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Best 10 Garden Arches

As Of June 2022

Are you looking to add some character to your garden? Want to grow tall vines but don’t want them touching your home’s wall? The best garden arches can give you a special area to grow plants without the risk of mould too close to the house! Bring colour and privacy to your backyard and make the neighbours jealous with a high garden arch!
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1 Farm & Garden Steel Frame Arch with flowers on the sides

Farm & Garden Steel Frame Arch

4.8 /5

Best Overall Garden Arbour

  • Large 2.4m steel arch that holds tall climbing flowers
  • Ideal for linking many arches together to create a walkway
  • Keep it for years thanks to its powder-coated steel
  • Its black colour serves as the focal point of any modern garden design
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2 Garden Mile Garden Arch full of flowers on side panels

Garden Mile Garden Arch

4.7 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Perfect for growing vegetables with well-spaced arch sides
  • Durable against rusting as it’s made from heavy-duty & weather-resistant steel
  • Highly portable as it’s lightweight to carry it around with ease
  • Compact to fit on any patio, terrace or garden size
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3 Woodside Garden Arch with Gate on white background

Woodside Garden Arch with Gate

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Gated Garden Arch

  • Elegant lockable gate to separate garden areas with a walk-through feature
  • Durable & sturdy to withstand the British weather
  • Effortless & hassle-free assembly for all DIY experience levels
  • Ideal setup for climbers to grow healthily
4 Kingfisher Garden Arch on white background

Kingfisher Garden Arch

4.5 /5

Ideal for Climbing Plants

  • Metal garden arch that goes well with all garden furniture
  • Never topples over with its weatherproof & strong legs that sink into the ground
  • Straightforward & simple to set up with the instructions
  • Extra tall 2.4m plant support for all climbing plants
5 Generic Garden Trellis with flowers at the base

Generic Garden Trellis

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Climbing Roses

  • Fit to use for climbers and flower beds with three crossbars at the centre
  • Freestanding & small to fit in any outdoor space
  • Arched roof that is suitable for growing roses
  • Assemble in no time even if you’re a beginner as it comes with clear instructions
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6 Garden Mile Garden Obelisk set of 2 on white background

Garden Mile Garden Obelisk

4.5 /5

Most Popular Choice

  • Naturally let your climbers & vegetables grow on the trellis arch
  • Space-saving to spruce up even your small garden landscape
  • Stable & strong poles that stand in place when bad weather hits
  • Cost-effective as it comes in a set of 2
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7 Selections Garden Arch on white background

Selections Garden Arch

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Hooked Base

  • Attach the hooks on the convenient base’s crossbar for improved stability
  • Ideal for climbing plants with its lattice sides
  • Hassle-free assembly for beginners with the included manual
  • Impressive & classic metal garden arch that adds style to any garden
8 Doeworks Garden Arch on white background

Doeworks Garden Arch

4.5 /5

Ideal for Vines

  • Make a long-lasting & beautiful rose arch on the metal tubing
  • Ready in minutes - easy assembly with no tools needed
  • Stands up against all elements as it’s made from wrought iron
  • Unique & elegant design to decorate any special occasion
9 Rowlinson Square Top Arch on stone pathway in garden

Rowlinson Square Top Arch

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Wooden Garden Arch

  • Perfect for wisteria, honeysuckle and clematis with its side panels
  • Conveniently hang flowers on the square top arch
  • Perfect to create a cottage garden look with a pressure-treated timber finish
  • Made to last for years as the natural wood never rusts
10 Selections Wooden Garden Arch on white background

Selections Wooden Garden Arch

4.5 /5

Top Lightweight Choice

  • Fits well inside a gazebo as it’s only 2.15m tall
  • Blend many climbing plants on the curved arch for an impressive garden look
  • Stands the test of time as it’s fade-proof & treated
  • Sink the feet to the ground for added stability

Grow Tall Climbing Plants with the Best Garden Arches!

Do you want to find ways to make your garden different and unique? Looking to bring multiple levels and escape from the usual few shrubs, flower beds and well-fed grass? Why not go for a garden arbour arch? Add a few arched structures to your backyard and grow climbers, vines and even some vegetables on the top of the arches. Start small with an arch, and, who knows, maybe soon you’ll be looking into greenhouses!

