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Best 10 Garden Sofa Sets

As Of July 2022

Are you looking to renovate your outdoor seating area? With the best garden furniture, your patio will look beautiful and welcoming for you and your guests. Buy a full garden sofa set and let the sun’s rays caress your skin! With a sofa, some arm chairs and a side table, you’re set to stay outside all day. You’ll be the perfect host all summer long! Want to find out more?
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1 Abreo New Rattan Garden Furniture Set on a wooden deck with green grass behind it

Abreo New Rattan Garden Furniture Set

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • No need to store it away in the winter as it’s showerproof
  • Stay protected by the sun & sit outside for hours with its UV-resistant rattan
  • Safely store drinks on the sturdy table with a tempered glass on top
  • Suitable for a small gathering of up to 4 people
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2 EVRE Rattan Garden Furniture Set on white background

EVRE Rattan Garden Set

4.7 /5

Most Popular Choice

  • Simple & easy to assemble in just a few minutes
  • Enjoy a comfortable seating experience on the thick cushions
  • Host a BBQ for friends and place the food on the included table
  • Leave it outside when summer months end as it’s weather-resistant
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3 Stream Garden Furniture Set on wooden deck with decorative pieces on the table

Stream Garden Furniture Set

4.6 /5

Most Affordable Option

  • Stay sweat-free thanks to the breathable textilene fabric on the seat
  • Keep finger smudges off the table as the glass top is removable
  • Fits well in any outdoor space with a modern black design
  • Enjoy it for many years as it’s made from a durable steel frame
4 Bigzzia Rattan Garden Furniture Set on English cottage lawn

Bigzzia Rattan Garden Furniture Set

4.5 /5

Top Fade-Resistant Pick

  • Protect your decking from scratches with the non-slip plastic caps
  • Holds any weight well thanks to the body-hugging curve shape
  • Never feel the rattan poking you with the resilient sponge cushions
  • Matches any garden decor as it has a gorgeous rattan effect
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5 Argos Home 4 Seater Bamboo Sofa Set on modern home's wooden deck

Argos Home 4 Seater Bamboo Set

4.5 /5

Best Bamboo Choice

  • Bring an exotic & tropical vibe to your garden with its eco-friendly bamboo
  • Keep your drinks at arm’s length on the included side table
  • Perfect lounge set for alfresco dining with friends & family
  • Hassle-free to store in the winter with the removable leg
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6 Keter Modena Garden Furniture Lounge Set on patio

Keter Modena Garden Furniture Lounge Set

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Wicker

  • Ideal for large gardens & outdoor entertaining
  • Always stay comfy thanks to the cushioned seats
  • Relax on your own or cuddle with your partner as it comes with a sofa & 2 chairs
  • Wipe clean with just a cloth due to the water-repellant wicker material
7 Argos Home 6 Seater Wooden Corner Sofa Set with modern wall panels and wood deck

Argos Home 6 Seater Wooden Corner Set

4.5 /5

Best Wooden Set

  • Take advantage of every area in the garden with its corner sofa piece
  • Keep it for years thanks to the FSC certified acacia wood
  • Save money on decor with the 13 included cushions
  • Excellent for parties as it seats up to 6 people
8 Argos Home Komoe Steel Sofa Set in a cosy and ambient outdoor garden space

Argos Home Komoe Steel Set

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Medium Gardens

  • Space-saving & effortless to store in a shed as the chairs are stackable
  • Compliments any space with a modern & tranquil grey colour
  • Any adult can sit comfortably on the large & wide armchairs
  • Relax on summer days with a drink close by on the table
9 Pilares Rattan 2 Seater Coffee Set on balcony with flowers and shelves in the back

Pilares Rattan 2 Seater Coffee Set

4.5 /5

Ideal for Small Patios

  • Comes with 2 beige cushions that balance out any nearby colour pops
  • Fits any outdoor area as it’s a two-seater bistro set
  • A focal point on your deck with the weaved synthetic rattan effect
  • Put away in the winter as the pieces stack on top of one another
10 Suntime Outdoor Garden Patio Lounge Set on concrete outdoor home area with plants behind

Suntime Outdoor Garden Patio Lounge Set

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Spacious Table

  • Withstands any tough weather due to the high-quality rattan
  • Holds any heavy food load on the sturdy poly-wood tabletop
  • Sit outdoors for hours comfortably on the graphite grey seat cushions
  • Ideal outdoor dining set with its taller than average table
breathable design ribbon

Lounge All Day on Your Outdoor Furniture!

