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Best 10 Garden Storage Boxes

As Of July 2022

Do you want to find a convenient way to store all your toys and garden accessories in one place? Nobody likes a messy garden with everything scattered around. Neatly organise your outdoor space and never let the rain soak your things. With the best storage boxes, you can hide away from plain sight all your garden tools. Want to find out more about them?
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1 Keter Westwood Outdoor Storage Box on white background

Keter Westwood Outdoor Storage Box

4.8 /5

Best Overall Garden Storage Box

  • Comfortable to also use as a seating bench for up to 2 adults
  • Elegant wood finish that goes well with any home decor
  • Never worry about rushing to open the lid with the automatic opening mechanism
  • Zero maintenance needed as it’s waterproof and fade-proof
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2 Keter Borneo Outdoor Plastic Storage Box on outdoor patio next to some flower pots

Keter Borneo Outdoor Plastic Storage Box

4.7 /5

#2 Best Garden Storage Box

  • Keep it for years due to its long-lasting & weather-resistant plastic
  • Effortless opening & closing with its hydraulic piston-assisted lid
  • 2-in-1 use as a storage box and garden seating
  • Extra-large interior capacity ideal for cushion storage
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3 GSD Waterproof Plastic Garden Storage Bench Box on white background

GSD Waterproof Plastic Garden Storage Bench Box

4.6 /5

Top Plastic Choice

  • Sturdy & durable with a 5-year warranty for replacements
  • Perfect for newbies to assemble in minutes without tools
  • Protect your items with peace of mind as it has a lock-safe lid
  • Suitable for outdoor use in all seasons thanks to its weatherproof design
4 woman using the Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box

4.5 /5

Most Versatile Choice

  • Convenient transport with the built-in side handles
  • Simple & quick assembly with a strong structure
  • Lasts for many years due to its robust plastic material
  • Multipurpose to use as a storage unit & garden seat
5 Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed on white background

Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Vertical Storage Cupboard

  • Protect it from chips & peels with the impact-resistant coating
  • Spacious & UV treated roof that you can use as shelving
  • Always keep your items secure as it has double doors with padlock loops
  • Enhanced durability as it’s made of high-quality polyethylene

GYMAX Outdoor Deck Box

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Lockable Lid

  • Carry around without trouble from the ergonomic handles
  • Stands the test of time with a water-resistant plastic
  • Perfect to store lawn mowers & gardening tools as it has a high load-bearing capacity
  • Stylish & neutral tone goes well with all furniture
7 Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box on white background

Keter Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Large Gardens

  • Hefty storage container that fits sizable furniture cushions
  • Easy access when your hands are full thanks to an automatic opening mechanism
  • Maintenance-free & quick cleaning with just a garden hose
  • Tasteful & classic wood effect finish for a natural look
8 Keter Marvel+ Garden Storage Box with cushions placed on top used as a garden seat and storage bin

Keter Marvel+ Storage Box

4.5 /5

Top Portable Choice

  • Store your kids’ outdoor toys in the large storage capacity
  • Compact & convenient to move with moulded handles
  • Perfect for any level handyman as it has a click-based assembly system
  • Add panache to your garden cushions with the stunning wood grain effect
9 Kingfisher OSPROMO Storage Box on white background

Kingfisher OSPROMO Storage Box

4.5 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Ideal for small gardens due to its tight build
  • Lightweight to tuck away in any garden storage shed when not in use
  • Perfect for minor garden items due to its 150L storage space
  • Keep your belongings guarded with the lock hasp for added security
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10 Keter Hollywood Storage Box placed on a wooden patio deck close to grass

Keter Hollywood Storage Box

4.5 /5

Ideal for Large Capacity

  • Modern brown wood finish that complements patios
  • Assembling is child’s play as you can do it yourself without hassle
  • Hard-wearing & lasting plastic storage box for years of usage
  • Perfect for large gardens due to its big storing capacity

Keep Your Garden Clutter-Free with the Top Garden Storage Boxes!

Are you tight on garden space and want to find a practical storage solution? Do you struggle to keep an organised deck because you don’t have anywhere to store your items when it starts raining? Yes, we know the dreaded feeling of a soaked pillow or wet toys sprawled out in the yard. But, you can find smart ways to protect your outdoor tools, toys and decorative pieces.