Don’t know what to look for and need some help? We are here to give you all the information you need! Our buying guide will provide you with a better idea of what a garden arch is and the different types of available garden arbours. Why go for a garden arch? You’ll be getting a sturdy structure with side panels and a top arch for plenty of plant support

What is a garden arch?

A garden arbour is a freestanding structure that has the shape of a transparent arch. You can use it to grow climbing plants, add layers of privacy from prying eyes and sheltered areas in your garden. You can place plants on the sides, and they will grow and overlap on the top of the arch. 

You can find garden arbour arches that are durable and stable thanks to the ground stakes that you can fit in the soil. That way, you won’t have to worry about packing up your garden arbour in the winter to put it indoors. It can be a permanent feature in your backyard that’s decorative yet functional. 

Why should you buy a garden arbour arch?

Who doesn’t love the sight of pretty flowers blooming in springtime? The main reason someone would like to invest in one is to make their garden look more beautiful. But, there are other benefits to garden arches too that make them a must-have. 

1. You Can Make Garden Entry Points With Them

There are many ways that you can transform your picket fence or wire fence into something more elegant and attractive. A garden arch is a very stylish way to beautify any pathway or entrance. They are staple pieces even if they are empty because they give height and a new look and feel. But, if you want to take it one step further, putting flowers on the arch will make your home look like a botanical garden in a budget-friendly way. 

2. You Can Shade Garden Areas

Garden arbour arches are not only decorative; they are functional because they provide shading outdoors. If you have an arch full of flowers, it’s less likely that the sun will squeeze through. So, you can place your arbour arch on your patio or other seating areas outdoors and avoid sunburns. Add more than one, and you will have a full perimeter shading for everyone to enjoy the summertime outside. 

3. Healthy Growing Area for Climber Plants

If you’ve ever grown vine on the sidewall of your house, then you know the frustrations that come with it. Wisteria is a very powerful vine that could damage the wall stucco or ruin roof tiles if you don’t maintain it. Also, vines grow harshly if you don’t look after them. So, putting them on your home’s walls could lead to them covering the windows or, even worse, ruining your gutters. And then you’ll have to pull out your telescopic ladder and start clipping vines. So much work!

We recommend going for an arbour arch to have peace of mind because you can securely let them grow in a controlled environment. The upkeep is much simpler and doesn’t run the risk of damaging electric wires, roof tiles, or windows. 

What’s the difference between a garden arch, trellis, and pergola?

There are many different types of structures that you can use to grow climbing plants. Surely, the names can be confusing. But, they all serve the same purpose in a different structural form. The most popular structures are garden arches, a trellis or pergola. The sizing makes them favourable to some over others, depending on your garden space. 

  • Garden Arch

A garden arch is usually no more than 2.5m tall, and you can cover it with flowers on the top and sides. There are gated options to securely seal a garden area that you don’t want everyone to access or are open to use as walkthroughs. The roof can either be curved, which is why we call them arches, or flat. The trellis side panels allow you to grow plants upwards towards the roof with enough support for healthy growth. They are light and portable so that you can move them around the garden with close to no effort. Also, some garden arches come with seats under the arch to use as a seating area.

  • Trellis

You can confuse a trellis for a garden arch because it has similar lattice sides, but the main difference is where you should place it. A trellis doesn’t have an arched roof like garden arches as it’s mostly flat on the top. When setting up a trellis, you should place it on a fence or wall. That’s the biggest difference to garden arches because the latter can be freestanding too. 

  • Pergola

For starters, a pergola is a larger structure than an arbour arch or trellis. You can complement it with a structure as big as a gazebo. That means that you can create an entire outdoor space to sit under and enjoy the summer weather. This type is best for large backyards so that it doesn’t look out of place. The price is also higher than the other two types, so it’s a hefty investment compared to the others. 

What to look for in a garden arch

Now that you know the difference between the structures let’s look at what features you should consider for an arched one. Take some time to review these top features because they will guarantee a long-lasting product that’s useful and practical. 

1. Size 

You should pick a size that makes sense for your garden size. There are many options to choose from for all gardens, from small to large. Most have an average height of 2.2m to 2.5m. But, some shorter ones are sitting between 1.8m to 2m for a space-saving decorative piece. Also, if you have enough outdoor space and will place the garden arch out in the open, you can find bigger ones at 2.7m.

