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Best 10 Garden Swing Chairs

As Of July 2022

Whether you are renovating your old house or purchasing a new one, having the best items that complement your overall look is necessary. A garden chair is one of those items that add beauty to your house’s front yard or backyard. But do you know which is the best one for you? If not, then keep reading to learn about the best garden chairs.
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1 Display4top Beige Hammock Chair in an indoor space with a white carpet and decorative blanket and paiting on the wall

Display4top Beige Chair

4.8 /5

Best Overall Garden Swing Chair

  • Provides comfort and support as it has a woven-net design
  • Use it as a chair or a piece of art with its unique hammock style
  • Keep it for many years with its sturdy and 100% cotton design
  • Portable & lightweight to transfer with ease
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2 Display4top Striped Hanging Chair on outdoor garden area

D4P Display4top Striped Hanging Chair

4.7 /5

Ideal For Outdoor and Indoor Use

  • Easy to set up as it has a loop end top
  • Use it for many hours with comfort thanks to the soft polyester/cotton material
  • Ideal for adults as the thick cotton ropes on the sideways hold up to 120kg
  • Perfect for any season with a stylish striped look
3 Chihee Hammock Chair on white background

Chihee Garden Chair

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Comfortable Use

  • Comes in multiple fabric colours to match any decor
  • Hang it anywhere you want with the one suspension point above
  • Safe to hang as it comes with a thick wood hanging of 3.5cm diameter
  • It fits anywhere in the house thanks to a colourful & lightweight design
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4 Kingfisher Hardwood Swinging Hammock on backyard surrounded by flower beds with a green canopy and cushion

Kingfisher Hardwood Patio Chair

4.5 /5

Best Garden Chair With a Canopy

  • Straightforward cleaning - you only need a damp cloth
  • Ideal for your garden with a unique blend of brown and canvas green colour
  • Durable structure for long use made from teak wood or polyester
  • Stay shaded from direct sunlight as it comes with a canopy
5 Smiling woman sitting on her Greenstell Swing Chair and working on her laptop

Greenstell Patio Chair

4.5 /5

Top Aesthetic Choice

  • Comfortably holds an adult due to the high load-bearing capacity
  • You can assemble it easily as it comes with all the hanging kit elements
  • Always have lower back relief with the plush cushion
  • Use it as a chair or a decorative piece as it’s versatile
6 VonHaus Striped Hanging Chair hanging with decor in backyard

VonHaus Striped Hanging Chair

4.5 /5

Best Hammock Style Pick

  • Stay comfy all day as it has a padded cushioning
  • Feel snug when sitting on it thanks to the soft & breathable fabric
  • Hang it worry-free on trees due to its heavy-duty construction
  • Have peace of mind as it comes with a 2-year warranty
7 Woman reading a book and having a glass of wine on the Rowlinson Dartmouth Swinging Seat on her backyard

Rowlinson Garden Swinging Seat

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Material Protection

  • Perfect for garden use with its rot-proof & pressure treated wood
  • Don’t worry about rusting as it has a galvanised base
  • Attractive look to match all outdoor furniture thanks to the lattice sides and apex roof
  • Ideal for 2 people to use as a cosy loveseat
8 Outsunny 3 Seater Canopy Swing Chair on concrete backyard with shrubs and trees in the surrounding area

Outsunny 3 Seater Canopy Patio Chair

4.5 /5

Best Metal Frame Patio Chair

  • It offers great stability with the non-slip foot pads
  • Elevates your garden beauty as it has a stylish stripe design
  • Provides maximum comfort thanks to an angled backrest and armrests
  • Enhanced durability due to its solid & rust-resistant steel frame
Best Quality Ribbon
9 Kids playing and smiling on the Dripex Nest Swing

Dripex Nest Swing Children's Swing

4.5 /5

Ideal Roundup Swing for Kids

  • Safe swinging experience backed by the sturdy steel frame
  • Extremely portable thanks to the foldable design
  • Stable suspension as it features robust ropes to work on all trees
  • Straightforward assembly with no instructions needed
Ribbon For Kids
10 Yodolla Garden Swing Chair on black colour placed on top of green grass in the backyard