A garden storage box is a stylish and convenient way to give yourself more storage capacity. Homeowners with small gardens or people living in apartments with tiny balconies love them. They declutter the area and give you back enough space to use up for other purposes.

Our buying guide wants to give you the most information to pick the right choice for you. Whether you want an extra storage unit inside the house or for your out-of-doors space, we’ve got an option for any preference. You’ll learn all about the materials, types, costs and functionalities of a deck container.

Versatile enough to use anywhere you want, you’ll love the practicality of it. And with summer fast approaching, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. So, it’s time to prep your outdoor area and clear any tools you’ve left out in the grass. Why go for a bulky garden shed when you can get a discreet and elegant outdoor box?

What is a garden storage box?

A storage box is an ideal solution for anyone with limited space in their home or outdoor garden. There’s a content feeling to keeping a clean and organised garden with all your tools neatly packed. Some prefer garden sheds because they are a standalone piece of outdoor furniture, but it’s quite large and takes up a lot of space. A more subtle look and feel is a deck box. Many different styles blend well with any home decoration.

You can securely keep any items in them because they have a lid or cupboard style with opening doors. There are also some multifunctional garden storage solutions that you can combine as a seat and storage bin. Storage boxes come in many sizes with larger or smaller load capacities that can handle anything from a small pet toy to a lawnmower or bike. Whatever your specific needs and scenarios, you can find a practical option to keep your things dry.

Why should you buy a deck box?

A garden storage box is a great storage solution for indoor and out-of-doors spaces. They help you keep your home nice and tidy and hide away the heavy-duty tools that you don’t want in clear display. You can store multiple items in a deck container that you might not have even considered.

But, you don’t only have to keep them outdoors. You can find ways to store items indoors because their design is modern and doesn’t stand out too much like a furniture piece. The material choice will help you smoothly include any storage chest inside the house.

What to look for in a storage box?

A good-quality storage box should have some specifications that will make it more durable, long-lasting and versatile. You want to take some time and review the top features we recommend. These features will give you a better idea of what to consider before buying a storage box.

1. Capacity

One of the first things to look for when choosing a deck container is its weight-bearing capacity. Depending on the items you want to store inside, you might want a sturdy and high load capacity. The description will either mention the load capacity in litres or kilos. For a small storage box, a minimum of 250-290L is a good starting point. In kilos, that could be anything between 60-100kg.

For larger storage boxes you want a higher capacity to make room for bigger options like bikes and garden cleaning tools. There are many options available, ranging from 300L-600L. Those can accommodate anywhere from 150kg to 300kg. The weight-bearing capacity is also vital when you want to use the outdoor storage box as a garden seat. Most can fit two adults well without strain.

2. Material

The material is also a critical feature because it can help you keep the deck container for years. The better quality material, the more likely it is to stand up against extreme weather conditions. Also, different materials give a different aesthetic touch to your garden. The most popular material is plastic because it’s inexpensive and, with the coating applications, has a lot of durability. There are many colour choices too with this material type like graphite grey, mocha, brown, white and more.

Some plastic storage boxes have a rattan effect finish or wood finish which gives them a unique look to match your furniture. There are other materials too like wood and metal. But, in general, the most common materials you will find are polypropylene and polyethylene plastic.

3. Handles & Wheels

Handles make carrying the storage box around easier. They give you an ergonomic touching point to transport the box around the house, garden or garage. Also, some models have built-in wheels at the bottom so that you don’t have to lift the box with your back. This feature gives you comfort without straining your body.

4. Weather Proof

A weather-resistant deck container will allow you to keep it outside all year round without having to worry about the quality deteriorating. Rain or shine, a weatherproof storage box will give you peace of mind. They have advanced coating applications that protect them from chipping and peeling. Sometimes the sun can cause fading, but with weather-resistant paint, you guarantee a fade-proof storage room.

5. Lid Type

If you want to use your storage box as seating space, you should consider what lid type it will have. The two most common types of lids to pick from are flat lids and slanted lids. A flat top is more comfortable to sit on and allows you to lay on it without a hassle. A slanted lid is not ideal to use as a seat, but it’s preferred to keep raindrops from piling up on the storage box. A slight slope helps the water trickle down and land on the ground without collecting in a puddle and keeping moisture on the box.