An average width ranges between 1.5m to 1.6m, but there are also narrower options for small gardens or patios at 1.2m. When it comes to depth, there are endless options to match any personal preference. The smallest depth you can find is around 40cm or anything in between to blend, but choices are going all the way to 90cm.

2. Material 

The most common material options you can find are plastic, metal or wood. Plastic is very affordable and light but not as sturdy as wood or metal. A metal garden arch can be a rust-resistant and fade-proof option as long as it has a powder coating application. Steel or iron and the most common metal types you will find as they are durable and sturdy choices. 

Wood is another classic material that many prefer because it’s also a stylistic choice. Check that the wood is treated and FSC-certified so that you can have peace of mind that the product is of high quality. Wood also gives you a more traditional feel and lasts for years. 

3. Style 

Who says that you have to compromise style for functionality? There are many options to match any personal style. There should be enough side panels to allow climbing plants to grow without constraints. The arches can be modern, rustic or anything in between so that it blends well with the rest of the home decor

4. Weight & Assembly

Garden arches come either pre-built or ready for assembly with a manual. If they require assembly, it is best to do so along with someone else as some are heavy for one person to lift. Check the product description to see if the assembly needs tools or if you can do it without any tools. 

Also, you can find garden arches in variable weights. There are lightweight options that don’t weigh more than 5kg, but some models can reach 40kg. The sturdier materials are heavier so that they can hold still against UK weather. 

5. Foot Plates & Foot Spikes 

Do you want to place your arbour arch on a paved path without ruining it? Then you should look for foot plates so that it’s secure and stable against the ground. Are you placing your arbour arch straight on the grass? Why not look for a product with included foot spikes? These will allow you to fit the arch’s feet in the soil without damaging the grass quality. 

How should you maintain a garden arch

Maintaining your garden arch isn’t a frequent task because they have high-quality build materials that need little to no upkeep. Metal that has a powder-coated application prevents rusting and fading and wood is a natural fade-proof material. The best way to maintain your arbour arch is to plan it as part of your spring cleaning garden routine. Or, save it for winter when flowers aren’t in full bloom. 

Make sure that the wood or metal is of high-quality and indestructible to power wash it. Otherwise, wipe it down with a damp cloth. If it isn’t treated with timber or metal varnish, you can do it yourself. Many brands have pressure treated their products beforehand to make it easier for you. 

Where should you place your garden arch?

The first thing you should identify is whether or not you want to walk through the garden arch. That will help you determine the placement. If you plan on putting climbing plants on the top of the arch, they should be in a direct sunlight position. You should also avoid areas that get very windy because that could damage the plants. 

If you want to create an entryway with your arch, you can even place it as part of your fence. Some gated garden arches lock, and you can use them as a door and beautifying fence piece. Also, some arbour arches have seats so that you can use them as part of your garden lounging area, so pick one that makes the most sense for you. 

How much does a garden arbour arch cost?

Garden arches are not too expensive, especially if they are small in size. You can find pricier models that have taller arches and cover more of your outdoor space. But, if you want a simple and compact version, there are affordable ones for as low as £12.


A low-budget option that’s very popular are metal garden arches. The small-sized ones that are no more than 2.5m tall are very affordable for any backyard. They range from £12-50. You can find some excellent options with well-decorated side panels that can fit many climbing plants on either end. The downside could be that they are not powder-coated, but some low-budget options have the coating application. 


The pricier alternatives are usually made of high-quality steel that has fade-proof, rust-resistant and powder coating applications. Also, wood is a more expensive option because it gives a more traditional look to your garden. You can find wooden garden arches from treated softwood or with a timber finish that will last for years. These range anywhere from £55-200. The higher up you go price-wise, the larger in size the arch will be. 


Do you like the idea of a garden full of flowers, vines, climbing plants and veggies? A garden arch can be the focal point of any outdoor space. You can combine it with other tall shrubs, flower pots and hedges and make your idea landscape garden. 

With our buying guide, you’ll be able to find the best garden arches available in the UK. Whether it’s the material, the style or the size, we’ve given you pointers on what you should consider. Now, the choice is yours! Get ready to upgrade your garden and give it a beautiful and eye-catching new look!

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