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Best 10 Footmuffs

As Of June 2022

Buying a stroller or a pram for your baby is one thing. But getting accessories that make your baby feel comfortable is another. Especially during the cold season, when it’s all chilly to take the baby out. Footmuffs are a must-have for these periods. Designed like a sleeping bag to keep the baby all covered, warm and cosy, they will change your strolls for the better! Want to know more?
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1 Monzana Baby Footmuff on white background

Monzana Cosytoes Baby Footmuff

Non-slip grips
4.9 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Protect your little one from rain & snow as it’s waterproof
  • The safety of your baby is vital- that’s why it has numerous fastening slots
  • In case of muddy shoes, don’t worry as the sack can be left open at the foot end
  • Keep the pacifiers, toys & everything you need in the large pocket on the top
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The Littles 24 Universal Fit Footmuff

Adjustable gear
4.8 /5

Top Pick for Effortless Cleaning

  • Ideal for chilly months thanks to its water & wind-resistant outer lining
  • Clean it hassle-free no matter the dirt, as it’s machine washable
  • Convert it to a comfy seat liner with its removable front unzips
  • Keep your baby warm during cold months thanks to its extra quilting design
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3 Costanzo Enrico Footmuff on white background

Costanzo Enrico Bunting Bag Footmuff

Extra quilting
4.7 /5

Most Compact Choice

  • Keep it from sliding as it comes with stroller straps
  • If it’s too warm, simply detach the front panel to get a soft liner
  • Takes up no space to store it, just close it up with its toughened zips
  • Worry-free about wind & rain, as it’s completely weatherproof
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4 Cosytoes Footmuff on white background

Fairy Baby Cosytoes Pushchair Footmuff

2-in-1 Design
4.7 /5

Top Pick for its Compactibility

  • Your baby will stay in place even on bumpy roads due to its non-slip backside
  • Don’t throw it away if your little one grows taller, as it has exposed foot side
  • Dry & snuggly- all thanks to its quality outer fabric
  • It fits on all prams & pushchairs with 3 & 5 point harness systems
5 Olobaby Universal Footmuff on white background

Olobaby Universal Footmuff

Machine washable
4.6 /5

Top Choice for Premium Quality

  • Convert it without trouble to a seat liner due to its 2-in-1 design
  • Extremely versatile as it fits prams, car seats & strollers
  • You can use it for years to come as it’s for babies & toddlers
  • Top-notch quality & soft feel thanks to its extra quilting & mink-like lining
6 -Babycurls Footmuff on white background

Babycurls Pushchair Footmuff

Carrying bag included
4.6 /5

Top Waterproof Pick

  • No more sliding down on the pushchair as it comes with 2 anti-slip grips
  • No matter the weather, enjoy a walk in the park with your baby, as it’s weatherproof
  • Use it even on warm days due to its detachable front panel
  • If you are living up north, that’s for you as it has a super-soft luxury fleece
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7 7AM Carseat Footmuff on white background

7AM Enfant Carseat Footmuff

Stroller straps
4.5 /5

Top Pick for its Safety

  • It grows along with your baby due to its zippered length & width extensions
  • Durable in tough weather thanks to its high-quality water repellent outer shell
  • It fits any stroller thanks to its simple hook & loop attachments
  • Extensively tested on car seats to ensure the utmost safety
8 Mamas & Papas All Seasons Footmuff on white background

Mamas & Papas All Seasons Footmuff

4.4 /5

Ideal for Travelling

  • It covers most age groups as it has a 15kg weight capacity
  • Have temperature control all year round with its 2-way zipper
  • It’ll lift your mood & make your baby happy as it has a lovely design
  • Your baby’s warmth won’t be an issue on holidays as it’s ideal for chilly days
9 Orzbow Universal Stroller Footmuff on white background

Orzbow Universal Stroller Footmuff

2 way zipper
4.3 /5

Top Versatile Option

  • Playmat, changing pad, blanket; all-in-one, just unzip it
  • If you fancy walks at night, it’ll keep you safe as it has bright reflective stripes
  • From 6 months to 3 years old babies due to its large size
  • If not in use, simply pack it in a cloth bag for storage
10 Mamas & Papas Cold Weather Footmuff on white background

Mamas & Papas Cold Weather Footmuff

Detachable top side
4.2 /5

Best for Icy Winters

  • Cold winter won’t be a threat anymore due to its flannel fabric & soft fleece lining
  • Perfect air circulation for warmer days thanks to its 4-way zipper
  • Stays clean even with the baby’s shoes on, as it has a dirt-resistant foot area
  • Both hand & machine washable for hassle-free cleaning

Keep Your Baby Warm And Cosy With The Perfect Footmuff!