Have you got a burning desire to get out in nature and bask in the sun? Are you someone who has a large and spacious garden, or do you live in an apartment? Whatever the case may be, there is a perfect solution to match your space limitations. From huge patios and decks to small balconies in the city, everyone can find their own best garden furniture. With a complete garden set, you can enjoy hosting friends over or downtime with the family in your backyard. A full set comes with a sofa, a couple of armchairs and a small table or larger dining table. Add some inflatable sofas and you've just created chill vibes outdoors!

Any outdoor area is a chance for you to create a space as a gathering point for the family. If you have a big garden, you can pack it with all the accessories, including sun loungers, parasols, garden swing chairs and hammocks. But, a good starting point is a garden set. Combine it with a patio heater, fire pit, or chiminea, and you’ll be staying out late into the summer evenings.

With our buying guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about material types, important features to look out for and what budget you should expect for one. You can enjoy lounging for hours and bring the fun outside!

What is a garden set?

A garden set is a more comfortable and larger furniture set that you can use instead of plain garden chairs. These sets come with a sofa, usually a two or four-seater sofa, a couple of single person chairs and a small table. They are great to use as garden dining sets for a more enjoyable party. Most come with cushions that are thick and give you better back and bottom support.

They come in multiple colours and materials, so you can pick the one that matches more your taste and home decor. They are simple and straightforward to set up either alone or with the help of one more person, and most are waterproof so that you won’t have to store them if harsh weather hits.

Combine them with a garden furniture cover, and they are a long-lasting and durable piece that you can keep for many years to come. Their close to no maintenance makes a perfect solution for an outdoor living space that you can use for a birthday party or get together.

Why should you buy a full set?

Now, we understand that you might be asking yourself, why would you want to buy a complete set? We recommend going for a full set as the benefits outnumber the reasons you would say no to one. Let’s have a look at the most common reason people prefer garden sets.

1. You can use them as a table set.

First things first, the best part of a set is the convenient table that comes with them. That way, you can place many food and drink items on top and within arm’s reach. You can upgrade any social gathering to a full-blown dinner party with cocktails and appetisers in your backyard while the main course is getting ready.

Some even have a lower shelf on the table where you can store items that you frequently use in the garden or decorations like magazines and miscellaneous items.

2. They are more comfortable for many guests.

Do you enjoy hosting a lot? Are you a family looking for a solution that’s versatile and has many seating options? Whether you’re going for a garden corner sofa or a simple two-seater, there are many choices available. The different sizes in the market let you pick exactly the right set for you. From 2 up to 10 seater-sets, you can accommodate as many guests as your heart desires.

Also, they are very comfortable seating options because most, if not all, come with a few cushions to rest with more support on your back and bottom.

3. They are cost-effective.

Buying each of these products separately is going to add up quickly. Why go through the hassle of buying a small garden table and a chair set on their own when you can order the set in one go? If you are a single person, sure, a garden bench and a bistro table could work, but if you have friends and family over, you need a larger seating area.

Plus, buying items separately will result in unmatching garden furniture. With a set, you get a concise home look and feel that doesn’t stand out. Instead, it all blends well together.

4. They are made to last

A garden set is a very durable and long-lasting purchase. Most are weather-resistant, powder-coated and of high-quality materials. From stainless steel to aluminium frames and wooden or calamus, the options are endless. But, they are all well maintained and can last for years.

You will end up with an investment that will be worth it in the long run. So, we suggest you go for a set because the benefits will outweigh any second thoughts you might have.

What are the different types of furniture sets?

There are many different types of garden sets available in the market, so you can pick one to match your taste. From small sets to larger ones for dining, the choice is yours. We want to share some of the most common sets that consumers prefer.

1. Garden Sofa

The most standard is the classic set that includes a larger seater with a couple of armchairs. There are many different brands releasing sets because they are the most popular choice. There’s a match for any style, from modern black frames with highlights on the cushions to neutral tones and eye-catching colourful ones.

2. Daybed

This furniture is similar to a garden sofa, although it’s better for lounging and relaxing. It gives you a bed-like experience, almost like a sunlounger. But, it’s much more comfortable and spacious. Some have additional shading in a canopy form which protects you even better from the sun. They come with thick cushions for lying down better, and you can usually find them in calamus.

3. Coffee Table Set

With this set, you get an extra piece of furniture (the table) that you can use to store snacks and refreshments. Many garden sets include a table because it’s very common to want to enjoy a beverage when you’re outdoors. The heat can be too much at times, but if you have somewhere to store your drink, it’ll be much easier to stay out longer.