YODOLLA Garden Chair

4.5 /5

Top Pick for 3 People to Use Simultaneously

  • Hassle-free cleanup thanks to the detachable cushion and canopy
  • Avoid injuries with the anti-skid plastic feet
  • Perfect for up to 3 adults to sit together as its steel frame supports up to 200kgs
  • Always stay shaded from the sun due to its adjustable canopy
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Get The Top Garden Swing Chair To Enhance Your House Look

Nothing could be more soothing than enjoying the evenings with your loved ones. And, having a backyard that is full of plants and beautiful flowers is a dream for many. Apart from this, the thing that can make your garden look more attractive is a top-quality garden porch swing seat. It is a must-have product for people who like to spend their time lounging in the garden with the utmost comfort. Cocoon yourself in the swing with your loved ones and have a relaxed afternoon basking in the sun.

It can become a bit confusing to choose a product when you have multiple options on the list. But, to make it easy for you, we have crafted the following buying guide. These will help you choose the best product. Start reading to learn more!

Why do you need a Garden Chair?

Comfort is the essence of our lives. And we do all in our power to stay comfortable throughout the day. Apart from a garden sofa set or a sunlounger, a garden chair is one of the best additions that you can make to your house. This piece of furniture will not only add an element of beauty to your home but will also provide you with a comfy feeling while resting.

The use of a garden chair is not only limited to the garden, but you can also use it in your house. You can place it anywhere to light up the look. It is solely dependent upon your choice whether you want to place it in your living room, bedroom, decking or the extended out-of-doors space.

So, investing in high-quality garden furniture such as a seater swing seat would be worth it as you can use it for many years. Also, the availability of multiple colour choices, material, 2-seater and 3-seater options make them best for the purchase if you have many family members.

What to look for when buying a Garden Chair?

Choosing a garden swing bench is not at all a cakewalk; you need to consider the top features before making your final pick. The number of products on the market and the brands make it tough for the users to pick one. So, here are some factors that you need to lay your eyes on before getting a garden chair for yourself.

1. Weight Capacity

A garden patio chair is a great spot for you to relax and enjoy, but you need to be sure that it can handle your weight. Also, the weight capacity of the garden chair plays an important role in deciding its durability.

Most of the swing hammocks have a weight capacity of 120 Kgs to 200 Kgs. Thus, you can choose any one of them according to your needs. You can also find outdoor swings with a weight capacity more than the ones we have mentioned above. A higher weight capacity will allow you to enjoy your swing with more than one person simultaneously.

2. Material

The material of the garden swing seat is another major factor that you need to consider. It also helps you decide the amount that you need to spend on a garden swing bench. You can choose among metal, wood, cotton, polyester and other materials available. You should choose the one that precisely fits your needs and lasts long.

Also, you should think about the place where you want to install a patio chair as all materials are not ideal for outdoor space. Patio chairs from materials such as polyester, wood, metal and cotton can be used in the garden and extended out-of-doors spaces. That’s because they have weatherproof and anti-rust qualities.

3. Design

One of the purposes of a high-quality garden seat hammock is to enhance the look of your house. So, choosing the one that has dull colours and an unpleasant design isn’t worth it. It will make your place look awful. You need to have a look at multiple options before choosing the one that has the best design.

Some of the garden chairs have a stripe design with two colour stripes. In contrast, others are clad in solid colours such as black, blue and dark green. You will get plenty of colour options while surfing for the best patio chairs online. Choose the one that blends well with the location where you are installing the chair.

4. Types

A swing chair simply means a hanging chair, and having one in your house is great. Thus, before you go ahead and buy one for yourself, it's better to know about their types. This will help you understand which would be best for you in terms of use and price.

Some patio chairs come with a stand, and they are suitable for rooms that have low ceilings. You can also place them in outdoor spaces without worrying about the assembly.