How much does your baby enjoy the outdoors? Their cute little faces filled with smiles when riding through the streets or parks. Does the cold weather deter you from taking your baby out? Do you have the hands covered with a hand warmer and want something for their toes? With the cold season fast approaching, there’s a need to find a brave solution!

Every travelling system in the market, from strollers to baby prams, lacks one thing essential for protecting your baby against the cold. This is the gap that footmuffs fill in! Designed to keep your baby safe during winter, they are here to make you worry less and enjoy your stroll in the park more! They come in different sizes and materials so you can choose the perfect one for you. Keep reading our buying guide to find out everything there is to know about the best stroller footmuffs!

What are footmuffs?

Footmuffs (also called stroller buntings) are weatherproof blankets that have cutouts in their back and bottom to pass through the harness of a stroller. They’re compatible with your stroller (pushchair or pram). Their job is to protect your baby from low temperatures and to enjoy a relaxed walk in the park without worrying about your little one catching a cold. If you’re still struggling to understand what they are, think of them as an outdoor wearable cocoon that doesn’t slide around while you stroll. 

Why do you need a footmuff?

Once you get the perfect footmuff, going out in the cold will no longer be a worrying chore. While the stroller or pram provides you with a safe carriage system, the footmuff will keep your baby all warm and comfortable, with a smooth feeling of protection around the body. And, it will also come in handy during the warm season too. All you have to do is detach the front panel when it’s hot and sunny, so your baby doesn’t heat up. Then, you can double that front panel to provide a soft seat liner for the stroller or pram.

1. Protects your baby from cold.

That’s the most important thing. Babies can catch a cold quite easily, even on warmer days. So a footmuff will keep them warm and toasty at all times. You can relax and enjoy a walk in the park without worrying!

2. Keeps them dry.

Additionally, footmuffs, or at least the majority of them, are weatherproof, meaning they can withstand rain, snow and winds. Your baby will stay dry and warm even in heavy rain. 

3. It’s versatile.

You can use a footmuff on many occasions. You don’t need blankets when you go for a walk or a trip. You don’t need a changing pad or a playmat. A quality footmuff can be all these things. At the end of the day, an all-in-one product will save you cash, time and storage space.

What to look for when buying a footmuff?

Settling for the perfect footmuff can be exhausting, although necessary. But then again, having a new family member is what matters the most! Useful questions to ask yourself to help you in your purchase could be the following: “Will this product be age-appropriate for my baby? What size of footmuff will suit your sweetheart best? What other features should I take into account?”

 Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind when buying a footmuff.

1. Size

Size is essential since not all babies are the same, and many parents want to keep their footmuffs, just like their baby carriers, for a couple of years, not to change them constantly as their baby grows taller. Most brands differentiate their baby products into two categories; infants and toddlers. So, small and large size. There are footmuffs, though, more adaptable and have one size for ages zero to 3-year old. It all depends on what exactly you need the product for. If your baby is born in late winter, consider going for a large size. When the next winter arrives, your baby will be a lot taller, and a toddler size footmuff will be ideal. Also, if you’re not planning to use it much during the first months, there is no need in buying the infant size. Don’t buy something that doesn’t make sense for you, simply because other moms do it.

2. Compatibility

Not all footmuffs are compatible with all stroller brands. Be careful when you read your footmuff’s instructions to make sure that it fits well with your stroller. For hyphen use, if a sibling comes along, consider opting for a universal fit footmuff. That way, even you have to change a stroller down the line, you’ll be able to keep the footmuff. Be cautious, though, to make sure your footmuff is universal. A custom-size footmuff might come in handy at first, but sometimes, you got to look at the future. 