6. Opening Mechanism

This isn’t a top-priority feature, but it’s still practical. Some outdoor storage boxes come with an automatic opening mechanism that is handy when your hands are full. You won’t have to leave your things on the ground to open the lid. The lid automatically opens thanks to the mechanism. Once you go for an automatic opening mechanism, you won’t want anything less than that. No more dropping of things when moving them around! The opening technology makes your life easier.

7. Padlock

Are you worried that leaving your storage box outside runs the risk of someone stealing your things? No need to think like that! Some brands have a hinged lock for you to lock the deck container securely. That way, you can leave it out at night without thinking that your neighbour could have a peak. Most boxes with a lock opening don’t include a lock, so you have to buy one on your own. A safety lock is also essential if you want to protect your kids from meddling with any garden power tools.

What are the different material types available?

One of the most important features to look for is the material type. It’s both a practical and stylistic choice that will give you a resistant and strong product. The most popular material choices are plastic, wood and metal storage boxes. There are pros and cons to each type that make them fit for any pocket.


Plastic is a fan-favourite choice because of its durability and close to zero maintenance. Some of its pros include that plastic is a fade proof material that’s easy to clean. Plastic can give you many colourful choices to blend or give some character to any outdoor furniture. Combine it with your patterned cushions and compliment them very well.

Don’t want to spend more on the higher-end wooden storage boxes? There are plastic boxes that have a dark wood finish or rattan effect for a lower price.


Wood gives a more natural and rustic feel to your outdoor space and combines well with neutral tones. It’s a material that’s lightweight yet sturdy but needs some maintenance. Wood stain treatments could add up the price but are a must to maintain the wood’s quality.

Some wooden storage boxes have already had the wood treatment. Look for those if you are set on going with this material type.


Metal is the most expensive material of the three. It gives your space a modern and elegant look and gives you peace of mind for years. Metal storage boxes can either be steel, stainless steel or galvanised steel. Galvanised steel is rust-resistant and long-lasting. Metal is the strongest material to hold the heaviest loads or items you want to store with caution.

Where can you place your deck box?

Where you place your deck container is totally up to you. We want to share our expertise with you and give you some ideas of the most common areas. It all depends on the use you want out of it. So, if you want to store your muddy boots, placing it next to your doormat makes sense to keep dirt out of the house.

For accessible and easy-to-reach items, the best spot is on your patio that’s not too deep into the backyard. Just make sure that you have a layer between the floor surface and the storage box. You don’t want any scratches at the bottom. Storing items that you don’t use every day? You can put your storage box even further away from the house. Hide them away in the garage or at the far end of the backyard.

No matter what, avoid placing it directly on grass as it’s more likely for termites or woodworms to reach it and ruin it. Also, grass is humid and moist. A storage box that’s not weather-resistant could see its quality worsen by that. A dry and level surface is the best place possible for a long-lasting product.

How much does a garden storage box cost?

The most important feature everyone asks for is a low-cost and effective storage box. We’re sure that the less you pay the happier you will be with your purchase. But, sometimes splurging on a luxurious material or looking for premium features will come in handy. Whatever you’re looking for, the choice is yours so that you don’t break your bank.


Thankfully, a storage box isn’t too pricey. There are many options to fit any budget from affordable ones to more expensive ones. The fact that the most common material is plastic makes them a low-budget option for storage space. A no bells and whistles plastic deck container can cost as little as £50.


The higher up you go, the more enhanced safety features you will get like a lock and automatic opening mechanisms. The higher-end storage boxes can go for £70-140. Those are either plastic with a wood finish or metal. Metal can cost more than that too because it’s a strong and long-lasting material that adds a contemporary feel.


There you have it! We looked at some unique and valuable storing solutions that are ideal for any household. Want to add more cupboards and storage space indoors? Looking to pack away your spring cleaning supplies neatly? A storage box is the must-have of any household. It is compact in size, movable and less bulky than a garden shed.

You can store away and out of sight anything that ruins your home’s overall look in an accessible and presentable way. Our buying guide went through some essential information you should know. We are optimistic that you have a better understanding now and are ready to take the next step. Which organisation disaster are you tackling first? Get the top garden storage box today!

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