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Best 10 Garden Sheds

As Of July 2022

How do you feel about gardening? Love or hate? Well, if you’re a gardening lover, then you surely have faced some kind of trouble while managing your garden tools. Tools like lawnmowers or even shovels! And placing them around the house isn’t an option. So what’s the solution? Drum roll… meet the garden sheds! This shed isn’t just a fruitful investment for storing garden tools. It’s also a great way to store other valuable household tools. Want to find out more? Here are the best sheds!
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1 Keter Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed in a garden

Keter Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

4.8 /5

Best Overall Shed For The Garden

  • Keep your belongings safe thanks to its lock feature
  • No extra expenses with this low maintenance & robust option
  • Rain or snow, no worries due to durable & all-weather resistance design
  • Increase garden storage space by using shelves in the shed
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2 Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed in a garden

Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Shed

4.7 /5

Top Pick Double Door Storage Shed

  • Store all your garden accessories in the spacious storage space
  • Enhanced security backed by the padlock hasp
  • The integrated window provides a natural light so you can find your tools
  • Dual door structure and vent duct helps in maintaining ventilation
3 Keter Manor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed in a garden

Keter Manor Outdoor Shed

4.6 /5

Wide Range Of Sizes To Suit You

  • Sturdy weatherproof design, due to the high-quality plastic construction
  • Ample lighting enabled by the windows fitted on each side
  • Absolutely secure, thanks to the lockable door latch module
  • Airy interior enabled by the vent ducts on the front and back
4 Rowlinson Dutch Barn Garden Shed in a garden

Rowlinson Dutch Barn Shed

4.5 /5

Ideal for Maximum Storage

  • Ultimate storage solution for people with many tools
  • Total water protection due to the solid floor with tongue and groove fitting method
  • Extra secure double door structure locks both with lock & key
  • Sturdy structure backed by the heavy-duty framing
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5 Keter XL Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed in a garden

Keter XL Outdoor Plastic Shed

4.5 /5

Best Pick For Sturdiness

  • Sturdy design thanks to the thick, rib reinforced double panels
  • Maintenance-free & fade-free design backed by durable & premium plastic
  • Easy to open as it has a hydraulic piston assisted lid
  • All weather-resistant materials for a worry-free experience
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6 Kingfisher OSPROMO Storage Box in a garden

Kingfisher OSPROMO Storage Box

4.5 /5

Most Lightweight Storage Box

  • Carry it easily around your garden thanks to its lightweight design
  • Assemble it under 10 minutes with ready to snap parts
  • Enhanced security backed by the padlock hasp to keep your belongings safe
  • Store all your handy garden items in this 150 litres box
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
7 Garden Gear Portable Shed in a garden

Garden Gear Portable Shed

4.5 /5

Best Portable Shed

  • If you don’t want a permanent structure, go for this portable shed
  • Durable design supported by a galvanised steel structure
  • Long-lasting use, thanks to its rot-resistant and tear-resistant design
  • It prevents rainwater build-up with the Apex roof
8 BillyOh Wooden Outdoor Apex Garden Shed in a garden

BillyOh Wooden Outdoor Apex Shed

4.5 /5

Best In Terms Of Height

  • Get more headroom with its smart and tall apex structure
  • Store small items easily as it contains shelves fitted inside
  • Complete roof protection thanks to the waterproof materials
  • Store more while covering fewer space thanks to the compact design
9 Duramax V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed in a garden

Duramax V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed

4.5 /5

A Maintenance-Free Choice

  • Durable structure made from rust and rot-free PVC material
  • Extra secure option with a door that has a lockable handle
  • Well lit with three included windows so you can find everything you need
  • Easy to assemble in minutes & no need for repainting ever
10 Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Pent Shed in a garden

Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Pent Shed

4.5 /5

Best Pick For Enhanced Security

  • No worries with the extra secure built-in rim lock
  • Durable construction backed by the tongue and groove cladding
  • No water damage as it has a pent roof for easy water disposal
  • See clearly due to toughened glass windows providing natural light

Best Garden Sheds: The Ultimate Storage Solution

There are many people out there that after moving to a new place or buying so new garden equipment, they face the same problem. Storage room issues! With a large variety of household items and gardening tools not being able to be stored around the house, a new necessity appeared. What necessity? Finding the top shed!

