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Best 10 Garden Shredders

As Of October 2021

Trimming your fence, cutting the larger branches and pilling leaves in the garden after a long day on the lawn is the easy part. Then comes the hard part! What are you going to do with all this garden waste that lays around and makes your beautiful garden looks like a mess?

Imagine how many times you have to go back and forth with big amounts of those things in your hands to find a bin for them. This can’t be fun! You know what? There’s a solution for you! A home use garden shredder that will turn your place nice and tidy once again! Plus, think about making your own compost heap!
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1 Bosch AXT 25 TC Shredder on a white background

Bosch AXT 25 TC Shredder

4.9 /5

Best Overall

  • High capacity throughput to shred both hard & soft materials
  • Less emptying trips with a large litre collection box capacity
  • No blockages - block release loosens trapped items without removing the hopper
  • Quiet shredding & wheels for portability
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3 Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Shredder on a white background

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Shredder

4.8 /5

Best Rapid Shredder

  • High-speed twin-edged blades take up little time to shred
  • Feasible plunger increases material throughput for better function
  • Reversible cutting blades for a lifetime of gardening
  • Compact size with wheels for less storage speed & easy movement
2 Forest Master Petrol Wood Chipper on a white background

Forest Master

4.8 /5

Best Petrol Run

  • Versatile design to chip hardwood & shred softwood
  • Durable reverse twin blades to avoid frequent sharpening
  • Easy to maintain the drum with the hinged chute without effort
  • Lightweight, compact and cordless design for manoeuvrability
7 Ryobi Impact Shredder on a white background

Ryobi Impact Shredder

4.6 /5

Best For Quiet Shred

  • Plunger keeps your fingers safe from the blades for no worries
  • Have an easy time moving it around with the handle & large wheels
  • 2 reversible steel blades for less sharpening & more durability
  • Noiseless - allows others to work or sleep as you shred
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8 Einhell Electric Shredder on a white background

Einhell Electric Shredder

4.6 /5

Best Safety Features

  • Motor circuit breaker keeps motor from working when overloaded
  • Interlocking funnel, safe when loading or cleaning
  • You can safely remove items stuck in the funnel with the included prodder
  • Comes with a collection bag that’s easy to install and remove
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6 Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder on a white background

Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder

4.6 /5

Top Pick For Users That Need A Long Cord

  • Has a long power cord for easy power outlet access and freedom
  • You can easily tell when the clear collection box is full
  • Inbuilt collection box accommodates up to 50 litres
  • Easy and safe to use & clean with a safety cut out switch
9 Makita Electric Shredder on a white background

Makita Electric Shredder

4.6 /5

Best For Large Capacity

  • Collects more mulch with a 67-litre box compared to others
  • Keep track of compost levels from the holes on each corner of the collection box
  • Shred large-sized woody materials with the 45mm limit
  • Handles on both sides plus rubber wheels for easy moving
10 Bosch AXT 25 D Electric Shredder on a white background

Bosch AXT 25 D Electric Shredder

4.6 /5

Best For Limited Storage Spaces

  • Large capacity collection box with interlocking design to store the pieces
  • Versatile with automatic feed to use as shredder & hedge trimmer
  • Removable hopper for keeping it in small storage spaces
  • Hassle-free touchpad control panel reduces blocking
Best Quality Ribbon
5 Blue Hyundai Electric Garden Shredder on white background

Hyundai Electric Garden Shredder

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Less Maintenance

  • Highly portable design allows you to easily move around
  • Powered by a 2.8kW motor crushes & grinds wood effortlessly
  • Operate it without worrying about disturbing your neighbours
  • A flat push stick allows you to be safe whilst guiding in overhanging branches
5 QWQW Electric Shredder on white background

QWQW Electric Shredder

4.7 /5

Best Low-Noise Choice

  • Enjoy it for years to come as it's made of hard-wearing & corrosion-resistant PPS
  • Cut through branches efficiently thanks to its robust cutting torque
  • Power it on without disturbing the neighbours due to the 90db low-noise operation
  • Work non-stop without the need to empty it out as it has a 55L box

Keep It Neat And Tidy With The Best Garden Shredders

Whether you are a serious gardener or have a small lawn or yard that needs constant upkeep, there are two gardening tools you must have to deal with all the waste - a shredder or a chipper. Sometimes you need both, depending on the kind of waste your garden produces. Did you think that a lawn mower and a leaf blower are all you need for the perfect garden? Think again!

Today, we are here to help you get the best garden shredder. Not only is this meant to shred waste effortlessly, but it will also save you the many trips you make to the local tip. Besides, if you’re a fan of natural lifestyle even in your gardening, the shredder will give you compost for your garden. You do not have to spend money on harsh chemicals or organic compost from the retail shop.

As usual, there are many options to choose from, which is definitely overwhelming when you do not know what to look for. With our top ten choices and buying guide of everything you need, your job is easy! Learn everything! 

What Is a Garden Shredder?

A garden shredder is a piece of equipment that enhances the maintenance of your garden. With a tool like this, you have a way to get rid of the lawn waste by using a shred and mulching light waste that a garden chipper cannot handle.

How do garden shredders work?

