Draper Expert Garden Caddy on white background

Draper Expert Garden Caddy

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Lightweight

  • Move it around the garden without fuss as it’s lightweight
  • From carrying tools to garbage bags - this is a versatile caddy
  • Bring the things you want in one trip thanks to its 40kg capacity
  • Durable plastic material that you can leave outside
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3 Timber Ridge Folding Garden Trolley Cart on white background

Timber Ridge Folding Trolley Cart

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Limited Storage Spaces

  • Ultimate manoeuvrability thanks to its 360° rotating wheels & adjustable handle
  • Space-saving storage as it a foldable cart to put in the carry bag when not used
  • Perfect for holding all your shopping bags with its 80kg capacity
  • Worry-free usage backed by 1-year warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
4 BEAU JARDIN Folding Garden Cart Trolley on white background

BEAU JARDIN Folding Garden Cart Trolley

4.5 /5

Best Heavy Duty Garden Trolley

  • Catch your breath at a slope as the brakes will keep it in place
  • Effortless cleaning - simply remove the fabric & hand of hose wash it
  • Comes ready to use as it doesn’t need any assembly
  • Perfect for men & women thanks to its adjustable handles
5 Oypla Foldable Garden Trolley on white background

Oypla Foldable Garden Trolley

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Portability

  • Transport it effortlessly even on rough grounds with the high-ride height
  • Take it with you in the trunk thanks to its lightweight & collapsible design
  • Load it hassle-free as it can handle up to 70kg
  • Keep outside without the steel frame rusting
lightweight choice ribbon
6 Timber Ridge Outdoor Cart on white background

Timber Ridge Outdoor Cart

4.5 /5

Top Choice for All Terrain

  • Store in the wagon anything you want thanks to its large capacity of 80kg
  • Suitable to use even on uneven terrain due to its large wheels
  • Start using it the minute it arrives as it requires no assembly
  • Take the fabric off to clean without fuss & enjoy extra storage with its two mesh side pockets
7 SONGMICS Folding Wagon on white background

SONGMICS Folding Wagon

4.5 /5

Ideal for Maximum Load Capacity

  • Bring it along to your next camping trip to save your belongings
  • Perfect for limited storage areas as it takes almost no space
  • Holds up to 150kg max capacity, which is more than others can do
  • Made to last with high-quality aluminium & fabric material
8 Draper Gardeners Tool Cart and Seat on white background

Draper Gardeners Tool Cart and Seat

4.5 /5

Top Pick for 2-in-1 Cart

  • Both a cart & a seat for working comfortably on the ground
  • Bring it with you around the garden without any trouble
  • Keep from tools to greenery in the cart so you don’t carry them in your hands
  • Great for light works around the garden with its plastic built
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9 Outsunny Adjustable Rolling Garden Cart on white background

Outsunny Adjustable Rolling Garden Cart

4.5 /5

Ideal for Garden Seat

  • No more knees hurting from garden chores thanks to this cart’s seat
  • Carry your necessary tools around in the basket & tray
  • Whatever your height, it’s comfy as it has an adjustable handle
  • Built to last outdoors with a sturdy metal frame
10 Pandamoto Heavy Duty Large Garden Trolley Cart on white background

Pandamoto Heavy Duty Large Garden Trolley Cart

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Steel Mesh Bed

  • Transport anything you need with ease, from sand to tools
  • Load & unload your plants effortlessly thanks to its removable drop downsides
  • Use it with or without the cover as it’s transposable
  • Rolls even on sand terrain due to its large pneumatic tyres

Finish Your Garden Chores In No Time With The Best Garden Trolleys

Who does not love a beautiful and well-maintained garden? In our opinion, a garden is a home’s essence and the first impression on anybody who visits our house. When it is well-kept, it says a lot about your personality and ensures visitors that you care about your surroundings. Even if you have a small or large garden, you'll need some essential equipment.

A garden trolley cart is a hand cart, and it is a must-have if you’re looking for comfort and efficiency. It is garden equipment used as a cart/carrier for several objects and helps in your garden maintenance. Garden trolleys assist you with carrying your tools, plants or bags of dirt used in gardening effortlessly. But, there is so much more to learn about garden trolleys!  Let’s have a closer look at trolleys in our buyer's guide and find you the best one!

Why do you need a garden trolley?