They’re versatile, durable and worth every pound. Ask all of those people who thought that they didn’t need them and then gave them a try. Plus, they give you a lot of freedom. Do you want to build it yourself? Now you can! Do you want something that’s already done and you just have to choose its position? You can as well! It’s all about your preference! Want something upright instead of a garden storage box? We've got that too!

With all those options there’s a possibility to feel a little bit overwhelmed. No worries though! You’re in the right place and this guide will help you find the ideal product for your needs. Find all the information you need right here.

What to look for when buying a Shed?

There are several important factors one must look into before buying a shed. Have a look and start your shopping research.


Quality is a major aspect that you have to consider, especially if you’re looking for a product that will be by your side for many years. For instance, if timber is your preferred wall construction material, buy strong wood and not larch lap cladding It may save you some pounds but does not promise longevity. Sustainable FSC certified wood is a good option as well. Take prefabricated sheds home; they come in all shapes and sizes and suit most budgets. 


Nothing is more secure than a windowless shed if security is your concern. However, you need windows if you want your storage room to have enough light and help you locate things quickly. Plus, if the windows can be opened you can let the fresh air flow inside.

Shed Bases

Installation of a shed for the garden requires a levelled surface. Otherwise, the windows and doors can rumple. Unlike a concrete or slab surface that does not require any shed base, a level grass surface does. 


If you don’t want to do any DIY stuff, installation should concern you. Therefore, the company you choose to buy your shed from should offer installation services in your area. Check their availability before proceeding.

What size of a shed do I need?

Often, the shed size can confuse a buyer. They may buy a bigger or a smaller shed, which may not be required. So, how can you avoid this mistake? The answer is pretty simple! There are some aspects that you need to consider before buying. Have a look!

The Purpose

If you have a clear goal then choosing the right size becomes a walk in the park. Here’s an example! If you plan to use your shed for storage, you must know the number of tools you want to keep in it. Only then you can decide the size. Similarly, if you wish to use it as a workshop, the size has to be big enough to make cover your needs. 


The size is a deciding factor when buying a shed for the garden. There are several sizes of sheds available that vary a lot. You can find from very small ones to actually huge ones. So, once you are clear about the purpose, the next essential aspect is gazing at the space available in your backyard. And don’t forget to check the dimensions just to be extra sure. Height plays a big role when it comes to storage. Make sure to have this in mind!

How to choose the right flooring for my shed?

The purpose, the construction, the location and almost everything varies from one shed to another. You may or may not have flooring for your shed. And it is understandable. However, flooring provides a stable foundation to your shed that in return, increases its life. That said, people do look for attractiveness as well. You can choose the flooring type depending on your needs and your budget.

Concrete and Gravel

If you are someone who wants to store yard tools or maybe a motorbike, a bike or a lawnmower then you need a dry surface. Concrete and gravel are great options and can ensure that your equipment won’t face any damages.

Wooden Floor

Wooden floors are great if you want to raise the level of the ground with a robust and durable choice. Store your electronics and household items and keep them safe. Plus, if you want to move it in the future you simply can.


Perfect for your workshop. It is strong and protects your shed from moisture and the shifting ground. It is also easy to clean. However, it is permanent and can’t be moved. 


This kind of flooring is attractive and goes well with any unlevelled ground. It is robust and comes with switch legs which means you can quickly move it to any other location. 

Rebated Floor

It is the most cost-effective alternative for adding flooring to a levelled ground. It is a DIY flooring saving you money and can be relocated if required.

Note: Apart from the above, floor bearers are vital. These make sure your shed stays elevated and sufficiently ventilated. Ask for floor bearers that are treated with preservative to avoid the risk of rotting.

What type of a Shed do I need?

Most people have trouble finding the ideal type of shed for the garden. This guide will show you the way! Have a look!

Pent shed

The pent shed gets its name from the roof style - pent. The slope is higher at the side of the door and helps in drainage. The pent shed provides ample space for storage and is ideal for smaller gardens.

Reverse Pent shed

It is similar to the pent shed except that the roof is reversed. The highest point is on the opposite side of the roof.

Apex shed

This shed type has two sloping sides meeting in the middle. It is best to prevent water collection.