Garden shredders have one end result, to shred waste into tiny pieces that you can use for composting. The working mechanism, though, will depend on the functions of each shredder type. Some shredders have cutting blades for cutting the waste chippings into those tiny bits. Other models have a ridged mechanism, where the roller draws the waste into the machine and crushes it. 

What is the difference between a chipper and a shredder?

There are times when a garden shredder is referred to as a mini-chipper, but these two are entirely different machines (and you probably need both). While wood chippers enable you to reduce trees or large chunks of wood into tiny pieces, garden shredders allow you to compost light waste, like leaves.

Why Do I Need a Garden Shredder?

Apart from saving you a trip to the local tip for garden waste, garden shredders are also environmentally friendly. Lighting a bonfire is preferred by people with a large compound, but the smoke and the smell from the burning waste is not friendly to the environment or your neighbours.

With a garden shredder, you will soon have your own compost heap for organic farming. The process is faster and saves you extra pounds. Think about all the compost you would buy from high-end retailers. Another advantage of having a garden shredder is the ability to save the water you use for gardening. Some shredders can make wood chips, which you can lay in your lawn or garden to trap moisture. It will reduce the watering frequency, thus saving water. How cool is that?

Features To Consider Before Buying a Garden Shredder

Power Source 

Choosing between a petrol model and an electric model will depend on the amount of work you have and the electricity access. Electric shredders are best when you have a power outlet close to the garden or if you have a small area. If you are going for an electric model, take into account the cable length. Petrol models are best for larger areas, heavy shred jobs and don’t restrict you in case you have no access to electricity.

Collection Box 

It collects the shredded material, reducing the mess you have to deal with. Shredders come with varying capacities for the litter boxes, but the more the capacity, the less the trips you have to make to empty the container.


For more extensive gardens, a garden shredder with wheels will save you a lot of time and backaches of having to carry it whenever you need to move.


While not every brand will have accessories, you will need some like goggles, earplugs and gloves. These enhance your safety while handling the equipment and are cheaper when added as an accessory rather than buying them separately.

Types Of Garden Shredders

There are two main types of garden shredders, with the differences mostly found on how each of those types functions. These are: 

Impact Garden Shredders

Impact shredders -also referred to as rapid shredders - are the lightest and most affordable type. But they are also the noisiest models and are ideal to shred lighter waste and tree leaves. Rapid shredding ones use a bladed cutting mechanism that shreds the waste into a compost.

For efficiency and if you want to avoid having blunt blades a few weeks or months down the line, it is best to go for a rapid one with more than one blade in its mechanism. To prolong the blades' life, some rapid ones have reverse ones, allowing you to turn the blades around for a fresh cut. Also, choose one whose hopper is regular-shaped. Feeding material into this is much easier and less time-consuming.

Roller Garden Shredders

These are also referred to as quiet shredders, and are of course, less noisy than rapid ones. Roller shredders have a ridged roller mechanism for crushing, cutting and composting garden debris. This is an excellent choice for larger gardens or if you have a lot of waste.

Unfortunately, they tend to have blockages when you shred fibrous or green waste. Roller garden shredders are also more costly and heavier. As such, check the weight of the roller shredder you are interested in and ensure you can move it around, especially if you have a large garden or lawn. Also, a roller shredder with an adjustable plate and roller space enhances the equipment's effectiveness.

Petrol Or Electric Garden Shredder: How To Choose The Right For Me?

The choice will mostly depend on whether you have a power source close to the garden or lawn. Some brands have a longer power cable, so you can have an easy time connecting it directly to a power outlet or using an extension cable. These are best for people with a small lawn or garden. Electric models are lighter, eco-friendly and require little maintenance.

On the other hand, petrol garden shredders are cordless, heavier, need constant maintenance and are also expensive to keep. You will have to keep purchasing petrol, which is not good for the environment, either. However, petrol ones are more robust than electric models, with a higher cutting capacity and best for larger gardens with a lot of waste.

How Much Do You Need to Spend On a Good Garden Shredder?

With a budget of £100 to £500, you can easily get yourself one. But the more features and work you need from a shredder, the higher the price. Impact shredders are more affordable than roller shredders, where some can go for £100 or so. If you have about £200, you can get a worthy impact one to meet most shred jobs.

The sweet point when it comes to budget considering a roller shredder is £250, which will give you an effective roller without having to spend the £500 for a high-end one. The least costly roller garden shredders cost about £150, but these might just deliver the basic jobs with no extra features.

Will a Garden Shredder Work With Leaves?

Impact garden shredders are the best option when dealing with leaves. The blades are quite effective at chopping leaves and other light waste like green branches compared to a roller shredder. Roller shredders are best for heavy-duty jobs and tend to clog when used to shred leaves. Another neat alternative could be a leaf blower which is a high-quality power tool for your garden space.

Some Final Words

Whether you are dealing with light work or a load of waste from your large backyard garden, a garden shredder is a must-have addition to your home maintenance tools. Our work is to make your shopping and buying experience less strenuous, and this guide does just that. It covers electric models and petrol ones as well, so you can find the ideal one for you. Think about garden shredders that handle both shredding greenery waste and chipping of large branch sizes. And, we have got you covered in the price department, with garden shredders in every budget range! Go take a look!

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