The second type of hanging chair does not come with a stand; instead, it has a chain or rope hooked to a beam. It is effortless to install these chairs, and you can carry them anywhere, be it your garden, living room or bedroom.

5. Price

You shouldn’t make any purchase unaware of your budget without any idea about product pricing. Most of the patio chairs have a price of £25 to £500. However, you can find chairs in a higher price range, depending on the material they use and their type. Make sure you analyse the features if you are spending more!

6. Additional Features

Worthy features to consider are not only the ones above. There are some additional features too that should be in your mind while purchasing a patio chair.

  • Canopy: Some garden patio chairs come with a canopy so you would not have to worry about facing UV rays while relaxing in the garden.
  • Installation: The installation process of the chair should be a hassle-free task. So, look for the ones that have an easy assembly.
  • Equipment: Your swing should have all the equipment required to hook it at different places easily, be it a larch tree or any other tree with solid wood.
  • Water-resistant: The chairs placed in the garden need to be weather-resistant not to accumulate moisture and experience damage.

How to protect your Garden Chair during winter?

The good thing about swing hammock chairs is that they have low maintenance, and you can assemble them with ease. However, you need to take certain steps to ensure they stay in good condition and perform their best.

It is important to look after the patio chair in winters as it can accumulate moisture and may even rot. Below are some ways to help you protect your chair against the freezing winter season.

Put it away

If you are not using your garden chair in the winter, it would be better to move it to the storage or garage. Of course, not all of you might have a big garage to store a garden chair but ahead are some additional ways to protect it.

Move it to a different part of the garden

If you don’t have enough space in your garage to place a patio chair, then consider moving it to a place that has less exposure to moisture. Try moving it somewhere with a hard surface, as moisture from the grass ground will rot the wooden feet of your garden chair.

Treat it

Anything that is made from wood requires regular treatment for preservation. It is important, especially when your garden chair is exposed to harsh conditions. Although most of the wooden garden furniture come pretreated with a preservative, it is necessary to reapply it regularly to stay on the safe side. You should clean your garden chair first before applying the preservative, as doing this will provide better protection.

Use furniture cover

Another great method to preserve outdoor wooden furniture such as the garden chair is using covers. These covers are made from weather-resistant materials that prevent the accumulation of moisture and any kind of damage. It would be even better if you are using these covers while storing a patio chair in the garage as it will prevent the buildup of dirt and dust over time.

Thoroughly clean it before storing

People usually neglect this factor while storing garden chairs in winters. But cleaning them can help in providing better protection to your patio chairs. You should take your time to clean the chairs and avoid pressure washing as it harms the fibres of the chair. It would be better if you use sponge cleaning with hot or soapy water.

Can you put Garden Chairs on the grass?

It depends on the material of the chair that you are purchasing. Also, the stability and dryness of the grass play a crucial role. Experts usually recommend placing the garden chairs on a hard surface if you want them to be stable and last longer. But if you specifically have dry and flat patches, placing a patio chair on it would also be acceptable.

The one thing to remember is that as the garden swing settles on the grass it will create patchy holes. Unless you move it away to another area of the garden. By all means, go ahead. Just know that you will have added maintenance to your gardening routine.

Can you leave your Garden Chair cushions outside?

If the seat cushion that comes with a garden chair is waterproof, then it is OK to leave them out in short spells of rain. You only need to pay attention to wipe them off and leave them to air after the rain. However, bringing them inside before heavy rain or winter will always keep them in good condition.

There are some patio chairs that have detachable cushions which is the perfect solution to prevent rotting and bad odours on your pillows. That way, you won’t have to worry about leaving them outside if it showers. Within minutes, you can go outside and grab them to bring them indoors.


Having a garden chair in your outdoor space would make it a great spot to relax in the evenings. Therefore, choosing the one that suits all your needs is important. Here we introduced you to some of the best patio chairs that you can purchase online.

Apart from this, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the top garden swing chairs. Keep all these factors in mind while buying one. We are optimistic that you will make the best choice for yourself!

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