3. Material

Needless to say, that material plays a pivotal role when deciding what footmuff to buy. Do you live far up north? Do you live in the midlands? Do you live in the rainy south? It all depends on the climate. Opt for a footmuff that’s well insulated and has a thick material like flannel or shearling if you want your baby to be kept warm during cold winter days. If where you live rains all the time, go for a product made of water-resistant and windproof materials like polyester or nylon. Some muffs come with a rain cover attached as a plus. Generally, weather-resistant materials are ideal for all seasons, and that way, you won’t have to worry about the weather forecast. When it is hot outside, it’s good to have some air circulation inside the muff. Many products have a bunch of zippers to unzip them, allowing the air to flow

Material is essential not only for the warm and soft feeling to the skin but also for durability and matching with the stroller or pram. The most common materials are cotton, fleece and polyester. Although you need to settle for a durable and comfortable one, you also need to consider how well it fits the pram or stroller for an integrated design

4. Anti-slip features

That’s a key selling point. Look for footmuffs with a non-slip system. That way, you will avoid any slips and slides. If you need an extra grip, look for buntings with textured bumps on the bottom. Your footmuff will stay in place, and your baby will remain safe. 

5. Ease of cleaning 

We all know that babies create a huge mess constantly. They’re notorious for it. So, you need a footmuff that will be as effortless to clean as possible. The best ones are machine washable and can be hand washed as well. To avoid muddy stains, opt for a muff that opens on the foot area so that your baby can have its shoes on, even if they’re dirty. 

6. Harness

The harness type and holes available on the footmuff must match your stroller’s harness type for perfect fitting. While some footmuffs come with a three-point at five-point harness system, others might have both. But, to be on the safe side, it’s best to go with one that has a universal harness type. 

Are footmuffs safe to use?

To put it plain and simple, yes, they are safe. They are attached to the stroller and are unlikely to fall off or get stuck between the wheels. A blanket could easily fall off. They are also designed and thoroughly tested to be used in a car seat. Many of them have several fastening slots to secure the muff as much as possible. We talk about babies, safety always comes first!

A tip in case you don’t have a footmuff: If you’re using a car for your transportation, bear in mind that sometimes, multiple winter coats and additional blankets prevent the seat harness from being closely wrapped around your baby’s body reducing safety during the drive. So, dress up your baby in multiple thin layers, put the blanket on top and lastly, warm the car a few minutes before you start driving for the park.

Footmuff or baby snowsuit?

First of all, let’s be clear; these are two different jobs. Snowsuits are great for toddlers that walk and play in cold and snow. But they are not handy when it comes to transportation. You cannot attach them to the stroller or pram. Each time they stop playing outside, you have to take it off from your child and make sure that its inner clothes are not wet. A footmuff is much easier to use. Dress your child in its normal clothes and simply get it in and out from the bunting bag. Additionally, as mentioned before, a footmuff is packed with safety features that keep it attached to the stroller or car seat. A snowsuit doesn’t have any of these features as it is merely a garment.

How much should you spend on footmuffs?

When it comes to babies, price tags are irrelevant, as you want the best things for them. But most people have a limited budget, so it is wise to know the price spectrum of footmuffs. We could say that they are two categories; the affordable and the premium ones. 

  • Affordable

In this category, you can find anything between £13 and £50. They are inexpensive, versatile, compact and, more importantly, warm. Their quality of materials is good, and they provide the necessary warmth that your baby needs at cold temperatures. They have all the safety features mentioned above and are easy to clean in a washer.

  • Premium

In this category, we’re talking about quality. Ideal for parents that want the absolute best for their kids. The quality of the materials is second to none. They are weather-resistant, waterproof and ideal for all seasons. Warm and cosy in winter and cool in the summer allowing the air to flow throughout the entire muff. As for their materials; simply top-notch. FIne flannel, thick fleece, 100% cotton, nylon as an outer shell. Many options to choose from. The downside, of course, is the price. They go from £100 to over £160.


Outdoor activities are very healthy for the baby and you, creating a bonding moment for you both. But when it’s freezing, your many layers of coats do not work for the baby. We have meticulously looked for the best footmuffs that ensure that you and your baby get to enjoy the outdoors in the forthcoming cold season with less worry and more fun!

We understand how important it is for you to find the right equipment for your baby’s needs. That’s why we offer you thin in-depth information, to make your footmuff shopping run as smoothly as possible. Your satisfaction most likely will be your baby’s satisfaction in the long run. Let our buying guide and top choices lead you to the one perfect footmuff that will keep your beloved child smiley and warm.

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