A trolley for the garden is one of the most valuable tools one shall have to groom their garden area. From arranging flower pots, transporting fertiliser bags, or just having garden tools set in one place easily, a trolley is an ideal accessory. It is easy to use as you can push it around with its wheels, no wonder why it is one of the favourite tools for gardeners and garden lovers. Here are a few great reasons why you need a garden trolley in your life:

1. It is helpful in major gardening projects.

If you are revamping your garden, a trolley is a saviour. You can use it to carry heavy tools like a garden shredder or garden waste. It can be used as a portable container to make it easier for you to bring the materials from the store to the garden. Also, you can take any useless materials to the garbage without spending all your energy on it. Another use of these trolleys is to store your large gardening tools and keep them safe in one place.

2. You can carry your camping gear with ease.

Everybody loves going to the music festivals but are often irritated by the distance between the parking area and where the main event is happening. The long hike is a huge pain, especially when you have a lot of camping gear, food and beverages to carry. Garden trolleys help you bring all these items and just push or pull the cart with ease by its comfortable handles at any place within minutes.

3. Transfers heavy load materials to uneven terrains.

Many trolleys for the garden come with pneumatic tyres that help to carry heavy materials on any rough terrain with their high-quality rubber wheels. This makes it super simple for anyone looking to move objects around the beach, slopes or bumpy terrains.

5. Works great as picnic equipment. 

Picnics are honestly the best days out. Picnics involve too much food, drinks, supplies, toys, and even cosmetics at times with family or friends. All of these are too much to carry in hand, and that is when the trolleys come into the picture and save the day! The trolleys make it convenient for you to transport all these items easily, and sometimes it also acts as an entertainment unit for your toddlers. The kids can sit inside these trolleys, and you can give them a stroll, with their precious smiles making your day even better.

What should you look for when buying a Trolley?

Garden trolleys are incredibly versatile and come in different sizes, functionalities and additional features. It caters to a range of tasks hence, there are plenty of options to select from. But, there are a few things you should always keep in mind when buying a trolley. Here is a list of all the things you should consider while making a trolley purchase: 

1. Load capacity 

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a trolley is how much load it can hold. If you wish to get the trolley for small tasks like carrying around garden equipment or using it as a picnic cart, a lesser load trolley can be the right fit. But, if you wish to make use of this trolley for heavy duty chores, it is best to get the maximum load that can sustain weight and heavy wear and tear. Some heavy-duty carts can carry up to 200kg (sometimes even more), and some affordable ones can easily carry up to 70 kg. It is essential to know what tasks you will need the trolley to choose the suitable carrying capacity. 

2. Durability

Trolleys suitable for heavy-duty tasks or large loads need to be made of sturdy materials. Ensure that you choose a robust trolley if your tasks involve heavy wear and tear. For such tasks, a steel frame or a metal frame cart suits the best. But, if you need it for light work and you’re not that capacity-driven, you can opt for a less sturdy and more affordable option.

3. Manoeuvrability

The primary purpose of garden carts is how mobile they are and how easily you can push and pull them. Especially when there are heavy items involved, it is essential for the carts to be as mobile as possible to make the work simpler. While buying such a cart, ensure that you try moving it with some weight on, see how easy the pull and push is, and how effortlessly you can turn it around. These factors will make a huge difference in which cart you would like to purchase.

 4. Tyres and wheels 

The kind of wheels and tyres and their quality also matter a lot while purchasing a trolley. For example, a trolley with wheels that can rotate 360 degrees is great for flat surfaces since it can easily be pushed and pulled in any direction. On the other hand, if you want to use these trolleys on slopes, muds, wet grass, gravel or sand, large wheels with pneumatic tyres or pneumatic wheels are a better fit as they do not sink into the ground or get stuck, making mobility easy.

5. Brakes 

Trolleys that are to be used in slopes must have a solid brake system. A solid brake system gives you more control over the trolley, especially with heavy items inside, preventing the trolley from running away at an inclination and declination. 

6. Ease of assembly 

Some trolleys come unassembled and require assembly from scratch. Sometimes, this could be a pain, and one might want to avoid all the hassle of transposable parts. In such circumstances, you should check how simple it is to put together a cart before you buy it or look for options where the assembly is not required at all.  