What to look for in a garden set

As with any piece of furniture, you want to ensure that the one you end up with won’t break after a few months. The best garden sets are the ones that take into consideration the following key features. So, we wanted to give you some ideas of what you should look for before purchasing your own.

1. Type

As we mentioned above, there is a vast selection available in the market. The first thing to consider is what type of set you want. Do you want just a sofa? Do you want one that has a bunch of chairs? Is a table a must-have? Answers these questions, and you will be able to pick between a garden sofa, a coffee table set or any other options.

2. Material

The three most common materials you can pick from are wood, calamus and metal (aluminium or steel). Each has its pros and cons, but the end choice is yours. For a more natural look, you can go for wood as it’s a timeless piece. Rattan is unique and has a very stylish effect. If you’re looking for a durable and robust material that withstands all weather conditions, aluminium or stainless steel will be the highest-quality material.

3. Size

The size of the set will matter depending on your garden, patio or balcony size. You should measure your decking and available space before purchasing anything to make sure that it fits well. Also, you want to consider other factors such as surrounding objects and high-risk areas like directly under the roof or tree branches.

4. Weatherproof

Picking a weatherproof set is crucial because it lets you not worry about moving it in winter. Most sets have rust-resistant and water-repellent materials that allow you to leave them outside all year round. Even if it’s raining or the sun is shining, a waterproof sofa won’t fade or rot if left on your patio. Check the product description to pick one that has this feature.

5. Storage & Maintenance

Unless the set is waterproof, you will have to store it in a shed or at a dry location. Some sets are foldable, or you could even stack them one on top of the other for a space-saving way to keep them away when not in use.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance, you should look at which material is best for close to no supervision and upkeep. A natural rust-resistant material is wood, but there is an added cost to treating it. For the most cost-effective and less upkeep material, go for a metal design.

What are the materials available for garden seating sets?

Like we said, the three most popular materials are calamus, wood and metal. There are positives and negatives to each material, but the choice depends on your personal preferences. Let’s see what each material has to offer.

1. Rattan

This material, also named calamus, is an affordable and lightweight material that makes it very easy for you to move this furniture piece around. If you want a long-lasting product, you should look at poly calamus, which is very inexpensive, durable and light. Also, the calamus is one of the most effortless materials to clean up after with just a cloth.

Its biggest benefit is that you can keep it outdoors in the winter and summer without any issues. It’s waterproof and withstands all elements. Just put a cover on top!

2. Wood

Wood is a very elegant and natural-looking material that can complement any outdoor space. There are multiple wood options from eucalyptus to teak and other stylish textures. Teak is the strongest of wood materials and runs less risk of breaking, but a low-cost option can be acacia wood.

The one thing to remember is that you should treat wood to preserve its natural beauty and help it maintain its shape for years to come. An FSC certified wood is an environmentally friendly and sustainable source that complies with EU regulations.

3. Metal

Of all materials, metal is the sturdiest and strongest. It has excellent durability and close to no maintenance need. Steel is a very solid option that will, however, need a powder coating application. Aluminium frames are even stronger and more heavy-duty than steel. Stainless steel is an all-around pro’s choice because it’s corrosion-resistant and doesn’t rust.

How much should you spend on outdoor sofas?

There’s a match for any budget with garden furniture. Thankfully, there are so many brands out there that want to cater to any pocket. Whether you’re a college student looking to add some furniture to your apartment balcony or a family in the countryside, a garden set can be an affordable and long-term investment.


If you’re tight on a budget, you can find some inexpensive choices starting as low as £169. These usually include a small sofa and a chair set but are calamus. They are great starter pieces if it’s your first time buying one, but it’s most likely that your neighbours could have the same one. It’s not a statement piece because their affordability makes them the first choice for most. So, you will probably find yourself sitting on that same sofa when you visit your friends.


Are you looking to spend some extra money to buy a set that will serve as the gathering point for your friends and family? The higher up you go, the more customisation and better materials you will find. There are some garden sets in wood or metal starting at £400 and going upwards of £1000. Those are larger, fit a bigger group and have more cushions and high-quality materials.


Summer’s right around the corner, and we’re ready to enjoy the sunshine! Bring your best self forward and start decorating your garden. From mowing the lawn to setting up your garden furniture, now’s the time of year to reinvent the wheel and freshen up your space.

With the best garden sets, you won’t be rushing in the house to grab some stools, extra chairs or foldable tables to accommodate everyone. You can host many BBQs late into the summer evenings with friends and family! Lounge around all day, take a nap and read a book. Our buying guide has given you the top 10 choices out there! Buy your own set today!

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