Reverse Apex shed

The design is no different than the apex one. However, the sloping sides that meet at the middle go towards the back and front and not on the two sides.

Potting shed

For growing plants, you can opt for these. Besides offering your plants an ideal place to avoid harsh climate, you get enough space to keep all the gardening stuff in one place.


These go really well with small spaces. As the name suggests, these structures lean against the wall or another hard structure such as a building. It has three walls and a sloping roof. 

Corner sheds

This shed type can be placed in any unused or empty corner of the garden. It is designed to maximise space in a corner.

Sheds with a greenhouse

This kind of shed is for gardening enthusiasts who have enough gardening tools to store. Plus, you can do some gardening there as well.

What material is best for my shed?

Sheds for the garden are available in various materials ranging from traditional wooden to galvanised metal. Nevertheless, picking the right shed with the best material to support your requirements and budget is challenging. Knowing the material and their utility can put your confusion to rest. 


Also known as resin sheds, polyethene sheds and vinyl sheds, these are lighter, easy to maintain and have a long life


These cost-effective sheds are made with galvanised aluminium or steel, and they require minimal or no maintenance.


Constructed with a wide range of wood types. Wooden sheds require regular maintenance and protection from water.

Types of Roof Shape

Besides the type, you should consider the roof shape as well. Read on to decide what type of roof shape would look good on your shed.

Pent Roof

It is a single sloped roof with water falling to only one side of the shed. It prevents overflooding. 

Apex Roof

This roof shape meets in the middle and has two slopes and looks like an A shape.

Do I need special planning permission for my shed?

All timber garden structure construction is subject to planning permission rules, but most buildings do not require installing permission. Usually, it depends on the structure’s location. If all criteria are met, no permission is required. Nevertheless, there are certain limitations to specific structures.

Limits for outbuildings

  • The maximum height of the shed should not be more than 2.5 meters if it stands less than 2 meters away from the boundaries.
  • The maximum overall height of the roof of the shed should not be more than 4 meters if it is a dual pitch roof.

How much should I expect to spend?

An average wooden shed can cost anywhere between £500 to £1200. On the other hand, a medium-sized metal shed can come around £200 and £700. To install a plastic model of average size, you may have to spend between £250 and £700 

All in all, the cost can vary with the choice of material and size intended to build. You should keep these factors in mind while going ahead.

Are Sheds Safe?

A shed filled with garden tools and valuable equipment is vulnerable to theft and burglary. The burglars can also make use of the tools to break into your house. These and many other factors imply that a shed in the garden needs security measures.

Some of the security measures you can take to secure your shed include:

  • Make sure that the shed location is not visible from the street
  • The door hinge should be strong. Use screws with nuts and bolts.
  • Buy a strong lock.
  • Use windows only if required or cover them with opaque security sheets or stick-ons.
  • Get an alarm.

Features and Accessories to elevate your shed

You can enhance the look and feel of your shed with minimal effort. A few accessories can make it look tidier and organised. A few considerable accessories include: 

  • Paint: Makes a shed look more attractive. You can pick any colour of your choice.
  • Insulation: Helps to maintain the temperature no matter what’s the weather outside.
  • Storage: Boxes, hooks, etc., can make storage so much easier.
  • Ramp: Makes moving machinery in and out easy.
  • Loft shelf: Some roof storage can solve storage issues.
  • Tool Rack: Use it to hang your tools for easy reach and tidiness.

How to maintain your shed to last forever?

Like everything else, a shed for the garden requires maintenance. This can be accomplished in a few simple ways.

  • Clean the interior and exterior of your shed. Sweep, wash, declutter and organise the space regularly. Rim all the vegetation around. Plumbing should be running good. Place traps around to keep your shed free of mice. 
  • Inspect and repair, if required, regularly. Check leaks and holes. Change the damaged windows. Apply rust neutralisers and sealants.
  • Blocked gutters can flood the sheds. Refix sagging in the gutters, unclog and sweep them.


A shed for the garden not only makes you free up space in the house; it increases the value of your property substantially. Besides, it uplifts your garden’s appearance like all garden buildings and helps in keeping all things organised. This guide includes all the details you would need to refer to before buying a shed. Have a look at our top 10 picks and you’ll find the ideal one! Let’s start shopping!

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