7. Folding 

Some carts are foldable for portability. If this is something that interests you for your trolley, it is best to look out for foldable trolley options instead of the regular ones. If you plan on taking it with you for shopping or camping, make sure you look for foldable or collapsible designs. Some come with a carrying bag, which adds further to the portability. Once you are done, fold it and save it in a storage box without trouble until you need it again. 

8. Warranty 

Carts can get damaged while carrying heavy gardening tools. This is why you must always consider a product with a warranty so that any damage can be fixed or it can be replaced if needed. Guarantees also tell you that the manufacturer believes in their product's build quality and is confident that nothing will happen. 

What are the different types of Trolleys for the garden?

There are two main kinds of trolleys for the garden that suit different requirements. In our article, we will discuss these trolleys and what they do in detail.

  • Standard garden carts

Standard garden carts typically come with 4 vertical sides that prevent objects from falling out. These sides are generally transposable and help you in easy access of items. This also makes cleaning the trolley extremely easy. Since the sides are removable, it allows you to move differently shaped loads, including large items. These garden carts are used to move garden tools, irrespective of their weight and size. 

  • Tipper Carts

A tipper cart is very similar to the standard garden carts of wheelbarrows. They can throw the laid on their own and help you haul garden soil, fertilisers, wood chips and more. But, a heavy-duty tipper is preferred if you need to do big gardening projects. The tipper feature makes it different from other carts as they are more stable than regular carts and move large loads without putting in much effort. 

What is the difference between a dump cart and a wheelbarrow?

The difference between a dump cart and a wheelbarrow is small. So much so that many manufacturers today have mixed both the types of carts and blurred the difference. But, minor differences can matter if you are specific about your choices, and we are here to clear that for you. 

A dump model is generally used both as a wagon and/or a wheelbarrow. You can effortlessly put whatever you like in this type of cart, as it is constructed with a curved edge and two wheels or four, depending on the brand. If you are looking for an affordable cart that can be used as a garden cart for tote and dump materials, including clean fill, gravel and more, this type of cart will suit you the best.

On the other hand, a wheelbarrow is almost the same as a dump model, it has a handle and one wheel, opposed to four. They are generally larger than other carts and can carry chunky items. It is a perfect fit for small and large projects. Wheelbarrows are super easy to clean, and are maintenance-free. They can move without hassle on any terrain (even off-roads), and the design eases the push and pull capabilities of the cart.

How much should you spend on a Garden Trolley?

Garden trolleys are of several kinds, made to fit several purposes. Some of them are made for heavy-duty tasks, and others for households. Their functionality, affordability and durability also differ according to what purpose you need it to serve. For example, a constructor might choose an expensive trolley that has a heavy loading capacity. In contrast, a mother of 2 kids who wish to have a mobile cart for picnics might choose the less expensive trolley with less loading or weight capacity. The prices of trolleys also differ according to the type of tyres used and the trolley material. If the trolleys have additional functionality like foldable or portable, the prices may range accordingly.

We have segregated the trolley price options into 3 main categories –

1. Affordable

Good quality affordable trolleys start from around £80 and go up to £110. They come with sturdy material and are suitable for everyday uses like carrying garden equipment, day outs and more.

2. Mid-range 

Mid-range trolleys start from £120 and go up to £200. They come with better quality tyres, extended warranties, comfortable handles and higher loading capacities for big garden projects. 

3. High-end 

These trolleys are the ones that are the most expensive ones and with the most features. These heavy-duty trolleys are mainly used for construction sites, bringing in and out many fertiliser packets or moving them around a massive shopping complex to transport items. 

The high-end carts come with extremely sturdy side panels that support your heavy materials from falling or getting damaged. Most of these trolleys are also puncture-proof, limiting your risk of an immobile wagon. These can take up to 400 kg of weight and are bigger, made with top quality material and extensively mobile tyres. Such trolleys cost anywhere between £250 and £400.


By now, you know that you need a trolley for all your garden chores. But, when it comes to gardening and revamping your yard, these trolleys are an absolute saviour. Its versatility is what makes the carts a truly loved product. You can transport anything in these trolleys and ease your daily tasks without spending much energy on pushing and pulling the cart. The trolleys are stable and easy to manoeuvre and can haul everything, including heavy loads. 

So, if you wish to have a piece of cake gardening and not only, look through the various options available here. We are confident that you’ll find the one for you. From affordable to expensive and from low capacity to heavy-duty supporters, we got it all! The best garden carts are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

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